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Monday, May 14, 2018

Whoa, Wonder Ann! - The Truth v. The Mirror

By Anna Von Reitz

The Colonies gave rise to the Republics --- such as The Texas Republic (land) and The Republic of Texas (sea).  These are two different organizations operating in two different jurisdictions.  Later, provision was made (The Northwest Ordinance) by which Territories instead of Colonies could give rise to State Republics. 

The Republics then gave rise to the States (land) and States of States (sea).  These are also two different things operating in two different jurisdictions.

The Texas Republic gives rise to Texas, which is a member of The United States of America, which is a Federation of States

The Republic of Texas gives rise to The State of Texas. which is a member of the States of America, which is a Confederacy of States of States.

These -- the Federation of States and the Confederacy of States of States --  are also two different things operating in two different jurisdictions. 

The Federal Government was created to exercise the Delegated Powers.  That is all it is supposed to do.  The three Constitutions adopted 1787, 1789, and 1790 establish a National Level Government to exercise the Delegated Powers, and a Territorial Government to manage the affairs of the Territories, and a Municipal Government to oversee the District of Columbia /Washington, DC. 

Please note that The State of Texas that existed prior to the so-called Civil War was the only "State of State" associated with Texas. 

After the Civil War, the British-backed Territorial United States created "states of states" for itself and forced everyone to adopt new "constitutions" --- that is, debt for services agreements -- with them.  These Territorial States of States were never a part of our mandated government structure.  They do business as "the State of Texas" for example.  Like cuckoo birds, they substituted themselves for the National Level States of States, like The State of Texas that we are owed, but thanks to the similar names deceit, nobody caught the substitution. 

So the Territorial United States which was only supposed to manage the affairs of actual Territories created its own "State of State" franchises and foisted those off instead of the National-Level States of State that we are owed.   That is, the Territorial entity doing business as "the State of Texas" was substituted for the National entity doing business as "The State of Texas". 

What happened to the original entity --- The State of Texas?   It was rolled over into a land trust doing business as "the Texas State" and managed by "the [Territorial]
State of Texas" pending "reconstruction" of The State of Texas --- which of course, never occurred. 

When we forgot or never knew and never caught on to this fraud, the Municipal United States got into the act and created its own "states of states" doing business as the STATE OF TEXAS.  

All this shameless and totally unauthorized usurpation and false presumption against our lawfully mandated government at all levels has been carried out against us by our own employees under the influence of foreign powers --- the British Monarch and British Crown in the case of the Territorial United States and the Popes and the Vatican in the case of the Municipal United States. 

So where is our seat of power?  Far removed from anything to do with the Federal Government. which was never designed to be or do anything but exercise our delegated powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  

The Delegation of Power goes like this: 

Colonies and Territories
Give Rise to State Republics---The Texas Republic/Republic of Texas
Give Rise to States -- Texas  and States of States  -- The State of Texas

The States form a Federation doing business as The United States of America
The States of States form a Confederacy doing business as the States of America

And that is where it was supposed to end.  There were not supposed to be Territorial States of States or Municipal STATES OF STATES. 

Instead, Territorial States of States doing business as, for example, the State of Texas, were formed and foisted off on us as substitutes for The State of Texas. 
A new "federation" of these Territorial States of States was also formed, doing business as "the United States of America" ---- which Trump is President of. 

This structure "mirrors" the structure of government we are owed and the deceptively similar names help conceal the fraud and usurpation. 

Correction of this situation requires us to stir our stumps and assemble ourselves as non-citizen nationals and operate our actual States to restore and -- 150 years after the fact -- finish the "reconstruction" of our actual National-Level States of States---- The State of Texas, The State of Wisconsin, and so on. 

This requires everyone to set up their County and State Jural Assemblies -- precisely what the Michigan General Jural Assembly is teaching everyone to do. 

So please, don't get confused or sidetracked.  Giving the Territorial United States any excuse or provocation to attack will get innocent people killed. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing Paul, just Anna's work!! cheers!


    1. Dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    2. Don't worry about it. FAKE "Judge" Anna can't prove a single iota of what she makes up. She is so knowledgeable in her bovine scat (IOW, she is so ignorant in real law) that she has lost her house to foreclosure by not paying property taxes and has lost every case before Tax Court from not paying IRS taxes. Unfortunately there's not much IRS can do to collect (which her brainwashed minions claim as a "victory") as the Borough (County) has already taken title to her house, from where she shall be shortly evicted. This is the track record of the Great Guru of Illogical Law, which her brainwashed minions follow like the Pied Piper.

