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Friday, November 17, 2017

Communications About the Mess For the Military

By Anna Von Reitz

Part One  -- Uniformed Officers

According to the Field Manuals of the US ARMY/Army your branch of the service is responsible for "supervising" the Bar Association and its members.  This is further confirmed throughout Title 37 of the Federal Code.  They are considered "Uniformed Officers" and they are required to act under your direction, as are doctors, dentists, chiropractors, etc. 

So let's stop the play-acting and pretension that you fellows don't have the responsibility for what is going on in the courts in this country, because you obviously and self-admittedly do.  

I am permanently domiciled on the land and soil of the Wisconsin state where I was born in 1956 and where my Mother was born in 1920 and where my Grandfather was born in 1865 and where my Great-Grandfather homesteaded beginning in 1854. 

I have never worked for nor been dependent upon the federal government in my life. I am engaged in no federally regulated profession or occupation. I am an innocent Third Party American civilian who has been harmed by the misadministration of the US Army and US ARMY and its supervision of the activities of the Bar Association and its members on my soil and their usurpations and presumptions made against my person and my property. 

You want to claim that you are occupying my land as part of your mandate to protect the peace and preserve the persons and property of the civilian population of this country?

I am here to inform all of you that you are doing a piss poor job and failing in that aim and that correction must be made to achieve that end. 

I am also fulfilling my duty to report crime to the authorities responsible for protecting our persons and our property. 

I am also here to make sure that you know who I am, know that I am here living in Alaska, that I have given Notice to the Secretary of State and the Wisconsin Secretary of State and am now also properly informing the Adjutant General responsible for keeping the records and the Port Authorities responsible for maintaining my egress treaty. 

My American Trade Name is Anna Maria Riezinger and I own it and all its forms and derivatives including all those variations being used by the federal corporations and agencies.  My claims are plainly stated on the public records of this state and the State of Wisconsin and the State of Illinois and if anyone has any claim that I am not Anna Maria Riezinger and not a native-born American and not owed all the guarantees and protections of the Wisconsin Constitution and the Wisconsin Statehood Compact and am not a Protected Person under international law and am not owed the security and peace of my "vessels" and their "cargo" -- then Mister, you better come forward to me with your proof and your counter-complaint right about NOW, because I am thoroughly fed up with all this mischaracterization of me, my husband, my son, and our position with respect to our nationality and non-citizen political status and also fed up with the harassment and privateering and illegal press-ganging being carried out by members of the Bar and doctors acting as undeclared Uniformed Officers on our shores--- all of which you fellows are supposed to be overseeing and in all cases supposed to be protecting and preserving our persons and our property. 

Am I making myself clear? 

Though it passes through the pockets of lots of middle men-- bankers, Popes, Queens, and even "International Organizations" -- I am one of those paying for your "services" and I am not paying to be misidentified and pillaged as a foreign combatant, shallow-hulled vessel, special purpose vehicle, foreign grantor trust, Puerto Rican ESTATE trust, public transmitting utility or any of the other horseshit you have all cobbled together as a means to fleece and oppress the American Public. 

We aren't the ones in bankruptcy -- not now, not ever. We are your actual, factual employers.

The sooner you all realize that FACT and start fulfilling your mandate to protect our persons and our property, the better off everyone concerned it going to be.

So I repeat -- I am here to report crime taking place in this Federal District.  These crimes are being perpetuated by members of the American and Alaskan Bar Associations acting under the supervision and oversight of the US Army.  Further crimes are being committed by Uniformed Officers who deceptively appear to be civilians but who are also under the operational control of the US Army. 

Now stop trying to tell me that all this horseshit shoved in my face is actually a bouquet of roses.

Finally, I am coming to you to make sure that you and the Adjutant General and all other members and parties and officers and employees of all federal branches of service including the federated states of states operating on our soil are fully aware that any presumed "interregnum" of the government of the people, for the people, and by the people owed the entire land jurisdiction and the reserved powers in international jurisdiction ---is at an end.  

The government of the actual unincorporated Body Politic of The United States of America is back on the land and moving to restore order and end the criminality to which this entire population has been subjected thanks to deliberate criminal mis-characterization of the people and plundering of property entrusted to the care of the US Army under international treaty and Executive Order. 

