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Friday, November 17, 2017

Property, Property Taxes, and The Whole Picture to Date

By Anna Von Reitz

I have taken on the task of trying to consolidate everything to date for you.  It's a long article and I don't want to be bombarded with questions of "How do I.....?" -- I want you all to sit down, look at the situation described, and begin figuring things out.  Just be quiet, take it all in, and think, think, think---- for yourselves. This is the first step toward being free of all this B.S. ---- recognize how arbitrary, false, and silly most of this is, like a children's game played in deadly earnest by adults.  Unfortunately, most Americans have been playing Chess while their employees have been playing Parcheesi --- which requires you to learn the new game, which then ultimately allows you to either (1) win the game, and/or (2) flip the table and play whatever game you want to play.  They can make you play Parcheesi or you can make them play Chess--after all, they are your employees.  

Our identity has been stolen. That resulted in us being reclassified as "US citizens" -- as if we were government employees or as if we had been born in Puerto Rico. 

This then affected our ability to own land in the states, because "foreigners" can't actually live here, they can only "reside" here. 

Instead, foreigners can have a long-term lease here and be tenants. 

So that is how you are identified --
as a tenant on your own land, with the State of Whatever as your landlord. Because you are misidentified in the public record, your land holdings are also misidentified and placed into one of three categories: residential, industrial, or agricultural, when your land of any sort should be classified as  private property.  

As long as you and your land are both misidentified, you will be taken for a "tax payer" and as a "subscriber" and as a "public vessel" and as a "resident" and everything you think of as yours will in fact be owned by and controlled by an organization of interlopers calling themselves the "State of Oregon" or the "State of Michigan".  

First order of business then, is to get yourself back into the right category, and identify yourself as an American state national, not a "US citizen".  This is more difficult than it looks, because the perpetrators of this scheme have made it difficult, yet to enjoy the benefits of their perfidy they have had to leave the door open for you, too.  

That's why there is always remedy available to those who diligently search.  

Two layers of "government organizations" have placed these ugly claims on your name and estate.  The first of these, known as the Territorial United States, seized hold of the copyright of your name on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, and then used that as a means to seize upon all your other property, too.  They excused this Breach of Trust after the bogus "Civil War" ---which was never a war, but an illegal commercial action on our shores--- in the name of Public Safety to ensure the peace after the "rebels" were defeated.  A hundred and fifty years later they are still attempting to use this excuse for stealing control of your name and estate by announcing "wars" against drugs, wars against this and wars against that.  It's all bull, but it serves the purpose of continuing to excuse their inexcusable usurpation against the American states and people.  

Where is the door?  

The Expatriation Act of July 1868 allows you to sign an Act of State and go back to your original status as an American born on the land of an actual state of the Union. 

But remember, they have already seized control of your Given Name, which is also known as a "Trade Name" in their system of things, and they have copyrighted it by "registering" your "birth/berth". 

How do you correct that?  

Well, their own records --- all those resulting "Certificates of Live Birth"--- show that you, the living man, were actually born on a specific day, like August 14, 1967, but the THING named after you wasn't registered until a few days or weeks afterward---- on the (de) filing date which is also shown.   This results in a situation in which the living man has a birth-day and the ESTATE they created "for" him has a birth-date.  

There are two peaceful ways out of this box.  The first, and the route that I have chosen, is to object to their presumption of trusteeship and usufruct status, return the Birth Certificate (it's actually an insurance indemnity receipt so you are making an insurance claim for the return of your vested interest in your own estate), and copyright your own name by recording it as an Assumed Name with the land recording office in your county.  Every State of State in the Union has statutes about Assumed Names, also known as Business Names, also known as Trade Names, which retain your Common Law Copyright rights....... ah, so..... go back and correct the "mistake" and claim your own Trade Name and copyright it effective with your actual birth-day.  This predates their claim by a few days or weeks, so you are finally identified as the true party of interest and Holder in Due Course.

They had to leave this door open, in order to profit from all this chicanery themselves.  

Now you are Master of your own "vessel" and nobody can say otherwise, and if they infringe on your copyright in an effort to defraud you, you can call them on it in no uncertain terms with the proof of your recorded Common Law copyright to shove in their astonished faces.  Oh, my, Matilda, the horses can talk and the sheep can dance!  And their own published documents are the evidence of all this deceit and will-to-plunder.  

The second route, which recently opened up and which by mistake, has become yet another tool for the rats to use against you, is PARSE SYNTAX grammar.  

As I recently discussed--- one enterprising American found his way out of the their maze by creating a new name for himself using (arguably) correct grammar principals as his justification.  He left his Given Name which was "Russell Jay Gould" behind and adopted a new name with new punctuation: "Russell-Jay:Gould".  This created a separation between their "person" operated as "RUSSELL JAY GOULD" or "RUSSELL J. GOULD" and his newly created persons "Russell-Jay:Gould" and "Russell-J:Gould".  It has, thus far, created a lasting protective barrier between the living man and the predatory corporations, and if you adopt his system and use PARSE SYNTAX, it can protect you, too.  

The problem is that they have turned around and seen it as a new secret language they can operate in and use to defraud you.  This is precisely the problem that Russell and I spent five days discussing in Texas.  It now becomes necessary for everyone to learn PARSE SYNTAX so that you can defend yourselves in the venue of international law and commerce.  

The vermin responsible for all this fraud and rot have had a long tradition of using "Federal Code" --- think of actual coded language as in "Code Book" --- combined with "Legal-ese", the language of the lawyers, both of which attach special uncommon meanings to common words to form coded communications which are then used to defraud innocent Americans. The idea of using PARSE SYNTAX grammar for the same purpose was a no-brainer for these rats and they have eagerly accepted it.

According to Russell, this is their new backdoor trick.  If you don't present your claims in PARSE, they ignore them.  

Improper grammar, they snort.  Incorrect punctuation.  Throw it out.  Ho-hum.  Mere gibberish..... 

