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Friday, March 23, 2018

Anna now accepts Bitcoin on the website.

We have added the following Bitcoin address to so you can support her work and that of the Living Law Firm directly.

Look toward the bottom of the website for  this announcement.

If you wish to support Anna and the Living Law Firm with Bitcoin directly for their legal work, research, filings, both nationally and internationally you can now send Bitcoin and only Bitcoin to the following address.

Bitcoin Only: 13ZknfnxjAZaqtoavXPd2mtRuX2MovRTDL 

Please only send Bitcoin to this address. If you send any other crypto to this address it will be lost permanently.



  1. Hey,
    great but add the pic also and it can easily be scanned by cell phones fyi

  2. Listen to what this man is saying about these crypto currencies then you can decide if it is right or wrong.

    1. I do not agree with this youtube link this link is based on paranoia not reality. Crypto is an electric currency that allows anyone to create their own currency through the blockchain program. This is the peoples way of stepping away from the centralised banking system and allowing us to decentralise the creation of our own coin with the electric signature. Fiat currency is in its last days and crypto is the future decentralised not centralised.

  3. A piece of paper is not a loaf of bread and neither is some computer code. For years I thought it was money that was evil but re-read and found that it is the love of money. A screwdriver could be deemed evil and so to nearly any tool. Gold, silver, coins, crypto currencies are tools in use today and how they are used does make a difference. As well after some study on crytpo "coins" it seems they are a protocol, a kind of computer code that has some use, like Ripple coins, that banks apparently like, make bank transactions faster, like way faster. If you own some of the "coins" you own a part of that system. Most of the "coins" are in fact not designed to be money but are sold on the market that way as the event kicks off and grows.


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