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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Now, I Am Mad. Officially.

By Anna Von Reitz

Now, I Am Mad. Officially.
Finally, apparently some time after it was issued. I finally got a copy of Thomas of Manna Trust Fame's "Challenge". Why does it take days for this stuff to come across my desk? It's the same with Karen Hudes. My email address is all over the internet, posted on my website, etc., etc., etc., ----and yet, nobody bothers to send these dumb accusations directly to me. It's all rumors until someone has presence of mind (thank you, BTW) to copy and paste and actually bring the thing forward so that I CAN respond to it.
So here it is with my answers in brackets:

1. Show us the letters received back from the important people you say you are working or dealing with.
[How many thousands --nay, tens of thousands, of letters and phone calls and emails over how many decades would you like to see? I started this in 1998. And most of the time, as you no doubt know. the rats don't reply or don't reply directly, because the dead cannot speak to the living, however, also according to their rules, a non-reply is actually a reply, and proof of the mailing creates implied contract, so there you have it. Dead in the water on their part and only God knows how many communications on and off the public record there are bearing my name and my husband's name. You bring your archives and I will bring mine and I will bet hard money that what you've put your name to will look like a very, very small pile compared to mine, which fills several rooms full of filings and court cases and correspondences.]
2. Show people your internet income earnings, like we have done
[In the first place, I have no "income". Income is corporate profit accruals separated from capital, and I am not a corporation of any kind. In the second place, the few thousand dollars that people donate to the Living Law Firm every month is not "mine". Not only do I rarely take anything from those funds, but I wind up supplementing anything I take with later donations to the effort of my own, so far from having any "internet income" from donations or from my books, the sum total for me has been in the red, read that as "negative profit" for years and years and years. So do you want to know how many thousands or dollars and years of my UNPAID time has been dedicated to this? I have never totaled up my losses. Too depressing to think about, so I don't. But if I have Important People like you, who obviously haven't suffered the same as I have, talking about "profit", then good for you that you still have some profit to divulge. If pressed, I might make the effort to calculate my losses, but I prefer not to be pitied for sacrifices that I willingly made.]
3. Kim is a fraud but twice she asked to work with her, explain that.
[I didn't say that Kim was a fraud---I confirmed that she was appointed Trustee of Manna World Holdings to the best of my knowledge. And yes, I also confirmed that she has had trouble with scam reports, which is obvious and all over the internet. I think you have a somewhat biased impression of actual roles here. Kim is supposed to release the trust assets back to the people and the countries to which the assets actually belong. I am one of those who have led the charge to force the exposure and liquidation of The Trust, most particularly, by laying claim to all the American assets that are owed to the actual American states and people of this country and ending the phony "abeyance" of our government. As such, she and I have to work together and it is begging the question of who is "asking" to get this done and who is responsible for doing it. I have asked her on two occasions to get off the fence and do what she is supposed to do--- (1) Turn over the accounts that are owed directly to the actual American states and people so that we can restore the 3141 counties and 50 republican states to full function and (2) Rescue the hijacked Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust assets which were improperly traded instead of being disbursed to the actual Beneficiaries who had already WAITED for OVER 200 YEARS to receive any benefit at all. On both occasions, she "shined me on" and did nothing. So as far as I am concerned, none of this gets settled until she settles with the actual American Government and with the American Indian Nations. It should be her concern to get in contact with me and with Michael Young and do justice and work with us in that common cause.]
