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Friday, March 23, 2018

Big Picture

By Anna Von Reitz

The British-backed 1860's to 1930's and French-backed 1946 onward "Territorial United States" is now and has always been foreign with respect to us. Foreign. FOREIGN! Stop and look hard at that word: they are foreign with respect to us!
I can't repeat this loud enough or long enough or in enough ways to get that through people's heads and get them to separate their lawful government from the foreign governments that administer the "delegated services" for us.
We are not naturally subject to any of the Executive Orders and other Territorial laws that apply to their citizens, in the same way that we are not subject to Canadian law or Spanish law, yet their domestic Territorial laws are being misapplied to us because we are not asserting our actual political status and because they have painstakingly falsified the public records pertaining to each one of us to make it appear that we are Territorial and/or Municipal United States employees or dependents.
Can J.C. PENNY require its employees to wear a uniform? Of course. Can they require you to wear a uniform? Of course not. Can the Territorial United States enact gun laws and confiscate guns belonging to their citizens?
Yes, certainly. Can they confiscate your guns, if you are a private United States National? Never.
You have to figure out who you are and in what political status you are acting and then you have to make that clear to everyone else by recording it and bringing it forward whenever anyone bothers you.
Imagine that a J.C. PENNY employee who thinks that everyone is a J.C. PENNY employee accosts you on the street and demands to know why you aren't wearing a J.C. PENNY uniform?
You have to reply that you are not a J.C. PENNY employee or dependent, and therefore are not obligated to wear a uniform, right? And if you are "required" to produce a J.C. PENNY ID? It had better have a label on it saying, "retired", hadn't it? So that nobody can plausibly say that you were obligated to wear a J.C. PENNY uniform and didn't.
It's the same basic thing.
They have falsified the public register to make it look like everyone in this country is either a corporate employee or dependent---either a municipal employee/dependent or a territorial employee/dependent, and either way, all obligated to serve a corporation and obey corporate rules, aka, "statutory laws". Then they have trademarked and patented your Given Name and copyrighted it as property belonging to their corporations.
That's the Mess. That's the situation they have constructed as a means to control and leach off of their employers --- us.
The Territorial United States Government and Municipal United States Government are BOTH foreign with respect to us.
We are owed republican states and international land jurisdiction States under our own control, but to enrich themselves, these foreign "governmental services corporations" --- akin to Target or any other foreign corporation on our soil --- created a complex identity theft scheme based on similar names deceits and fraudulent commercial and political status claims.
The Territorial United States has always allowed Dual Citizenship, but our states never have.
So they just told a big, fat, self-interested Whopper about all of us, to the effect that we all voluntarily left behind the land jurisdiction we are heir to, and joined up with their merchant marine service and adopted Dual Citizenship. That was their Big Lie in the 1860s and 1870's.
Later on, 1946 onward, they told an even Bigger Lie -- that our Dual Citizenship was not between our birth states and the Territorial United States, but between the Territorial United States (as if we were born in Puerto Rico or in the Army) and the Municipal United States (as if we were a US corporation or born in Washington, DC).
They have been actively trying to kidnap us into their foreign jurisdiction and leave us "stateless"---- which allows them to claim our land and our assets as "abandoned property".
We finally woke up to this fraud scheme and its attendant crimes and have objected and developed means to put an end to it, first by correcting the falsified public records and recording our own copyright and claim to our Given Name and its derivative NAMES and placing them in their natural permanent domicile on the land and soil of ____________ (Idaho, Alaska, etc. )
And then by restoring our lawful land jurisdiction States and the government we are owed.
This action rebuts their presumptions that we are okay with their version of Dual Citizenship being foisted off on American babies.
And it sets the stage for all of us to restore our own lawful land jurisdiction government and kick their tails back into the box required by the international treaties and commercial service contracts that they are supposed to be obeying.
Now, please, at least those of you who are getting my messages-- stop jerking and jumping every time President Trump signs an EO. Stop thinking that those EO's apply to you. Stop obsessing and reacting every time the Territorial Congress tries to enact gun control legislation for their "citizens"---- what does it matter to you, once you get your own political status records and asset claims straight? It doesn't apply to you and nobody can say it does, as long as you have recorded your paperwork in advance.
Just like Dairy Queen can't force you to wear a Dairy Queen uniform if you aren't their employee, these jokers can't apply their "laws" and debts to you, if you aren't a territorial or municipal "citizen".
For now, just scrub that word "citizen" out of your vocabulary.
If you are an American national, you can't be a "sovereign citizen" or a "private citizen" or any kind of "citizen" related to THEIR scheme of things at all. Both these pieces of verbiage---"sovereign citizen" and "private citizen" are oxymorons. You can't be a citizen and act in private capacity. You can't be a sovereign and a citizen, either. Just drop the word "citizen" --- period, and object if anyone calls you a citizen until further notice.
Once you have re-conveyed your Trade Name and all derivative NAMES to the jurisdiction of the land and soil, the switch is flipped in your favor. Not until. And as I keep telling people, the change in your political status is NOT RETROACTIVE.
Pretend that you are in the Army. Prior to your discharge date, you have to obey every jot of protocol and manual. You have to wear a uniform, shine your shoes, etc., etc., etc., Once you are discharged, all that goes away. It is the same with this situation, only you hold the key to discharging yourself from the "service" of the government corporations.
My advice? Do so now, and don't look back.