The Adjutant General bears a primary responsibility for keeping accurate and honest records and I am here to correct the records he has about me and my family. 

What he does with the crime report and what you do with it is your duty and business.  I have it all wrapped up and tied with a bow on the proper military forms as an affidavit to the Provost Marshall recorded on the land jurisdiction of the Matanuska-Susitna County and the State of Alaska Land Recorder's Office. 

I simply wish to hand deliver it and other supporting documents and answer any questions you may have. 

Part 2:  Status Report

This is an article published and available on my Facebook Page.  It is designed to bring people up to speed concerning the Great Fraud committed against us.  If you have been doddering around assuming that this is all a "civilian matter" and that it has nothing to do with misconduct and dereliction of duty by the military, think again.  As I informed you yesterday, these "Uniformed Officers" who appear to be working in civilian capacities as undeclared Foreign Agents--- both the courts and the doctors who are being used as the tools to defraud the American states and people--- are supposed to be "supervised" by the Army and regulated by the Coast Guard.   So get to it.  Now.  If you want to get paid and look at yourselves in the mirror---- take action to defend your actual, factual employers.  And remember--- without our land jurisdiction, you have no delegated sea jurisdiction to play in.  So you had better jolly well hop to it and defend us and defend our claims to our land jurisdiction or you will have nobody and nothing to come home to.  

