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Saturday, February 17, 2018

About "The UN"

By Anna Von Reitz

The "UN Corporation" is just another commercial corporation formed in Vichy France during WWII by Fascists bent on world dominion.  It is criminal to the core and the French people and French government need to be "highly motivated" to pull the plug on it and liquidate its far-flung mercenary empire. 

While fronting the actual "United Nations Organization" as an instrumentality for World Peace, what they have really worked at all these years is the creation of an instrumentality of world dominion and coercion using any form of lie or excuse possible for their actions. 

When people try to tax cow farts, it's time for your Shinola Sensors to hit the Red Zone.  

The criminality which has infested "UN" aid programs should tell you enough.  Less than 2% of all the foreign aid that the UNITED STATES funneled to the UN ever made it to the people it was supposed to help.  Instead, it got channeled to drug runners and prostitution rings and booze and gambling and proliferation of arms deals and theft of natural resources, especially in the Mideast and Africa, where the Vichy French and their Dutch and Netherlandish co-conspirators have wreacked havoc for generations. 

The entire Grand Duchy of Luxembourg needs to be cleaned out like a wasp' nest, fumigated, and given back to the people of Luxembourg.  The Swiss Cantons are equally infected by these international crime syndicate scum, but the Swiss are willing and able to clean their own house once made aware and motivated to address the "clear and present danger".   

Back in the 1970's the endlessly useless bums in the Territorial United States Congress took it upon themselves to "release" all  our state laws to the United Nations Organization, which the UN Corporation then capitalized upon and falsely claimed that this gave them the right to dispose of our property.  

Let's see, if my neighbor, Joe, who used to have a contract to clean my house, offers my stuff to Felix, does it mean Felix has a valid claim to my stuff?  Uh?  

The heirs to the American states are here and their liens and claims are in place.  Any "deals" the Hired Help made concerning our assets are null and void.  Any presumption that our lawful government has been in "abeyance" because of their meddling and Breach of Trust is null and void.  Any deals made by either the Territorial United States or the Municipal United States to give away our assets or use our assets as collateral for their debts to the UN Corp are null and void.  

It's all just criminal bull crap.  

And the $475 trillion dollars owed to the Americans that the Bank of France was sitting on?  That's ours, too.  It does not belong to the Territorial United States nor does it belong to the Municipal United States.  It belongs to us, The United States of America, Unincorporated.  Until and unless Donald J. Trump accepts the public Office of the President of The United States of America, he has no contract with us and no standing to claim or administer the receipt or disposition of those funds which belong to the American states and people. 

Unlike his other offices which are corporate and private offices, the public office requires him to act in behalf of the actual states and people, and to act in concert with the Hereditary Head of State and the Fiduciary Officer to do business for them in Good Faith.  It has apparently not yet "hit home" that we are the employers of the Territorial and Municipal United States, because middlemen--- Serco, the Queen, and Crown bankers have been issuing the checks "in our behalf"--- but, in fact, we are the only ones who can actually pay them or pay off the debts they have accumulated ostensibly in our service.  

That is, perhaps. something of a sticking point in that not all the expenses charged to us are authorized or beneficial to us, a fact that both the Territorial and Municipal United States and their Creditors, including the UN Corp, may not like to consider, because odious, non-consensual debts have to be charged off.  

However, the "question has been called" and they are on the hook to deal with the realities of the crimes that have been committed, and not just those crimes that have been committed within their organizations, but those that have adversely impacted innocent people worldwide. 

In view of the malfeasance the UN Corp and the "United Nations" front organization has demonstrated in misdirecting humanitarian aid that was paid for in Good Faith and charged against the accounts of the American states and people, I am calling for a complete fiscal audit of both organizations, complete with verification of receipt of funds and other forms of aid.  

That audit will show that innocent Americans, Chinese, Germans, Swiss, Norwegians, Canadians, English, Russians, Japanese, Aussies, Italians, Frenchmen, Poles---- people from all over the world have faithfully contributed large amounts of humanitarian aid to and through the United Nations--- and most of it "disappeared" down rabbit holes, was spent on crony deals (like Army Surplus wool blankets sent to Nigeria), or used to buy armaments.  

And then we wonder why the condition of the Earth and the world just gets worse and worse and worse, while our taxes go higher and higher?  

The answer is simple.  We have criminal commercial corporations masquerading as lawful governments.  And then we have these criminal commercial corporations sending their Big Wigs as "ambassadors" to this center of the crime syndicates calling itself the "United Nations"----- and we expect anything but more criminality to be the result? 