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  1. Replies
    1. EXACTLY how do I discharge myself from the service of the government corporations?

    2. CD, you need to correct the public record by recording the 5 docs Anna recommends here:
      Also lookup Anna's 12 steps on how to do this. In addition, I would recommend getting a NCSN (non citizen state national) passport. You have some homework to do.

  2. A reality television host is perfect for the role of commander in chief of a fictitious incorporated "person", if not for painful bone spurs that act up off the golf course...

  3. Problem is, all of those EO's WILL be "applied" to US like it or not!!! This forum deals with "what SHOULD be" not with what "IS"!!! ALL of the Laws that keep getting peddled here are "null and void" due to lack of ENFORCEMENT!!! Until you have a Sherriff or Police Dept., judge, or whatever ENFORCE a constitutional Law, Right, whatever, then all of this is a moot point!!! Ain't gonna happen!!!
    And whatever "papers" or whatever you have to wave in their faces will be ignored and you WILL be shot dead resisting "lawful-their rules" authority. Count on it!!!

    1. you live in fear Unknown...comes from lack of faith. There is one far greater than all and is accessible but does not impose. I am not speaking of Jesus either. Call upon the I AM

    2. Unknown, you back shilling again?

    3. Unknown...has a point..!! They judges may recognize our status if we have all the evidence of it, but you can be sure, they will never tell their "law enforcement" authorities anything about it, which gives the officer an excuse to arrest you or anything else, because their "pat answer" to everyone is..." tell it to the judge"..!!! It has to be widely recognized by everyone what the difference is and then how to proceed without calling their "Watch Commander" what to do..!!Egos run Rampart out in the real world, so everyone thinks they know and understand more than the other guy...all law enforcement will always think a patriot is trying to com them or just view us as "street attorneys"..!! That's why I want that "passport so bad"..! For now it keeps us from getting into controversies with the first people who are likely to come in contact with.....COPS..!!! I wish you could figure out the proper filing of the DS-11 form, so we can get those "non resident alien" passports..!! And then give us a discount on the price of them...say $150-$200 max, so we can all afford one...sorry 1 Free Man, but I will never have one at the prices he wants... $400 or $1000. Those days are over...!! But I do thank you for drawing our attention to it...!! I really, really want that passport..!! One thing you forgot to mention "FreeMan" can you still get one if you have a "felony" on your record...???

    4. James, if you cannot invest a few hundred dollars to secure your future then forget about the passport. You are also forgetting that it is another $260 or so just in fees alone. Also if you have a felony on your record, you will be denied but you must rebut this because you do not have a felony on your record . The felony is not in your name but in the NAME which is not you. As a NCSN this has nothing to do with you as a man. I have successfully assisted someone who was falsely charged with 2 felonies and 1 misdemeanor. Not only did he get his NCSN passport issued but we also got him out of jail and his case dismissed.

    5. PS: lack of money is no longer a valid excuse for anyone on this blog after I showed everyone here how to file a claim for refund of all back taxes ever paid + interest using the TX republic process of petitioning the US tax court at no risk and no cost other than postage.

    6. 1Free, well maybe it would help if you told us what the total cost will be for the passport; the grand total including all fees and any unmentioned or hidden costs involved.