Well, so is Swahili gibberish to a non-Swahili, and French makes no sense to someone from Iceland who hasn't studied French. As long as American English is our official language and it has its own punctuation and style conventions, PARSE has to be viewed as a foreign language from our perspective, just like Legalese, Italian, and Dutch.  Russell justifies it in terms of being "correct" according to principles of math and logic, but as he also had to admit --- it's just as easy to lie in the language of math as it is to lie using any system of symbolic communication.  Such a system only has to be consistent within the framework of its own declared assumptions to be "correct", so, correctness--- as we say in physics--- is in the "givens".  

Russell is a righteous man, so he naturally sees the Truth in PARSE.  The men we are dealing with naturally see it --- and use it---for the exact opposite purposes.  

There are advantages to identifying the foreign languages these vermin have been using against us. We have spent years breaking their codes and learning their lingo, so learning PARSE SYNTAX is just the latest challenge, but there is even more profound value in identifying whatever they are throwing at us as foreign language.  "Foreign" to us means exactly that---- and serves to make the distinction between Americans and "US citizens" more obvious.  RUSSELL-J:GOULD is never going to be recognized as a Proper Noun in American English.  The style, form, and punctuation clearly identifies it as PARSE and implies the grammar that goes with it.  That alone is a giant step forward toward honesty and truth in commerce.  

People will need to make their own decisions about how best to crack the nut and what tools to use to crack it.  I think that the strongest tools we have are our own values and sense of justice.  No matter what language something is expressed in, whether the grammar is correct or not, we all know when something is unfair.  We all recognize the criminality of trespassing on someone else's assets.  And a lie however it is expressed is still a lie.  

Picture the scene: Commander Gould and I seated at my kitchen table, both heads bowed.  We daily struggle with all that is false and selfish and small-minded in human nature, in ourselves and in others----but at the same time, we have a glimpse of something in Mankind that is glorious and fine and generous, a part of All That Is. 

In the days to come, I recommend that everyone work hard to take advantage of the "exits" that still exist in the standing law, working backwards to (1) claim and record your Common Law copyright to your name however it is styled, ordered, formed, or expressed, and then (2) issuing an Act of Expatriation and recording that as a Deed with the State Secretary of State.  If there is anyone out there who is willing to fund the effort, the Living Law Firm can ferret out the statutes guaranteeing Common Law Copyrights in all fifty of the States of States. We can develop effective Acts of State.  We can get it all translated into PARSE SYNTAX so the rats have no excuse.  We don't have the manpower, but we could hire enough paralegals and PARSE experts to get it done. 

The first step reclaims your copyright interest in your own name (and therefore all the assets attached to it) and puts you in control of it, and the second step uncouples the "presumption" of "residency" and "US citizen" status being associated with your name.   The first action gives you the key to unlock the door, the second allows you to walk through the door and lock it behind you.  The third action-- translation into PARSE-- gives them no wiggle room to ignore anything you have done. 

There are some additional niceties to be observed.  Once you reclaim your name and your proper political status you will need to notify the authorities responsible-- the Port Authority for your area (Coast Guard Commandant) and the Adjutant General (responsible for keeping and updating proper records) and the US Postmaster General.  There are actually seven (7) Postmaster and Post Master offices, but you address it to the Postmaster General as he is in charge of the military end of things and is the actual Commander of the Coast Guard and Adjutant General's Office in the Territorial Government that you have to notify about the changes in your status. 

If you intend to conduct any kind of business outside your state of the Union you will need to post an Indemnity Bond with the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, and if you go offshore to conduct business of any kind you will need to notify the U.S. Secretary of State and give them notice.    

We all need to become very much more aware of the "occupation" of the U.S. Army and the misconduct that has gone on in the international jurisdiction since the so-called American Civil War.  By becoming aware and doing our due diligence we can save the world from criminality and predators.  We can also exercise our God-given rights and enjoy our privacy and not be harassed.  

Going right along with this aim, we all need to learn the "latest and greatest" foreign code---- PARSE SYNTAX---- and use it as Russell intended it to be used, as a defense against falsehood and tyranny.   

Once you have yourself free and clear and beyond the reach of the vermin and their false claims against you, you can easily deal with the issue of Property Taxes and Income Taxes being imposed by foreign governments via false presumption and deceit.  Once you can be recognized as a natural-born American state national, you can go to the Tax Assessor and claim back your land as the landlord exercising your "reversionary trust interest" ---- and demand that it be listed as private property and not annexed as residential, industrial, or agricultural property belonging to the State of State.   

If like millions of Americans you still have a mortgage, you have "issues" to resolve.  American state nationals are not eligible for mortgages.  You are the actual landlords, so any mortgage credits to be applied under any tenancy agreement has to be paid to you, not taken from you.  American state nationals are not eligible for Social Security, either, and you should have never been enrolled.  American state nationals don't require or use marriage licenses.  And though they are imposed "in the interests of public safety", American state nationals are not required to use driver licenses, either, unless they are engaged in some business or trade that makes use of the public roads for private gain --- commercial trucking operations, taxi and courier services, etc. 

The foregoing mish-mash in which you have mistakenly enrolled or taken part in or been coerced to participate in programs meant for "US citizens" results in a lot of entanglements and potential controversies based on adhesion contracts.  You were not told that these offers and programs were only for "US citizens" and you were not given full disclosure about which kind of "US citizen" was eligible and other aspects of these sugar-coated lumps of rabbit feces, either.  As a result the contracts are invalid.  Now what? 

We are at the beginning of trying to settle such issues with the organizations responsible.  

Those who actually own their homes, ranches, etc., free and clear of mortgage debts can go to the Title Company and request a Certificate of Redemption.  They can then correct the Deed and Title to their assets, issue an Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-Conveyance of Deed, transferring the property back to Stanton County Oregon or Pierce County Idaho or wherever else it is located and defining it as a private land parcel, tax-exempt, and described as....... "according to metes and bounds established by this Deed....." and as further described as Number 452 Pickle-Lovers Lane (copyright symbol) --- whatever name you make up to describe your parcel--- belonging to Ted and Marcia (or Bill and Alice or....) Johnson, c/o Post Box 39980 in AnyState, blah, blah, blah.  You record your deed in plain simple American English on page with the local land recording office, and you clearly "post" your land with the international black and white sign and "Private Property" signs.  