All these so-called institutions and commercial corporations have glutted themselves on the people they were supposedly helping and serving. They all need to be audited--- and the guilty ones need to be liquidated.  

If the actual governments of the actual nations of the world wish to establish a meeting ground to discuss issues of mutual concern and to join together to take joint action with regard to mutual problems --- which was supposed to be the function of the United Nations Organization--- fine.  But let it be actual and accountable governments meeting in this fashion, not Hired Help, not commercial corporations in the business of providing government services. 

Pretending to be a government while lining your pockets puts you in a position where there is too much temptation and too little accountability. 

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  1. H.R. 193: American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. "Pretending to be a government while lining your pockets puts you in a position where there is too much temptation and too little accountability." And, it also puts you in a position that could be referred to as "executioner's delight," as hands are bound, covers are pulled over heads, nooses and guillotines (the FEMA kind) are prepared, and great swarming crowds watch the heads hang and roll.

  3. Nice Anna Great Job, The U.N Needs To Be Stopped Trump Needs To Step up on it, But Then Again He's A Business Man"

    1. Gilbert, Trump is indeed a business man called by his son a blue collar billionaire. He earned his fortune from working , not by being a politician. He is the right man at the right time to finish this job. If he was not, he would not ne there. He has the power of God behind him and is not afraid to draw that sword. He also has the great works of Anna and her husband from where he can draw the knowledge to getter done.

  4. Can't join unless your in debt and easily control .

    1. spot on...i believe caroll quigleys anglo-american establishment, and/or an hg wells book, mentioned that was intentional.

      i.e. the solution to "world peace" was to centralize all the money, so any "war mongerers" can be cut off.

      so, that is deliberate

      whether that is the best way to stop "war" or not, i am not qualified to say. just pointing out, it is very deliberate.


      membership is "voluntary", but if you don't join, then no trade or funds for you.

      "confessions of an economic hit man" also is along such lines.

      from the so-called "left" "a fate worse than debt" is also along such lines.

      just like the so-called "left" and their "liquidate the state" strategy the so-called "right" also has a "counter-revolution" thing going where they enjoy getting countries in debt...then they can be coerced into being more "privatized."

      if they don't agree, no funds for you.

      it is a popular strategy all around :/

    2. "pawns in the game" has a nice quote:

      (paraphrase) "revolution is a blow struck at a paraplegic"...the "debt" softens them up, wears them down, tires them out...then it is just a simple push for the final blow.

  5. great video on UN

    1. that was an interesting video. thanks for sharing!

    2. Thank you for this video on the UN.

    3. My cows didn't like your remark about their cow farts being taxed, and bitterly Well everyone else wants rights..Why not them to..! Really I'm starting to wonder who is conning who in this long game. The French have always viewed us as ignorant and I guess they finally proved it..!! The stupid to realize we were the ones with the money the whole time..But asking Any country for its paper trail in a "forensic audit" will never happen..!! But if it really could be accomplished it would rewrite history they way we learned it..!! This really is nothing but a big gambling casino..!! Except the casinos make damn sure no one cheats them, while they are skinning everyone in there alive...!!! When you start seeing the immensity of the problem, you can see it won't be solved by us...!! That's why there have been all kinds of signs or sightings of Jesus in the cloads, and all over. He is making his presence known before he returns...even Muslims are converting...!! And that's really a sign that it is getting close...!! But keep up the " intelligence " judge Anna because we never want the trail to go cold...!!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Yes James, things are getting close and time is winding down. But you and everybody else better remember just one little detail, Jesus just made it very clear that Satan will be here before he returns. So you see my friend, the next spiritual entity to appear will be Satan cast from heaven by Michael. Revelation 12:7 declares this, and it has not happened yet. So many people, as a matter of fact The whole world will(whore after) follow him, except for God‘s elect. They will worship against him after he sets up his one world religion claiming to be Jesus. It’s all in the gospels, all one has to do is read it.

    6. Great video Penny4!! Thank you so much for sharing!
      The most comical part of this illusionary "Authority" to me was the end disclosing that the only "land mass" actually "owned" by "UN" had to actually be created by men "DUMPING DEBRIS" INTO a body of "WATER" to "CREATE" their Junk land filled "ISLAND" to claim to be "RELEVANT"!!!!! That is Too funny!!!! Their shallow appearances, and ridiculous irrelevance IS being exposed for how FAKE/Fictitious it's "NO AUTHORITY" truly IS!! Also a highlight was The "County" Prosecutor for confessing to having "To ASK HIS MASTERS AT THE UN" was HUUUUUGE Indeed!!!