      P.S. also Ive ordered the List of years and amounts from irs; not yet received that List. Been 4 weeks. Is this normal, or is it because they have to dig back into 'the victorian age' to get all of mine, LOL.

    7. Abby, it depends on what options you want. Check out the US passport site for the current fee schedule. The courses are $400 total and you may be able to share with someone if they want to learn too. Yes, anything beyond 10 years goes back into the archives.

    8. 1Free, well how much for the option of having somebody else do the whole thing for ya? Their charges plus fees?

    9. Here is their rate sheet:

    10. 1Free, got one 'dismissal notice' from tax court atty, 5 pages, and another one which is a 1-page dismissal order for LOJ. Of all that, what are we to include with the 843?

    11. Wow, that was quick. Not sure. Haven't got mine yet. What do the 5 pages say? You say it was from a tax court attorney? The one pager is the actual tax court dismissal? If so, then that should be all you need.

    12. The 5 pages are full of legal jargon, at top it says 'united states tax court' then my name, petitioner Vs. commissioner of internal revenue, respondent. Then ''motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction' and then the text of the document.
      Last page is simply a 'certificate of service' and signed by a senior atty, which states that we've been notified (by the one page letter) and that if we object to the dismissal we have so many days to do so.
      I filed on march 6, they sent their response on the 20th. I sent to the D.C. address but they sent it to cincinnati, electronically. Fast, yeah.
      Let me know when you get yours, just which page(s) need to go with 843. (the legal jargon makes it sound like its to their benefit to dismiss; they even used words that the Notice is ''served ON the petitioner'.)

    13. OK, I get it. This is a MTD (motion to dismiss) filed by a US attorney on behalf of Internal Revenue. They are giving you an opportunity to object. If you don't, which you do not want to do, then they will dismiss for LOJ. The order you received was his proposed order. It is not signed by the judge. There should be a hearing date in the motion. If you do not response by that date, your case will be dismissed and the judge will issue a court order and sign it.

    14. What if you are denied a passport for supposedly owing child support?

    15. CD, let me ask you a question: do you owe child support or does your NAME owe child support?

  4. So, they took an abstract of the birth registration form that Mom put in the Public record and created a legal fiction trust styled as JOHN HENRY DOE (U.S. citizen) Then sent Mom a NOTICE of this trust as a document called a Birth Certificate. When we became of contract age we picked up that NOTICE and started to access commerce through it as the trust's authorized signatory. So we are cash-flowing in commerce through the JOHN HENRY DOE BC trust they created. Our labor and intellectual property has been gifted to that trust due to our mistake of identity. It isn't us but they hold title to it as the creator. Whatever they create they own, control and tax until we break their presumption and correct the record. We must discover who we are and what that presumptive legal fiction is and separate ourselves from it by using Truth and Contract. Unrebutted Truth breaks colorable Presumption. "They have built a Prison for your mind" ~Morpheus~ A colorable, presumptive illusion. Will you please provide us with document examples of the procedure? (Verified Affidavit?)

  5. I agree with Thomas Anderson..." Will you please provide us with document examples of the procedure? (Verified Affidavit?)"

  6. A private Citizen is the certificated person and you have the right to be protected in your person. It was created by the State and it is a fiction. The State is the principal and while you use that person, the State acts, not the man. The man is just attorney in fact, look up that in blacks law for an education. Agency, possession and dominion is the meaning of sovereignty and perhaps one should ask, is man granted dominion? Man can never be anything other than man, the crooks know this, they just don't care.

  7. All true as far as I know and have known this for decades, but . . . WHAT can be done about it? Hardly anyone knows about it and those who do (like myself) know just how difficult life has been for those who knew and did what one has to do to assert himself.

  8. Question: once you have done all this and are no longer under citizensip of Corp US, do you continue in your everyday work life? What if you are a corporate officer out of requirement of state law within your line of work? How does this impact people in real, everyday life?

    1. Danika, are you a corporate or government employee?

  9. Right now, I neither have the time or inclination, not to mention the money, for filing all the paperwork necessary to do this. But if a "non citizen resident alien"passport only involves just one form, then why not get one...and you get the added benefit of being able to travel anywhere on earth...!! You never know if we have to cut and run at one point...quickly!! I've always wanted a passport Dad always had one..!!

