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Friday, February 16, 2018

Anna Von Reitz - Rescheduling Visit

I am sorry to announce that my planned visit to Texas has fallen through and I won't be able to attend the meeting of the Texas republic assembly, but I will hope to reschedule and catch up with everyone in April.  

Certain things are happening on an international basis that require me to travel and to undertake actions that I didn't expect, but hopefully, as a result, the American states --- all fifty republican states----and the people of this country, will finally get relief from many of the worst forms of oppression they have suffered.  

And that would certainly be a good thing to add to my school report when I do get the chance to visit with my neighbors in Texas!  


  1. God Bless and God's speed! Daily you are in our thoughts and our prayers!

  2. I hope you're taking the Marines with you and a lot of lessons from Eliot Ness. The 'troops' here are done with this tit for tat, cat and mouse game they've been playing with us all. Think 'Bonnie and Clyde'
    ..get in, take it, and get out fast. Or maybe Robinhood.
    Even Jesus told the people, go in and take all the spoils because they got it by stealing it anyhow.

  3. Safe journey's, you all are in our loving hearts, thoughts and prayers.

  4. It is now time to abandon patience and let it be known in NO uncertain terms, that their play time is UP. It is pretty obvious the Trustee is doing what they always do; ignore the subject, stall it off as long as possible, hope we all get alzheimer's and forget all about it; get distracted by the sky falling, or swarmed with fleas or all get struck by lightning. Isn't that how we got here in the first place?
    Time is not our friend.


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