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Monday, May 21, 2018

I Double-Dog Dare the [Territorial] United States Supreme Court

By Anna Von Reitz

Let's begin this discussion with this realization: you can be a king in one country and a slave in another. 

Is that clear enough? 

Is it also clear that different countries operate under different laws? 


The United States is and has always been a different country with respect to the Territorial United States.  They function under two separate systems of law. 

This leads to a situation where the States (members of The United States land jurisdiction Union) function under a different system than the Territorial States of States (international jurisdiction of the sea). 

We have lawyers who are Counselors at Law and Justices (of the Peace) who administer the Public Law, which in a State is known as the General Session Law, even if the "State" is being represented as a Public Trust, and the Public Law generally, known as the Law of the Land. 

They have Attorneys at Law and Judges who administer the Private Law, which in a State of State is known as the Statutory Law.  Strictly speaking, only State of State officials, employees and dependents -- all known as "residents" of the State of Alaska (for example) are required to obey the Statutory Law. 

So you have Counselors at Law and you have Attorneys at Law.  I am a Counselor at Law. 

If you occupy an office of the soil or land jurisdiction courts you must be a Counselor at Law and CANNOT be a Bar Attorney.  Period. So there is no basis whatsoever for anyone supposing that I would be or even could be a Bar Attorney.  

It is totally ignorant to look for me among the members of the Bar Association.  They can't operate a State Court and I can't operate a State of State Court BY DEFINITION.  

So, no, I am NOT a member of the Bar, am not required to be a member of the Bar, and could not operate a land or soil jurisdiction court as a member of the Bar. 

Bar Attorneys can act as administrators but can't sit on the bench or otherwise operate in any public capacity in a State Court. 

People have become so ignorant that they don't know the difference between the "Alaska State Court" and the "State of Alaska Court". 

Nor do they know the difference between a Counselor at Law (required to run land and soil jurisdiction courts) and Attorneys at Law (required to run Maritime and Admiralty jurisdiction courts). 

Obviously, I know what I am doing, the rules of the Office I am occupying, and the State I serve; just as obviously, I am not serving in nor have I ever claimed to serve in any of the capacities you mention.

And again, there is no factual controversy about this whatsoever. 
There are land courts and there are sea courts and this is the way it has always been. 

All that has happened is that as more and more Americans have been unknowingly press-ganged into the international jurisdiction of the sea, they have unwittingly subjected themselves to the sea courts and the land courts have become rare as hen's teeth as a result. 

That does not mean that my court does not exist-- it is clearly established under the General Session Laws of Alaska.  Nor does it mean I am doing anything wrong or making any false claims.  I am not impersonating a judge of any sea jurisdiction court or claiming to be a Bar Member or any other such ignorant meandering.  

I am here serving my State-- not any "State of State".  

And I am serving the honest Tradesmen engaged in private international trade and the living people who have rejected FDR's unconscionable New Deal contract and who have returned to the land and soil of Alaska. 

And I Double-Dog Dare any member of the (Territorial) United States Supreme Court to say otherwise. 

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  1. know your government officials job" Rod Class.

  2. American governments adhere to the U.S. Code. American Christians adhere to the Holy Bible. Target Stores and Medtronic company employees have those respective handbooks for their places. The aledged U.S. citizenship we got looped into meant that we all consented to all the stacking and conscripting and culpability and complicity. We have to stop partaking in the fraud, each of us.

  3. When political police call you a terrorist, you suddenly HAVE NO RIGHTS, after 9/11. Some police do not believe in Jesus or Amendment One.

    1. Some...!! Very few are true Christians and have no clue about the first amendment... or care..!! Because they are nothing but code enforcers and take their orders ultimately through our Corp controlled govt..!!

  4. Anna, I can and have built a house so am I a carpenter? I can and have done welding so does that make me a welder? I can and have operated heavy equipment so does that make me a heavy equipment operator. No provincial document that I am any of these things. You know law and legal and the difference between so does that make you a judge or d you have some issued document by a third party saying you are a judge. There are self proclaimed ministers of Christ because they know scripture, do they require a third party document making them one. I wonder if Jesus and his Dad Joseph had third party designation making them carpenter? And if so were their family names Carpenter as most family names came from what the people did. Can you answer this as I am sure your answer would silence the nay sayers. From where I sit, I say you are what you claim to be and not one has a higher authority over you in your perspective of you than you because of free will.