    1. James, it is not just one form. It is how you complete the DS-11 correctly while submitting it together with an ES or Explanatory Statement which is 4 pages of confirming your position and correct status with another 5 pages of supporting documentation including a letter from issued by the DOS stating that you can alter the DS-11 and how. Then there is the follow up to a demand for your SSN which it is crucial how you provide this info and yet not provide it legally. Then once your NCSN passport is issued, you need to request a certified copy of the application and ES which you can use to rub a judge's nose in it to never pee on your rug again.

    2. Amazing explanation 1Freeman, I LOVE it!!! Thank you!!

    3. 1Free, can you tell us just what kind of info is needed for the Explanatory Statement? And on the pages of ''supporting documentation'? For all we know maybe we cannot fulfill those which case, it would be useless to sit here and hope to have the funds necessary for such a Passport pursuit. So it would help if you could give us the type of info that will be needed. Thx.

  10. O you fulfill all the requirements alright. It basically rebuts your assumed position as a non 14th amendment US citizen and claims your position as being a State Citizen (Capitol C) according to the Constitution. The attachments are the codes you will be referencing such as that it is unlawful for them to ask for your SSN. The most powerful document is a letter issued by DOS to Christopher Gronski personally explaining how the DS-11 can be modified. Like I have said before, it is worth every penny to do it right.

  11. Hopefully we all know the value in being recognized as flesh and blood people rather than "U. S. persons or citizens", but apparently few seem able to distinguish between state / State national and US National. States are nations. The United States (in any of its "350 contextual meanings") is NOT. It is a republic of nations, like the European Union. A United States National is one step BELOW a US citizen! State national is NOT the same as a US National.

    1. As defined by the INA, all U.S. citizens are U.S. nationals but only a relatively small number of persons acquire U.S. nationality without becoming U.S. citizens. Section 101(a)(21) of the INA defines the term “national” as “a person owing permanent allegiance to a state.” Section 101(a)(22) of the INA provides that the term “national of the United States” includes all U.S. citizens as well as persons who, though not citizens of the United States, owe permanent allegiance to the United States (non-citizen nationals).

    2. Exactly. 8 USC 1101 & 1401 spell it out very well.

  12. I noticed that in the Army Phamplet The Law of Peace, it clearly says that people are the nationals. And that the people constitute a government of some kind when and if they choose, not the other way around. Like in Iceland when the finally woke up to the bankers and corrupt politicians they "revolted" Not quite a revolution but getting toward one if something was not done. Together one thousand people met up for one month, people from all walks of life and rehashed the laws, re-constituted and put it to vote and it passed. Unfortuneately fired government officers were replaced with more crooks who claim to have lost the document or are not getting around to making all the corrections and more bad bankers are still in the country hoping to steal more stuff. Like Iraq is still called Iraq and the nationals could constitute a government if not being occupied by machine gun grenade tossing, bomb toting beligerants who at the moment are holding them hostage. Better get on the stick here before it gets that bad. Recall there is a growing amount of Sheriffs, law enforcers and many troops who are know enough that they are not about to sell out and just let it happen.

    If the "new" 1860s US Citizens replaced the old nationals of The United States of America where is such law saying so? I have never heard that people living here before 1860 for instance owed any allegiance to United States corporation or where considered the same as a Puerto Rican.
    Why are there numerous cases on file stating that US Citizens are a creation of United States corporation, and have no rights but merely privileges that are issued by United States. Does that even make sense that all previous American Nationals were erased and replace with the "new" fictional creations as franchise property of United States and the DC contracted service companies? Black robes and cites that seem to change you in to something you are not is a kind of sorcery, believing it is a lesser crime but gives the false idea strength. Reading a state constitution it says anyone here for 100 days and planning to stay if not up to shenagans and no good becomes and elector and thus a national of that state. All constitutions are according to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, evidence that can be filed in to a case. If they say the constitution does not apply it is treason and cause for removal from what ever office that man or woman is impersonating. Again though if you are pretending you are a Untied States Citizen, an obedient subject ( Check the law again where it says a citizen is the same as a subject) and seek remedy you are like a Walmart employee going against company policy in there eyes. Right of first claim. Have you claimed you name and political status on the land? Here they said no one owned the land so claimed it as right of first claim. Who has a right to your name? Can I claim it and you must then do what I say even if you show up and make your claim?

