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Monday, May 21, 2018

Again, So Everyone "Gets" It

By Anna Von Reitz

Again-- the power structure in this country is supposed to run like this:

People > Republics > Counties > States > The United States > The United States of America / Federal United States dba "United States" > Territorial United States dba "United States of America"  > Municipal United States dba Municipality of Washington, DC

You will notice that in your lifetime there is only fleeting mention of the Republics and that the Federal United States has been confused both with The United States and with incorporated businesses doing business as the "UNITED STATES" and the Territorial United States has been confused both with The United States of America and with incorporated businesses doing business as the "United States of America". 

All this confusion about who is who and what is what is being used to promote fraud of all kinds against the people and actual States.  Certain parties have gotten very rich from orchestrating this confusion and all these "similar names deceits" ---- and they don't want to give it up.  They have also exercised coercive and war-making powers that they have no right to exercise.  They don't want to give that up, either. 

The fact remains that they are criminals for promoting, aiding, abetting, assisting, or profiting from this circumstance, and anyone who knows what is going on who doesn't take immediate action to stop it, is either an active or passive accomplice to international crime of a most heinous nature. 

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  1. The reconing. Is coming people are not drinking the kool-aid anyore.

  2. Sweet little old tyrants like Elizabeth Windsor and pope Frankie claim
    to "own" the world's real estate and souls, respectfully. Can they prove it under their respective courts?

    1. No they can not prove it because the baby's skin that it was written with blood on "Unam Sanctum" created November 18, 1302, has since withered away in the Vatican's vault and they no longer have the proof of doctrine. (from the grapevine)

  3. Indicting them all in "proper" criminal proceedings... prosecuting each and every one of them, convicting them all as to "who/what/why/where/when&how" they have injured "we the people" and how we got ensnared -- thus exonerating all Americans from any purported national debt, activating our national credit with irrefutable grand jury evidence and expert testimony + summation of all that is known = Bada Bing!!! "the system" gets replaced. In our lifetimes.

    1. Exactly. All of this is fraud; Anna has all the proof, she has already taken this to the proper Venue, best I could understand her saying so, ''we have all come home now'' as a result of her actions. So I do not see the need for any more to be done, one on one, one at a time, 300 million times.

      Look what they do when they want to implement things like, the gov. phones, food cards, gov. debit cards. As far as I know, all they had to do was just apply for them; they didn't have to do battle and 'hope'.
      Look what they do when they just decide to change the tax brackets; they just DO it; go get new tax charts and DONE. They just tell us the effective date and its implemented instantly.

      So does anyone see why...IF it is Official.....then why does it take all these individual fights?? Where is the difference! The Head of State should just write an Order, like Trump does, and its over with. THEN I will believe ''we have resumed operation of our government''.

  4. I resist this Great Fraud and ubiquitous criminality with every breath I take, in most every conversation I have. The push-back, for me, is non-negotiable, and yes, counts as complicity with evil should I or anyone else sit back and do nothing, letting others "take care of it". We're all in this great push-back together, and the time is NOW!

  5. the significant number is seven, it is not the end , it is the beginning. Read Anna's thesis on the eighth covenant. Rome is in big trouble and 34 bishops in Chile offered resignations last week and pope is thinking of stepping down. I wonder if he read the Divine executive order ? Paradise is Back.

  6. This ought to be handled like a class action suit and it would be over with ''just like that''.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.


  8. Thanks Team AVR. I hope we can resolve this in our lifetime, as in immediately.

  9. Yes, Abby I agree....i even read that on another site, because together we are powerful, divided we are weak...!! A class action suit is synonymous with the people of Iceland throwing rocks at all govt buildings until they got the courts to do the right thing and arrest the bankers...!!

    1. james, and that is akin to a riot, so to do that here the 'rioters' would surely be arrested and that would be the end of 'the peoples voice'. I just don't think 'they' would allow what happened in Iceland, here. They know it would mean the end of their Game, and I don't think they are about to let that happen.
      So if we think ahead, we can pretty much know that this one-by-one filing sure doesn't constitute 'resuming operation of any government'. Its time for the Head of State to take his seat and institute this. Issue Orders, declare all the old crap Null and Void. Why is this being done the hard way??

      You've already filed every snip of paper in every Venue all over the world; the Law is on your side, you've unveiled it all, you've got the goods - - so why are you telling The People to repeat what you've already done?

      With all due respect, Mr. Belle Cher (I think you should have kept the name; its very quaint) when do you intend to take your seat of Power? And Anna, when do you intend to pick up your pen and begin using it in your Fiduciary role?

      You are the ones who Inherited the seat of Authority; we the People have inherited shit; so don't just hand us a pile of papers and say 'Here's the real Law' and a shovel, go dig your way out of the shit you inherited.

      You are cordially invited to TAKE one of the many govt.planes, which we OWN, and take up residence in Philadelphia at your EARLIEST convenience......and put a few more cracks in the Liberty Bell (we need a new one anyhow)!

      Please respond and let us know of your Arrival; we will have a big welcome mat laid out for you. And a brand new set of solid gold pens for Anna with an endless supply of ink.

  10. My part is -at this point anyway, is to get my name n other toys back home here on the land n soil of my native's really a good feeling, relief, smile to know what my action options, and the steps- like rescinding my voter registration, my election to pay federal income tax, n ...such n more than that but to actuate that n those n more is unraveling the ignorance of my youth(paraphrase from from haidakhan babaji). Gee, this is great. I really love these options.


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