The federal vermin have to recognize your claims, because their own claims depend on your land claims: without a land jurisdiction, they don't have a delegated sea jurisdiction.  And they are even motivated and grateful to see your claims appearing on the land recording district offices, because it is beginning to dawn on them that without us, they are nothing.  Without us, they are open to seizure as pirates.  Without us, all their State of State claims blow away in the wind.  

They will still try to play their "You Can't See Me" games using PARSE SYNTAX as the excuse.  It is therefore important to learn PARSE and follow up with a Corollary Deed written in PARSE and added to the land record so that they can't discount or "mistake" your meaning about any of this anymore.  This would be the equivalent of re-writing your Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-Conveyance of Deed in a foreign language and recording that for the benefit of the speakers who use that language. A properly translated PARSE deed serves notice to the vermin that the jig is up and that you know what they are doing.  

So at last you can achieve that much-desired end of having your employees leave you and your assets alone, and forcing them to get back to work doing the job you hired them to do---- protecting you and your assets instead of bullying, attacking, and robbing you.  

And wouldn't that be a nice change of direction?  

This is a long read and explanation of the circumstance and there are still a lot of things up in the air, but the basic outlines of the situation and the proper steps needed to deal with the Mess as it stands are becoming clear.  I cannot stress enough that this whole circumstance is a process --- not a single step, but many steps.  They've been diddling around with this for 150 years.  You can't expect to overcome it all in an afternoon.  

You need to think it through in a logical sequence and then reverse that sequence.  It is a Maxim of Law that "as a THING is bound, so it is unbound".   Well, THINGS, here is your chance.  

Reverse their claim and copyright of your name and estate by over-riding with a guaranteed Common Law Copyright pre-dating their claim. Record that. Give notice to the Coast Guard and Adjutant General and U.S. Postmaster General.   Reverse their presumption that you are a US citizen with an Act of State returning your name and estate to Wisconsin, Minnesota, or wherever you came from.  Record that. Give Notice to the State Secretary of State and U.S. Secretary of State.    Reverse their unspoken claim that your land belongs to their franchise operating as a State of State and belongs to a "resident" and is either "residential, industrial, or agricultural" land. Correct the Deed.  Record that. Give notice to the Tax Assessor and demand that your parcel be designated as private property and as tax exempt.   

Learn PARSE and bring a Notice of the Fact written in PARSE as a translation of your claims and rebuttals and deeds.  Record that.  If they even think about messing with you, they will see that translation provided for their understanding and go away, far, far away.  

So, now, at the end of all this--- you are back on solid ground and the sharks have to remain in the sea.  You are home at last.  The snail is on his thorn.  And the pick-pockets are on the run.  If you are an honest and peaceful man, that's what you wanted all along.  Be willing to give that to other people, even those you consider to be enemies, and your own peace is assured.  

The Rule of Love always overcomes the Rule of Law.  

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  1. ahhhh Anna we do so love you & your team! Though... now Parse Syntax? ... disgusted & done w this. No, not going to do the Parse Syntax only to have them ignore it, or undermine it. Its enough, we've done enough, & still we're treated like a flea infestation. Even w Parse Syntax, they can choose to ignore it,too.
    How about we begin to assert our claims via Accepted for Value? What if we did this enmasse? I read & see vids of folks doing it & their presentments are said paid off.
    We cannot now convene to pursue Parse Syntax after doing all we can to educate & invite & give calm assurance on every other process. Now is the time for results, proof any of these paths, methods, paper filings, notices etc even work, at all, whatsoever & are recognized. Like Mnuchin gives a damn about us & after he's slipped over to Israhell to give Bibi Nut-n-yahoo a big fat slab of our wealth.
    Abundance & Peace to all... of us... not 'them'.

    1. Wink, I totally agree with you! We are already submerged and drowning and to be told to now go learn something more?? I am just not going to do this either. It is time to see some real results which are thus far there is not even a glimmer or any progress report of any kind; just left to wonder what the hell is happening.
      We have a population that can't even spell, make a coherent sentence, or capable of understanding a simple few words; I guarantee you they are not going to delve into learning parse.
      Our pack of tyrants will not be long before they find a way to screw that up, just like they do everything else.
      We are right back to what I said numerous times; the head of this big snake has to be cut off, otherwise we are done for.
      But from the sound of this Article, they aren't being toppled, and now back to ''what we should do''. But that is a futile effort.
      Big thumbs down on Parse Syntax. That is not any magical solution; just another trial and error, see if it works fiasco and wasting more precious time, while the world is caving in on us from all sides.
      Wink, thanks for telling it like it is. And thank you Paul for allowing us our freedom of speech.

    2. Abby - thanks for checking in. Another thing, which we all experience, is the ones who are supposed to know what our papers say have absolutely NO CLUE, nor do the mail room recipients of our docs. NO CLUE. Now more filings to Coast Guard and Adjutant General and U.S. Postmaster General who will never see it, never recognize its power... just more paper stuffed in a large warehouse. Yes we can show WE FILED OUR PAPERS... but who cares about our papers but for the UCC & Expatriation?
      Got a response from UN saying its not their jurisdiction. They have NO CLUE what we're doing.
      Was interested in Gould & Miller Parse Syntax a few years ago, but not anymore. Its not recognized unless one forces 'them' to & i dang sure don't want to engage them.
      A hopelessness has come over me that am unable to shake. Not another path to chop & forge...Parse Syntax, nope, not going there.
      Will pursue Accepted for Value as April LaJune presents it. She follows & incorporates Anna. Its time for us to reap our due, stake our claim in some effectual manner.
      Not long ago a black kid on a bike slammed a ringed finger into the back of an elderly White womans skull. I chased him on foot, but of course he rode faster. We can't even walk in the park w/o fear of being attached by barbaric psychopathic children. Their "Knock-Out Game" is injuring, killing our people, our White elderly.
      Its time we turned around & faced "it", performed a little knock-out of our own. Filing papers is so very civil, so very proper, isn't it? Just run down & file file file... & be ignored ignored ignored... but do wear a helmet when walking in the park. Thanks again.

    3. If your enemy's code is in your hand and you don't use it against him--- shame on you.

  2. The unraveling.starts I belive in the difference between state citizen and U.S. citizen once ppl.grasp that idea you can go to more advanced things birthificate and seizing your name.