  3. Looks like a big disinfo campaign is running specifically against you, Q and Cobra. good company to be in. the tippy top of the top. how is this relevant? haha

  4. Now we should all know why we hate attorneys so much...only the mind of a "devient" could come up with such semantic deceit for profit...!! Always a new angle to invent to deceive the masses...!! I wish Andrew Jackson was still alive and well..the very first thing he would have done is get rid of all the attorneys, not make peace with N Korea, or his stupid Wall..!! If he had done that, the people would be back in control again...if they were smart enough...which they aren't anymore..!!

    1. 80% of Congress are lawyers aren't they?

    2. No attorneys...personally I don't think anyone really knows the difference...An attorney by any other word is still an attorney...!! Especially since he has to abide by the court ruled just as any attorney has to or risk losing his license also..!!

  5. Thanks for this explanation Judge Anna. Of course many spineless worms calling themselves Congressman and Senators helped. Many Presidents had to have some knowledge. Numerous judges and of course Governors added their time and talents to this fraud.
    This list could go on for days.

  6. We have the "Constitution of September 17, 1787". What are the dates of the other two "Constitutions"?

  7. The only reason we have 3 United States and all this semantic deceite, is because of one thing....after the civil war, we had to use private currency instead of our own, which caused us to be divided into 3 separate and distinct jurisdictions...So the only logical thing to do is kick out the Federal Reserve and go back to printing our own money again that is backed by substance....U S Notes...!! Then good by to all these different jurisdictions except America. America has to be called only America and not the "United States of America....No more using the term the United States at all....And no more 50 STATES....Eradicate and reassemble all 50 states into one big state called North America...Its not a country, it's a continent...!! That way there won t be all this confusion...!! One continent with 50 districts...!! That's why the constitution has to be scraped..!! It's trash...!!

    1. Their trust indenture is not bad, goes all the way back to magna carta through enabling clauses, we dont know how to enforce it properly. It would be like saying the bible sucks throw it out. If people read/memorized their state and federal constitutions as much as the bible, our trust indenture with god, the world would be much different. Theirs is there to protect our unalienable rights

    2. We need a new currency backed by substance,but isn't that why JFK was shot and an attempt on Regan because they wanted to print money backed by silver

    3. james, the more all these things are getting unearthed and brought out onto the surface for all to see, the more convoluted it is proven to be. We are in a bigger mess than even we originally thought.
      IF every single person in our country really wanted to make things Right, it could all be done in a week. Imagine banks doing right instead of fighting anna like they are; government turning right side up, and courts stopping doing their shit. Thats all it would take, but instead we just have too many jackasses running loose and glued in; and all ruled by demonic influence.

    4. said it all when you said..."enforced properly"..!! At least the Bible tells us the consequences for not obeying the law.....The Constitution is like writing a bunch of laws, but forgetting to write the coorisponding "Penal Code" to know when, how, and the the criminal sentence for not following the constitution..All that did was let the courts interpret the entire constitution and what is or isn't good can that document be if we have been arguing for the last 200 years what it means...!!And we still don't know..!! We will be arguing this document for another 200 if it isn t written in plain English instead of legalese...!!

  8. This system is so screwed up it is near impossible to communicate unless it is in a writing. For example word of The-the meaning two different state State STATE. It appears we need to speak american language instead of English or is it American instead of english ect. Is that the true meaning "freedom of speech" ? american speech vs. english speech? Take notice corporations, myself has "right to speech"Myself only speak "american language" the means The and state means cluster buster of a mess x 50. Maybe remain silent and use american sign language to communicate.Now we know what reduced to a writing means.

    1. That is why you must demand definitions otherwise how could you ever understand. Stand on your paperwork with your defined terms and plead the 5th.

    2. Jim, you got that right ! It has become a Semantic mess, all deliberately intended to cause so much confusion it is all but impossible to ever untangle. And we know who the 'author of confusion' is.