    1. Anna is a Councillor at Law and a Justice of the Peace, not an Attorney at Law nor a Judge. She just said that. Why are you questioning when the answer is right there. She explained the difference. If you are a Canadian and have no Provincial Document, it does not mean you are not what you say you are. I have a Reflexology Certificate and a Hairstyling Certificate accredited by the schools where I studied. At one time I held a Provincial License for Hair Styling, but gave that up. I am still a certifide hair stylist and reflexologist and semi retired but continue the practices. I have build a house and operated heavy equipment but because I do not perform these functions regularly, I would not call myself a carpenter by trade even though I am one by Name, nor would I call myself a heavy equipment operator. I have had no formal training in either of those functions. I just learned the basics through others. One does not need a ticket to do these things, unless you fall into the bracket of compliance with government officials. Without at least a trade certificate, it might be more difficult to acquire work in any given field until one's reputation builds.

    2. Dan, Anna claims also to be a judge , just not in this thesis. My question was directed to her. She also claimed a few thesis back that the Israelites are the Illuminati. Anna said
      So you have Counselors at Law and you have Attorneys at Law. I am a Counselor at Law.
      Put simply, does she have training and a certificate to be or does she claim to be? I am sure Anna is capable of answering questions herself. I am a man and am capable of doing many things but am none of them. A paper saying I am qualified as a carpenter does not make me a carpenter as I am a man. A man that can do carpenter work.

  5. i too am president of my own universe. my you took the long complicated way around to say this.

    1. any perks being the president of your own universe ? No taxes, your own currency, no drivers licence etc. I agree with you a follower, there is no higher authority above you except God from your perspective but the interlopers do not abide by God's law.

    2. Sorry no, lol
      Paying taxes and man's government has always been part of the game.
      Most of us should know this. God's government is the one we need to focus on.
      There are many perks, just not of the material variety. Learning to be grateful for what we have, what we have been given, seeing the world for what it is and what it is becoming.
      Kiss. Keep it simple stupid. This is perhaps one of the best gifts to keep in mind.
      The interlopers can be very complicated and confusion is part of their game.

  6. It all sounds pretty good and might actually be true, but whether or not that is right is completely overshadowed by the fact that it is complicated and convoluted enough to dismay even fairly bright seekers after truth and most people are morons or willfully ignorant. Now what?

    1. As in:"Illuminati member Harold Rosenthal spelled it out: 'We have converted the people to our philosophy of getting and acquiring so that they will never be satisfied. A dissatisfied people are pawns in our game of world conquest. They are always seeking and never able to find satisfaction. The very moment they seek happiness outside themselves, they become our willing servants.' -- Harold Rosenthal The Hidden Tyranny"

  7. C Johnson, wow , you are pumped. Many getting revelations these days. I wish there was a remedy for we in Canada and know there must be but have been in the learning since 2002 and am not sure what to do or more so who to send it to. We have a horrid demonic pm up here presently and he can not destroy our country quick enough....all to do with Soros and the NWO. Destroy the country and erase the border and we will be gobbled up by the usa, or USA or what ever the hell you are lol

  8. Awemazing Revelation C, Thank you for sharing this valuable Insight!!!
    So Grateful for All the internal revelations and physical proof that the tides have indeed been turning and greatly shifting in our living favor, Yes!!!
    Much work to Do and Be Now!

    Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

  9. respectfully bluecollarmovement, I don't think we can accomplish anything here in Canada until the truth is fully exposed across the border and it brings down the deep state. For it is the deep state that we are under via the UN and our so called parliamentarians in line have been fully trained- Trudeau, Harper, John Martin et al.

  10. i, would advise to not go thinking that Trump is the answer to all our many problems.

  11. afollower, I totally agree.


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