  3. Seems as if there are a lot of pitfalls one could fall into if this process should miss a step or have an error in any filing. I'm still not able to get IRS liens against my property removed. They actually expired after 10 years, but the IRS refiled them for another ten years (should be up next month), but the refiling does not expire after 10 years, and has to be actually physically removed by the IRS. The Revenue Officer in my case told me that he would tie me up for the rest of my lifelife, and it seems that he has. Now I sent my birth certificate to Mnuchin, waited 90 days for that bond to cure, then sent 1099A's to the IRS, along with a 1096, along with AFV's and 1040V, letters to Internal Revenue Office of the Commissioner, and Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury. and to date, nothing has happened.

    1. Ironically, I just found out a few minutes ago, when some attorney's office called to tell me that as of yesterday, the 2 liens have been REFILED (second refiling). That would ensure those liens would be good for another ten years. I will be nearly 84 in 10 years. I am broke and have no estate, only a burial policy, and no money in the bank, no stocks or bonds, and so, what are they going to get when I die? I have taken Anna's advice that she gave to Lucretia, and the process has just not worked to free my property from the clutches of the IRS.

    2. Well Jenny Wiley, I too have completed the BC surrender and am waiting 1 1/2 months, from what you are saying, the process is flawed. Disheartening

    3. Butch, I was so hopeful that it would work, but it would seem there must be something missing from the process. Anna told me that it takes 90 days for the BC bond to cure, so I waited until it cured to file the other paperwork. I believe it is a viable process in theory, but perhaps when individual IRS agents get your paperwork, they make the decision for themselves whether to honor and process your paperwork or not, and they may be really behind. They received my packet mid-September. The agent who refiled the refiled liens is local here, so I am thinking they don't know anything about me doing Anna's process. Still, I wish there were a way to enforce it, but is apparently no way to enforce the process, or even inquire about it. Still, I am sending out another packet to the IRS CID tomorrow, this time by certified mail (I sent the other packet by registered mail, but I don't have the funds right now to do that again). Maybe another IRS agent will open my packet. The tax attorney who just called me,said that I would be going to jail, and I replied, "Well, at least, they will have to feed me." Of course, he wanted to go through the usual kowtow to the IRS solutions like "offer in compromise," set up a payment plan with them, etc. And, of course, you have to be 'in compliance.' I haven't filed a 1040 since 2007 (for 2006) because every time I filed, I owed more to the IRS (which I couldn't pay). I just wish there was someone to answer my questions, as Anna is overwhelmed with all the research, filings, etc. that she is doing. I guess it's every man/woman for him/her selves. If anyone reading this has any suggestions, I would be most happy to listen.


    4. Hi jenny, I'm sorry you're having to go through this. Im happy to help in any way I can. Shoot me an email at

    5. secured part creditor process has been proven to NOT work time after time...

      check out and these guys are the only ones i have come across that have provided serious remedy over and over.

      good luck!

    6. Anna's process is not anything like 'secured party creditor'. You would have to read her posting to understand what her process entails.

    7. I would like to ask a simple question about the process elucidated in Judge Anna's articles which, among other things, advises one to send certified birth certificate to Mnuchin and to ask him to create a bond with the bond number being assigned the actual number of the registered mail used to send the BC to Mnuchin. then that person using that bond number to 'offset' debts, like with the IRS, via an AFV, accompanied by a 1040-V. My question is, has anyone had success with this process, or even knows anyone for this the process has worked? I have been unable to find any reference to success or failure.

    8. From Anna:

      Because we have been deliberately mis-identified and the public records have been falsified as an excuse to steal and plunder, it should be no surprise that there are considerable "mixed results" from all attempts to address the problem. This is the greatest crime of this or any other century, and we just woke up in the middle of it.

      I am not suggesting that everyone learn or attempt to learn recursion and compiler theory and all the rest of what went into analytical linguistics --- aka "PARSE".
      What I am suggesting is that this is the next wave of "code" that the rats will unleash on us and if we wish to reply we need to be at least conversant enough to make ourselves heard.

      Those who have dealt with the existing court system are well-aware of the astonishing spectacle of dozens of people struck stone deaf.

    9. @jenny i have read it and commented on it MANY times. it is a slightly tweaked newer version and NOT one person has said it worked for them and it wont. its been proven over and over to not work.

    10. Jenny Wiley - Read " The Great Fraud in 25 Words or Less" sent our by Paul on October 29th. Read in the comments section "1FreeMan" zeroed his IRS account. I just received my green card back from Mnuchin which I sent "Anna's docs" to on August 23rd. I am sending per 1Freeman's instruction my IRS "bills" to the IRS-CID and see what happens. God bless and keep the Faith because He is the One Who will make this happen!

    11. Sending back the PERSON makes the Fiduciary responsible. It does not identify you as the Beneficiary of the account. So in effect, you can tell the court, hey, go away. I am not the Administrator of this Account and neither is this judge. Steven T. Mnuchin has been named the Fiduciary. That is sufficient to knock out ninety-percent of all the garbage that gets thrown at people by the courts but it is not sufficient to prove that you are the beneficiary of the account.

      You have to bring your BC to court and your recorded Common Law Copyright Claim into play if you want to identify yourself as the beneficiary.

      I know these steps are not necessarily obvious but if you think about it as a process, the step by step becomes obvious.

  4. But judge Anna, your whole premise is that everyone involved in this (and trust me, there are several levels of govt and millions of people working in law enforcement in general and the courts) , that you are assuming will obey the "Rule of Law". Im sorry, but that is very nieve of you...!!! Every single agency of govt will give us nothing but problems along the way...especially the county recorders office and Probate Court..In my opinion, you left out one more option....the same opyion that severed our relation to "Great Brittain" and England...."A Declaration of Independance". I was seriousely thinking about doing this years ago(like 30), but in essence a "Declaration of Independance" is a Declartion of War to the Corp State. Especially 30 years ago. But really we are facing the very things here that finally forced our forefathers to leave England..!! They couldnt change anything no matter how much law they knew, and they were a hell of a lot more intelligent than this generation and without all the distractions we have today...!! All you have to is read the Declaration of Independance to see they were saying the same things we are today...nothing has changed!! Except the amount and depth of deception they had to use against us..!! This has never been a "Capitalistic" Country ever, because that assumes that there are no outside influences on a "free market" , and we all know that there is nothing but "insider trading" and intentional supression of new and better technologies, so the technologies in place stay in place creating nothing but incredibly powerful "Monopolies" who could care less about the environment or people..!! I think it is wiser to keep our SS Status, and make it work for us instead of against us..!! Why have us all filing all this paperwork when there is no guarantee of "Assurance of Performance" for it.. Even if we could find one honest person, they usually answer to a superviser that tells them not to file anything for him..If he mentions law, just tell him we'll see him in court...."THE WALL", where all remedy stops..!! And dont forget judge Anna, something is about to happen right after this year is over, monitarily..!!

