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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Has Trump Abandoned His Base?

1st and 2nd Amendments Are In Jeopardy-Where’s Trump?

Where are you Mr. President?

My mental health is fine, my perspective on life is good and I enjoy my life. Unfortunately, I am cursed and that curse could make me look like a paranoid conspiracy theorist. My curse is that I know history. I am also in tune with the Mark Twain saying that history may not repeat but it sure does rhyme.
Hear me clearly America, history is rhyming like a two year old learning English syntax. I have said it before and it needs to repeated again and again until every American can see the danger. the establishment of every totalitarian regime follows the same patttern. There are no exceptions to this pattern and there are scores of examples which follows the same 3-step pattern:
  1. Every totalitarian regime seizes control of the flow of information. In a sophisticated country like the United States, that means controlling the media. And if there is an alternative media, it needs to be extinguished. The Deep State, the purveyors of the present coup against our country, its laws, its families and religion,  lost the Presidential election because they largely ignored the threat of the Independent Media and allowed us to use their platforms (eg Youtube) which in turn defeated Hillary Clinton. The establishment learned their lesson in history by failing to extinguish the Steve Quayle’s, Mike Adams’ and Alex Jones’ of the industry. The globalists are making up for lost time and are extinguishing the alternative media prior to the 2018 midterm elections where the the new American Communist Party (ie Democrats) will take over the Legislative branch of the government. At the present rate, the Independent Media will be nonexistent by the 2020 election. Controlling what people see, hear, read and ultimately think is an historical prerequisite prior to any successful coup. In Germany, Sweden and France it is illegal to speak against a rapist, or a murderer that is a Muslim immigrant. In the EU, there is a total shield law against identifying any criminality involving any Muslim immigrant. Subsequently in Europe, it is illegal to report the truth. The entire European culture is in the process of being dismantled by an immigrant group who refuses to assimilate and is not held to the same standard as native born citizens. History shows that the destruction of a culture is a necessary and an effective first step towards obliterating a country’s government and we know the purveyors of this strategy seek global domination hence the term “the globalists”. This is America’s fate and just like the Europeans, the goal is destruction of the culture and the traditional government. And in case you think you can sit this one out Christians, think again, the elimination of your religion is the primary and ultimate goal and your 5013c pastors are doing nothing about this coup and neither is your President
  2. The second step in the elimination of a country’s government, culture and religion, consists of disarming the people who would eventually stand up to this tyranny. The elimination of the 1st Amendment makes it difficult to stand up to the takeover, but people will still organize on a local and regional level and resist the invasion of the globalists. Therefore, it is important for the globalists to manufacture events (ie false flag events like Hitler’s Reichstag fire) to justify an incremental approach to seizing the guns so the people will be left defenselesss. To paraphrase Noemiller: First they came for the bump stocks, then they came for the ammunition and then they came for me. By 2o21, if we have either Joe Biden, Oprah Winfrey or Hillary sitting in the White House, our guns will be largely gone. Then any Christian, any 2nd Amendment supporter, any supporter of traditional American values will become an enemy of the state. And for all practical purposes, any chance of turning back this Deep State invasion will be gone because the guns will be gone. History shows that every genocidal takeover of a people is preceded by gun confiscation and there are no exceptions to this rule from an historical perspective. Free speech must be eliminated and the potential dissenters must be stripped of the ability to defend themselves. America, this is our Lexington and Concord moment in history. This is also our Warsaw ghetto moment where Jewish people targeted for death, stole what guns they could after giving awaytheir guns under the German Enabling Act, and were eventually crushed and sent to the camps.
  3. After the free speech is eliminated and after the guns are gone, you are next. The vast surveillance grid has asssigned you a threat matrix score and as I have covered before, I have learned from insiders that you are assigned a score that will one day be the determinant if you are able to remain in society. It is a system that was devised by both Google and DARPA. It is aready in place in China and is being used to deny employment, attending college and maintaining one’s present residence. The Communist Chinese/Google system of total control is being put into place as I write these words. The man who launched the political career of Obama, Bill Ayers, told FBI undercover special informant, the late Larry Grathwohl, that when the communists (ie Weatherman Underground) took over they would have to send 5o million to the camps and over half were not coming out. After the free speech is gone, and after the guns are gone, America will soon learn the purpose of the snatch and grab, without due proces, the NDAA is really all about. History shows that America’s date with the destiny of Stalin, Hitler and Mao is upon us. The pattern is always the same and that is why I am cursed because I know my history and I recognize how it is “rhyming” in today’s world.
Will Trump Lose His Base?
President Trump is danger of losing his base on two fronts, and you, as an American, is in danger of losing all of your freedoms. And millions of  you are about to lose your lives if this coup is successful and most won’t even see it coming. The first clue that something is wrong is when the new authority shows up to your home at 3AM and takse you and your family away to different locations (ie the camps).
President Trump’s Reaction to the Elimination of Free Speech
On the first front, the attempted, and so far, successful practice of demolishing the Independent Media is being accomplished.
Youtube (google) is in process of eliminating all Christian and conservative voices. Facebook and Twitter are following suit.
And where is President Trump? He is nowhere to be found. Everyone of the aforementioned social media giants can be accurately classified as an unregulated monopoly. As a result, they cannot discriminate against anyone because of their status. Trump could attack those who opposed his election by sending the Department of Justice to enforce the anti-trust laws that are already on the books. He needs to fire Mr. Magoo (Jeff Sessions) and begin to dismantle the Deep State’s media operations in earnest.
It is both frustrating and baffling on why he won’t.
Trump Is Not Standing Up for the 2nd Amendment
Two states have passed laws against bump stocks and the President supports the move. No big deal you say? Then how do you explain the following: (1) Trump has said that he will support gun reform legslation. I did not know the 2nd Amendment is negotiable. I thought any change to any part of the Constitution has a defined legislative path to follow, not the whim of a sitting Congress or President; and, (2) Trump has indicated that he supports moving the age requirement to own a gun to 21. Tell that to a 20 year old veteran returning from Afghanistan. This is an incremental move to get guns out of the hands of millions of Americans and Trump is playing politics with our Constitution by not opposing these unconstitutional moves.
Mr. President
Mr. President,  your actions represents a partnership with the liberal left’s intention to eliminate the 2nd Amendment which will leave America absolutely defenseless in the event of a successful coup against the foundations of American government and the relentless attacks upon our culture, our religion and and our family values.
On more thing Mr. President, what have you done to make America’s school children safer? The Florida school shooting is the excuse  being used to take the guns. The liberals, the new American Communist Party we call democrats, are not talking about student safety. First Mr. President you were for arming select teachers. Now you are not. What are doing Mr. President for the students of the next school who will be shot up by an MK-Ultra individual on psychotropic medication?
An Update On the Left’s Attack Upon the Independent Media
In my most recent article, I asked the question about why President Trump is doing nothing to protect the Independent Media that is responsible for getting him elected. After all, my colleagues and myself risked everything in getting Trump elected. Now, when his biggest supporters need him the most, all I hear is crickets chirping.
Mike Adams, the Health Ranger had his Youtube channel terminated yesterday. Dr. Jerome Corsi had the same thing happen to him and he’s been inside the Presidential Press Room.
America is indeed being engulfed by a 3 stage plan to crush America. History shows that FEMA camps are the final solution to this takeover.
Steve Quayle has repeatedly called Donald Trump, “God’s prosecutor”. In that role, Trump has largely been successful. However, America is at a crossroads and we are not far away from Stage 3, FEMA camps.
I want nothing more than to see President Trump act decisively in protecting the 1st and the 2nd Amendment. I look forward to the day when  I am forced to write a retraction piece in which I have to admit that Trump was acting against this tyrannical coup all along. But time is short, it is now or never. The globalists are making their move and it is time that Trump fire Jeff Sessions and make his counter-move, NOW!

