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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Postal Fraud and Breach of Trust

By Anna Von Reitz

One of the most frustrating parts of the current situation is that Americans continue to respect and trust the very people that have betrayed them.  

This is what makes "breach of trust" such a difficult and reprehensible crime --- difficult in that the victims often resist those who are trying to help them and deny that their beloved "Trustees" would ever cheat or harm them, and reprehensible in that the guilty parties have knowingly traded upon this trust placed in them and in the positions of power entrusted to them to implement the crime. 

If the members of Congress had done their actual jobs, if former Presidents had acted with Honor, none of the evils infesting our monetary and political and court systems would exist.  And we, ourselves, had we done our job and been less trusting and more vigilant--- this situation wouldn't exist, either.  

One of those who has done his best to truly represent the people who placed their trust in him, New Hampshire Representative Richard Marple, has recently raised the issue of postal fraud and the misuse and abuse of the postal service to deliver bogus court documents and bills--essentially promoting a scam-- so a group of us have been discussing and I share my comments below: 

It IS both grammar fraud-- they know that when they address anything to RICHARD MARPLE they are addressing a public trust that they set up and named after you without your knowledge or consent-- and postal fraud. 

The use of all capital letters is known as "DOG LATIN".  In this country it has been used as "American Sign Language." 
If you look it up in Black's Fourth or in the Chicago Manual of Style you will get an eye-full.  Friends in Australia have tracked its use and misuse all the way back to the Emperor Justinian.  They have an entire Wordpress site dedicated to the subject-- The Justinian Deception.  It is very well documented. 

So when they create a public trust named after you without your knowledge or consent they are creating an "unconscionable" contract.  You are literally not conscious of any of this. 

Right out of the box any such contract in any jurisdiction of the law is null and void the moment you object to it, but how are you going to object if you don't know that any such THING exists? 

The one contract that you can't break is the one you are not aware of. 

They know the scam they have set up, but you don't.  So they send you mail addressed to their PUBLIC TRUST as if you were the Trustee responsible for this, and you mistakenly think it is addressed to you and answer the summons or whatever else without objection so--- gotcha!  They shirk off their responsibility for their creation and hang it around your neck instead. 

Now, they are committing fraud against average Americans when they set up this whole system and start using a foreign language--DOG LATIN -- to secretively mis-address us.  They are committing mail fraud by sending their solicitations through the mail to us "as if" we were the Trustees responsible for IT.  

And the only way they get away with this is by pretending that this is all "voluntary" and we are knowingly and willingly allowing them to do this. 

It is criminal and may not be excused in terms of private contracts.  An illegal private contract is still illegal.  Slavery and involuntary servitude have both been outlawed worldwide since 1926.   Any contract voluntary of involuntary yielding that result is also null and void.  

But we have to object to being bonded and we have to object to any presumption of Trusteeship related to IT and we have to object to the Mail fraud and so on---and how are The People going to do that if (1) they don't know this ugly foreign system exists and (2) they don't know they have been targeted and included in this foreign system by these scam artists and (3) they trust and respect the vermin doing this to them and think you are a crackpot when you try to warn them? 

A Purgatory Oath is an Ecclesiastical/Canon Law Oath that has no place in a Commercial Court.  Just like Writs don't work in a Commercial or Administrative Court. 

You have three different systems -- air, land, and sea --- and they all have different conventions --- different means of expression, different forms to fill out, different courts to invoke.  

A lot of the confusion in the courts comes about because people think they are in one kind of court when in fact they are in another kind of court.  It is necessary to nail them down as to what the declared and actual jurisdiction of the court is before you make ANY reply to them at all, and once they commit to a jurisdiction you have to watch them to make sure they stay in that jurisdiction.  If, after declaring jurisdiction, the judge makes an excuse and gets up and leaves the room and then comes back in, you have to repeat the demand for him to declare the actual jurisdiction of the court again.  They use this as a trick to switch jurisdictions when the court appears to be in continuous session. 

All these courts that the Bar Attorney (shipping clerks) operate are commercial courts and the Judges won't budge from that jurisdiction absent action on your part forcing them to move from Maritime to Admiralty to Ecclesiastical jurisdiction.  Maritime deals with trusts and contracts that are implied, Admiralty deals with actual factual contracts and trusts that are written and present as evidence, Ecclesiastical Courts deal with moral issues and contracts we have with God ---- and no judge wants to enter there. 