  13. 1Freeman –
    think this article may be a good place to inquire and for those who may have difficulty recording the following documents in the county they live, to inquire about your experience and the county recorders duty to record our ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, ACCEPTANCE, AND DEED OF RE-CONVEYANCE, CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED/FICTITIOUS, FSIA NOTICE, etc hereinafter (DEED).

    In the article “claim your name and estate” august 30, 2017, comment #62 you made reference to the county recorder in your county refusing to record. Did you reformat and finally record in the county you live in?

    My experience to date is that I recorded the deed in lamar county georgia so the DEED is officially on the public record. Lamar county option (and there are other counties) is great IF you know you are going to encounter push-back from the county of birth and/or live in, as in my scenario. Yesterday, I went to maricopa county recorders where they declined to record and made a copy to have the county recorder review because they have not seen this type of document before. Although, ARS 33-411 chapter 4-DEEDS AND RECONVEYANCES; article 2- RECORDING -(D): “an instrument affecting real property in this state executed, acknowledged and certified in any other state in accordance with the laws of that state, shall be valid and entitled to record as if executed in accordance with the laws of this state.” I do not see how the can legally decline the recording without liability. Alternately, maybe a NOTICE in a local publication might have the same affect in the county where I live.

  14. Thanks, Blue. Yes, we have a similar statue here in our state as I believe all states do. When I first filed my Deed of Reconveyance, they did the same thing and when I went back they said they could not record it and would not know how to record it because it did not even look like a deed. So I thought I would make it look more like a deed, record it with Lamar again and then go back with that statute. But I have not had time to so yet. However, what I did discover in our state is another statute under the court rules of evidence, is that anything recorded or filed with any agency of the US, is admissible as evidence in any court in the state. See here:
    N.J.R.E. 902. Self-Authentication
    Extrinsic evidence of authenticity as a condition precedent to admissibility is not required with respect to the following:
    (b) Other domestic public documents. --A document (1) bearing a seal purporting to be that of the United States, or of any state, district, commonwealth, territory, or possession thereof, or of a political subdivision, department, office, or agency thereof, and a signature purporting to be an attestation or execution, or (2) purporting to bear a signature affixed in an official capacity by an officer or employee of such an entity, having no seal, if a public officer having a
    seal and having official duties in the district or political subdivision of the officer or employee certifies under seal that the signer had the official capacity and that the signature is genuine.
    So I am not in a hurry to argue with the courter trolls who believe they need to protect the STATE, whom they believe to be their employer, from dangerous documents from the public who in actuality is their employer. Simply find your state's court rules of evidence and cite that in your Mandatory Judicial Notice & Demand to the court (my LLF lawyer says state nationals should not plead but give notice).

  15. 1Freeman - Good point, I forgot about the RULES OF EVIDENCE and Self-Authenticating documents. I’ll look into this rule while waiting to see wait type of reply I receive from the recorders/county attorneys office and decide on my reply/strategy accordingly.
    Sorry, you lost me with the Mandatory Judicial Notice & Demand (MJND) to the court comment. It is my understanding that a court must take MJND of an authenticated record, correct? Are you implying that in the event I have any “encounter” within the state that one of (perhaps only the deed ) documents to accompany my reply to the court would be the MJND (ie- the DEED under seal of another district/political subdivision ), Can you elucidate?
    Additionally, and taking your LLF lawyer advice for NOTICE, couldn’t you equally conform this advice to mean that publishing in a local public record for 2-4 weeks achieving the same effect as a recording? Thank you…

  16. Hey Blue, if you are in court for any reason, a judge must take mandatory judicial notice of law or fact when you issue a MJN&D to the court and file it into your case. If you are a NCSN than this is a fact backed by Constitutional law and your docs. Attach your docs wherever recorded as exhibits and demand the court dismiss for LOJ since they only have J over US citizens. J may be challenged anytime before, during it after judgement at which point the court must stop and prove that it has J or dismiss the case with prejudice and issue void judgement if after the fact. And yes, advertising for 4 Weeks in a row in a newspaper should issue you a certificate of publication which you can file in your case as well and is the equivalent of public recording.