Property, Property Taxes, and the Whole Picture to Date
I have taken on the task of trying to consolidate everything to date for you. It's a long article and I don't want to be bombarded with questions of "How do I.....?" -- I want you all to sit down, look at the situation described, and begin figuring things out. Just be quiet, take it all in, and think, think, think---- for yourselves. This is the first step toward being free of all this B.S. ---- recognize how arbitrary, false, and silly most of this is, like a children's game played in deadly earnest by adults. Unfortunately, most Americans have been playing Chess while their employees have been playing Parcheesi --- which requires you to learn the new game, which then ultimately allows you to either (1) win the game, and/or (2) flip the table and play whatever game you want to play. They can make you play Parcheesi or you can make them play Chess--after all, they are your employees.
Our identity has been stolen. That resulted in us being reclassified as "US citizens" -- as if we were government employees or as if we had been born in Puerto Rico.
This then affected our ability to own land in the states, because "foreigners" can't actually live here, they can only "reside" here.
Instead, foreigners can have a long-term lease here and be tenants.
So that is how you are identified -- as a tenant on your own land, with the State of Whatever as your landlord. Because you are misidentified in the public record, your land holdings are also misidentified and placed into one of three categories: residential, industrial, or agricultural, when your land of any sort should be classified as private property.
As long as you and your land are both misidentified, you will be taken for a "tax payer" and as a "subscriber" and as a "public vessel" and as a "resident" and everything you think of as yours will in fact be owned by and controlled by an organization of interlopers callings themselves the "State of Oregon" or the "State of Michigan".
First order of business then, is to get yourself back into the right category, and identify yourself as an American state national, not a "US citizen". This is more difficult than it looks, because the perpetrators of this scheme have made it difficult, yet to enjoy the benefits of their perfidy they have had to leave the door open for you, too.
That's why there is always remedy available to those who diligently search.
Two layers of "government organizations" have placed these ugly claims on your name and estate. The first of these, known as the Territorial United States, seized hold of the copyright of your name on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, and then used that as a means to seize upon all your other property, too. They excused this Breach of Trust after the bogus "Civil War" ---which was never a war, but an illegal commercial action on our shores--- in the name of Public Safety to ensure the peace after the "rebels" were defeated. A hundred and fifty years later they are still attempting to use this excuse for stealing control of your name and estate by announcing "wars" against drugs, wars against this and wars against that. It's all bull, but it serves the purpose of continuing to excuse their inexcusable usurpation against the American states and people.
Where is the door?
The Expatriation Act of July 1868 allows you to sign an Act of State and go back to your original status as an American born on the land of an actual state of the Union.
But remember, they have already seized control of your Given Name, which is also known as a "Trade Name" in their system of things, and they have copyrighted it by "registering" your "birth/berth".
How do you correct that?
Well, their own records --- all those resulting "Certificates of Live Birth"--- show that you, the living man, were actually born on a specific day, like August 14, 1967, but the THING named after you wasn't registered until a few days or weeks afterward---- on the (de) filing date which is also shown. This results in a situation in which the living man has a birth-day and the ESTATE they created "for" him has a birth-date.
There are two peaceful ways out of this box. The first, and the route that I have chosen, is to object to their presumption of trusteeship and usufruct status, return the Birth Certificate (it's actually an insurance indemnity receipt so you are making an insurance claim for the return of your vested interest in your own estate), and copyright your own name by recording it as an Assumed Name with the land recording office in your county. Every State of State in the Union has statutes about Assumed Names, also known as Business Names, also known as Trade Names, which retain your Common Law Copyright rights....... ah, so..... go back and correct the "mistake" and claim your own Trade Name and copyright it effective with your actual birth-day. This predates their claim by a few days or weeks, so you are finally identified as the true party of interest and Holder in Due Course.
They had to leave this door open, in order to profit from all this chicanery themselves.
Now you are Master of your own "vessel" and nobody can say otherwise, and if they infringe on your copyright in an effort to defraud you, you can call them on it in no uncertain terms with the proof of your recorded Common Law copyright to shove in their astonished faces. Oh, my, Matilda, the horses can talk and the sheep can dance! And their own published documents are the evidence of all this deceit and will-to-plunder.
The second route, which recently opened up and which by mistake, has become yet another tool for the rats to use against you, is PARSE SYNTAX grammar.
As I recently discussed--- one enterprising American found his way out of the their maze by creating a new name for himself using (arguably) correct grammar principals as his justification. He left his Given Name which was "Russell Jay Gould" behind and adopted a new name with new punctuation: "Russell-Jay:Gould". This created a separation between their "person" operated as "RUSSELL JAY GOULD" or "RUSSELL J. GOULD" and his newly created persons "Russell-Jay:Gould" and "Russell-J:Gould". It has, thus far, created a lasting protective barrier between the living man and the predatory corporations, and if you adopt his system and use PARSE SYNTAX, it can protect you, too.