Maritime is the easiest jurisdiction for these yahoos to fudge around in, so that is where they dearly like to stay.  In Admiralty they have to hear the facts, which are often detrimental to the Court's advantage.  In Ecclesiastical Law the Judge is put at risk and anything up to and including his life can be forfeit, so they avoid going into the realm unless they are utterly desperate and have no choice. 

And the moment you enter upon the land and soil jurisdiction of this country they have to vacate -- simply dismiss and run --- because they have no jurisdiction related to the land and soil at all and are obligated to obey the Law of the Land while on our shores, and they have often abundantly violated the Law of the Land, so best not to even discuss it from their standpoint. 

I have had so many of these courts return fees, release bonds and dismiss charges by now that this is set in cement and completely reliable and predictable.  They will not engage any issue on the land and soil jurisdiction nor can they operate any Court in the land and soil jurisdiction, because the Territorial United States has no such jurisdiction delegated to it.  

They can only succeed in their objective -- which is to traffick you into their jurisdiction and fleece you -- if you let them, which means you have to learn how to effectively shut them down and recognize all the tricks they use to weasel you into admitting, accepting, submitting, etc.


Along with re-affirming the land and soil jurisdiction courts owed to this country and populating those courts with properly trained Counselors-at-Law, and properly informed Jury Pools that are aware of and ready to use their nullification powers, we have to re-educate and discipline the Territorial Courts and the members of the Bar Associations. 

They do have a job to perform, but unfortunately, they have been usurping and presuming upon the American people and their assets, and have been subjecting millions of innocent people to unconscionable contracts under color of law. 

This has to stop and right about now.  It is nothing more or less than a venal international crime spree and if it means confiscating pensions, arresting judges, outlawing the Bar Associations on our shores --- whatever it takes, must be done.

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  1. No complaints here..!! Just for clarification since a "person" is considered a corporation in their world, isn't the same true of a corporation being just a "person"...They always tell us you can't sue an agency because it's a fiction, and has many individuals.. But most of the time you don't even know what individual was resposible because they all hide behind the corporate skirt...But someone is CEO of that Corporation and everyone is just doing what he says...!! So by right, everyone is involved knowingly or through complicid ignorance, which is no excuse for breaking the law...!! But I still say when people decide to work only in commerce, than by law it all has to be insured and underwritted by someone, who is insuring intentional FRAUD, which is proof beyond a doubt that there is No "Rule of Law " in exsistance....its time to settle the score with these insurance companies once and for all...Get Rod Class to write up a lawsuit so we can all get behind it...!! Commerce cannot exsist without any liability whatsoever....thats called a dictatorship or oligaky....!!

    1. James,

      The corp State is a business plan that employees must follow. Policy isn't law and policy is a contract. Without delegated authority, people holding a corp office are subject to being sued absent a contract. Person is the office, however, by what authority is that office created?

    2. Several weeks ago I wrote irs asking them to show us their authority for 'stealing' our tax returns and handing them over to dept. of ed. for alleged student loan. They have yet to come up with an answer. In this same timeframe, the irs Lien dept. tells us there are no liens on our tax returns.

      Now, I wonder if their back is against the wall; how will they claim authority to do this, while they also say they show no liens. At this point it all looks like a sham they try to pull on taxpayers by saying 'we are authorized' while not stipulating that 'authority'.
      I am just in the mood to press this issue, hard, if I don't get the response I am seeking. I did something similar a few years ago with a collection agency hired by our state tax dept. I gave them fits until they just threw their hands up in the air. (they are claiming a $500 penalty fee for failure to file state tax on time. I am going to try to shove it right up the place where the sun does not shine...and start the same process with state income tax as with fed. income tax......soon as I can get focused on where to start with State.) 1 FreeMan, you got an idea?

    3. ask them questions and dont assume anything, like you are a 4 year old and dont understand anything we presume we know and we dont; first question is have them define individual and keep on going. you will be surprised how they define that in the irc code as well as all others..

