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Friday, March 23, 2018

Making Sense of the World - Update March 23, 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

The central point to keep in mind is that the Powers That Were are scrambling like roaches hit with a bright light because after six generations, we are waking up and realizing what was done to us --- and who did it. 

The Queen and her brood going back to 1822 and the former Popes ---Benedict XVI and Francis excluded because they accepted responsibility and corrected the operations they inherited--- are the primary Bad Actors.  

Things went South in Britain in the 1860's after Prince Albert died and Benjamin Disraeli convinced Queen Victoria to finance the Raj in India by selling out her own people at home.  From there, the same evil "System" of corporate enfranchisement was used throughout the Commonwealth and eventually throughout the world. 

National Governments were eaten away from within by this silent maggot-like fraud scheme, until only the shells were left and only "the appearance" of justice.  The so-called "military industrial complex" had found a new backdoor into our wallets and the flowering of a new brand of commercial feudalism was the result-- a form of feudalism ten times worse than the serfdom of the Middle Ages. 

Now the promoters of this System are caught, red-handed, their criminality and fraud exposed for all the world to see and we are witnessing exactly what you would expect: 

(1) Stalling tactics and faint denials as they attempt to come to terms with the evil that many -- even in government -- were unaware of or studiously trying to ignore; 
(2) Attempts to batten down the hatches and secure their own safety and the safety of their ill-gotten accounts and treasuries; 
(3) Spawning of all sorts of groups and individuals to "explain away" the circumstances and off-load evidence of guilt to Third Parties (Global Debt Facility, Kingdom of Manna, Earnest Rauthschild, Wolfgang Struck, Chinese Elders, etc.,) 
(4) Spawning of Counter-Control groups and programs that seek to put a new face on the old system (OPPT, TDA, etc.) or which seek to minimize and control the amount owed back to the people ("Freedom Checks", etc., which are really measly reparations payments). 
(5) Frantic Clean Up efforts to try to destroy evidence. (Serco is right now at the US Patent Office desperately trying to sponge the records of what they and their masters have done here, but it is too late.)

The overall result is a vast panorama of lies and excuses and confusion.  And just as it says in the Bible concerning the latter days, people are running here and there seeking saviors and believing first one lie and then another and the "wars" and rumors of war and the natural disasters are all piling on hot and heavy. 

God isn't creating or mandating this Mess.  He just saw it from afar. 

It's the logical result of corrupt leaders trying to cover their tracks and come up with something to replace Commercial Feudalism --- or, what they have spent most of their effort doing so far --- find a way to repackage and re-brand it as something else, and still shove it down our throats. 

So don't take any wooden nickels, get lost in any distractions, follow any Pied Pipers or forget what I have told you.  (1) If you don't want to be mistaken as being "at war" -- don't fly the war flag.  Fly the civil flag and post the black and white private property signs. (2) Practice saying, "I am not a citizen.  I am a national of this country, standing on its land jurisdiction." (3) Remember that none of us are interested in "liberty"--- we are intent on securing  "freedom".  (4) We don't live in any "democracy"-- we live in fifty republican states.  (5) There has never been "a" Republic per se, only an unincorporated Union of fifty republican states, known as The United States of America.  

Remember that there is a logic to everything and that everyone and everything on this Earth grows in an organic way, starting off as a small, seed-like effort or idea, and building gradually into whatever it is going to be.  We have the advantage now of being able to restore our lawful government using the tools and history of what we already built---and which these rats have been intent on tearing down--so we don't have to start from scratch.  

For all those just waking up and wondering what to do and how to connect to or restore your lawful land jurisdiction government --first, you have to clean your own house and re-establish your own correct political status.  Here are the steps:

1. Return your lawful Trade Name in the form "John Michael Doe" to the land and soil of your birth state.  Do this by recording (not registering) your "Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Deed of Re-Conveyance" laying claim to your Given Name and all derivative NAMES declaring their permanent domicile as the "land and soil" of ____________ (California, Ohio, Wisconsin, etc.).  If your own county recording office won't accept this, find another county that will. 
2. Then, as an extension to the Deed, record your Act of Expatriation from any presumed Territorial or Municipal Citizenship.
3. Then as another extension to the Deed claim up each Name/NAME via a Common Law Copyright and Habeas Corpus declaration using the Certificate of Assumed Name. 
4. Then as another extension to the Deed claim up your physical body and biological identity using a Paramount Claim of your DNA and all derivative emanations from the moment of conception. 
5. Then  as a final extension to the Deed record your Mandatory Notice as a Foreign Sovereign.  

Examples of these documents have been posted on my website:  and The Living Law Firm hopes to have a free packet of instructions and fill-able forms available very soon. 

Okay, so, you have your Names/NAMES back on the land and their political status properly identified and it is time to rejoin the other Americans who aren't [Territorial or Municipal] United States Citizens or citizens of the United States in operating your lawful government.  This requires launching your own local county jural assembly and after that, your State Jural Assembly.  