The problem is that they have turned around and seen it as a new secret language they can operate in and use to defraud you. This is precisely the problem that Russell and I spent five days discussing in Texas. It now becomes necessary for everyone to learn PARSE SYNTAX so that you can defend yourselves in the venue of international law and commerce.
The vermin responsible for all this fraud and rot have had a long tradition of using "Federal Code" --- think of actual coded language as in "Code Book" --- combined with "Legal-ese", the language of the lawyers, both of which attach special uncommon meanings to common words to form coded communications which are then used to defraud innocent Americans. The idea of using PARSE SYNTAX grammar for the same purpose was a no-brainer for these rats and they have eagerly accepted it.
According to Russell, this is their new backdoor trick. If you don't present your claims in PARSE, they ignore them.
Improper grammar, they snort. Incorrect punctuation. Throw it out. Ho-hum. Mere gibberish.....
Well, so is Swahili gibberish to a non-Swahili, and French makes no sense to someone from Iceland who hasn't studied French. As long as American English is our official language and it has its own punctuation and style conventions, PARSE has to be viewed as a foreign language from our perspective, just like Legalese, Italian, and Dutch. Russell justifies it in terms of being "correct" according to principles of math and logic, but as he also had to admit --- it's just as easy to lie in the language of math as it is to lie using any system of symbolic communication. Such a system only has to be consistent within the framework of its own declared assumptions to be "correct", so, correctness--- as we say in physics--- is in the "givens".
Russell is a righteous man, so he naturally sees the Truth in PARSE. The men we are dealing with naturally see it --- and use it---for the exact opposite purposes.
There are advantages to identifying the foreign languages these vermin have been using against us. We have spent years breaking their codes and learning their lingo, so learning PARSE SYNTAX is just the latest challenge, but there is even more profound value in identifying whatever they are throwing at us as foreign language. "Foreign" to us means exactly that---- and serves to make the distinction between Americans and "US citizens" more obvious. RUSSELL-J:GOULD is never going to be recognized as a Proper Noun in American English. The style, form, and punctuation clearly identifies it as PARSE and implies the grammar that goes with it. That alone is a giant step forward toward honesty and truth in commerce.
People will need to make their own decisions about how best to crack the nut and what tools to use to crack it. I think that the strongest tools we have are our own values and sense of justice. No matter what language something is expressed in, whether the grammar is correct or not, we all know when something is unfair. We all recognize the criminality of trespassing on someone else's assets. And a lie however it is expressed is still a lie.
Picture the scene: Commander Gould and I seated at my kitchen table, both heads bowed. We daily struggle with all that is false and selfish and small-minded in human nature, in ourselves and in others----but at the same time, we have a glimpse of something in Mankind that is glorious and fine and generous, a part of All That Is.
In the days to come, I recommend that everyone work hard to take advantage of the "exits" that still exist in the standing law, working backwards to (1) claim and record your Common Law copyright to your name however it is styled, ordered, formed, or expressed, and then (2) issuing an Act of Expatriation and recording that as a Deed with the State Secretary of State. If there is anyone out there who is willing to fund the effort, the Living Law Firm can ferret out the statutes guaranteeing Common Law Copyrights in all fifty of the States of States. We can develop effective Acts of State. We can get it all translated into PARSE SYNTAX so the rats have no excuse. We don't have the manpower, but we could hire enough paralegals and PARSE experts to get it done.
The first step reclaims your copyright interest in your own name (and therefore all the assets attached to it) and puts you in control of it, and the second step uncouples the "presumption" of "residency" and "US citizen" status being associated with your name. The first action gives you the key to unlock the door, the second allows you to walk through the door and lock it behind you. The third action-- translation into PARSE-- gives them no wiggle room to ignore anything you have done.
There are some additional niceties to be observed. Once you reclaim your name and your proper political status you will need to notify the authorities responsible-- the Port Authority for your area (Coast Guard Commandant) and the Adjutant General (responsible for keeping and updating proper records) and the US Postmaster General. There are actually seven (7) Postmaster and Post Master offices, but you address it to the Postmaster General as he is in charge of the military end of things and is the actual Commander of the Coast Guard and Adjutant General's Office in the Territorial Government that you have to notify about the changes in your status.
If you intend to conduct any kind of business outside your state of the Union you will need to post an Indemnity Bond with the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, and if you go offshore to conduct business of any kind you will need to notify the U.S. Secretary of State and give them notice.
We all need to become very much more aware of the "occupation" of the U.S. Army and the misconduct that has gone on in the international jurisdiction since the so-called American Civil War. By becoming aware and doing our due diligence we can save the world from criminality and predators. We can also exercise our God-given rights and enjoy our privacy and not be harassed.
Going right along with this aim, we all need to learn the "latest and greatest" foreign code---- PARSE SYNTAX---- and use it as Russell intended it to be used, as a defense against falsehood and tyranny.