  2. Learn thair.language "rod class.

    1. bubba, we should not have to learn their stupid language. They should learn to speak plain american english since they know damned well we all know what that IS.
      They play this stupid childish game. Like, a judge thinking she/he can just get up, leave the bench, come back and Wallah ! its a 'different court'?? How childish and tricky and downright nonsensical is that........and especially without letting this be known to the entire public. Instead a defendant thinks, gee, they musta had to go pee or something, no big deal.
      Instead of wasting all this time teaching people ''how to play THEIR childish games'.....their whole playhouse should be getting bulldozed !

    2. why would you go there then. court is filed via paperwork, not their admin banks. if you cannot do it through paperwork properly submitted, then go there and ask alot of questions and stand on them. tell them you dont belong there, dont consent or understand anything of their private, for profit corporation; we get into trouble thinking we know more than we do or that we own anything. IN GOD I TRUST, The style of my name is X, my political status is X, my Law is the Bible and i fly under the civil/state flag, once you clarify that ask questions, say you dont understand anything they say and they must DEFINE every word, and/or plead the 5th, there is nothing more they can do.

    3. Buddapatric I found that they are using Syntax for language!

  3. 👏👏👏 great information Anna, I totally agree

  4. Thanks. President's, Congress and most or all Governors had to know and allow this scam for the last 100 years. I just wish there was a valid process available for people to be able to claim financial compensation for the damages caused by these schemes.

  5. We need the muscle . Its time to dole out some pain and throw these foriegn pirates out , in pieces . I am ready willing and able .

    1. I am currently about to hang an entire law firm in Spokane WA with a Notice of Liability process that will be a wrecking ball to these blatant pirating scum -- all with their "prestigious" titles of so-called nobility denoting them as shipping clerks in the British Merchant Marines...and will have their heads handed to them for barratry, unlawful conversion, and inland piracy (among other charges, such as mail fraud -- for sending me their Maritime equity court documents asking me to sign away my rights to future claim on a Will with the red metered mail stamp instead of a postage stamp, etc.)

    2. Keep us up to date with this matter Chris. Best of luck to you.Hang 'em high!!!

  6. I think someone ought to notify the Marine Corp to protect us from domestic terrorism.

  7. None of this matters as the corruption and fraud has gotten so bad that "they" can do whatever they want to anyone at any time. So Queen ann says she's gotten all of these refunds and dismissals, good for her, as I know other people who were ramrodded through their "system" and are sitting in jail!!! I've said this before and will have to keep repeating it here for the brain dead toadies that hop around on this site, if what is posted here by these people posed any kind of threat to their "system" these people would all be "suicide" in a ditch somewhere or disappeared forever!!! The fact that "they" let all of this get published, well, that should tell you something!!! Not saying there is no "truth" to what is being presented here, but nothing is going to happen to stop all of this until the rot collapses on its own.

    1. Never forget that Geronimo, Sitting Bull, et al didn't have SS numbers or birth certificates. Neither did the Tsar and his family. Look what happened to them!

    2. Unknown, how true,how true. This rabbit hole goes all the way to the center of the earth; beyond what most human minds care to comprehend. I do not wish to be a wet blanket, but the truth of all this is just downright Ugly for those who put their hope in this world and actually think they can conquer with paper weaponry Vs. high-tech hardware. Good luck with all that. Its time to seriously ponder your odds before you place your bets.

    3. Hey could you read about my situation, comments and replies on this article. I have gotten somewhat of a result. Could you weigh in on my situation. Part 1 is by unknown that was me and part 2 is under this name. Let me know

    4. unkown, what happened to Geronimo? Judging from your comment I'm betting that you have no idea. Your whining cowardice knows no bounds.

  8. Is there any validity to NESARA which although signed in 2000 by then president bill clinton, was blocked and a gag order imposed? Hence 911 as the sure way to eternally coverup and prevent United States citizens from obtaining our freedom from the corrupt and so-called government.

  9. When people who work for you begin to steal,if they get away with taking a little, they take more and more.eventuslly, they will take it all, if you let them. Grandpa used to say that.

  10. C.Johnson - absolutely Great!, Thank you for sharing...
    Need one of these Private Attorney Generals, .. can you suggest one for me?