    7. Changing the "Name" or "handle"(Mask) used by the Pig(Beast), makes NO difference to those with Spiritual Eyes Wide open and can SEE Clearly through their futile and ridiculously ignorant attempts to remain Relevant! Nice try "Fruit Inspector" but changing the color"handle/mask" of the lipstick or mask worn by the pig, still makes it a pig. Playing the silly pig mind games, that won't fool to many any longer, or at least NOT for long as the MASKS are cracking pretty fast lately!!

    8. (Fruit)Ever read Ezekiel chapter 28 verse 12 thru 19? He was in the garden, and the Beast sitting on 7 hills has been hear for millennia, now the 8th king that is indwelt with him, since the Roman Catholic Church/Vatican was revived in 1929 thru the Lateran Treaty sits on the thrown, as proclaimed in KJV. Peter the Roman the last Pope! The harvest is great the workers are few and just before Jesus returns the stars will fall from the sky and the sun and moon will not give any light, with every knee bowed and every tongue confessing Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King of Kings, their will be no doubt in anyone's mind who he is or what day it is! We've all been living in the Beast system our whole lives.

    9. FUNNY "cow fart" , and produced by what the actual cow eating a natural grass diet, OR the toxic GMO feed they are fed ??? Maybe the GMO feed needs to be taxed being the true cause not to mention the greatest use of toxic pesticides and herbicides to produce the real threat to the environment and entire natural ecosystem, start sending the tax bills to Monsanto and see how fast cow farts are off the table as part of any kind of UN agenda!

    10. Great thinking Mike!! That IS Exactly what we need to start doing at this time. Seeking deeper, thinking deeper to Start exposing the Shallow, Petty "EXCUSES" to govern and tax Their FALSE STORIES/ACTORS created, and BRING FORTH and CHARGE the FALSE CREATORS(Producers/Directors) FOR THEIR TOXIC CREATIONS and FACTUAL/PROVABLE LIABILIIES CREATED without OUR knowledge, authority or CONSENT. It's time NOW to Stand and SAY Loudly ENOUGH! The time for silent acceptance and passive participation IS OVER and DONE.

  6. hey Fruit, you reading Abby's Masonic bible. Do you not think Satan and all his ilk are already here? Jesus was the word, Jesus like money exist on paper. However the word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us. The one who dwelt amongst us was not named Jesus. However he took a severe beating threats and offers and would not worship Satan. Satan had his full power from 1914 to 2014 and lost. Good aka God is now back at his desk. The liberal secular demons lost. They are in the process of being expelled. The kingdom of God is within all, even liberals. God will not impose but make no mistake about it, he will cause all in the Earth to reflect internally and many will be so overwhelmed by how they acted in this life, they will want to die BUT God will not let them. Many will repent and be glad but the stubborn will be cast out forever including the hierarchy of Hades and we will move to the day of completion know as the seventh day.
    It is written that the son of man ( not the son of God ) will return. You see the father came first in 1914. It also speaks of the second SUN (note the spelling ) rising. I believe it is also written that night will be wiped away. Do not get stuck in 1611 writings. many things have happened since and there are and always have been prophets in this Earth. Anna and her husband just happen to be some of those who are blazing the trail leading us once and for all and evermore out of Egypt. Open your spiritual eyes and you will not believe what you will see. Realize that those in control are working from their ego and not their intellect. ( they possess very little )
    Enjoy the sun rise...God can finally rest.

  7. There are others moving out there in this final battle between good and evil...below is an example. BCM

    'Me' via Administrating Your Public Servants
    5:32 PM (14 hours ago)

    to Administrating.

    Like I have said many times that the Birth Certificate is a fraud.

    If you authenticate it, the documents provided by the Secretary of State (State and Federal) all they do is certify the Notary, but when you get the fraud certified, then you are participating in the fraud.

    When you participate in the fraud (lies),....I wonder how that is going to look on Judgment day before God?

    You cannot get the Birth Certificate authenticated without going into commerce, therefore you are going to the same people who by fraud stole your name, criminally converted it into a slave and get you to be a surety for their stolen name so they can sell you into slavery,.....hello????? Why would you expect thieves to be anything but thieves? You expect thieves to treat you honorably???

    Good luck with that!

    I guess I am having trouble understanding why people have such difficulty grasping this concept.

    I think it has more to do with the folklore that you can get something for nothing by claiming some Treasury Direct Account. I wonder how that will look on judgment day?

