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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Banking for Bankers

By Anna Von Reitz

More than a year ago, I declared the beginning of the long-promised Thousand Years of Peace.  I delivered the Payment Bond and the Bills of Lading to the Vatican Chancery Court.  A Year and a Day later, on January 7, 2018, the Final Transaction Cured and, not coincidentally, the Age of Aquarius officially began. As a further result, the Draconian Law was set aside and the Aquarian Law of Love and Balance was declared.

Now, to some of you, this sounds very foreign and "airy-fairy" and you must be wondering--- "What's wrong with Grandma?  Has she gone soft in the head? Fallen for all this New Age garbage?"

But it is nothing of the sort and nothing soft-headed about it.  It is material fact. And it's a good thing for everyone on planet Earth. 

All these years everyone has been thinking that the Kingdom of Heaven was something immaterial, something we couldn't see or touch or feel directly. We have been "seeing through a glass and darkly", but now, that glory is to be revealed and many things that made no sense will suddenly make perfect sense to everyone.

Right now, I want to just briefly observe some consequences to the bankers of the world, who have profited themselves by keeping everyone (falsely) indebted.

All that debt and all those "debt notes" that the banks have been holding over everyone's head are in fact negative numbers. 

A negative number is by definition less than zero.  And the bigger the negative number, the less than zero it is.  

A minus seventy-seven trillion ($77,000,000.000.00) is a LOT less than zero.  That's how much that debt is really worth. 

The only way that such a debt can be converted into credit, is if it is forgiven.

And the only way it can be forgiven, is for the living people and unincorporated governments of the world who are actually owed the debt, to forgive it. 

Otherwise, what such a debt represents (besides being worth less than zero) is guilt.  Because the only way that such a debt could be accumulated is by crime.

Let me explain a bit more about that. 

Since 1946, we have all been living in a debt-credit system of money and finance.  All transactions taking place in such a system are zero sum or an accumulation of debt. No credit is possible, because of the use of debt notes as currency. 

Think about it.  If I give you $5 and you give me a hamburger in exchange, the "value" of one thing has been converted into the "value" of the other. There is no net change.  At least in our minds and in terms of our agreements, the value of the $5 and the value of the hamburger are equal. This is a "zero sum" exchange.

The only other possibility is the receipt of something of more value than we give credit for or to put it another way, the receipt of something of actual value in exchange for something of little or no equitable value.

And that is a crime.  

So all those bankers who think that they are so rich because they have placed so much debt on everyone else through the use of debt notes as currency--- think again.  A negative number is still a negative number.   And the guilt of whomever is holding such debt notes against others is apparent.

As anti-intuitive as it is for most people on Earth, the only way to convert debt to credit is via forgiveness.  The credit of those who have been cheated has to be brought forward to cover the debts of the guilty, plus reinstate the credit balance of the world.

Those who have been cheated are owed by the guilty parties' own admission the return of all their property free and clear of debt, plus an amount equal to three times the losses they have endured. Thus, upon our forgiveness of the world debt, the debt goes away, everyone's property is returned free and clear, and an amount of credit equal to three times the total amount of the old debt becomes available for relief, restitution, reclamation, and reinvestment.

So, bankers, do you want to be trillions of dollars in debt and facing criminal charges, or do you want to forgive all those trillions in debt so that you can in turn be forgiven and receive an equal amount of credit?

That takes one complete zero sum exchange on the ledger.

And leaves three times the credit -- free of usury -- to rebuild the world. The living people and their sovereign governments are the ones who are owed and the ones who can forgive all these debts and convert them to credits. And this is why it is written to forgive so that you, too, can be forgiven.

The Kingdom of Heaven's credit and resources are limitless, infinite.  There is no material you can name, that cannot be provided in staggering amounts.  So it now makes sense that such credit is "asset backed" and that we are no longer subject to the Doctrine of Scarcity and the False Values we have been taught.

The rest is up to you.  You can sit there like spiders clinging to debts that are worth --by definition-- a great deal less than zero, or you can forgive those debts, zero out your ledgers, and receive asset-backed credits instead.