    1. C. Johnson - I was listening to couple following videos and found this comment:
      RubyRedTootsies1 month ago
      Demand the W-9 and "Government Information Letter" issued by the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE of the courthouse and police department to verify they are actually an "instrumentality of government" and/or "political subdivision" that is tax-exempt. When they refuse to comply/answer, then fax IRS form 4506a to the IRS on both agencies. (the fax number is on the instruction manual) You should get a response within 2-8 weeks stating "we have no record of this organization as being tax-exempt." This means they are a private organization of the state and NOT a tax-exempt government agency; this means they have no jurisdiction; this means they have NO lawful nor legal authority to do ANY THING to ANY ONE. Therefore, one would report them to the Internal Revenue Service for impersonating a government office/officer/agency/agent with form 13909, and report them for evading taxes on form 3949a, and collect the reward based upon how much the IRS can collect in back taxes with form 211.

      Any comment would be appreciated.
      And thank you for the answer, C. Johnson.

    2. C Johnson: Would you please stay in this conversation long enough to recommend some specific books or articles about contracts?

      Thank you for your very interesting posts.

    3. Thank you, C. Johnson!!!

      Peace Love Joy & Harmony

  11. Part 1

    This is my situation. I came across Anna's work around last year. I live in Texas, in a small country town North of Houston. I had zero problems correcting my political status (recording in the land records) and I am black. It took me a second to understand just how powerful standing on the land jurisdiction is. For over ten years I worked as a "CLOSER" for Attorney's representing mortgage companies, financial institutions, credit unions, etc. My primary function was preparing the closing documents and final numbers for real estate transactions. Now, while doing this I saw how much was being "loan" vs. how much Interest you will pay via the TIL. I thought to myself why would anyone do this??? I then and there made up my mind not to ever have a mortgage. So I purchased land with cash. Free and clear. In that purchase I was assigned a property address and issued title insurance via Title Companies. In 2017, I was laid off from a very well known firm. It was perfect as I was trying to get house on my land. So, I go to the shadiest mobile home company around. Clayton Homes, this company is a nightmare when it comes to manufactured homes and repossession and all. These people do not care. They offered me a "loan" after the paperwork was signed, a mobile home arrived on my land and it was attached to my land physically. But this is the same time I'm going down the rabbit hole and everything is clicking in my head, from my experiences at work to Anna's work. I decided to send letters asking the financial institution to show where I received a loan, and that any acknowledgement by me was rescinded. So I stopped paying the note on the manufactured home 7/2017.


  12. Part 2

    Of course I got letters and phone calls and letters from their representing attorney telling me what I was claiming was legal fiction. (the NERVE!!). It goes to a district court in the county where the manufactured home was sold. I claimed the Writ of Habeas corpus and tried the whole special appearance thing. Sent the paperwork per Anna's instructions. By this time I am sweating bullets!! The judge has ignored me, The clerk has ignored me, but somehow an answer is shown sent for this case. I Guess, the judge couldn't hear me still, so she ignored me and issued a default judgement. Signed off on a writ of possession and all. Now I am really scared. I reason in my mind my land was never part of any deal... I never changed any exemptions in property taxes... The mobile home is listed as the property address and my land is M&B. @ separate parcel accounts. Naturally by this time the Financial Instituation is gearing up to "Take possession of the home" They come with the Sheriff and sees the black and white no Trespassing sign. I see the Sheriff scratch his head and talked to the agent. You see, they are not the owner's of the land, there was never a "deed of trust". So the sheriff can not step a foot on my land without a warrant per USC 4 and 14th. Since 5/7/2018 till now, they have been on my street, talking to my neighbors, left a note in the mailbox (I removed it immediately (the mail box) Monday (5/20) The sheriff happened to come right as I was getting home. He was excited. He started saying "excuse mee, Hellloo, I have some papersss for you" I have about 2 acres so he's nicely yelling. I keep walking in my house. He is still out there. So I go record him a little and go back inside. The reason for this is now I have proof that he violated the constitution as he was on my "Private access easement, which he would have known I owned had he taken heed of the sign and went to the land recorder's office to find out my (the owners) P.O. box address. So essentially in the most simplest way my land is my protector. Kinda how when they try to repossess a car but can't go into a garage to do it because they don't own the home. I essentially created a HUGE garage for a HOUSE. I am wondering what could or would happen next? As I have seen ZERO situations quite like mine. If anyone has the time to talk about it with me or email. Reply to me I will give you my email address.