Al Duncan


  1. Trump is a card in the major arcana. Coincidence?

    1. Apparently no one here is keeping up with the Q-Anon post on 8chan. If you were, you'd know what is going on behide the scenes. Q is someone close to Trump who is leaving all patriots little bread crumbs of information that are very reveling.

      Will you please get your heads out of your proverbial asses and get on YouTube before its too late. There is a group of people who are taking Google and Twitter to court over the illegality of censorship of conservative news.

      As far as guns go, if Trump doesn't negoiate some kind of a deal, these satanist will continue to target our children. I see no need for bum stocks anyway. Take them off the market so these MK ultra mind control victims can't get a hold of them. I don't believe that kid did it anyway. There was a teacher that came forword that said she saw a man in black uniform in all military gear with a automatic firearm. The school was named after a woman who was against "draining the swamp" of the everglades. I didn't hear one mention of this on Anna's site. It was a clear message to Trump to stop his agenda of cleaning up Washington D.C.

      At least Judge Anna knows of Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Jerome Corsi. I doubt any body on this site has no clue who these people are that are having a hugh impact on You Tube getting the message out.
      Have you guys even heard of Alex Jones from Info War, the original patriot that started this whole movement? You should all be ashamed of yourselves for not keeping up with these channels. They are extremly informative and know how to dig for information you'll never hear on main stream media.

      What are you all going to do if they take Judge Ann off the internet? You'll have no one to express your views anymore, some of which are way too long anyway. Wake the F*** up before its too late.

  2. When the enemy is attacking and cutting your lines of communication, they definitely recognize that they are in a state of war, even if you do not. Time to raise our DefCon a notch or two.

  3. I have lived long enough to know History as well. Agree totally with Anna!
    We cannot let Trump down, but have to encourage him to do the right thing.
    If Trump loses his base, the Communists win, simple!
    Keep writing letters to Trump, to make him fully understand what's at stake, and change course NOW!
    Thank you

  4. See these:
    Q and POTUS Owning Mainstream Media Cabal Panic, 17+ min's:

    and the above video lists this puzzle piece MEGA site:!z1FCnaiA!4NS6tTnFmNs_yBZpKbCCgg

    Q shows Trump & DOD tweets to bring info together for all to learn:

    The People all over the world are awakening & coming into their consciousness as each puzzle piece appears/is revealed.

  5. There are just too many people in leadership and otherwise 'talking heads' who just do not realize the urgency in Time. They are in the habit of thinking Time just goes on forever, and it sounds foolish to them to be told we are at the end of Time.
    Even Trump is totally ignorant of this fact, and so he moves along at the same speed of politics. He has used the tactic that his enemies will come to like him and walk in step with him. That tactic seldom works and besides, we do not have time for that nonsense.

    As I see it, Trump has gotten very little accomplished. He seems to have the idea that 'if he just says it, it will come to pass'' those positive thinkers who think they can think things into existence. What nonsense. Trump ought to know better.

    So they are ''fiddling while rome is burning' as the saying goes.
    The next thing they know, their doors are shut and its too late.

    I voted for trump, and I had expected far more than this. Big disappointment.


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