    3. At one point, I finally had enough when I was arrested , and only then did they read me my rights....and of course when he finished reading me my rights, he asked the usual question..."do you understand your rights"...??? I told him very confidently...."I didn't understand one word you said"..!!! Boy was he taken back..!! Everyone else just says "YES" which is a complete lie....people have no clue what their rights are, but they always say yes to that question..!! So then he tried breaking it down, part by part....."You have the right to remain silent" you understand that"...I said yes, that is fairly clear (And the only thing you can do to remain safe). The he continues on with " anything you do or say can be used against me in a court of law"...Thats when I immediately said,...I didn't understand one word of that statement..!! And that ended his Miranda warning..!! Then people get in front of a judge where he reads the charges against you, and the judge ask you the same question..."do you understand the charges against you"..again just about everyone says yes to that question, which is just one more lie from the accused..!! How could he possibly know the law..!! There is a big difference between knowing .."The letter of the law" , that the judge is dishing out, but not many people know " the NATURE of the law" the judge is laying out..!! I used to say NO to that question too when asked by the judge...if I'm dragged into court forceably, then everyone is going to be facing an uphill battle with me...i don't just roll over...!! The judge will usually just say, "it's just common sense"...!! REALLY..!! Nothing in a courtroom is "common sense"...!! Why don't you define "common sense"..!!Even if I understood the letter of the law, it's the NATURE and cause I'm a little fuzzy on your honor..!! See , the letter of the law says that you were doing 50mph in a 35mph zone...But the NATURE of the law is "How exactly did I become liable for that law, without a "corpus delicti"(injured party), except the other words where is the "real party of interest" in this case (FRCP 17a)...!! I read about a case where a guy built a pier on his property because he lived right on the lake his property say on....a code inspector came around and charged him with building without a permit which eventually lead to a criminal complaint which he had to hire an attorney for..When they were in court, the prosecutor and his attorney were arguing back and forth and he could tell things were quickly going South for him, whereupon he finally just stood up and asked the judge himself..." your honor, what did I do to the city that makes me liable to pay them (unjust enrichment)....He didn't realize it at the time, but in legal terms , the judge understood the legal term he was asking for and "dismissed the case immediately..!!

    4. What he was really asking for in legal terms is "where is the QUANTUM MERIT...!! And that is another defense...!! If you have to or are forced to deal with all these attorneys, they immediately straighten up and take notice of your knowledge of law, trust me...the calmer you stay, and the more you use their terms, the more they tend to respect you..!! They still may not like you, but your not in court to make friends...its called respect, and it goes both ways...!! As you give, so shall you receive. If you give the judge a little slake, he'll let up on you to....not always, but anything is better than being belligerent and name calling. That only comes from lack of knowledge of law, and out of complete emotional frustration of that fact...!! The more confident you are, and composed, the more likely you and the judge can dispute things in a civil manner without resorting to name calling....remember, a lot of these judges today are just as ignorant as some of the lay public...and once you know law and proceedure, you can spot their mistakes too..

    5. To jim Kopecky....yes your right, but the only real way to resolve that is to only use one dictionary of terms (Websters) not two (Blacks Law )..That is the whole reason we can't communicate properly with the court...Websters dictionary doesn't define a "person" as a corporation...!! Same with many other words they use I'm us that they changed the definitions of..!!

  9. What if we simply through out everything corporate involved in government. Would that not immediately simplify the whole situation?
    Thank you for the clarification of the can of worms.

  10. That would only solve half the problem would need to eliminate Corporations can't have good and evil living side by side, because evil will always win out..its man's basic sinful nature...evil spreads way faster than goodness , especially when you debauch a country's currency and the law...!!

  11. And for the record, who was the person that insisted on putting in an amendment to the constitution that says "No one can prohibit people to contract with each other..?? Like HELL..!! In fact , we have every right to limit the terms of a contract, or hold the people accountable for "unilateral contracts"..!! And "uncounciouable contracts" which denies one party "consideration"..!! The only lawful contract is a "bilateral"(two party) contract where both seller and buyer get consideration.....period..!!

  12. Opening a can of worms is not the same as filling a can with worms after it's open!
    That's what Anna does best. She puts a lot of worms into a can that most people just realized was open. Take her first paragraph of this current diddy. Quote:
    "The Colonies gave rise to the Republics --- such as The Texas Republic (land) and The Republic of Texas (sea). These are two different organizations operating in two different jurisdictions. Later, provision was made (The Northwest Ordinance) by which Territories instead of Colonies could give rise to State Republics."
    Texas was never a colony, first off. Secondly, The Republic of Texas was never called The Texas Republic, and like all free and independent States (i.e. countries), Texians always exercised authority over its coastal waters out to its internationally recognized limits. Third, Article 4 of the Constitution established the power of Congress to add States from the territories. The Northwest Ordinance was subordinate legislation, not a constitutional amendment of the powers of Congress. All this nonsense that she keeps barking about, like "the Texas Republic (land) and The Republic of Texas (sea) are two different organizations", is unmitigated bullshite! Those are just worms she put into the can so she could pull them out and say, "You got worms in your can!". I could go on, but what's the point? Anna put the worms in the can, so how can you trust her when she can't even get her history lesson right? Including all that nonsense about her husband being the king of the United States because he traced his ancestry all the way back to the tiny little English shire of Powys! So, once again, assuming that is true, how does that make him the king of our American states? He's a fraud. His wife is a fraud, just like their phony flag is a fraud! It is a really sad sight for me to watch all you good hearted people patting her on the back for exposing all those little squirmy worms and then EATING what is left in the can!


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