Once you have yourself free and clear and beyond the reach of the vermin and their false claims against you, you can easily deal with the issue of Property Taxes and Income Taxes being imposed by foreign governments via false presumption and deceit. Once you can be recognized as a natural-born American state national, you can go to the Tax Assessor and claim back your land as the landlord exercising your "reversionary trust interest" ---- and demand that it be listed as private property and not annexed as residential, industrial, or agricultural property belonging to the State of State.
If like millions of Americans you still have a mortgage, you have "issues" to resolve. American state nationals are not eligible for mortgages. You are the actual landlords, so any mortgage credits to be applied under any tenancy agreement has to be paid to you, not taken from you. American state nationals are not eligible for Social Security, either, and you should have never been enrolled. American state nationals don't require or use marriage licenses. And though they are imposed "in the interests of public safety", American state nationals are not required to use driver licenses, either, unless they are engaged in some business or trade that makes use of the public roads for private gain --- commercial trucking operations, taxi and courier services, etc.
The foregoing mish-mash in which you have mistakenly enrolled or taken part in or been coerced to participate in programs meant for "US citizens" results in a lot of entanglements and potential controversies based on adhesion contracts. You were not told that these offers and programs were only for "US citizens" and you were not given full disclosure about which kind of "US citizen" was eligible and other aspects of these sugar-coated lumps of rabbit feces, either. As a result the contracts are invalid. Now what?
We are at the beginning of trying to settle such issues with the organizations responsible.
Those who actually own their homes, ranches, etc., free and clear of mortgage debts can go to the Title Company and request a Certificate of Redemption. They can then correct the Deed and Title to their assets, issue an Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-Conveyance of Deed, transferring the property back to Stanton County Oregon or Pierce County Idaho or wherever else it is located and defining it as a private land parcel, tax-exempt, and described as....... "according to metes and bounds established by this Deed....." and as further described as Number 452 Pickle-Lovers Lane (copyright symbol) --- whatever name you make up to describe your parcel--- belonging to Ted and Marcia (or Bill and Alice or....) Johnson, c/o Post Box 39980 in AnyState, blah, blah, blah. You record your deed in plain simple American English on page with the local land recording office, and you clearly "post" your land with the international black and white sign and "Private Property" signs.
The federal vermin have to recognize your claims, because their own claims depend on your land claims: without a land jurisdiction, they don't have a delegated sea jurisdiction. And they are even motivated and grateful to see your claims appearing on the land recording district offices, because it is beginning to dawn on them that without us, they are nothing. Without us, they are open to seizure as pirates. Without us, all their State of State claims blow away in the wind.
They will still try to play their "You Can't See Me" games using PARSE SYNTAX as the excuse. It is therefore important to learn PARSE and follow up with a Corollary Deed written in PARSE and added to the land record so that they can't discount or "mistake" your meaning about any of this anymore. This would be the equivalent of re-writing your Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-Conveyance of Deed in a foreign language and recording that for the benefit of the speakers who use that language. A properly translated PARSE deed serves notice to the vermin that the jig is up and that you know what they are doing.
So at last you can achieve that much-desired end of having your employees leave you and your assets alone, and forcing them to get back to work doing the job you hired them to do---- protecting you and your assets instead of bullying, attacking, and robbing you.
And wouldn't that be a nice change of direction?
This is a long read and explanation of the circumstance and there are still a lot of things up in the air, but the basic outlines of the situation and the proper steps needed to deal with the Mess as it stands are becoming clear. I cannot stress enough that this whole circumstance is a process --- not a single step, but many steps. They've been diddling around with this for 150 years. You can't expect to overcome it all in an afternoon.
You need to think it through in a logical sequence and then reverse that sequence. It is a Maxim of Law that "as a THING is bound, so it is unbound". Well, THINGS, here is your chance.
Reverse their claim and copyright of your name and estate by over-riding with a guaranteed Common Law Copyright pre-dating their claim. Record that. Give notice to the Coast Guard and Adjutant General and U.S. Postmaster General. Reverse their presumption that you are a US citizen with an Act of State returning your name and estate to Wisconsin, Minnesota, or wherever you came from. Record that. Give Notice to the State Secretary of State and U.S. Secretary of State. Reverse their unspoken claim that your land belongs to their franchise operating as a State of State and belongs to a "resident" and is either "residential, industrial, or agricultural" land. Correct the Deed. Record that. Give notice to the Tax Assessor and demand that your parcel be designated as private property and as tax exempt.
Learn PARSE and bring a Notice of the Fact written in PARSE as a translation of your claims and rebuttals and deeds. Record that. If they even think about messing with you, they will see that translation provided for their understanding and go away, far, far away.
So, now, at the end of all this--- you are back on solid ground and the sharks have to remain in the sea. You are home at last. The snail is on his thorn. And the pick-pockets are on the run. If you are an honest and peaceful man, that's what you wanted all along. Be willing to give that to other people, even those you consider to be enemies, and your own peace is assured.
The Rule of Love always overcomes the Rule of Law.

---- Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

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  1. Judge Anna, do any of these people you send letters to even understand what you are talking about..Lets just say i was the superior Army General you just sent that letter to. Then lets say i never knew or wanted to know the real truth about anything because i got married early had 5 kids to take care of who all have needs and problems, then all of a sudden i get a letter like that who isnt a Senator or other high ranking person that has power over him, what do you think he will do with that letter...!! His first question would be...who the hell is this lady and what the hell is she ranting about...remember, he is absoluty clueless as to the terms you are using just like the other 99% of the population..!! So far, it doesnt look like you have gotten any responses back from most of your letters or you would have posted them.. Your letter would have a tremendous affect if he actually understood what you were talking about and you had higher ranking(in their world) than him..But as a citizen/slave which they all think we are , you will never change their mind on how things work....NEVER!! But that said, it was a very good letter...!! You should have "bonded" it...then maybe he would take you seriously..!! It always has to cost them money before they will even try to understand...send them a bill and give him 30 days to answer, and if he doesnt than just go to the county recorders office and file a lein for aquiesence and subsequint defalt for not answering your always has to involve money or it will only hit the circular file if you know what i mean....."MONEY, JUDGE ANNA!! ITS THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES ANYONE DO ANYTHING..THE ONLY THING...!!!

    1. From Anna:

      Well, pardon me all to Hell, but I have to assume that nobody reaches the rank of Adjutant General in the US Army without reading the Field Manual. And it very clearly and very early in the book mentions this particular duty of "supervising" the Bar. They rely on the Office of the Provost Marshal to do it, and the Provost Marshals do diddly jackshit because, guess what? They are all members of the Bar. So foxes are guarding the hen house, as usual, and the people are suffering for it. If you saw one percent of the suffering that I hear about and witness on a daily basis, you wouldn't be asking what I am "ranting about"--- you'd be wondering in your soul why everybody in this whole damned country wasn't ranting at those actually responsible for this situation! Yes, and "money"--- or the illusion of it, is what makes the world go round--- guess what? These men are getting their paychecks out of my pocket and yours. We are the Source of their income. We are their actual employers. And they are on contract to protect and defend our persons and our property and they are screwing us and allowing these foreign vermin to pick out pockets, harass us, bring false claims against our persons and our property, and every other vile criminal activity on our shores when they are not even supposed to be here!!!!

      Mad? You goddamn right, I'm mad. When someone I hire to tend my rose garden cuts it down and hands me the bill, I will kick their asses to Kingdom Come and you had better believe it. Just watch me.

    2. I have to agree with you James! Awesome letter, but the public has been so dumned down, that most of this will not make sense to 99 +%
      We have to wake und smell the coffee and realize how we have been manipulated all our lives! Our so called Leaders are all shielding us from the Truth. I would bet that they don't even know what Anna is talking about. We're learning and I have to thank Anna for her steadfast Belief and Courage!

    3. Something tells me you were a real scrapper in high school judge Anna..!! Well at least i finally hit a nerve that finally got you to respond to my comment judge Anna..Dont get me wrong..I agree with you 100 %... and trust me when i say, i have seen the misery up close and personal when i spent time in should hear some of the stories in there..the courts have litteritly destroyed peoples(truely good people) lives over a stupid "traffic ticket"..!! There was a young guy, about 25, in there doing time for forgetting to answer or pay a ticket on time, which went to warrent. This kid comes from a very close hispanic family. He worked for the "Register Newspaper" for 10 years and made enough money and credit to buy his mother and himself a new home..!! Right after he bought it, the court had him arrested and brought before the judge to answer for that ticket.. Im not sure what transpired but the judge gave him 30 days in jail for that ticket.. While he was in their, he found out that his employer "fired" him for not calling or they didnt think it was worth keeping him if they had to wait 30 days for him to return...he felt so bad for his mother, after just buying her a new home, only to lose both it and his job just because of a traffic ticket...!! Meanwhile, i just found out the other day on am radio, that when someone gets arrested in L.A. for assult or any other misdemeanor which the judge gave him 180 for, he was released the next day from the L.A. main jail, because they just have way to many arrestees in there to deal with..But not in Orange County..!! They make damn sure you do your time in OC. Someone in my group who has been through this a number of times told me, jim dont ever think that just because there may be overgrowding in our jails here, they wont make more room for you hear.. In OC there is always a bed awaiting you here...And by now you know my story..!! The point im trying to make is that most of the takeover of our courts and country really started around the time we were born, in 1953..!! Are these Adjutant Generals 70 years old..!! Probably, which means they were never taught either. And making the military his carear in life, he is definately "born again" HARD..!! They only know one thing...the chain of command and will never recognize "us" as their superiors. Ive worked with a 20 year military man when i worked wastewater treatment... He had a absolute "Distain" for anything "Civilian". He maintains that they are all weak and undisaplined.