4. Kim and codes are bogus she says, yet her partner in the now appears rogue bank asked for the live codes from Kim, if both are bs why did they ask? explain that
[I didn't say the codes were "bogus"--- they are real enough, and they are part of an old, ugly, dishonest system of banking that needs to go away. So I guess there is a distinction to be made between whether they work in a practical sense, and whether or not they are honest and whether this whole situation should exist at all--- which are two very different topics. There are plenty of things that are actual and factual--- like bank codes and accounts--- which have nonetheless been instruments of fraud in the past and which because of that fraud, should actually be null and void, even though we all have to continue working through that matrix until a real settlement can be reached.]
5. If she knew Kim and MWHT was a fraud as she NOW alleges, ignoring points 3 and 4, why wait until now when things are done? explain that
[This entire business, the very EXISTENCE of The Trust is based on fraud, racketeering, identity theft, kidnapping, unlawful conversion, enslavement, inland piracy---loathsome crimes against mankind. There's no way to "dress that up" in a pretty dress and say that, oh, it's okay, it's all valid, somehow---just because there is a big pot of assets left over that the criminals have been astute enough to abandon. That does not mean that the assets aren't real. It doesn't mean that Manna Trust doesn't exist. The fraudulent nature of all that underlies it and the need to focus on NOW and doing whatever justice can be done with the assets, is the topic I addressed and which you either got the "wrong impression" of or simply made wrong assumptions about.]
6. Anna wanted the inground resources via Hildago Treaty to her not the people, explain that.
[If you knew or studied the history of this country and its treaties as I have, you would know that the King of England retained the "in-ground" mineral resources as part of the negotiated peace at the end of the Revolutionary War and generation unto generation the pigs have taken their "tribute" in the form of our mineral wealth. So when it came time for severance for cause, the Queen attempted to sell off our minerals in the ground to the Chinese--- a deal that I put my big, fat foot down on and objected to. So, that was not just an objection affecting the Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust, that was an objection affecting ALL the in-ground mineral wealth controlled by The United States of America. I suppose that I and my husband have become unavoidably associated with The United States of America in the same way that any Head of State is, and perhaps you heard someone gossiping about the in-ground mineral claims in terms of "Anna wanted the in-ground mineral resources" of the Hidalgo Trust because I objected to their sale and demanded their ownership be returned to The United States of America as part of the entire demand that ALL our in-ground mineral resources be returned to our states and our people. Did you expect me to stand still and let sharpies sell off our mineral wealth using the excuse that it belonged to the Queen after we sacked her administration for cause and Breach of Trust? Or sit here and let other entities claim one centimeter of our soil? Please note--- the minerals are in soil. And whose soil is it? It belongs to the American states and people, dba, The United States of America (Unincorporated). So don't "personalize" it as if I were objecting for my own little private self or as if I stood to gain anything from objecting; quite the contrary, all I received for my efforts were some nasty death threats from disappointed criminals and bullshit assumptions from ignoramuses.]
7. Anna says the money belongs to the people, and every show we have said the money will go back to the people, is she hard of hearing?

