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Friday, March 23, 2018


By Anna Von Reitz

A lot of people are getting confused by reading old articles and trying to follow along. For example, I originally suggested sending Authenticated Birth Certificates to the Secretary of the Treasury because we were trying to help expedite processing ahead of a looming deadline. Well, the deadline is past, and there is no reason to provide Authenticated Birth Certificates to Mnuchin anymore. Just send regular old BC's and let the Treasury officials work out the rest.

Keep your Authenticated Birth Certificates for your own records.
These unambiguously establish your Priority Creditor status for the courts or anyone else who cares to ask. Remember that Mnuchin has no money to dispense and that at best he can get your property transferred out of THEIR bankruptcies, which is the real point of the exercise.

Also, the process I described referring to "Twelve Steps" is actually a process of rebutting unstated legal presumptions that kick in when YOU are actually already involved in court cases and have nothing to do with correcting your political status per se. They were being talked about because so many people were already deep in the Kim Chee and searching for means to deal with these courts. We have since developed very efficient means to avoid these presumptions and entanglements in THEIR court system altogether, so please ignore the old article about Twelve Steps and follow along. Knowing the information in that article is a good thing, but mistaking it as a general means of correcting political status is not.

The importance of recording your actual political status is to safe-guard yourself from false charges and entanglements in THEIR courts, to protect your property and identity, and to allow you to restore the lawful government you are owed. Irishmen can't run the Spanish government, and neither can "US Citizens" run ours. We have to get our political status straight before we take up the issue of restoring first the Counties, then the States, then the National Government we are owed.

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  1. During periods of national emergency (1933 - present), who has rights?
    Do Serco shareholders hold their Senior Executives in USDOJ accountable? Do the Trump's have controlling interest in Serco?

    1. Dear 'not an FBI plant.

      Those who never gave up their rights are the ones who have rights today, that's who! There will be nothing standing in your way to continue your sellout of American sovereignty if that is your choice.

      Sovereign America is the people. Apart from people, there is no sovereignty in America. We are a very large group of individual, natural men (gender neutral), who are passionately embracing the life flow passed onto us by the founders of our great and still fledgling America.

      Here's the rub. There is no sense in naming names. Blaming someone. Fact is, it's happening baby! But By entering into their, maybe your, trivial blame game, contention,,,,, right along with them/you, failure takes place to openly identify the enemy of our souls.

      This whole argument is about one thing...really!

      What are the jurisdictional limitations of United States written law.

      All four Constitutions, i.e. "1) The unanimous declaration of the thirteen united States of America.
      2) The Articles of Confederation. 3) Northwest Ordinance. 4) The Constitution of the United States.", are just that...jurisdictional limitations, the U.S.C., United States written laws, to which the Confederacy of States known as the United States of America are bound. No more! No less!

      Notice particularly on number 4) above, the constitution referred to here is of 'the United States', and not the United States of America.
      The U.S. Constitution governs the United States of America privately held corporation called the United States, located in the District of Columbia.

      These four U.S.C. referenced organic laws combined constitute the entire United States written law. If a law, so called, is not contained in United States written law, it is not a law. Laws repealed are removed periodically and revisions are updated at the same time.

      All land owned by the Confederacy of States must be titled with the name "United States of America" and no other name.

      It is this United States Code, supposedly 'carved in stone' (actually pure legislative fictions) corporate by-laws that are enforced today against American State Nationals, as though we HAVE EVER, EVER had any obligation to comply with the laws of the United States written law.

      It purely comes down to full disclosure of the entire extent of United States written law jurisdiction.

      Federally controlled land amounts to roughly 27% of the land mass of America. Way too much in this American mind. But it does reveal the GLARING FACT; that 73% of America's land mass is not available as governable by United States written law. So why are they still governing over it, over us, who are free inhabitant American State Nationals?

      We all got rights...If we bind ourselves tightly to the task of securing the same for our progeny.


    2. Net, we absolutely ought to name names and place the blame right on them and out in the open. Why do you seem to want to cover for them? Do you not believe people should be held responsible for their nefarious actions??
      What does God think about such things? He says ''what you do in secret, He will expose openly'.
      And that is the pattern we should all follow.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I believe we were always free, just didnt know how to operate as a free sovereign man.

    Our government found ways to deceive all us stupid people.. liers lawyers did and are doing a bang up job worldwide causing HARM to all.

    Notices of a birth were all that were needed until the franchise municipal govt and provincial govt and federal stepped in and registered everyone in PROBATE death courts... fuzkd everyone with there paper terriostism foreign tactic attacks on the land, air, and water ...

    1. LifeCoach, I have thought along the same lines as you. Back in the 1800 I believe people simply noted births of their children in their bibles, along with marriages and other things. No such thing as BC's.