I am here, The Fiduciary sent to settle these issues and convert the debt system to a credit system. My mission will be accomplished no matter what anyone says or does about it.  You might as well step back, think about it ten minutes, and start feeling both free and happy again.

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  1. Replies
    1. Great 51st birthday gift today..
      Thanks again anna

    2. Happy Birthday Kim!
      Congratulations for another successful trip around el Sol ;o)

    3. So....the bankers get 3 fold the debt they forgive!? They belong in jail (most)! Your plan is a bunch of cow pucky! You should be a politician!

    4. Happy 51st Kim!! Great gift indeed, Thank you Anna!! Love and Balance is the "New" age, and the new way!! No more "middlemen" needed!!

    5. Thank you wirkin dawg & Kelli Miller..💖😊

  2. Im not a violent person but they have a lot of blood on their hands, they should be on death row or imprisoned for life. They were not just "crooks"

    1. I have a problem conceiving of an authority just enough, strong enough and urgent enough to bring about real and true justice because it is global, it is massive and understand these same banksters would just as soon launch a full scale thermonuclear war to bury their crimes which includes genocide and massive child sex trafficking which is now protected because they bought off our systems of justice and law enforcement. This is why communism is being implemented through tech companies of Google, Alphabet, YouTube, Twitter, et al. They are synonymous with NSA, CIA, FBI, EU, Washington, ISRAEL.

    2. I hear you, W. Roberts! It's going to take an act of God or maybe an act of our Galactic friends to set this all straight... and "apparently" it's on the way... the "Event" is coming "soon!" (giggle)

    3. Maxim: As a thing is wound, so is it unwound.

  3. So how exactly do I get rid of my debts? Do We file bankruptcy? What about student loan debt? How do we get them to forgive student loan debt?

    1. Nnika, work with an LLF lawyer. They can guide you through the process.

  4. 1. Fantastic! All i want to see is the body of words proving Anna is the the one chosen to usher in the one thousand year of peace on earth using the best biblical translation. This is not a hard task, and i will be silenced and forever grateful and will give my 1000% support financial and physical, my word is my bond!

    2. Where is the proof Trump has received any letters and responded or for this matter the Pope.

    3. Where is the military support on this or their acknowledgment?

    4. Why not go directly to the White House, its our public building isn’t it we the people, and hand T the message directly to Trump hand? I am sure all of us would be willing to pay for such a move, should Anna chose to do so.

    5. Do we hold the bible in one hand and an M-16 on the other and as a last result, fire away on these nihilist? Once we run out of rounds then what Paul? Or do we love our enemies instead and let God battle for us? But you've got to ask inside yourselves where is this god you talking about Moses?

    If you put a battered woman in a dark room and line up 9 good guys and one abuser that woman will naturally walk and gravitate towards the abuser. That is her nature, she is a beat up woman her first violators being her parent. Such is the state of two sick people coming together in relationships as the same negative energy pulls them toward each dancing to the beat of the same drum. (karma is a B..…) . A sound minded man or woman will intuitive recognize a sick partner when they meet and run like rocket shake rabbit from such a person.

    UNLESS there is a rudimentary change FIRST in everyone’s heart there by default cannot be peace on earth Yes there will be peace on earth, but it ain’t going to happen by carnal reasoning. Like the battered woman who needs divine help so does the earth the leaf from the olive tree and NON of us have that capability at this time, BUT it is coming and it will come in a way you all least expect cause we are looking in the wrong direction, an earth bound direction. Some of you are seeing the big picture more than others but until you get to the high peak of real spiritual awareness you will not be at that high vantage point to see beyond the backyards of your mind. You’ve got to become spiritual and come out of religiosity cause at the end it will be you and your Creator all alone in your mind when you take your last breath.

    As a formal Marine I tell you Semper Fi to the Most High God, and may you understand.


    1. Too many Peyote buttons, or some such chemicals!
      Recommend taking long walks in a safe place, lots of fresh algae for B vitamins & nutrients, plenty of safe saturated fats to help rebuild your nervous system, & a trustworthy companion who can actually assist you.
      i wish you all the best!