    All of this is controlled and governed by the Uniform Commercial Code that is controlled and governed by the UNIDROIT statute and the United Nations and their Roman Cult handlers.

    I think it is just another Jesuit scam designed to enslave.

    Best Regards, Glenn

  8. sign of either Abby or unknown....odd indeed

  9. Very informative, thanks for all your hardwork..’let get all countries/nations cleaning up fraud ... we dont need corporations period.
    How does a man setup a unincorporated business? Newspaper posted 3weeks ?

  10. Glad not to disappoint you Blue but your comments about "god" and the "mason" KJB is YOUR "uneducated opinion" and "religion" should be on a different forum. If YOU think YOU have the "Truth" more power to you, but in the end, you find it full of error and fraud and no one really cares what you "believe" least of all me!!! I stopped reading your "posts" because of the drivel and worthless content of it so sorry I do not point out ALL of the "stinky shinola" of it. As stated earlier, "religion" should be left for a different forum as no one here, least if all me cares about what YOU "believe"!!! Abby at least provided a balance viewpoint on this forum and a shame she decided to go elsewhere where common sense and historical facts matter, can't say that about you!!!

    1. unknown, still lost I see. Actually, I abhor religion. It like money is all illusion and a means to control. I care not what you believe , as it is your free will to believe it. You have not even the courage to use a given name like Abby at least does. Could it be indeed you who is lost. For the record, the King James Bible was commissioned by James Stewart/Stuart and Francis Bacon ( who was a Freemason ) oversaw it. Do you know who the freemason's worship. I am sad to hear Abby dropped her sword. Maybe you should do the same.. A few thesis back Anna made reference to the trinity of demons The grandfather, the son and grandson. She therefore touched on religion. It is her post not yours and you do not have the right to say what is posted here. By the way, did you pay your dues yet brother ? It is written you can tell what the tree is by the fruit it produces. No need to see the fruit you produce, it is written all through your liberal hate. Now, now stop stomping your feet.

    2. By the way unknown , I was talking to a mason the other day and was telling him about how the promissory note created the money and before that note was signed, the money did not exist. I doubt he meant to tell me though he said "yes, we are living in a promissory system " the way he said it , led me to believe that he promised something (not money ) which he would have to make good on at a future date. Could it be his soul ? Come out of her now !!! By the way, I know what I know because I have an acute sense of being able to hear and discern that which I hear. It took me 16 years to figure it out but I still have my soul intact. Can you say the same? No need to reply.

    3. Unknown, I have been rather preoccupied with 2 deaths in my immediate family, one in Dec. and another just a few days ago; both younger than I. Then to come in here and see so much denial of reality and personal preferences of individuals who are trying to engineer the future of the world to their own liking..well it takes hip boots, and wading thru all 'that' takes more effort than I care to expend.
      The preponderance of ignorance these days among the masses is beyond belief, something I do not care to be a part of; thats how I maintain my sanity, lol. Their shock when the demonic filled Dictator rules the world for 7 long years, will just be all the greater for them, but that was their choice.
      I'm like the one that sits on a bench in the park throwing seed/feed out for the pidgeons; some of them eat it, and some of them just poop on it and make a bigger mess on top of what they already have. And rather than eat the food that sustains Life, they are only interested in pooping on the efforts of the seed thrower, which they view as some kind of conquest.

      (Matt.7:6 give not that which is holy to the dogs; neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest the trample them under their feet and turn again and rend you)

    4. sorry for your loss Abby. Unknown said you dropped your sword so to speak. Everything it seems stopped for you in 1611. Hope your loved ones made it home. BTW I am descended from King James so I was told by an old English man who I have no reason to doubt.

    5. This showed up on my is from Freemasonry...It says Jesus was already here and was in fact Albert Einstein. Gee, I did not know that before. Is that in KJV 1611 ?Someone is watching I dare say. It even says Trump is the dreaded 666. Hey Kelli, I think you are right. Talk about pigs and swine.

      Bea Meservey

      · September 1, 2017
      I have been using this devetional for many years. I did not get my Sept. book. My name is Bea Meservey 5919 PlantationVilla Dr. Macon Ga 31210. I read 3 chapters this morning not knowing what to read... See More

      Brad Watson

      · September 1, 2017
      I, the Christ, have returned. In my eternal soul's last incarnation, I was Albert Einstein. 2,000 years ago, I was Jesus son of Joseph. The 'simple proof' of these claims are the "7 Seals" revealed as 'Beyond Einstein Theories' (google that). I've unveiled secrets hidden since the founding of this world.