[ I trust that if anyone has read my comments about "the money" they now have a somewhat more enlightened view of what "money" is and is not. Money, unlike commercial script, has to have asset value in-and-of itself. So it is not just digits in a ledger it is gold, silver, platinum, etc., etc., My rather jaundiced view is that whether we are talking about "money" or talking about commercial script or digits, we are still talking about "symbols of value" and the only difference is actual money has commodity value and script and digits do not. Either way, the thing people need to think about is what money is. Is it possible to symbolize "value"? To put a price on a man's time on Earth? On his life? On his culture? On his land? Really? I see the whole concept of money as idolatry and delusion and false values and simply changing from digits to paper to pieces of metal does not solve that problem. Mankind as a whole needs new answers, not just a reboot and redistribution of casino chips and false beliefs, but until we can all emerge on a new plane of thinking about "value" we will have to slog through a transition period and use these traditional baubles as a means of trade. And yes, all the people on this planet deserve to have all the baubles they need to thrive and survive until we all wake up from the Mass Delusion of Money once and for all.]
8. Anna never addressed any of the facts put forward last night in the show, about her, her cousin, her connections or affiliations, please explain that Ms. Ratzinger.
[Why, exactly, should I address things that don't exist--? Once again, you make all sorts of lame-brained assumptions. My family name is "Reitzenstein" it comes from the Tyrol, a formerly German province now part of northernmost Italy. Reitzenstein is a physical place and my name "von Reitzenstein" means my ancestors represented that place in the German government. The name "Riezinger" is a name my Great-Grandfather made up as a pen name and adopted via court action in Bavaria in 1851. It is, obviously, as a made-up name, unrelated to the common Westphalian name "Reisinger" and it is also unrelated to the middle German lower nobility family name of Pope Benedict--- "Ratzinger". Way, way, way, way far back these names might have had a common root, and the Reitzensteins of the Tyrol, the Reisingers of Westphalia, and the Ratzingers of Ulm might have come from the same Celtic clan circa 1000 A.D., but I trust that even you will grant that is a sufficiently removed association from the current families and people alive today and that if I am in fact a "cousin" of the Pope, it isn't in the sense of the word that people commonly think of. I might be such a "cousin" to half the people in Norway, too. And since I am not Roman Catholic and never was, I have nothing to say about any affiliation there, either. Ignorant people don't know that there is a difference between the "Universal Catholic Church" and the "Roman Catholic Church"--- but it is surely time that they woke to hell up and learned. If it takes a lightning bolt from heaven before they wake up and see even half of what is right in front of their faces, I wouldn't be surprised at this point.]
The gist is Anna is coming across as one of the ego headed people who think they are the one to save the world, and only them, it is all about the glory of them and not we.
[If you are not here to "save the world" and yet you are responsible for making settlement, you'd better get on board and get with the program---which is precisely my point above. Kim should be working with the unincorporated national governments "of, for, and by" the people, not toadying up to Presidents of governmental services corporations that are bankrupt and in Breach of Trust and commercial contract. Trump is eligible and we bonded the actual public office for him, but he hasn't accepted, so right now, he has no actual contract to represent the states and people of this country. So what is Kim doing trying to give our assets to the foreign governmental services providers that defrauded us and acted in Breach of Trust that landed our country in this mess in the first place? Duh?]
Neither Kim or I are seeking to be the one or the savior as laid out in several shows, that has become clear to all who have interacted with me and the show.
Whilst others talked, Kim delivered, all of them with their self appointed, self importance titles, be it a Judge, M1s, Chief Clan and Klan leaders, Chinese elders, Dragons, Archangels, Jesus, Mary, Zeus, Isis, Goddess this and Goddess that, what did they actually achieve? Their success rate is on a par with the RV crew - zero.
[What, exactly, has Kim "delivered": to anyone so far? Where is the money I asked for to fund the 3141 local county jural assemblies that have to be organized to restore our lawful government? Where is the money to fund the badly needed education program to teach people the actual history of this world and this country? Where is the money for The Living Law Firm, to bring an end to the Foreclosure Mills that are decimating the lives of millions of American families under conditions of open fraud? Where are the resources to launch an honest banking system? Kim has known of our valid needs for over a year and has done NOTHING to fund any of these urgent NEEDS and she has for goddamn sure known how many trillions of dollars the American states and people are OWED. She also has eyes in her head and can presumably hit a few search engines and figure out that I am not related to the Pope, not Catholic, and didn't ask for this unpaid and thankless "job" any more than she did. Again-- uh-duh.....!]
Anna as I have said has a lot to offer, but needs to drop the glory of Anna and her self importance, drop the white only group SS, get off her high horse, and come and actually be apart of the all, to fix things on this planet.
[Since my husband's family has been fighting this fight since 1868, and been on the run since Theodore Roosevelt threatened to kill them all in 1906, it strikes me that the Newcomers however talented they may be, need to get off of their "high horse" and come talk to those who have fought and bled and fled for their lives and picked shit with the chickens and lived like outlaws in their own country and devoted their lives to freeing it against all odds and reason, in the face of open death threats for six generations-----and come to our table to discuss and be part of the solution instead of assuming that money is all that matters on Earth or in Heaven. If money had anything to do with our devotion to this particular cause we would have given up a long, long time ago. So don't think we are going to come begging for what is ours. You are going to yield up what is owed to The United States of America, to the actual states and people. Or there will be no settlement.]
This is what this group is all about, no one more important than the next, creating leaders to lead, not rule over others.
So, what is it to be Anna, the new way of us and we, or the failed model continuation of me and I?
["New model" my ass! What is new about giving everyone casino chips made of gold, so they can play in your stacked gambling house? All this "caring and sharing"? It wouldn't be happening, except that some of us got our tails in a twist and exposed this whole gigantic fraud and demanded the liquidation of The Trust. And who do you think did that? Who do you think brought the Bills of Lading to do that? It was me and my husband! Wake to hell up! The records are clear and you have access to them. So either you are liars and cheats and thieves in sheep's clothing, like all the rest of the Pretenders so far, or you are being unaccountably obtuse about the facts that led to The Trust being turned over to Kim for liquidation in the first place.]
A world of caring and sharing, with compassion for all, and a love for all, a concept so simple and yet it bamboozles many, time for real change is now, as the old model never worked and has clearly failed.
Be the change.
[We have already been "the change". You are a result of that change. ]