    2. The idea love conquers hate; love is the answer must be sprung forth in a new unit of time. The communists who are our government, media, tech and military and their homosexual agenda (Kristine Marcy's "brilliant" decades long work to bring about One World Government and monetary system) have blotted out the message through media control and manipulation. Love is courage. A courage so great Christ offered himself up to be tortured and slaughtered to show the rest of us to be not afraid of the madness of men. The message of love, righteousness of love, the justness, the integrity and honor of love must find traction now, this instant. All the love there is is inside each and every soul. Let it spring forth like a well. Thank you, Mr. Benelyon.

    3. It's ironic you demean homosexuality then state love is courage. Think about the implications on a personal rather than political level.

    4. Where do you guys get such crap from?? Is there something in the water that makes everybody so love lorn?? Honestly, I think a bunch of peeps needs to go and get dried out....unless you can cure yourself.

      Here we are 2000 yrs. after the Cross, and you're 'preaching' that Jesus died a torturous death TO SHOW US NOT TO BE AFRAID????
      Wow, are you ever in the ditch, fella.

    5. G'ma, do you know why God poured down Fire and brimstone upon the cities of soddom and gomorrah?

    6. It's not a love issue but a lust issue. Same sex simply doesn't fit. Never has, never will, no matter how much you try to force the issue. Why? Simple. Can't procreate.

  5. When the transition happens, it is the permanent end of evil on the planet. Not a thousand years. The devil had already been let loose with full power over the Earth for 100 years. ( a short time ). The soul of the son of man was the ultimate prize and he would not submit or worship Satan. Times is up since 2014. It is now creator Gods job to restore order as it was once. He will use whomever he pleases to get this finished and it appears Anna is indeed an agent in this transition. Watch for the second sun to rise and this world become tropical again. Beware and be leery of strange gods.

    1. BCM, what are basing this on? Your eschatology does not conform to scripture.

  6. It says in the Lord's Prayer forgive those who trespass against you and I believe that

  7. It says in the Lord's Prayer forgive those who trespass against you and I believe that

  8. My The CREATOR Bless You Anna Great Job! Thk You.

  9. So when is all of this to be announced PUBLICALLY by the Prez, Congress, Courts, or whoever can make the "switch" and when are we going to see the end of this present system and WHO is going to do it!? Writing articles is great but does nothing if it does not translate into reality. Also, ann's "history" is faulty as usual, we have been using "debt" since 1913 when the Fed reserve was enacted and the gov't confiscated our gold in 1933 to pay for the bankruptcy the country endured as a result of the criminality of our congress in doing this to us. But...I digress, enjoy you "kingdom of heaven" while you can cause the banksters will be creating hell on earth to stop anything that threatens the present system.

    1. There is no public announcement coming. It will be business as usual for the most part. What has always been will always be. We must get at the business at hand.

      We have been carefully shaped in our thinking to remain off balance as world systems, and events themselves, are carefully shaped to allow for the certain progress of democracies.

      It is the political system of choice for those yearning for world government.

      If you are willing to submit to a democracy, you are very close to ready for the one world government.

      There are several keys that must manifest themselves if we are to be successful in displacing the heart of the systems that make up the nature of our competition.

      Annas' definitely on the right path, but like so many other movements, also firmly established in the doctrines of land, and maybe it must be this way, no one group has all the right answers.

      The replacing of the existing United States District Court system with American common law courts of record remains a priority.

      If we think this will happen through existing court houses we have another thing coming. On the other hand, if we are willing to think outside the box, there will no doubt appear opportunities as we become intellectually capable of carrying the task forward.

      This thing is not as complicated as some want to make it. Neither is it as simple as others want to make it. One thing for sure, its' a living organism and we are it.

      Who says you need a courthouse to hold court. Who says you need to get jurors together in one room to reach a judicial decision. Those who have taken the time to fully understand the process, have some pretty great success stories out there. We are very close to having the knowledge it takes to operate American common law courts of record in complete privacy in every community across the country.

      We can live completely without regard for the United States District Courts. If we just took over 50% of court cases, the influence of these unconstitutional courts can be greatly diminished.

      Put some thought to it and then find a way to implement it in a greater way.