    1. Buy farm land in Chile for example. As long as you grow a marketable crop, could be just 4 apple trees, your tax will be zero. The first box i check off in my search for strong property rights is zero to little property tax.

    2. bother you need to do a name change and declaration of race/nationality through the court system so they acknowledge it. as of now you are their NAME in their system as surety for their corportion as a 14th amendment/U.S. Citizen of White linneage. Where is the white nation or the nation of the United States? that is a corporate status. you are probably some form of lets say Italian/American national. Im just guessing. you are not white, black, purple or yellow you are status OTHER an American. you have been de-nationalized and have NO race and must come up out of her.

      check out the certificate of a non-citizen national on the dept of states website; it will give you clues, read the entire thing carefully.

      check out and these guys are the only ones i have come across that have provided serious remedy over and over.

    3. I visited both websites and just their info costs more money than I have at this time.

    4. Yeah, right, I have been waiting since 1975. It's all bullshit. IF they EVER get the cajones to do anything it will be the wrong thing, and you can count on that. So the best thing you can do just take a few sensible steps to put a little food and fuel aside so you can stay home in case they do actually take any action, get your paperwork in order, and know who you are and what your history is.

  5. What we really should be doing is legally challenging the "Counties Recording Offices" of every county for fraudulently accepting filings without any oversite or because it is a bank or taxing reign to file anything they want because of who they are or the power they command..!! You should walk into the county recorders office one day and see how things are being filed by banks attorneys and taxing agencies. I went to file only a couple of things and before they would accept it, i had to get the filing perfect they way they would accept it.. But do the Banks and huge govt agencies have to....No way!!! In fact, now they really made it easy for them because they no longer have to come in to file anything....the simply fax it in and its filed..!! And their signitures always come with a cavet....the signiture on this document is for "accomodation" only for the purposes of filing..If that isnt a "non-liability" clause, i dont know what is.. We are dealing with people that will always have a leg up on us because we were the last ones to find out about this fraud, thanks to our public school system. And we might not have never known if it wasnt for the fact that we do have a few people(very few) in congress that do care about the people, and one in particular that got the FOIA passed. It was shortly after that people started asking for documents that had to be complied with...I guess they never thought that some people were smarter than the elitist foreally thought..!! There are great minds out there..!!But i can tell you this, because of some very bad decisions i made with untrustworthy people, i would be homeless and on the street if it wasnt for my SS..!! I think its a good idea for employers to take a small part of each paycheck that goes into your private trust(not a govt one) that cant be touched until retirement which can be at 55 or 60. But thats me..!!

  6. If the FRAUD starts in the hospital with your birth certificate, why not plant yourself in these hospitals and tell these parents with newborn babies to immediately claim their children with the proper long form certificate before the 3 days are up and the kid is lost at sea. That way, we dry up their credit from the beginning and help the parents of the newborn to be the ultimate security holders in due course, preventing the state to make a claim on them and forbidding them to be placed in a Situs Trust Fund and creating an ESTATE that can be taxed to death. That would put a stop to this Fraud in the first place. Game over.

    1. Awakend, would be a lot simpler if, when the head nurse comes in to take the information of the Name of the baby chosen, which is used to make up the BC, just tell her they have not yet chosen a name. Then leave the hospital without doing a BC, go home and write it all down in the family Bible.
      I wonder what they would do then? Or better yet, tell the Nurse its none of her damned business, Lol.

  7. If the FRAUD starts in the hospital with your birth certificate, why not plant yourself in these hospitals and tell these parents with newborn babies to immediately claim their children with the proper long form certificate before the 3 days are up and the kid is lost at sea. That way, we dry up their credit from the beginning and help the parents of the newborn to be the ultimate security holders in due course, preventing the state to make a claim on them and forbidding them to be placed in a Situs Trust Fund and creating an ESTATE that can be taxed to death. That would put a stop to this Fraud in the first place. Game over.

  8. We are simply feed up with paperwork..!! And attorneys and the courts and everyone else...!! Theres a time for deplomacy and a time for action.. Deplomacy is OVER!!!

    1. James, Amen to that ! Paperwork is just trying to tapdance around poisonous rattle snakes; instead, the rattle snakes need to be removed.
      I also agree with you, the only thing wrong with SS is that they did not put it in an individual Trust for us, so it could grow enough to actually live on. Instead they gave it to themselves and they spent it all; there is no SS Fund at all. They probably give it to us from some of these Trust Accounts anna is trying to yank out of their hands.
      Time to take off the gloves and cock the guns. All these insane elitists are just playing games with us, still !

    2. No wonder they orchestrate false flags intended to take away our guns. The 2nd amendment is all about destroying tyranny and the tyrants know it. We the people , united we stand. DC, with it's own laws and morals, is the enemy within.

    3. Abby, you must have felt it by now that there is definitely something going on...everyday its a new distraction from mass shootings to the NFL to the big one now..."sexual harrasment". It used to be the IRS the govt always used to take down people they didnt like. Now its sexual harrasment which is almost impossible to defend and is ruining peoples lives..Right now that is benifitting us because of the massive swamp in both congress and hollywood...I have never seen anything like this before...!! Trump is barely keeping the "ship of state afloat". Did you hear what he said after meeting with the chinese president. He actually admitted on TV that although i thought we had an unfair trade agreement going with the chinese govt i aslo know that we have done some things to them also...To me, he was aluding to the fact that we stole tons of gold from them when we promised to keep it safe until WW2 was over..!! But when they came to ask for it back, according to judge Anna, they were told.."what gold"..?? What are you talking about..!! And thats how wars are started..!! Around the world, Americans are known to never keep a promise..their word means nothing..totally dishonorable..!!