  17. Hey Blue...also Genevieve mentioned in earlier comments that a simple Notice published in paper referencing the Record # or Registered mailing number and the "Doc Title" and "To view these docs" send request for copy of DOC Title ( along with self addressed and stamped envelope) to: c/o your mailing address.

    There is a small town weekly newspaper in Wickenburg Arizona that is pretty affordable and Legal Notice section called The Wickenburg Sun.

  18. Hey Kelli- how is the passport process going? Have you received your yet?
    I received the request for the SSN and sent the reply back now awaiting the passport and card.

    Thank you for the Wickenburg information…I haven’t looked into publishing a notice yet, and as 1freeman wrote above, and for simplicity found in the federal rules of evidence article 9, rule 902 “self authenticating” and adopted in all the states, mandatory judicial notice must be provided ….

    For the benefit of all:
    Yesterday, there arrived a reply from the Supervisor – Document Operations at Maricopa County Recorders regarding the Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Deed of Reconveyance I attempted to record March 26th. For the benefit of all and verbatim:
    "We are unable to accept the above-referenced documents for recordation because the County Recorder shall record a document that “is authorized or required by law to be recorded….” ARS 11-468. Accordingly, the Maricopa County Recorder has no obligation to record the instrument you presented. Only the beneficiary can release a loan. If you want to change your citizenship, please contact the Federal Immigration Office.” Sincerely, xxxxxxx

    Here is the complete statute ARS sec. 11-468 Place of recording instrument:
    When any instrument is authorized or required by law to be recorded, it shall be recorded, unless otherwise expressly provided, in the office of the county recorder of the county in which the property or thing, or part thereof, affected by the instrument is located, but if only personal rights are affected thereby, then in the county where the parties thereto reside.

    I guess the requirements provided by Arizona session law chapter 76 SB 1317 1977 registration of fictitious names and found at 44-1236 A. “….record with the county recorder….” Apparently do not apply…

    Sometime soon I will publish a notice in a paper and perhaps as a formality reply to the recorders letter as “notice to principal etc…” because it is my overstanding there is a lawful requirement for them to record the instrument.

    ars 11-477. Liability for neglect or misfeasance-- If an instrument, proved or acknowledged according to law, or a paper or notice which may by law be recorded, is delivered to the recorder for record, and he neglects or refuses to perform the duties required of him by law relating to recording or filing instruments and papers, or if he neglects or refuses to make the searches and to give the certificate as required by this article, or if such searches or certificate are incomplete and defective in any important particular, or if he alters, changes or obliterates any record deposited in his office, or inserts any new matter therein, he is liable to the party aggrieved for three times the amount of the damages which may be occasioned by the neglect or refusal, or by the incompleteness or defect in the searches and certificate.

  19. Hi Blue! Thank you for sharing ALL this valuable info and insight, much appreciated!! I prefer publishing and registered mail with $21 postage stamps myself and eliminate completely the "Corporate" middlemen that just seem to ASSUME "ownership interest of property" recorded in "their system." I take it as a sign when they refuse our paperwork, that its not meant to be there in "their" possession. But that's just my thinking, right or wrong. The more peaceful and the less controversy the better at this point.

    Happy Easter to you and yours!!

    We rcvd SSN request about 10 days ago and returned ES next we are hopeful any day now:)

  20. Hi Kelli-
    Yes, publishing and ‘record’ copy to self are alternates to recording at the county recorders. However, as the law states as mentioned above, ‘fictitious names’ are to be RECORDED at the county recorders. Yes, I recognize the hurdles we encounter to achieve a peaceable solution, but there is value in holding these public officials to their “duty” to serve, isn’t there? -not to be confused with HOW and key word ‘peaceably’.
    Have you watched any robbryder’s videos? In a recent video, few months back, he mentions two people who in fact “registered” the name at the sos office in a county/state different than where they lived and shortly after were notified of pending cases, one a foreclosure in a different state, that were dropped.

    There’s more than one way to accomplish what we ultimately seek, and I think there’s value in properly noticing the SOS of the state we live in of who we are. I think this is one reason we are doing the passport, right?

    Why the $21 in stamps?

    1. Hey Blue, would you have a link to that video?

    2. Hi 1Freeman-
      "An FR 500 Business was registered today"-

  21. Sure thing 1FM-
    curious to know your thoughts. Thanks


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