      We all need to hang in there. As troubling as things are we will only experience the peace we choose to embrace.

      As for me, I am preparing myself for another stab at utilizing an Article VII American common law court of record to expose banks who freeze customer accounts and and then remit your funds to the IRS.

      It appears the chinks in the armor are too great for banks to bear up under when scrutinized through the eyes of understanding.

      You see how it works? We force banks to follow law by implementing common law courts of record instead of going to court the traditional way. We get justice and remedy far quicker than through the existing leviathan court system we have all come to loathe.

      We police the banks using common law, and displace the snake pit of United States District Courts. Two birds in one stone. This concept can be applied in thousands of different ways if we will only put on our thinking caps.

      It is quiet and effective work, and virtually costs nothing in comparison to the rape and pillage committed by USDCs' against our people everyday.

      Common law courts are my way of getting a piece of the USDCs' with little danger of retaliation. I hope you will give it some thought.

    2. Thank you Net, and I agree with your thought process re: courts 100%! Please keep sharing, I'd love to hear more and help!
      Sending you much love & healing Christ light

  10. Yes, Anna!! Bring on the "sprinkles" of pure freedom, happiness and abundance for all, and especially for those that are having trouble overcoming all the fear, doubt, anger, bitterness and self hatred that they choose to hold onto and carry that heavy load around and project onto others. It's forgiveness and true healing time!!
    It WILL be done on earth as IT IS IN Heaven, Go Anna!!!

  11. DONALD J. TRUMP knows the Lord's Prayer. When He prays, God listens.
    "Take away our debts" can be tweeted to delete our debts. How great is that? Is anyone capable of a better deal than DONALD J. TRUMP?

  12. i just finished reading Under the Radar 537-555 TRUMPENCE based on true events by author Boyd Anderson: Trumpence (noun) def. The return on investment of a con, bribe, theft or fraud. This could include the direct financial benefit of a scam or plot, but also can be used to represent the emotional boost a narcissist or sociopath gets from feeling superior to those they have manipulated and tricked. "you should always make sure the target of your scam isn't overly intelligent, then you can play on their fears to maximize your potential trumpence."

  13. Ok, let's say everyone does forgive our debts, and we forgive them for placing us in debt...!! But that still doesn't mean we are all will only be equal if the ones who stole everyone's money by engaging in "false and double bookkeeping entries, give every single penny back, plus all the assets they acquired during the time they engaged in fraud to become multi Bill Gates, Besos of Amazon, and every single CEO and President of these multinational corporations....that means everyone starts from zero again....everyone..!! And no one ever again can claim to be multi millionaires, or multi billionaires....No more positive accounts...accounts should always add up to zero. No hoarding!! Bank accounts always have to equal zero...period..!! And as far as the militaries of the world, if they want a 20 billion dollar plane...they can work for it, by doing car washed and selling cookies. As long as the people aren t charged for it ever...!! That will stop the military industrial complex in its tracks..!! But in order to be really even , anyone with more than a million dollars, have to be starting at the lowest level of exsistance...damn near homeless for the immeasurable suffering they have created...!! They have to be taught what it's like to be humble..!! Then if they can't agree to that, it's time for a long jail sentence....fair is fair..!! Even Jesus said that those who lived extravagant lifestyles on earth will live in poverty in heaven....figuretively speaking, because even the lowest position in heaven will surpass hell by a million times...!! There has to be Equity or no deal..!!

    1. James, not everyone makes it into heaven. Scripture says 'narrow is the gate to Life and FEW there be that find it; but wide is the gate to destruction, and most go through it''.
      And Rev. 20:15 says 'and whosoever was not found written in the book of Life was cast into the lake of fire'.

      I know that sounds harsh, but of utmost importance is to tell people the truth, and to not just presume ''everybody's going Up". To let people believe that lie, is worse than telling your little kids there is a santa clause; makes one a Liar.