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  1. I dare say Anna who ever is pointing fingers at you here has stuck their stick in the wrong cage. I really liked that you pointed out that Ignorant people don't know that there is a difference between the "Universal Catholic Church" and the "Roman Catholic Church. I said a similar thing on one of your thesis recently that Rome usurped catholic. You are my hero and if you had a foreskin, I could almost call you Jesus lpl.

    1. Forgive me if I don't understand any of this and I have followed Anna on and off because of her vast knowledge of history and the banking system. This is the 1st I heard anything about Kim-Possible and the Manna WH Trust. How can one person hold the only code to the entire world funds? If this is true and she is no longer releasing funds to any banks, how is the system functioning? The banks just print all the currency they want with or without Kim-Possible. At least release the funds to Trump now that he's in office, since he's not part of this cabal and only wants the best for America.

  2. Go Get Em Anna!!!! The Narcissistic "threatened" and Twisted Dark energy Behavior has gotten mighty thick indeed the last few days! I felt it coming, and damn if we are not being completely bombarded with this poor excuse of "Drama" right now. It's a weak attempt at being relevant, since those that are losing their "power" are completely desperate NOW and IT Shows!!!So Weak, So Futile!

    Stay True, Stand Tall and Know that We Are Standing with you! Game over and THEY Know it!

  3. Simple explasnation of Judge Anna Von Reitz's mission please to Timothy Louis Northen/Facebook?

  4. We support all the many thousands of hours and efforts Justice Anna, her Husband, the Living Law Firm have done to save all our asses, it's time we all get on board with saving our own asses and support this work, getting our paperwork done and setting up our Jural Assemblies and supporting Justice Anna, her Husband, Family, Living Law Firm, Thank God For You All!!! We support this work and all that it represents to each one of us, Justice Anna is a pillar of God's strength with courage of a Lioness Heart, who speaks the truth with the Power of God!!! God help those that continue in the lies and deceit, your days of power are numbered, God is taking command of this Earth through Mighty Forces of Power such as Justice Anna!!! We sing you praises and get off our butts and stand up and do what needs to be done!!! God Bless You Anna, your Husband and team around the world; You All, We All are succeeding, Anyone who stands In The way of God's Justice for humankind move out of the way, or be removed!!! YOUR TIME IS OVER!!!

  5. call you white only,SS,egotistical , that right out of rules for radicals . All the while they plot to take you out.

  6. I'm sort of ambivolous to the entire matter, however, having read and seen with my own eyes the monumental tasks and work she has performed toward her goal, documented, I can certainly voice my opinion that whomever is giving Anna crap should be taken behind the woodshed and taught a lesson.

    1. Games, I couldn't agree more. Only a facetious jealous person could even insinuate that Anna is a glory seeker or wanting to grasp assets for her Self. They show they have NO discernment, can't read, or put 2 and 2 together and have a very dead spirit.