    4. James, oh yes indeed; its becoming much easier to recognize what is nothing but manufactured distractions, but it doesn't work on me.
      I agree with you, Trump was alluding to all their gold we were holding for them and have yet to give it back to them. China has cause to be upset with the u.s. But you can't give back what we no longer have. About 4 or 5 yrs. ago I recall briefly, that we gave them a bank in nyc, which also contained a decent amt. of gold, but the story went away fast. I also don't think we've returned gold to Germany either; don't know what happened to that story. Honestly, I don't think the u.s. has any gold; ''they' have pilfered it for themselves. I think ft. knox is as empty as my wallet.
      Hellywood is tumbling down and d.c. should be shaking in their shoes. Eventually, I think everybody will get exposed.

      P.S. James, we get a lot of stations with our rabbit ears, lol. I'm really quite happy with what we have.

    5. According to Jim Willie, financial analyst and author of "The Hat Trick Letter, "the gold that had previously been held in Fort Knox was stolen by the Cabal years ago. He said he met someone in the military who told him that the real reason Fort Knox was still so heavily guarded was because what is stored there is not gold, but nerve gas.

  9. Was on the air asking the question what to do ?its Destin to be very bad demographics and NWO. Wish any legislation through congress .lickedy.split .hate crimes domestic terrorist ect. They think the ballot box is king.
    Long way to go to educate them,but they don't call me crazy just not there yet.if I can get them to comprehend the 1968 is when they sprang the term U.S.citizen and the difference of citizen of Texas state..

    1. bubba, I am beginning to wonder about a possible 'crash'. We know the Markets are very artificial, unemployment is still excessively high, job advertisements are fake and do not exist, and today, jacob rothschild may have been killed by a plane crash over his property. He has been converting out of the dollar over to gold and spoken unfavorably about the dollar.

    2. oh they are changing it right before your eyes on the DL. as trump said the calm before the storm...your in the eye now. the currency is officially gold back and has transitioned. once they have everybody arrested that they have been setting up like the pedos, clinton camp, soros, saudi groups etc it will be announced officially.

      hidden inplain sight keep your eyes open it is upon us.

    3. penny, it does seem like that is what is trying to eek on through; I can almost hear the 'grunting' in the undertones, lol.
      But what is of some concern, is that the majority of real gold is in indonesia and phillipines, and what we have here in the u.s. is a lot of fake gold; metal underneath with gold coating. (anyone who has taken possession of physical gold, wouldn't hurt to check it; and of course paper gold is worthless IMO)

    4. it has been ready for years and is now ramped up and ready to go. look for big news/arrests early next week and hopefully somebody trying to RV by kennedys date of death...november, 22 1963.

    5. penny, do you happen to have any good info about a revaluation of foreign currencies? I think dinar is pretty much drowned in the ocean, but what about vnd?

  10. Anna, I sure hope you will read this comment.

    Of course, you have heard of "orlando Steve?" He's the man who came to his neighbor's aid after his neighbor was physically brutalized by police, his pets killed, all his worldy possessions stolen, and to top it off was arrested and thrown in jail for months for not paying his property tax. Steve came to his rescue, and with 3 years research into the property tax issue won a $40 million dollar settlement. It's true because I have been in Contact with Orlando Steve for 5 years. He has also been successful in helping others get their private property off the tax rolls. How does he do it? He does this by filing suite against the assessor for misclassification and falsifying the public record for financial gain. I honestly wish you would speak with Orlando Steve and let him fill you in on the process. The main problem appears to be is that the American People are so dumbed down that they just want to remain stupid and as you know, you can't fix stupid!

    1. Star, somehow this story sounds like swiss cheese.

    2. Angela Stark has the information and Anna has a copy of one of his complaints, Enough said!

    3. Star, it is the size of the settlement that I was questioning, not the events.

    4. What you have described is exactly what I have described, except that Steve is doing it through the court and I am avoiding that by dealing with the Assessors Office administratively. My process is cheaper and faster, but there is no reason that the same issues could not be tried in court and there may be cases where you have to take it to court because you run into an ignorant Tax Assessor.

  11. Next up: you must file all these papers, THEN learn to PARSE, THEN learn to speak in quantum syntax every word you ever say "on record", THEN play chess with your eyes closed, THEN, have a 200 IQ, THEN, read a book in 15 minutes or less and remember every single word, and THEN... you may break free! How practical is it for someone to do all of this and pretend it will hold any merit whatsoever? They will find some error, due to human miscalculation or mis-filing, and the judge (being "on a different plane") will listen, and see nothing but you tresspassing on his vessel, size you up for a proper penalty, and administer in-justice. Nobody ever gets out, nobody wins against the "system" -- they eventually wear you down and find error to destroy your entire argument. The only way anyone has a chance is if enough people stop using their money and keep cryptocurrency decentralized. Their whole house of cards operates because many parasites are "banking" on it. After all, it's all about the money. Everything is ALWAYS about the money. Imagine if you played monopoly with a liar and a cheat who played "banker" and simply gave himself unlimited paper-monies to run you out of the game... you'd never win. You can play all the trick dice-rolls you want, plead about how you don't owe as you pass around the board, but the crook will eventually OWN the entire board; it's the way the game is set up.

    1. Its actually a lot simpler than it looks. An authenticated BC. A Common Law Copyright on your Name effective with your actual birthday. A Claim of the Life. Boom. And as for Parse, this is something you may need to navigate if you get the run around in their courts, but so far, the courts are responding in English.

  12. 😓😓
    It's a lot, but has to be done to gain the peace & happiness that's intended for thyself..
    Thank you Anna for providing us freedom at our finger tip.