      GOD=GOOD=7_4, 7/4=July 4th. (google GOD=7_4).

      Donald Trump 666 (using the 'Evil=48 Code' of A=49, B50...) is the current Antichrist whose actions are the exact opposite of the Christ.

    6. I see July 4th mentioned above but no year. It was also a significant date according to Nostradamus...however he narrows it down to 1999. seventh month is July not Sept Something very significant happened that I am aware of and it was indeed July 4 1999. You can not make this stuff up. The Lord indeed works in mysterious ways. Hey secular liberals, you lost now move on.

    7. I see that July 4th is significant to the Masons. It was also significant to Nostradamus.

  11. Hey Lifecoach....I think ( my opinion ) is you can name your business whatever you want and hang out your shingle. The big problem though is setting up a bank account. Without which you can not operate. Out here in Eastern Canada, you are required to register ( give away ) your name to the Registry of Joint Stocks. You can do this as unincorporated. However, when applying for a bank account, they look up and make sure you have first registered ( gave away ) your name.
    That is what is on God's agenda right now. Although we were led to believe Jesus turned the table on the money changers two thousand years ago , that is just part of the story (script ) If he turned the tables then. why are they still operating ? Make no mistake about it, the tables will be turned and these slimy bankers will be cast out. If everyone would do just a little bit, the workload would be so light. Currently it is only the low paid working class who are doing all the heavy lifting. Remember, all was given, God did not ask for payment, just a little respect. He is getting very little.
    You know that the Jews claim Jesus never came yet. hence : Scroll down ......The Jews will give it up once they are convinced that Shiloh ( another of the many names some call Jesus ) is in fact here.

    Search Results

    Shiloh (šīlō Hebrew: שִׁיל֔וֹ‎ or šīlōh Hebrew: שילה‎) is a figure mentioned in the Hebrew Bible in Genesis 49:10 as part of the benediction given by Jacob to his son Judah. Jacob states that "the sceptre will not depart from Judah... until Shiloh comes...".

    Search Results

    Shiloh (šīlō Hebrew: שִׁיל֔וֹ‎ or šīlōh Hebrew: שילה‎) is a figure mentioned in the Hebrew Bible in Genesis 49:10 as part of the benediction given by Jacob to his son Judah. Jacob states that "the sceptre will not depart from Judah... until Shiloh comes...".

  12. I feel like I am imposing here today but things have begun to move very fast as of late. The below link just showed up on my email, I do not remember joining this group, but I am old so may have but forgotten. This line stuck out:
    While this has nothing to do with religion and is about all of EVERYONE waking up, it is very exciting to witness what YHWH has planned.
    Use discernment people, I am not promoting this but have got to keep an open mind.

  13. The UN land map of all the areas ( over 50 percent) of North America is interesting, nearly everywhere but a few places like West Virginia. Perhaps due to those wearing the red hanker-chiefs round their necks and said to be one group called rednecks. It was one of the last actual shoot outs with the feds, a lot of men fought but helicopter's and the CEO president won finally but only until later.

    When I lived their people their, at least some said, "It ain't over yet, there will be another battle to settle up with them" People around there seemed to think they owned the dang country. Here in Washington state, and a lot of west coast folks are more obedient often speaking of something "they" are going to do or have ( meaning the mommy daddy so called government) and sound fearful they need to comply. One fellow even told me growing a few tobacco plants was 20 years in prison and there is no such law even existing, like pre-obedience to laws not even existing.
    We know no Civil War was declared. The congress walked out, was out of session, had set no qorum for another meeting, in dis-array and effectively Lincoln had no authority to declare war. Maybe I am wrong but does not the congress have to declare war? So how could the corporation Lincoln formed declare it? Curiously looking at the congressional record there is an entire year nearly missing in the 1860s, where is the record" Was anyone minding the store at all? The same people I think, UN is one of their plans on stearoids, medical, entire file systems on everyone, depopulation, world medical plans with ICD numbers attaching you to a fictitious debtor etc. Needs to be disbanded, dis-empowered.

  14. Correction to my message "we know the civil war was not declared"

  15. Please be informed Abby has never carried a sword; neither have I ever attended a fight, so there is no fight to leave. For those who try to start wars, they should go join the armed forces; there are plenty to pick from, land, sea or air.

  16. Yes, we are very aware Abby and you've made it perfectly clear that your "hot little empty hand" is merely here demanding to be filled. Your words, your deeds, your behaviors speaks very loudly indeed. Your choice.


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