  7. "Mankind as a whole needs new answers, not just a reboot and redistribution of casino chips and false beliefs, but until we can all emerge on a new plane of thinking about "value" we will have to slog through a transition period and use these traditional baubles as a means of trade." Hear, hear -- that that salient statement, and to all of it. "Don't let the bastards grind you down." said my uncle to me starting around age 10 -- and don't you EVER let these bastards grind you down, either, Anna! We're your standing army, ready to fight, and grind THEM down.

  8. Those are some butt-kickin' words, Anna. I hope they squarely hit their target. If there is any legitimacy to this Manna trust, you know why it is being delayed. They frauds are buying time to build up steam for a conquest by death throe. If the counties assemble the fraud is over, at least as far as officially clearing up the matter. Sudden peace and restoration, however, is something else. The "supranationalists" have given ample cause to expect nothing but treachery. We have no reason to hope for anything apart from the grace and sovereign will of God: He does what He wants with His creation; to some that is security, and others a terror.

    1. MrGumm, you are so right! Too many peeps just refuse to realize the depths of unscrupulous, even criminal minds of mankind.
      And this is not just among our world leaders and those in power: Just last nite my son stopped at the grocery store to just pick up a very few items. He went to the self-checkout and when he got to that register he saw $114 Due; he pointed it out to the check-out monitor and moved to another register.
      Someone, one of our ordinary man on the street crooks just walked out without paying. The check-out monitor had an ''oh shit' look on his face, as it was his fault he did not see it.
      This morning then my son called the store Mgr. and reported it to him, having the exact time from his own grocery receipt.
      (we just don't want to pay higher prices to make up for these kinds of thefts)
      You have figured it out too; this stall for time is so they can come up with another excuse and for ever prevent the payments/transfers of these Trusts.
      Once you have knocked your opponent off their feet, you do NOT let them get back up; that is when you gotta pin them to the ground. Most of all you don't give them time to think of their next strategy.
      Again, MrGrumm, you are sooo right, our only hope is in God but only for some will it mean safety and security and Life, while for others it will mean great terror.

  9. It's not wise to try and fool Anna! ;o)
    Amazing Disclosure! Thank-you so much!!! Especially to the Belcher's!!!!
    If the fools perpetuating the "Great Fraud" are simply uninformed (difficult to imagine at this juncture) or woefully evil, this response should certainly clear the air! You can observe a man's actual intentions by his actions. Time to drop the charade!!!
    Once again Anna, Thanks can hardly be conveyed...
    All The Best, Wirkin

  10. I personally am experiencing a very INTENSE feeling within of Absolute INTOLERANCE for the last 6 days or so....Anyone else?? I'm feeling that it is necessary Strong energy that is needing to be expressed at this time as we ARE putting our final foot down on this fictitious Beast System and all its evil actors, kicking its False BEASTLY Authority OUT of OUR lives for Good and as it FALLS AWAY completely as we Stand UP and DECLARE LOUDLY; NO MORE, ENOUGH of YOUR FALSE "STORIES" and "False WITNESSING" and endless Lies! We are not taking your BS anymore, now Get out of our WAY and GET OUT of our unincorporated lives and our unincorporated nation states and our unincorporated country!

  11. The only thing I ever found wrong with you Anna, is that you are too damned kind !


  12. Perhaps the accuser doesn't understand what Anna is saying because they don't appear to speak proper English...? Or know how to spell.

  13. Anna, you have done good work and you are very much appreciated. I think you understand so much more than a lot of others and I thank you so much for your patience with everyone. We all want the same thing. Those of us involved with this liberation do it from our hearts, and I know that includes Thomas and Kim too. We will come to an understanding somehow together and no one who is true and heartfelt will be left behind. Thank you Anna. I love you.

  14. Discernment with wisdom is a blessing!

  15. [Declaration of Independence]
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    by the authority of the We-the-People.

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  16. Your reward may not be too far away Anna. God watches and is a rewarder who gives in abundance. :)


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