  13. Dear people, here is our 2 cents worth; and, hope this brings some clarity to the confused;

    Now, most people are only interested in the common law process because of debt collectors, looming foreclosures and so forth; do not use this when you are in a crisis; one needs time to learn what one is doing; it's ongoing; its a private journey;
    Foreclosures - there are many winning cases; start with lawyers such as Neil Garfield
    Debts - A4V is a good process, but it does not stop them harassing you; most often they got your details from a data listing; ask them for a power of attorney from their client; and, a certified copy of the original upon which they base their claim; they have neither;

    The bigger picture is that there is also a collective journey; we need to restore the power of banking and lawmaking back into the hands of we the people; only then will we know equity and equality and justice; it may sound impossible, but those who doubt have already lost; as Paine said: "lead, follow, or get out of the way."

    We will have to create alternatives to digital banking and currency; direct barter and trade; there are already many practical working models out there;

    The law of the land is vacant; we must form local jural assemblies; invite the local community; do workshops on what law really is and what your rights really are; invite officials, educate them;

    So, imagine we are at ground zero; choose your field of interest and begin; think globally, act locally; anna and others are laying the foundations, so build on it; inaction is no longer an option; sitting on the internet will not change anything; and, soon it will be in the hands of the A.I. anyways; digital technology will be the end of natural man, natural law and natural justice;

    The best course is ditch the system as much as possible; we say get rid of everything, head for a quiet nook; live in a trailer or teepee; find a community; anything, but get out the cities; away from masses; it is not safe; its going to get way worse, and quickly;

    Be mobile; learn practical skills; produce something for an income; only a collapse or Divine intervention can save us from an evil system; nevertheless, never give up;

    Me, we did the extreme thing; abandoned my NAME and estate; closed all accounts; declared my person civilly dead; Civilter Mortuus; we have been living by Faith for 5 years now; we do not drive, but there are taxis everywhere and require no identity documents; we cannot fly or leave Africa, but this is the safest place to be in the world;

    Humanity is in a crisis; because our ego focuses on the material world without; the world of form; but, the world without is, but a mirror of the world within; the first peace is inner peace; even in the midst of battle we must keep that inner peace; and, then the world without will start reflecting our inner peace;

    The New Earth and a 1 000 year peace is awaiting us; and, we do not have to go through a crisis of survival first to drive us together; we can avoid that IF we take action now; united we stand or fall apart; in peace;

    1. I am sorry that you and so many others have felt compelled to give up their own birthrights in order to be free. For me that was not an option. I am too stubborn. I don't willingly give a thief anything, because not only does it rob me, it encourages the thief to go on stealing from others.

  14. common law, you are presenting a poetic false utopian ideal here, but it is so far from reality. To even suggest that the outside world is 'a mirror'' of what is withIN us, is ludicrous. We are now living in the most wicked world of all time, satan is the god of this world and it is as plain to see as the nose on our face. Gullible mankind who is so easily influenced and who are brainwashed to take the path of least resistance, have become a mirror of this evil world ''without''. Such folks do not have 'a 1000 yr. peace awaiting them'. Think: people will reap what they sow.

  15. Students,
    David-Wynn: Miller is Russell-Jay: Gould's teacher, Gould learned it from Miller! Go back to the source.
    Many videos on YouTube:
    I worked on the claim of the live life document with the Miller team in 2001:

    One must create ones own identity in the record (law of the land), one only uses the dead legal fiction trust name ALL CAPS Birth Certificate and D.L. all those belong to the Public, color of law illusion of the law of the sea! (Admiralty Maritime contract) Look in your wallet!!

    Truth language trumps color of law illusion! Think about this.... Reality over Illusion! Otherwise you are in prison in your own mind. Do you know who you are? Can you prove it on paper in the record? That BC Trust is not you! Get it?

    Dissimilar things ought not to be joined.. (no contract via flesh to PAPER)
    Law Maxim: Disparata non debent jungi (Google it!)
    Knowledge over hearsay.... You ignorantly volunteered in by accepting that BC and by using it in commerce. Think about this... Look at the name on the check book... (helloooo...)


    1. Thomas, no we did not ignorantly volunteer; we were fraudulently deceived. ''They'' are the ones who claim we volunteered and even their use of such a term, is fraudulent.
      When the head nurse comes in to fill out the BC papers we are told it is for the Health Dept. We have reason to believe the Nurse, and it sounds harmless to us, to give such info to our County health dept.
      After that, they are the ones who handed it on to the State and they handed it over to the Federals. All this unknown to us, and without our permission. All fraudulent down the line
      without full disclosure. So this whole thing is null and void
      from the beginning. Why should we have to reclaim what is lawfully null and void?
      No, we should not be participating in playing THEIR games.

  16. Students, There are no problems... only solutions. One must become pro-active instead of re-active... Most people have no defensible position in the realm of Public Commerce. The rule is that if something is put into the Public Record then everyone is NOTICED at that time. One is responsible to know what is in the Public Record. Ignorance is defined as "Lack of Knowledge". Yes, the sea going Pirates brought their statutes on shore and tricked the people... now that you know this what are you going to do about it? Complaining about the past and looking for a pound of flesh is not pro-active is it? So, if by using their PAPER trust BC entity to access commerce (PAPER to PAPER) one is subject to the terms and conditions that apply to that BC trust, then why use it? If you continue to Cash-Flow through their trust you keep granting them ownership and jurisdiction of your labor energy. We have unlimited power to contract (after all, that is all there is) read Art. 1 Sec. 10 of the Constitution. "No state shall pass any law impairing the obligation of contracts." A trust is a contract, a legal fiction entity able to access the Public commercial realm. (PAPER to PAPER) If you use your right to contract, create a Private Trust and use that to access Public commerce through, are you now clear of the obligations that are attached to using their BC Trust? First off, we are presumed to be the surety for their BC Trust. Secondly, when using their BC trust to cash-flow through we gift those assets to that trust. They use the title (ownership) of those assets to fund their bankrupt corporations. If you don't agree or like that then stop doing it! Pointing fingers and complaining will not change anything... will it? Analogy: I lend you my car, while you possess it you can do what you want with it... right? NO.. you can't sell it because you do not control the title. Plus, I can take it away at any time. Possession is not Ownership! This is the situation when you use the BC Trust to access Public Commerce and cash-flow through. Stop using their vessel to hold your cargo, when you do it becomes their cargo... Get It?? This is not rocket science is it? The Public jurisdiction can only see PAPER legal fictions. It does not see you (flesh) but if you are pushing their BC Trust around then it affects you and your commercial life. Has it not? You have no identity as a natural woman or man in Public Commerce, so how can you prove you are flesh? One has used that BC PAPER Trust all your life as a privilege of the Government, it made you a slave. The Pirates can not own you but they control you because you are using their BC Trust. Create a Private Trust vessel and move your cargo into that vessel. It is still a PAPER legal fiction but not a Government privilege. Is the Government a party to that Private contract? No! The Government can not impair it, it is Private. Google supreme court case: Hale v Henkel (1906), this is the most precedent setting court case in the history of America. Over 1,600 times and no part of it has ever been overturned. It is about Privacy and Contract etc. People perish from lack of knowledge and ignorance is no excuse before the law. Live a pro-active lifestyle... Try the Red Pill and take charge of your destiny. HeartLightLove~PRK PS. Try to stop the anger and complaining... Wake up!