  4. Thanks, Anna, for the clarification.

    If you have any tips on how I can claim ownership of a share of the land and resources that the earth freely provides us all, please enlighten me.


    Trish House

  5. A lot of "corrections" are needed. Many people have tried to "do the process" all to no avail when they have a question or need help... NOTHING, except another general article about how stupid we are for not taking our government back. This haphazard method of writing general "articles" is about as effective as reading newspaper "articles". #1 definition of "article": "1.a literary composition on a specific topic, forming an independent part of a book or literary publication, esp. of a newspaper, magazine, review, or periodical." An "article", as herein, is just an "independent part" of the whole story, and IMHO can be very dangerous. Proceed with caution.

  6. Judge Anna, you have is the means of separting ourselves from the presumption of Citizenship, and we are grateful...However, I think it would be a good idea , maybe better right now, to see about the method of getting our special "non- resident alien" status passports, so we get the benefit of both of Federal government here in America, and for the purposes of traveling to other countries, we get the benefit of receiving protection as US Citizens in case we need the embassy of those can't be that difficult for your law group because it only involves one form....DS-11 FORM. But it's how you fill it out that forces them to accept it....You are supposed to leave out your name I think, and leave others blank...!! We need those passports badly...and they look better than the legal ones they give everyone else...very official looking, according to .....1FreeMan..!! According to him you also need 2 response letters if they send you something asking for clarity...!! And instead of charging us a $1000, you could ask maybe $150- $200 So we can all benifit....!!

  7. Well for those of us who were having a problem understanding everything, this is stunning. I have been waiting on bc to get back from Un Secretary of State to find out it has been a waste of time. Where from here, do we still do the claim the name and record it at the land recording office, the return it for value, ucc1 filing etc..?

    1. Chris R posts this.

      The "where from here" is -- in lieu of endless forms and paperwork, filings, waiting periods, confused or malicious bureaucrats -- your Word is Your Bond, and trumps anything any gov't services employee can say against or about you. "I don't need to break my back to clean up your mess...fraud vitiates ALL contracts." Boom, done. "You have an enforceable contract? Let's see it."

  8. West Law I think produces U.S. Code and accordingly have a disclaimer that they are not responsible for it. It was found out the law made to create the U.S.C. was only passed by a few raised hands and hardly done lawfully and therefore not even the law at all. However, worried prison wardens upon legal process to find out if it was or not were told that congress would have to look in to it and so far they have not, just like the thirteenth amendment that provided punishment for titles of nobility and honors ( a kind of special privilege) for anyone in a trusted office anywhere in the United States of America, the original and still standing one where your rights are the their law to obey and they are under oath. Rand Paul just the other say reminded that the constitution is a law to protect the people and keep the government reigned in, it is not law aimed at the people to control them and is in fact not the peoples guaranteed republican form of state government, also provided to protect the people and is not a rule book for people to obey. Claiming your name, which is property and property is a right, is important. So many fail to realize most of us a presumed to be US Citizens, and since no one had claimed your trade name and all the other attached property it is left, according the Bar Association and other fraudulent legal criminals masquerading as officials, abandoned and open for salvage an plunder and you can bet some kind of document will be created that you are told you must willingly with full knowledge and intent, sign, approving further plunder of your property that you have not claimed so they are squatting on it amongst other tricks to make it appear you wanted it. The evidence it the paper you signed agreeing to whatever offer. Once the presumption is rebutted, and your status is clear, then you can invoke the laws you are guaranteed, invoke the oath and bond and record any crimes they continue to commit if any against your name.
    Always sign for: unless you think you are the name. Like Jim Croce sang, I've got a name" Not I am a name.

    1. Can someone just please bring real clarity to how to sever ourselves and our offspring from this FRAUDULENT "Cesta Que Vi Trust" Do we DBA and record all forms of our Names with the county clerks office in the county in which we were born along with a notarized affidavit of life?
      Must were contract with the UCC?
      Ian having the most difficult time keeping up with what EXACTLY to do to free myself.
      What are these 12 steps Judge Anna is talking about as this is the 1st I've heard of them?

      Please help!

    2. As of March 23, 2018 the 12 steps document is totally obsolete. Don't bother. The Cesta Que Vi Trust is very valid, though established through fraud and you've probably been carrying the burden all your life. Because it was established without anyone's knowledge (but the corporate government actors)you probably have every right to capture the value of it by claiming it and severing the corporate government's use of it. I write probably because I don't know your status specifically. You will use the UCC forms to channel the proceeds through your own private bank identified with the Registered Mail number on the claim you file with the U.S. Secretary of Treasury. Go to and search for payment topics/ "TDA's not for American's." You will find all the information you need there I think. I'm out of space here.


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