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Friday, February 16, 2018

A Note For General Kelly

From Anna Von Reitz

Dear General Kelly, 

We know where your heart is.  We know that your sense of duty and justice is strong and that all you ever truly wanted was to see justice for America and her veterans.  

As our research has confirmed, America belongs to her veterans, her militia, and always has.  Any attempt to cheat the American Armed Forces by changing a name or other legalistic mumbo-jumbo is already moot.  The truth is the truth, and when the truth comes, what is false must pass away. 

So, be comforted and be at rest concerning the destiny of our military and our veterans.  They won't be blamed or cheated or lied to anymore. 

The stock portfolios will be cashed out and made available to the vets and their families at their discretion.  The retirement accounts that are realistically owed to everyone will all be made good.  And "miracles" of new services and programs will be made available to vets and their families. If you could see what I have seen, what we have planned for our military in the future, and our retired veterans--- you would weep for joy.  

Lift up your head, out of all the confusions and smoke-and-mirrors.  There is an actual, factual America.  There is a sovereign nation.  And at the end of the day, when you least expected it, The United States of America, Unincorporated, is here for you and all those who have served our actual country so long and faithfully. 

Thank you.  


  1. That is the Honest Truth! I second that!! Thank You.

  2. I wonder if there are other Anna von Reitz' s in other countries that care enough about their countries and people as you in this country..necause if there isn't, I fear that most countries will just comply with the reigning "Comander and Chiefs" of their countries...!!

    1. James, Anna's work is for all peoples and countries, just as Christ's work.

  3. I kind of wonder what their next "diversion" will be so that nothing gets accomplished with DACA and the Wall and bring everyone to justice...!! I couldn't be President if I had to kick out people who because of our corrupt Congress got to live and work in this country and had families , good ones, that all of a sudden find themselves facing such a sudden and traumatizing change of events for them...Sending back career criminals back to Mexico is one thing but demanding people that have contributed tremendously to our economy just isn t fair.. I couldn't do it. I could do it if the law started at this point and enforced to the full degree so that no one else could just come through the border. People are being ripped off and dying at the hands of coyotees (people promising to bring Mexicans to this country for a price).!! Everyone loses when that happens...!! But that being said, I have no problem with getting rid of all Muslims, whole families and all...they can never assimilate into our fact they want us all dead..!! Infidels!!!

    1. Hey James, I have watched a video by a late pastor in Florida who said the biggest conversion to Christianity at this time is the Muslim people. There are radicals for sure but what is happening is by design. It is caused by liberalism which is secular .We have to recognize the enemy.

    2. James, the problem is, one comes in and that opened the door for 100 of their relatives; the multiplication has to stop and go to one at a time and to stick to the yearly limits on immigration. We are getting too overpopulated.
      I have also said for at least a decade or more now, that the solution to the Mexico problem, is to work with their govt. to make the improvements that will cause the mexican people to want to stay in their own country - - And to start sharing the wealth with their people. Mexico is quite wealthy, having much resources in the ground and agriculturally, etc.
      Mexico could be a ''new frontier' for their own people IF the govt. would quit hoarding everything for themselves.

    3. same situation all over the whole world Abby. The greed of government has made it so that we can not afford our own production. Too many bottom feeders at the top controlling the poor working class. Karl Marx was the author of the current system. He was too lazy to work so invented a system for his fellow lazy people to live high on the hog at the expense of the labor class. I am sure I am not telling you anything that you do not already know.

  4. It is so refreshing to hear the truth and nothing but the truth! Thank you Anna Von Reitz!

  5. This comment is from Zip-ped-e-doda

    Thank you Judge Anna Maria for taking the time to write such a thoughtful note demonstrating your genuine concern for others that brought a lump to my throat and wet cheeks as I read it recalling the immense pain that his lovely wife, Karen and General Kelly felt November 9, 2010 after their son, First Lieutenant, Robert was killed by an improvised explosive device while leading his Marines on a foot patrol in Afghanistan.

    Not only was General Kelly the highest ranking Military Officer who suffered the death of a child in combat, but he was also appointed President Trump’s Chief of Staff. With President Trump’s approval he removed, within 10 days, the flamboyant Scaramucci that publically stated he did not have to go through the Chief of Staff because he had a direct line to the President I admire General Kelly for his wisdom and quick action.

    General Kelly has showed us once again he takes swift action when over-stepping takes place, such as the removal of valuable White House help, Steve Bannon with President Trump’s approval. General Kelly and his family need our prayers. Kindly solicit the help of any prayer warriors you know who are aware that when you pray for someone from your heart (not your mouth or mind) the blessings you offer for others echo back to you. Always pray for others and pause reflecting upon the feelings (peace, love, compassion, etc.) in your heart for each person on your list; never yourself.

    Be of good courage to take the time to read this and share widely offering your prayers.

    FAIR WARNING - If you’re wearing long sleeves, go for it. If not, get a towel.

    General Kelly has a monumental task leading DHS. I am aware the challenges he is confronting from my outstanding volunteer work more than 30 years for a government civilian organization formed under the Department of Transportation. Our country lost significant numbers of experienced valued volunteers beneficial to public service from many government civilian organizations as we were forced to be members of Homeland Security after it was ill-conceived following 9/11 with former PA Gov. Tom Ridge the first Director. It was pandemonium destroying valuable viable civilian organizations with a veiled agenda. It degraded even more becoming demoralized under Obummer. We were aware the Rand Corporation created the patriot act during the 90’s and shelf ready for Dubya.

    My gratitude once again, Judge Anna Maria for your magnificent note to General Kelly and for everything you and Jim have done and continue to do for the American people.


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