    1. Yes, I understand that very clearly. However, in lieu of an "eye for an eye" retaliation. I have placed the fake court, the bank, and the Sheriff in between a rock and a hard place. They can't reposess the mobile home, since they can not issue a warrant (No probable Cause) to even enter my property. Private matter Vs. Public Matter. I am trying to see if I have covered all my bases. At the end of the day they will have to write off the debt. I guess I need to focus on now trying to get it and the judgement removed from the credit report. I'm not sure how the bank will handle this since they can't reposses the home. Any thoughts?

    2. Wait I think I get it better now. Its like I will reposess the home from the citizen who has a name like mines and make myself (an american) the lienholder. Is this what you are saying C. Johnson? Something along those lines, I'd have to think of a process of doing this....

    3. Also, after 90 days the financial Instituation will have written off the the debt. It has changed hands to the debt collection agency Say The loan was with Blah Mortgage but now Blah Mortgage is Blah Debt Collection agency. So doesn't that means the debt has in fact been settled if it went to collections? See this is not a Mortgage....

    4. Also, if I file all of those liens against everyone, who will enforce them? Has anyone had any luck with that?

    5. Wait why would I go to a bank to loan my friend money. If I loan my friend money to buy a house I am giving that friend cash. So if she wasn't able to pay me back for the loan, I would not reposess it back from her its her home and I am her friend.

    6. I dont think that I should bother with the liens... Would that not be conversion... I dont know how that USC 18 you mention would apply to my situation? Its not a mortgage as there was no Deed of trust, Mortgage. Its Secured Credit. You see?

    7. What I want to happen is this. I go my way with my home. The bank does whatever they need to do on the backend to even their accounts and then they send me the title in order to show the collateral was sold ( which is technically what happened) they took my then citizen signature and used that to access my credit to create value assests and add to their books. In my reasoning I think it would fall under equal consideration I got a home and they received the signature from the citizen to access the credit.

    8. Also how could a civil default judgement then be used to issued a criminal warrant for that. Also wouldn't the bank have to evidence show their loss? Are you trying to scare me?

    9. I changed my status after this supposed loan. Why would I go get Legal counsel? Wouldn't that place me directly in their jurisdiction?
      How could they come onto my land without a warrant. What would be the charge? Essentially the Sheriff has to have permission from the owner of the land to come on the property to serve the writ. I am the owner of the land. How? The agent for the reposession has made a frivolous suit, there is no remedy because they are not the owners of the land so they can't enter to serve the writ which means the sheriff has to secure the property and remove me and my possesions.... If they try to serve that outside of the land, how would that work? Its not like I can take my manufactured home on a joyride and they can secure it on the side of road after a traffic stop....

    10. Also, could you address my questions and reasoning behind your assertions. The one about USC 18, then the Friend analogy. Can you explain how it ties in to my situation. You are really helping me figure this out it helps to have a devils advocate, that way you can decipher and work out every possible way they can come at you and plan for what could possibly happen. Is there anything else that could happen to me if I simply do nothing?

    11. Sir, you did not read my situation throughly you have your own mindset and way of thinking that didn't allow you to read and comprehend the words that I had written. The Land was not used as a security interest. Get it. Its a collateral loan. You have this script it seems that you are sticking to about mortgages and me using the land as security for the loan. Forget that narrative in your head completely clear your mind open it up and go back and read the words I have written about my situation without your ego running its narrative as background interference. This is a unique situation that doesn't fit your spiel. Take a look again. We are all trying to figure out a way to make some progress and I may have found myself in a situation that could provide an answer and get one of the basic needs of humans taken care of without the fear of losing their home, imagine then how much energy would be freed from slaving for a note payment and redirected into something meaningful.

    12. You still dont get it. What would be the charge? This is over and done with in the district court there was a default Judgement. I have not entered in their jurisdiction. This is like chattel. I am asking how does a civil judgement transfer to criminal offense? There is no debtor prison. Exactly what charge is there? This is not a foreclosure. Think of it as car note that you didnt pay anymore. If the car company cannot reposses the car... What is their next course of action? Its my land, so the sheriff will need a warrant to even get onto the property. How can they charge me with theft? If there is a contract? How does the mortgage company evidence their loss of the home in order to make it a criminal offense? I know what oath they are bound by. To step foot on the property there has to be a warrant. What would be the public charge giving them permission to enter on my land that is free and clear of liens. I own the land, nothing is attached to it no vendors lien. The company has a default judgement from the judge. The judge does not enforce it the sheriff comes and executes it, except in this case I own the land and there is no probable cause in the public arena, so he is their for a private matter, I don't contract so now what. If he doesn't have the jurisdiction to even address me in a public capacity, why would I engage with him on some private matter that has nothing to do with me. Thank you for your time, But lets see if someone else can give my situation a look with fresh eyes. I appreciate the time you took out to have this conversation.