    2. Abby. I'm only going by thousands and thousands of personally testimony made by different faiths, races, and cultures all over the world... and some of them never had anything to do with any religion....acnostics..!! But everyone including acnostics, who has had a "near death experiance"(NDE) have always come back with the same story.....they left their body and went into the darkness of space, where they not only can see a strange light, but are helpless to be drawn to it because of the sheer, overwhelming LOVE they feel eminating from it...the light and love of unconditional love which comes straight from our creator and savior...!! No one that has ever returned from those experiences mentions anyone other than Jesus (Yahweh)!! Not Budda, not Alla, not one but Jesus and immense we aren't ever exposed to in this dimension...!! But just out of curiosity Abby, what about all the thousands of people who lived before Christ, but who has no chance to even know our savior and have no chance of entering heaven without him....finally a couple of days ago I was listening to the 700 club with pat Robertson, and at the end of the show, he always takes a few questions sent in by his viewers and finally someone asked that very question... it wasn't Pat that answer it but the other guy he always is on the show to cover for Pat when he is gone...his answer was this..." they are all waiting in some kind of suspended animation until Jesus finally returns and brings them forward again to make a choice like everyone only makes sense and is logical and most of all "FAIR"..!! And God is nothing if not fair...!! Except for the truely evil people of the world who were given great resposibility, like the pope and the Catholic Church to kept and teach God's word, but instead corrupted it, they will face instant judgement...Attorneys and judges too..!!

    3. James I'm finding this authors work fascinating, you might enjoy as well!! Destiny of Souls:

    4. James, nobody has all the answers, not even me, lol. As for what happened to those who lived before Christ came to earth, who is to say? I find nothing in scriptures that answers that, but as you said, Jesus is a God of Justice, so we leave that up to him.
      Man is responsible for what he has been provided with, or what has been made available to him, otherwise, that would not be Justice.
      I find nothing in the bible to back up the response given on the 700 Club. When it comes to things we don't really have a need to know, we are given no details. Best to respond with ''I don't know' rather than give a misleading response.
      We are all held responsible for what we ''teach''.
      To even be able to respond to the ''thousands of NDE's'
      I would have to know the people and some of their background, how it happened, even be able to give an answer.

      I can tell you though, that I did not come from christian parents; yet when I was just 6 weeks old I got whooping cough so bad that the doctor came to our house. He told my parents there was nothing he could do for me, I was going to die. I was tiny and frail, my dad was afraid to put me down, and just walked, paced, and kept saying OMG don't let her die.
      No logical explanation why I lived; but I know why. I'm quite sure that in many cases, God does such things knowing that at a point in time that person is going to become a christian.
      But we should not dwell on things that we have not been given any answer to. What would it really profit us if we did know?

  14. Well, a human being can 'declare' all he wants to, but it doesn't make it so. This is NOT the 1000 years of Peace, not by a long shot. In fact, it is not even close to beginning yet.
    There first must come the 7 years of the Great Tribulation, and that has not started yet. Anna has left that out, and she also has totally left Jesus out of the mix. It is Jesus who will Return after that and set up His Kingdom here on Earth, and Rule in it as King of Kings. That is when the 1000 years of Peace will arrive, and NOT one minute before.
    For there to be true peace on earth, all evil and evil Doers must be done away with, and they will; and satan and the spirit of evil will be locked up and be inoperable.
    The plagues have not been unleashed upon earth yet; neither have the bowl judgements nor the trumpet judgements. These will all happen before the 1000 year reign of the King in 'the kingdom on earth'. How have you all missed this stuff; its all written right in the very last book of the bible, called Book of Revelation. Turning a blind eye to it will not make it just go away.
    Rev. 20:4 'and they shall reign with Christ 1000 years'.
    Rev. 20:6 ' and shall reign with Him 1000 yrs. 7. and when the 1000 years have expired, satan shall be loosed out of his prison.
    (so you see, he was locked up for that entire time. Proof we are not yet in that 1000 yrs. yet.)

    As for this 'new' monetary system, it sound like a cashless society which is exactly what the Antichrist is going to use when he is world dictator, during the 7 yrs. of Tribulation, totally controlling all transactions of the people.

    1. If we’ve NOT been in years of tribulation with this monstrous fraudulent beast system, perhaps one doesn’t perceive real meaning of tribulation.