  17. Look, this is not rocket science. The doctor in attendance at your birth was conscripted into the Army against his will and obligated to "seize upon" your Given Name and register it. He appeared to be a civilian and wasn't.

    And your parents didn't know that they needed to go down to the Recorder's Office and Record your name instead.

    So you got mis-identified as a "US Citizen" and declared "dead" with respect to your natural birthright political status.

    Everything else that happened afterward was and is a direct result of that one conundrum and falsification of the public records.

    You are an orange. They put you in the tangerine bin instead.

    It's up to you to correct that.

  18. So far I have received 2 phone calls and 4 letters/cards from 'tax attorneys' (enrolled agents?) wanting to work with me to get my income tax situation fixed. I guess the IRS broadcasted my name about the two previously refiled, and then refiled again, liens out to every tax law office in the nation. I don't even answer my phone anymore, unless I recognize the number. Still waiting to see if the IRS-CID will do their job and discharge, zero out, or whatever it is they are supposed to do. With the liens in place against my property, I cannot even sell it because there is no equity. I have decided that I am just going to abandon the house as soon as I get the money ahead to move on. And no, nothing will be in my name every again. I will rent lodging and automobile then.

  19. There are going to be people who are dis-satisfied with anything presented by anyone describing how to escape the Matrix. Some of them may be trolls, others just discouraged from previous failed attempts.

    However, in my opinion, pro-active violence in any manner is not the way; pro-active violence only seals our soul's fate with violent karmic payback & all that comes with it. Pro-active violence is not the answer to anyone advocating such a recourse. Plus, it only fuels the Matrix as proof they need a bigger Matrix.

    1. One last thing: Anna, thank you & your team so much for the blood, sweat & tears spilled over uncovering the intricacies of this evil Matrix & eradicating ourselves from it. Your efforts have not fallen on deaf ears! Thank you & God Bless you all!

  20. I first heard about the BC thing this past July and since have been reading as much as I can, when I can. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I'm wanting to understand the ramifications of actually taking this process step by step. Nothing seems too crazy about this. My biggest concern would be our mortgage. How do we handle the mortgage once we deregister everything? Doesn't that mortgage keep us hooked in? Do we get/take control of the treasury direct accounts and get to use that money for the mortgage??? The mortgage is our ONLY debt. Has anyone looked at They seem to have TONS of information, with a step by step process guide as well. Similar, yet different. So many alternative news sources talking about global financial reset AND that most/all states have reestablished common law status (like Michigan) and the military has separated from the cabal.... so do we really need to do all this??? So many questions.....ugh!!! But, seriously Anna, thank you for all that you have done and are doing! :)

  21. I have an update of sorts regarding my situation with the IRS after they came after me relentlessly and placed liens to the hilt against my property to pay taxes on transactions whereby someone was using my name and SSN to trade stocks and bonds. The IRS has since refiled these liens TWICE! Now I don't know if it is because of the following letter and documentation (including copies of form 56 to Mnuchin and letters to IRS officials) I sent to the IRS, which also included copies of NOFTLs and court case, or because, in desperation, I went online and sent a help request to the Office of the President at the White House, but I received a letter from the IRS saying they needed 45 additional days to look into the matter (yada, yada, yada.) It has been 28 days since the date of their letter. Anyway, here is the content of my letter sent to the IRS CID at Covington, KY. I autographed it along with a red-ink thumb print I will update if this situation ever gets resolved.
    Dear IRS Associate:
    I am sending this packet to your IRS office because it is my understanding that 3 years after I was born, my birth certificate was monetized to provide funds to the United States Treasury, and that under HR192 of 1933, discharging one's part of the Public Debt through the IRS and United States Treasury is the only lawful way to balance a debt to zero.
    It is also my perception that this is possible because House Joint Resolution 192, June 5, 1933, established a check and balance within Statutory jurisdiction under the new bankruptcy system. It would, therefore, appear that each birth certificate is connected to a trust and an exemption account, and was to be claimed by the individual at the age of majority and used to discharge their debts, and that there is a Public exemption account represented by one's NAME in all capital letters and your Social Security Number with dashes: 000-00-0000. I have also read that there is also your Private exemption account held by the US Treasury with your human name, not in all capital letters, and your Social Security Number without dashes. It would appear that the original intention was that we were to use the private account to charge, and the public account to discharge debt and also provide the US Treasury with a means to pay down the National Debt. To this end I have surrendered my certified Birth Certificate to Mr. Steve Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury, with directions to generate a bond (RF 000 000 000 US) to accomplish this.
    Therefore, I am humbly requesting that the enclosed presentment documents be used to discharge certain debts assessed originally against my SSN (000-00-0000) by generating an SFR, even while I was in consultation with certain IRS personnel attempting to resolve an identity theft issue (which never actually got resolved. by the way.) I have endorsed three 1040-Vs to allow you to use for this and also to pay down the government's debt by a reasonable amount.
    If my stated understandings are not correct, please make the time from your busy work schedule time to let me know. But if my understandings are correct, and if any of these presentments included here are deemed to be deficient, please contact me to allow me to cure same.
    My Name, autograph with red-ink thumb print
    000000000 SS with no dashes
    my email address and phone number

    1. It has been over a year Jenny Wiley. What was the outcome to date??

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