      Anyone else care to give my situation a bit thought.

      You have a great day as well C. Johnson

      Peace and Love

    13. I think this situation Im in is very interesting. I know its a stretch but if anyone can get this in front of Anna or her team to read it. Maybe it may help.

    14. My apologies for assuming that you were a man. You have a very aggressive manner in tone and I assumed. I did not mean to offend you.

    15. Okay, so now the civil judge can issue a criminal warrant because I am obstructing justice. No, I am not obstructing justice. The sheriff has an oath to the USC. That is why he has not come onto the land. I am not a US citizen. I did not agree to any contract. Dont you see, in order for the sheriff to serve the writ he has to find a way onto my land with a warrant. What is the crime? How am I obstructing when the sheriff stops at that black and white signon his own. This is a Civil suit. How does the USC 18 apply to a sovereign? You are not making any sense. I have not said one word. I filed my paperwork put up that No trespassing sign. The sheriff has to find a way to get past his oath to the constituation to execute the writ. Did you read Annas article about Writ Vs. Warrant. Can you site a case study where a civil case involving repossession of chattel property ended up as a criminal? I am not hiding I am right here. First off, there are so many mistakes in the case to begin with. Firstly the judge ignored my request of habeas corpus. The judge will have to start from the beginning again and establish jurisdiction. I had no due process.

    16. I do not contract. Why would you give a sovereign advice to contract with Bar Memebers. You are a troll.

    17. Brandi I think u saw "Black Panther" too many times to get what BRILLIANT C. Johnson was kindly trying to help u understand ☻

    18. Okay. You all have a great day. This is not the place for dialouge on my particular situation. Its new and it doesn't fit in here. I see that now. I wish you all the best in your efforts. If anything adverse happens with this situation I will come back and update to let those who may be interested take a peek.

    19. C johnson has given some good advice, i agree with just about ALL of it, as an aside, my two cents, stop using the word sovereign they will label you a sovereign citizen; also do not lien the court, they will arrest you, lastly you are not black, that is a corporate status of your legal person/14th amendment; you are a moor and unless you have had a name and nationality change via court order then girl, you are quasi and better be real careful or you will see, as c johnson has said, a whole notha side you wish you hadnt walked is not worth messing with them and their hornets nest, you must act with clean hands, honorably and in good faith. youd be better off doing a full satisfaction of claim on that home before its too late and sold to a debt collector. if it is sold to a debt collector, it is generally easy to beat unless there is collateral, they tend to get nasty over that issue more than credit card debt etc, if you do it right and timely.

      great luck!

    20. Thank you Penny. Its with the debt collectors now. I never claimed that in court because I never stepped in that jurisdiction. First I would not be silly enough to say I am sovereign in court. I would not be silly enough to even step foot in their courts. I'm not sure how that was gleaned from my replies. I think others missed the beauty of what has happened in this situation. Which is this, without me having to go to court they have their hands tied. Simply because in order for the sheriff to serve the writ he has to break his oath to the constitution and become liable if any injury or harm comes to me. I can not be served anything unless he breaks his oath to the USC. I can not be charged because I have not been served. I can't be served because I know if I have not committed a crime I do not have to talk to him at all. I will let you know what happened. C. Johnson is a troll giving bad advice under the guise of being helpful. Not fully comprehending what has happened with my particular situation and then spreading fear. As far as saying that I am what people would consider as Black, that was in reference to Anna saying that we people of my color might have issues gettting our political status changed at the land recorders office, that was not the case for me. I see why my S.O. referred you. You are sensible. Thank you.

    21. c johnson, not true, and most importantly very dangerous telling people that DONT know who or what they are doing on here. you mess with them and theirs good luck, not for me banging down my door at night or early morning, too many people arrested trying to lien judges and police officers, trust me i know very well. nothing good fighting felony criminal charges and spending an exorbitant amount of time on that. better off studying Law and how to change race/nationality ie., political status imho; other than that, great advice you are giving, thank you for your time, i look forward to reading more of your responses.