      Jesus/ Yeshua lives inside one via invitation and Spirit, indeed already here for those who have chosen Him, multiplied inside each disciple/ follower choosing “the way, truth and life”; “in Him I live and move and have my being”; “the Kingdom of heaven is within you” What could be more heavenly than one communing with Creator Source within and walking by Spirit’s empowerment displaying fruit thereof, practicing Presence in each Now moment “praying without ceasing” (constant communication with Source Creator)??

      Revelation is the revealing of hidden truth; such transparency is indeed happening as light of truth shines in long-hidden dark places to reveal same for exposure and transformation or eradication.

      Perhaps “evil and evil Doers” can indeed repent and be redeemed instead of “done away with”; if they do not choose same, they can certainly be removed from influence upon those choosing to live and co-create “on Earth as it is in heaven” so no further harm is done.

      Perhaps we are much further ahead in God’s prophetic divine plan than many think. Anna & Team are certainly DOing their part to lead us all in such significant manners and matters, for which I AM most grateful and thankful to be a part of.

      Blessings to all peacefully lawfully BEing and DOing for highest good of ALL, in accordance with Divine Spirit’s empowerment … Tricia :D

    2. According to some sources on utube, we have already died in 2012 when "CERN" was unleashed upon the earth, fulfilling the Mayan calander....there are times I do feel dead when I witness the evil on this planet...!! Perception is everything. And they (The govt) seems to have figured out "time travel"..!! That's why there can be no more secrets, no matter what the military thinks..!! They weren't elected to choose what facts they consider a matter of "National Security"..!! That right belongs to us, not them..!! But they have gone into the future too(The year 2400) . And money had become unnessessary .Everything you needed was provided for, for free.. And everyone got along fine, and there was hardly any greed if any..But you were supposed to or expected to contribute in some way, otherwise people wouldn't do anything because that seems to be human least to some people. So if you did refuse to make an effort, than you were more than welcome to live outside the cities, where nothing was provided for...and believe it or not, some people did choose that..!! But how stupid is that when the cities were ultra modern and run completely by AI intelligence. Some cities are actually floating in the sky, and there are flying vehicles just like in star wars..!! You given a couple of chances and after that you are exiled to the outskirts of the cities where you are on your own..!! If they really have the ability of "time travel" then who really knows what time it is according to the bible...!! Sitting in front of CERN is the female God of "sheba"..!! What does that tell you..!! It's scary to know how much technology is out there...!! And who is in charge of it again...the military..!! The same people that betrayed us in the first place..!!

    3. James, we can know the Time table that we are in, 'by the signs of the Times'. These signs are now all over the place, especially those that describe the moral and spiritual bankruptcy of mankind.......which I think do not need to be itemized, because they are so obvious.

      Personally, I dont think any of us have figured out time travel, or gone into 2400. Some people just love to brag and we have a world full of liars and story tellers. IMO its the same thing with ufo's and weird looking 'people' from ''out there' somewhere. I do not believe it at all.

      Most of all, mankind is not going to be in control of who gets what, or whether they get punished or rewarded; oh, they would love to think they will be, but they are in for disappointment. ''For all Judgement is left to the Son (Jesus)". That's scripture.

    4. Beautifully expressed and shared from within Tricia, thank you!!
      We are certainly being guided to choose and seek deeper communion within our hearts mind NOW and to experience unconditional love, trust, forgiveness and gratitude like we've never felt or known truly or so deeply before.
      Its like the lil ol grandma from the Wendy's commercial long ago saying "where's the beef?"
      We've been fed and have parroted a lot of shallow, deceptive words and co created illusory beliefs for so long now under False “Lords" (old testament?) And now our Christ within is waking up and we are NOW (new testament?)tapping into our real consciousness and experiencing true knowledge and real depth (the beef)in our expanding growth and perceptions. We are breaking free of All the old limited constructs of our carnal minds, and opening up consciously NOW to all we are, and have always been! So thankful to be alive at this time and be participating in this experience of "raising up" of our Christ awareness and divinity within!!
      Much Love & Peace

    5. Typical New Age False Religion.

    6. James, I'm finding these case studies fascinating, you may as well! Destiny of souls:

    7. To James. It is not stupid to use our own hands to provide our basic needs rather than having it handed to us. There are millions of us who prefer to live in close communion with the planet that sustains us rather than through artificial technologies. It takes all kinds. Cheers

