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Monday, May 14, 2018

Planetary Location Check -- Where is Bob Hurt?

By Anna Von Reitz

What planet are you living on, Bob?   

Larry Becraft has replied to things I never said, and you think that that constitutes proving me wrong?  Hello?  

Larry put up a big explanation of the repeal of the Act of 1871 and pretended that this had something to do with me.  I never brought the subject up.

And when I corrected him and gave the complete history of the Act of 1871 and showed how it was repealed and then instituted via a piecemeal process that was completed by 1878, neither you nor he had a word to say.   He didn't show me up.  I showed him up.  

I not only showed up the fact that he was making a false argument, but I shamed him for telling half the truth. 

You want to interpret that sorry performance and others like it, all having the same result, as Larry putting Anna in her place?  

Just like now.  Faced with having to rattle off a few legal definitions, you suddenly have nothing to say. 

Why?  Because you are blowing off your mouth.  You don't really know what you're talking about.  And you are too lazy to find out. 

Shame on you.  Shame on the horse that brought you.  Shame on your pal, Larry, too, because he knows better. 

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  1. no satisfaction like setting the record straight. good on you Anna!

  2. Should be, "Where does Bob Hurt"?

  3. Why is there so much competition in the patriot community, and so many egos..!! No wonder we can't get anywhere...!! They have us fighting each other...!! Real smart. We deserve to be slaves, because instead of coming together and helping our cause, suddenly everyone wants to charge money for their info, which in the old days before computers and Android phones, people had to rent rooms at hotels and organize the whole thing so we could all meet and talk...!! And even today I still wish it was that way because it was way more personal and we all could be a group of people that could call one another for advice or just hang out together at Starbucks and relate to another intelligent person with common interest...!!Really sad..!! I know you and Paul give your time freely, which pisses some people off I guess....!! Next time why don't you just tell him that instead of competing with me, why not just try and work with me so we are all on the same page, or know why we arent....!!

    1. james, again I agree. Why should anyone care who gets it done, or is applauded, or not appreciated, or whatever it is that is ruffling people's feathers. Nobody cares if somebody is 'some big shot' or a ''little shot'. Its really sort of nice being a no-name nobody; it makes it easier to keep a low profile. All this jealousy going on is just downright stupid. Along with that, we seem to have some guys coming outta the woodwork who don't know how to deal decently with women. They ought to be ashamed of themselves; they're a bad reflection on their Momma !

  4. Those that come against you Anna probably have a big stake in keeping the system as it is so attack you to that end. No different than politics,religion and banking.I think if Anna was Andy, they would still attack. They need to protect their golden goose. If they are charging, they are fraudulent.

  5. Yes myself is waiting for his legal answer to that simple question regarding those definitions. Why is it the BAR members always sign up for the race makes a practice lap or two and is alway a no show for race day when it counts?


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