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  14. Also, if anything, I think at the end of the day, this situation I have found myself in would actually be a way to take back America a bit at least from the grips of the banks. Imagine if everyone stopped consuming started saving enough cash for land and maybe a little extra for a DP. Buying the land free and clear and then getting a manufactured home or something similar financed. Get a secured loan, similar to how you finance a car secured loan (remembering not to attached it to your land) Stop paying the note, let them do their song and dance. And then hold them to their oath of office. You win protected under the USC, still have a home still have your land... just a thought.

  15. Once you have say a little neighborhood like this. With their land owned and protected by the USC. You could begin to set up your own government, common law court... you know village like, you see where the idea could lead. We would be slowly pulling away without having to say or do too much in their courts. Just ignore them like they've ignored us

  16. Dear Anna and LLF,
    I am so thankful that this subject matter DOG LATIN has been brought up.

    Please tell us why we use DOG Latin in the #928 Basic Package of Editable Forms, in this DOG LATIN form:

    4. Example of Certificate of Assumed Name Certificate of Assumed Name.docx

    I thought we all needed to edit--with the proper format that is in the Chicago Manual of Styles--even the DOG LATIN used Throughout this document where all the words have all capital letters in many sentences, as here:


    Or would we use:

    Certificate Of Assumed Name
    Notice Of Transfer Of Reserved Name

    By using DOG LATIN language for the illiterate and American Sign, without the proper hyphen (sign) between the signs (capitalized words) are we admitting our ignorance of grammar and mirroring/copying their deceiving practices they use against us?

    In Romley's writings to mix the English language with a foreign language makes the document nothing... I want my document to Stand, not be of no effect or no thing.

    On other Articles when the question comes up I have left comment for people who have asked, but without your acknowledgment for the proper changes to be made to this document, then it stands as is laid out in the Example of Certificate of Assumed Name, linked above.

    People need to take the time to read Romley's writings @
    and view his videos @
    To learn how to edit the forms correctly.

    With Gratitude for all that you do and thank you for clearing up this question. In Light, Love and Peace for All.

    Could these signs (missing hyphens) have more meaning than we know, has it been so simple all this time? Apparently:

    Mark 13:22 For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

    Matt 16:3 And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and low'ring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?

    Matt 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

    1. I'm pretty sure hyphens in words does not have any relationship to 'signs of the Times'. The Signs mentioned in the bible are things like ''wars, and rumors of wars, violent weather conditions such as earthquakes in various places; immorality of mankind, disregard for God, mocking and scoffing, truth being watered down and turned into fables to please people, strange signs in the sky, etc etc.

    2. ra string.....I had those thoughts also about the DOG LATIN headings on those forms....I hope we get some clarification.

    3. Part of the problem Bible freaks have is figuring out which pat of the Bible sings best to them @ any given moment 🎶 236/Paul vs Apostles.htm

    4. Abby, Are you saying that you weren't seduced into using the Name they created for you? Just read and watch the videos from Romley, they will give you a grasp.

      And here is a couple more to augment what you learn, from Pao Chang:

      Word Magic--How Words Can Be Used As Magic Spells, 12:25 min's:
      For further info you may check his two websites:

      This article shows his book excerpt:

      This has many of his other articles:

    5. ra string, I am saying that the 'signs of the times' as is stated in the bible, is a biblical term which relates to specific things, and the hyphen between words is not related.

      But, yeah, we all got seduced, Lol. Nevertheless, I still use the name which was given to me by my own mother. All the rest of my so-called NAMES have been counterfeited, and so that is good; they have just been used to accumulate a lot of ASSETS for us. Just makes Anna's Retrieval Mission all the more worthwhile, doncha think?

      Sheesh I had my info stolen; I said thats good, I hope they use my SS# to get a job, so they can pay into my Retirement and make the number$ big enough on my check so I can see them a little better, LOL.

      Leland, I read all of it, but there are scriptures that apply to all various situations and people and events. We are to rightly divide the Word, not just go and dig up something to favor oneself.

    6. Actually, this is a better spot to just read the first chapter of Pao Chang's book (augments grammatical errors by Romley @ )

      Some etymologists believe that the Greek word gamma is where the word grammar originated from. In English, grammar means “the study of the classes of words, their inflections, and their functions and relations in the sentence”.