  15. Tricia, there are always daily tribulations which are simply problems and other such things that are a PITA. But the final 7 yrs. of the Great Tribulation is quite another story. It consists of God pouring out his Wrath upon a world that has very much disavowed God and his Son. You will find all this in the Book of Revelation.
    We do not get the privilege of changing Gods Plan, his solutions , or His Word. Neither can Man repent without God offering him the opportunity TO repent. And even then, simply repenting is insufficient since it is necessary for Man's ways must also be changed.
    Also, if you really dwell on the words of the Lord's prayer, you will come to see that His Kingdom is literal and it will be ''ON earth as it is in heaven'. The Lord is going to run Earth by being the King; it will be a more democracy, or elections, and not even a republic.

    1. Abby, Daniel 7:13-14 English Standard Version (ESV)
      The Son of Man Is Given Dominion

    2. Abby, I believe that...but one thing I will not do is "forgive" or "forget" what some people have done to me out of trust...!! If they want forgiveness, they are going to ask Christ for it, not me....!!!

    3. james, one of the biggest and most disgusting LIES being spread around, even by unlearned so called pastors, is that ''you gotta forgive everybody'. But I can ASSURE you that is NOT in the bible; there are CONDITIONS for anyone being forgiven, and its right in Luke 17:3
      ''take heed to yourselves; IF thy brother trespass against you, REBUKE him and IF HE REPENT, (then) forgive him''.

      Those are Jesus' own words in red as he taught.
      The WAY to read the Word, is to also pay close attention to what is NOT spoken, or said. Here, what is not said, is just as TRUE as what is said:

      So this scripture is just as much telling us that ...IF a person does not repent, then NEITHER DO WE HAVE TO FORGIVE THEM !
      We are also to use common sense and logic: If ''we have to forgive everybody' REGARDLESS of THEIR ACTIONS, then WHY would Jesus be telling us to go to them and rebuke them at all??
      Now, reason tells us why Jesus made this a prerequisite for dishing out any forgiveness: By rebuking them, it puts everything out on the table, they are faced with it and given the opportunity to 'clean their slate' and made to realize they did something wrong which they may not even be aware of.
      All through the bible repentance is required before forgiveness is ever forgiven. Look also what Jesus says in Luke 13:1-5. Repent, or perish.

      This also goes to show the foolishness that people spew, with their nonsense about their ''gawd luvs people unconditionally''. That proves they not only do NOT know Jesus, they do not know the bible, they lack reading skills and they are preaching ANOTHER 'JESUS' that does not even exist.
      Jesus and His Father have CONDITIONS for everything.
      No repentance, no forgiveness. So next time you hear anybody with their ''you HAVE TO'' crap, just stuff a sock in their mouth.

    4. The point of forgiving is that it cleanses our souls. Its not about the one we are forgiving

    5. G'ma, where does it say that in the bible....that it is for ''the forgiver to get his soul cleansed''??? Ain't there, dearie. That is bullshit that is spewed from the lying pulpits across america.

      If somebody does something against me, it does not do a damned thing to my soul, and does not cause my soul to need cleansed; that is about the most lame thing being said ''out there'.
      There are a few dead people who I've never forgiven because they never acknowledged their evil deeds, and too prideful to Repent, so alas, hell became their home. And you know what? It doesn't bother me one bit.
      Look at Luke 13:3 ''Except YOU REPENT, YOU shall perish''.
      See that?
      And.....Luke 17:3 Take heed, if your brother trespass against you, REBUKE him, and IF HE REPENTS, THEN forgive him.
      Now how much clearer can it get?? Problem is, too many people are listening to their lying pastors and DON'T EVER READ for themselves ! And so they are all falling into the ditch TOGETHER.