For help doing this, contact the Michigan General Jural Assembly, which has been up and operating since the 1980's.  They have developed materials and assistance sources to help everyone else get properly organized. They can be contacted via email at: and host both a National Conference Call every Thursday night at 9 P.M. EST ( 1-712-770-4160, Access Code 226823#) and a National Hotline service (1-989-450-5522) from 2-7 P.M.Monday through Thursday

This isn't anything controversial or scary or improper and nobody can interfere with your efforts so long as your own political status is properly declared. 

So get your horse in front of your cart, folks, join the discussion and get your local county organized.  We need a majority of the States set up and functioning by November 1, 2018.  

Meantime, as Red Green says, keep your sticks on the ice and stay alert. 

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  1. How do we get in touch with the living law firm? Do they have a website to access? If we want them to help us do they have a waiting list and/or a fee schedule?

    1. FI, I will send the LLF contact info to your email.

  2. Hi guys, God bless Anna Von Reitz for all she has done for all of us. I can say if it wasn’t for Anna I wouldn’t have realized how much of a slave I was to this thing called The Government LLC. Once my eyes were opened to society and I saw what I saw; I was disgusted and horrified with myself and others. I now try to let everyone know the truth. I start by asking one question. If you lost your job tomorrow what would do? Most of them would say “I would go file for unemployment and start looking for another job.” I know this answer all too well; I used to say and do the same thing. However, GOD did not want us to be oppressed by the government and make it god. HE didn’t even want us to have a king. HE is our SOVEREIGN KING and our provider. HE is our everything. Remember, we were made in HIS image and HE made us sovereign over everything else and those that can’t see yet have forgotten this. We need to make a change. So, I live in Colorado in the Denver metro area and would love to get-together with others in the area to meet or talk. We need to get the word out. It looks like we're running out of time. I can be reached at God bless. Christopher

    1. Christopher, yes God is our Provider IF we belong to him, but He uses things like unemployment comp. and jobs as well as other ways to provide for us. At times He will even get us fired from a job in order to move us to where he wants us to be.
      I especially get a kick out of how he uses stepping stones to get us to our final destination. Tricky, puzzling, and uncomfortable, except in retrospect, lol. But I especially like the ''big one' that I missed many decades ago, before I realized God was ''in it' and did such things.
      The stepping stones took me to LasVegas where I met a total stranger one afternoon, ordinary looking midwesterner, who offered me anything I wanted, a house, whatever. Like most farm girls would do, I did not take it.
      Later, I learned from my friends there, that he was a multi-$$ from Kansas, very upstanding guy. I only mention this, because it keeps haunting me even last night as I was trying to get to sleep, that it was a move of God on my behalf.
      That wrong move on my part, would have solved a whole lifetime of shortfall.
      Still kicking my own behind. !

    2. Abby, if he was a stranger, who knows if he and his $$$ would have led your heart astray? Where you heart is there will your treasure be also. Nothing is lost that will not be found.

  3. Most of what Anna publishes is right on the money until she gets to that phony "civil flag of peace". That thing is a complete fraud. She claims to have proof of its use prior to 1776, but she refuses to show it. To understand why she would deliberately pedal a lie in the midst of so much truth there are two things to consider. 1) The Declaration of the Flag, found on her website, in which her husband makes the absurd claim to being the "hereditary head of state" of the United States. In other words, all international dealings of the American states w/ the rest of the world must go through him. So you see, when you fly that fraudulent flag, you are subjecting yourself to his fraudulent claim of authority. Not me. 2) Anna tries to downplay her love, admiration and veneration of the pope, just not those bad popes, only the two latest ones. Here's a newsflash: There has never been a good pope and there never will be. Are some demons better than others? Oh, but wait. There's more. Hereditary heads of state, i.e. kings and such, derive their fraudulent authority from, guess who. Correct. Il Papa himself!

  4. "The Pope" is an Office, NOT an individual, and, I agree re "civil flag". The catholic Church is clearly "the great whore" spoken of in the Bible". I also agree that most of Anna's "article" are excellent, albeit very INCOMPLETE to the point of misleading.

    1. I've said numerous times that info is very glib and leaves out very important details, but as you see, it just gets ignored. So people are befuddled and have to ask 'dumb' questions and then get chastised for doing so, Lol.
      IMO its all been bits and pieces, and inconcise, causing people to get nowhere and having problems accomplishing much of anything.
      IMO the No.1 rule is....teach from where the student is, not from where the teacher is, and never forget how it was 'your first day of school'...then you will know where your student is coming from. But then that is a skill not taught, it has to come from good ole common sense. Too many leave their common sense back there with their 'cap and gown'.
      Sorry, but I do not have time to sit and read/study 800 Articles. What has been needed is ...The Cliff Notes. Until then, I will just do with what I have.

    2. Abby: Not sure what you are referring to as glib, ignored or befuddling. Didn't see any question raised nor anyone getting chastised.
      Tom Dooly: Hang down your head.... The Papacy is an office. The Pope is one of the monikers applied to the inhabitant. POTUS is an office, but no one would suggest the President is not a man... well, some would.

    3. Steven, I was referring to when any information is given, or stuff we should do, too many needed details are left out.
      Such as, after we record and correct our status, then what do you use it for, and how do we use it to our benefit, and when exactly. Instead, that little tid bit has been left hanging in the this day.


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