      Grammar is the art of inventing symbols and combining them to express thought; logic is the art of thinking; and rhetoric is the art of communicating thought from one mind to another; the adaptation of language to circumstance.6

      Another origin of the word grammar is the Old French word gramaire. As described on

      late 14c., “Latin grammar, rules of Latin,” from Old French gramaire “grammar; learning,” especially Latin and philology, also “(magic) incantation, spells, mumbo-jumbo” (12c., Modern French grammaire), an “irregular semi-popular adoption” [OED] of Latin grammatica “grammar, philology,” perhaps via an unrecorded Medieval Latin form *grammaria.

      The Old French word gramaire has a strong connection to the English word grimoire. defines grimoire using these exact words: “a manual of magic or witchcraft used by witches and sorcerers”. The occult definitions of certain words in this section reveal that grammar or the way words are used has a strong connection to magic. They also reveal that words have the potential to direct and control energy. Be aware that light and radiation are two forms of energy.

      In the King James Bible verse Genesis 1:3 it says, “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light”. In this verse, the Bible tells you that God used words/logos/sound to manifest light. Keep in mind that the word light has a strong connection to the term word and grammar. In other words, the Universe was created from light and word/logos/sound. In Greek, the word logos is defined as “the source that controls the universe”.

      The ancient Greek people believed that the powers (e.g., sound) of logos could be expressed through words and be used to create mystical things (e.g., sacred geometry). Have you ever wondered why the symbols of corporations are called logos? It has to do with magic and sacred geometry! The process of using logos (e.g., source, energy, force, and sound) to create things, such as sacred geometry can be seen in cymatics.

      Here is a quote from the New King James Bible verse Hebrews 4:12 that talks about how powerful words are:

      For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

      In Light, Love and Peace for All.

    7. Kalpas go way, way beyond Biblical scriptures that can't even say the word Atlantis....say the word Lemuria....

    8. "Generally speaking, a kalpa is the period of time between the creation and recreation of a world or universe.[3] The definition of a kalpa equaling 4.32 billion years is found in the Puranas—specifically Vishnu Purana and Bhagavata Purana.[4]"

    9. Matthew 24 and Mark 13 both discuss Satan and his evil spirits being able to do signs and wonders on earth in the sight of everybody and deceive most everybody. That has nothing to do with anything on this website.

  17. Smart lady C.Johnson, thank you for your comments and taking your time VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. It seems to me though, that Only reason you would go to the court(especially in different state)is because you sign the "traffic ticket" - otherwise why would you even go there? But in any case I do admire how you handled it... I am not from America, so when the police officer asked me 3 times if I understand his "speal", I said 3x NO (I don' t understand) thinking how man can be so rude to a beautiful woman I am, repeating so fast the same thing when I am telling him SO CLEARLY with beautiful accent that I don' t understand, what he' s saying... so I DID NOT SIGN the ticket .... when sheriffs called city police to take me to police station because they entered my home, I DID NOT SIGN their police report ... what I am trying to find out is how to go effectively after police, clerk, sheriff, judge - who would proceed with the ticket/report which has NO MY SIGNATURE in the first place, possibly without going to "their" court ... but I do not know if it make sense to you or if you can relate to my story ...

  18. I'm smelling what you're stepping in C.!!! Thank you for all the thought provoking INsights!! Powerful stuff!!

    Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

  19. Thank you, C.Johnson - non of the above apply to me, but it's OK, I am taking care of my :situation:... Thank you again :-)

  20. Constitution recognizes a right to contract. If someone is on my land for quite some time and offers me a contract I do not understand, does not tell me the true details of the contract, perhaps does not even mention it is a contract, does that then mean I become one of their family cause they say so? Must do whatever they say cause they got a mean dog that will bite? I do not think my self that "they" have arrived at some permanent " can do whatever they want. Or maybe there is not God and it is only them. In that case guess we are a part of destroying the entire Universe starting with this planet since they can do whatever they want, we can do nothing about it and that is now permanent, like driving oil based cars and trucks, the time has come now they run the entire everything. Or is that just someone who would rather wait and do nothing hoping they will not be one of the ones hauled off, gassed, beheaded, disappeared etc. Sometimes not facing something you are afraid of, hiding from it will not help you much, even make the problem worse, especially if it is someone sneaking up on you who is a murderer.


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