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Friday, February 16, 2018

The Cat by Anna Von Reitz

Morning at my house begins with feeding The Cat.  This is because The Cat is mouthy.  The moment any of us stir a whisker, She knows.  And She Who Must Be Obeyed promptly wakes the entire rest of the household with heart-rending cries of urgent need and hunger---- "Feed me!  Feed me! Feed me!"  

The rest of the still slumbering hominids roll over, pull pillows over their heads in vain, and mumble soft curses under their breath against The Cat and all cats in general and me in particular, because I am old and slow and take my time edging down the stairs and out to the kitchen and to the cat food container and finally, reaching for The Sacred Bowl...... 

Ah, sweet relief!  She plunges face first into her bliss, and then, it's time for me to answer The Dogs..... 

This daily repeat of one of life's great lessons has inspired me to encourage the Squeaky Wheels of the World and all the Jural Assemblies that are forming nationwide:

Go forth!  Yowl loudly, with ever-increasing knowledge, with passion, with outrage, with truth---- make the urgency sound less than polite. Pretend you are The Cat for a day.  Just assume that you are King or Queen and all those mere hominids in receipt of public paychecks are there for the express and only purpose of serving you---- because, actually, that is their job description.  

It really isn't their role to oppress, extort, judge, threaten, kidnap, arrest, misaddress, misidentify, misrepresent, misinform or impose their will on you.  It's your role to make demands upon them. It's your role to tell them what to do and how to do it and how often.  

You're The Cat.  

It's attitude and assumption of power, and most of all, it's self-governance, which is what has been missing here in America for a long, long time.  Thanks to the circumstance described in America: Some Assembly Required, we've been letting the Hired Help dictate our lives and make false commercial claims against our names and estates. They have been governing us by default. 

So, on your feet, tail in the air.... and if you don't have a land jurisdiction county jural assembly active and organized in your county of the actual, factual United States of America, it is time that you did.  You are The Cat, and you are over-taxed, underpaid, misidentified as a squirrel (or something worse) in the public records, and being bossed by people on your payroll who are drinking your wine, eating your food, sleeping in your bed, and gratuitously obligating you to pay for it all as if you were their slave.

Now that you've been awakened and it's breakfast time, get moving and yowling. Don't wait. You have to govern yourself, or someone else will.  

But how do I start, you say?  I'm confused?   

You will need to correct your political status records and self-declare your capacity as a non-citizen national.  That's actually pretty simple: (1) Authenticated BC and (2) Acknowledgment, Acceptance, and Deed of Re-Conveyance transferring your Trade Name and all derivatives of it to their permanent domicile on the land and soil of the state where you were born. (3) Mandatory Notice/Notice of Liability.

In terms of international jurisdictions, your permanent domicile acts as your "home port" and determines the law that you live under.  For too long the cats have been living under dog law, because the public record of their domicile has been fudged. Correct that and suddenly things fall into place. 

We hope to have that information together in a packet by early next week, but the basic information is already posted and available on my website:

Then you need to organize your local county jural assemblies -- not jural "societies"--- jural assemblies.  And, lucky you, there is help available to do that, too. 

Mark your calendars, next Thursday night, February 22, 2018 --- tune in to the National Conference Call sponsored by the Michigan General Jural Assembly at 9 P.M. every Thursday night.  Call in number is 1-712-770-4160 and access code is: 226823#. 

They also help via their website:

And if that's not enough, they also offer a Hotline from 2 P.M. to 7 P.M. EST every Monday through Thursday:  989-450-5522.  

It may be a dog's world, but you're a cat.  Remember who rules and who drools  and take action in your own behalf. It won't be long before the Ship of State gets back on course and the Hired Help beats feet below decks.

See this article and over 800 others on Anna's website here:
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  1. Do you mean JURAL ASSEMBLIES or Jural Assemblies, or Jural of Assemblies, or Assemblies of jurals, or something don't think that can happen when attorneys are involved..!! Just out of curiosity what do you think we should do if all of a sudden we receive a healthy "check" in the mail from some authority that claims to have negotiated an agreement with our country that finally had our best interest at heart, but we weren't fully informed or didn t read the small print that signing and endorsing the check will establish your status as US citizens, which 90% of Americans will think that is a good thing..!! I'm talking about several hundred thousand dollars or maybe a million...How many people do you think will turn that money down rather than make a counter offer that acceptance of this check in no way implies anything about "Status"!! Without Recourse..!! They have everyone in such a desperate financial state, just about all of us will cash that check..!! Don't you think..!! You can bet the MSM will be praising the checks as manna from heaven...!!! They have a plan for this on it..!!

    1. Even if 90% did cash those checks you talk about, that has nothing to do with the people returning to original jurisdiction by resettling their lawfull county and state assemblies. When the DeJure Grand Jury rises, the DeFacto must sit. American Juris Prudence book 38a page 340 first paragraph. No matter what contracts or claims the DeFacto defunct corporation may presume, the DeJure county assemblies supersede it. Remember they are a hired contracted corporation to provide 19 governmental services by their original contract. When the people no longer need their services then they will be decommissioned. It's not that difficult.

    2. All I can do and all you can do is sound the warning bell and keep teaching people.

    3. James, what prompted you to ask the question about the 'checks'? I have not heard anything regarding that, so I ask.

  2. neko "common law cat" (click name, profile), supports this message.

    no, i have no connection to any "manna trust".

    "one of a race of merchant cats".

    i dont see any "manna trust" there.

    i merely follow my instincts.

    from what i see, obviously the "manna trust" people are imposters.
    I need life energy to create a new, peaceful world,
    that's what the bad guys always say...
    accept no "manna" substitutes. i am siding with the belchers on this one. who in the "manna trust" goes back to lancelot, hmm?

    where is their magical Sword of Truth?

    that's not a credible "manna" story.

    anna has a jema, or perhaps the other way around, but he is clearly "knight of the old republic" ...

    where does this so-called "manna trust" keep their "knight of the old republic" ?

    neko, common law cat, calls shenanigans on "manna trust".


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