    6. James, I would highly encourage you to take Jesus' words to heart:
      But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. Matthew 6:15
      So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses. Matthew 18:35
      Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven. Luke 6:37
      And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses. Mark 11:25
      And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. Matthew 6:12
      Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven. Matthew 18:21-22
      And Paul's:
      And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you. Ephesians 4:32

  16. Jesus the Man: New Interpretation from the Dead Sea Scrolls Paperback – Import, 1994
    by Barbara Thiering (Author) 30 year theologian

    Common Sense, Not Ignorant Thinking Brought on by Years of Being Told What to Believe.
    May 19, 2008
    Format: Paperback
    Verified Purchase
    To put it simply, a Scholar who has had the actual material at her disposal or a bunch of religious fanatics that have been told what to believe since the moment of birth.
    Who are you going to believe?
    I`ll go with the Scholar.
    The majority of the comments on this book are negative and shallow/close minded.
    If God speaks to them then he just spoke to me and said he`s proud of miss Thiering and is glad that the truth is finally out there.
    A great book and enlightening read, and a must have for anyone looking for the truth in the misleading books of the Bible.

    1. Not misleading, intentionally corrupted to hide the truth...There are now something like 200 different bibles... Look how easy it is for the govt to use "semantic deceite" using only one word..."of"..! California state, or the State of California...How many people think there is a difference between those ...!! But there is a huge difference in law...!!

    2. James, satan has used gullible people to change the wording of the real bible, and they do it every few years until finally we have all these fake bible that have watered down the real truth so much so, that the now the human race thinks Jesus is not serious; that he is some ''nice guy' that just loves everybody - - NONE of which is the truth.

      On top of that, 99% of mankind does not know how to read the bible, so they just pick out a verse that they think backs up what THEY want to think, and spew it - - But they take it out of context.
      The verses or words they try to use to defend themselves, do not even apply to them. But since they are unlearned and don't even know where they themselves fit into the scriptures, they get way off on the wrong track and proceed from there into nether land. As the bible says, they are ''ever learning, but never coming to the Truth of God''.

      The bible is NOT a ''one size fits all'' kind of Book. There is not one single scripture anywhere, that includes 'everybody'.

    3. James, talk about 'semantic deceit' along with all those things that most people presume to apply to them - - such as we are all told that ''SS only pays $255 upon death'....right?
      Well,when I proceeded to bury my brother, I found out that NO they do not pay anything at all IF you do not have a spouse or dependent children ! (But I also got a few other surprises that were very very good, so it didn't really matter - but I don't like having been misled all my life about the $255)

  17. remember the 1 st commandment given to Moses. I AM the Lord thy God, thou shalt NOT have any strange gods before ME. The first two words were His name remember...I Am that I Am - Wikipedia

    I Am that I Am is the common English translation (JPS among others) of the response that God used in the Hebrew Bible when Moses asked for his name (Exodus 3:14). It is one of the most famous verses in the Torah. Hayah means "existed" in Hebrew; 'ehyeh is the first person singular imperfect form and is usually

  18. Just so no one is confused, it speaks of the Son of Man in Daniel Note, not son of God and he will be given dominion. That is God's promise and it will be soon.
    Daniel 7:13-14 English Standard Version (ESV)
    The Son of Man Is Given Dominion
    13 “I saw in the night visions,
    and behold, with the clouds of heaven
    there came one like a son of man,
    and he came to the Ancient of Days
    and was presented before him.
    And to him was given dominion
    and glory and a kingdom,
    that all peoples, nations, and languages
    should serve him;
    his dominion is an everlasting dominion,
    which shall not pass away,
    and his kingdom one
    that shall not be destroyed.
    English Standard Version (ESV)

    1. BCM, why do you have such a hard time accepting the fact that Jesus is the Son of God and the Son of Man? All power has already been given to Him.
      And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Matt 28:18

    2. 1FreeMan, I think this will explain it:

      Bluecollar, you are caught redhanded and now exposed for being the Athiest that you actually are...Just like your leader, Barbara, who is also an athiest Jesus-denier.

      She has been formally discredited across the world, for her self-designed reinterpretation of the bible.........which is the same thing that you try to do.
      But now you are caught; you have been deceived, and have willingly put your own Self in a very dangerous position, but you deserve it since you have been corrected numerous times, and warned repeatedly. Still you persisted in 'kicking against the pricks'.


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