    4. And a lot of them are.. they show up late a lot without calling, then they call in constantly sick with something, and other excuses for not coming to wirk or completely a task..!! The are spoiled "milliliums" who dont want to work, go to school, or learn anything except what interest the newest version of the latest computer game..!! So, this is not a personal thing..they honestly believe that while they ultimately work for Americas protection, they only take orders from the white house and "Chiefs of State". We have to convince the person the "Adjutant General" answers too, because hes the highest up in the so important "Chain of Command" in the industrial military set up.. But trust me when i say, i know your frustration with these people..if i had not gone to college , but went to work right after high school, got married, and had a few kids, i probably would never know myself what is going on today..!! Right now our "remedies" have come down to two choices...1) sue them somehow so the facts come out or 2) "CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE" in mass..!! Because the courts provide the perfect cover(the WALL/separation) between us and the Corp State. How are you going to enforce you notice to the General of the Army or anyone else, when half their system takes advantage of us, while the other half protects them from doing it...!! The only way that General, or any other high ranking military official will obey that order is if the "ORDER" comes directly from the court..!!

  2. Anna, Speak truth to the military through a verified affidavit served on them that must be acted upon. How about that? If it is left unrebutted it stands as a contract in commerce. Now you have created public policy in the public record. You know the drill Anna.... Writing letters without administrative process have no leverage and call to action. You are missing a space in the name Russell-Jay: Gould (I studied with David-Wynn: Miller for 4 years starting in 1998) Gould is a student of Miller. HeartLightLove~PRK

    1. Thomas, leave a space and the devil slips something in there; give him a gap and he takes it; never-mind, its all dog-latin, occult, spell-binding; it is what you declare it be;
      The decree of the sovereign makes law;
      We give deep gratitude for Paul and Anna for their sacrifices; We know that education is the most powerful weapon the peaceful can use to bring about change;
      Instead of discrediting, let us add positively;
      The next step is to notify all and sundry; believe us, they read it; they get it; it works; we have many stories to tell, but education is more important, right now; there needs to be more of you taking action; do the 5 steps to emancipation; use the word search at; we have adapted the process for South Africa; other countries ought to do the same; since we began notifying our government, they already are much more cautious;

      Form a local jural assembly; or, join your local common law grand jury; prepare a case; choose your target; summons them; try them before a jury in their absence; get an arrest warrant; notify your marshals; if, they fail to help, call up your own marshals; involve your veterans here; form local militias; make sure that you can prove all the way that you have exhausted all means for redress; but, this part is not for the faint-hearted; one must be prepared to do time; like Thomas Deagan did; bless him for his bravery;

      Otherwise, start a referendum: Is the current system of governance based on the will of the people? Yes? or No?

      With 100 000 signatures, one can start making changes; not a petition, a referendum; not online, wet ink; do some homework on the topic, but it is doable;

      People, if, you could only knew your true power and the power of the word; your decrees reach even the highest heavens; know you not that you are "gods"? That you are eternal souls having a hue-man experience? And, not just hue-mans with barely a thought for the soul; so, consider where your breath of life comes from; that's where your true remedy lies; in peace;

    2. From Anna:

      The underlying recorded affidavit has been sent to the Office of the Provost Marshal via Registered Mail. I am now going to deliver it by hand with Witnesses to the Fact.

      As for PARSE, I will learn it and use it to communicate with the Federales but I will never speak PARSE or write poetry in PARSE and it will never be the official language of The United States of America.

      So from my perspective the more foreign and obviously foreign the whole Federal corporate giddy-up is, the better.

  3. JFK.stood up to this mob british/CIA/Mossad.they framed the militias for the Oklahoma City bombing killing children .but control media is got Thair boots on our throat
    The charlettville,V.A.was to two fold frame the far right,and make sure we don't unite that was the term unite the right.
    Twitter is under new format of censorship it was becoming a echo chamber for nationalist .lots of heavy weights like trump .
    We still have talk shows that although have endless DOS.attack we communicate . I know face flags are endless Los Vegas was a face flag actors rapped in sheets playing cards waiting on the cue to jump on a gurney and preening for the camera , local hospitals said no gun shot you mean the drill?but operatives hype it so ppl. Belive.
    Had high hopes for governor Abbott but sold out. Our best is looking at bulkinization.breaking up into like Muslim no go zones.however in Sweden rapugees, can like England exercise superior rights and get get out of jail free cards ,free room and board &cash.
    We are fighting a NWO./ZOG that will use false flag , courts , IRS.we must separate into camps.check out of the federal club .and become a hard target .

  4. Trump and sessions can't take them down how is a low profile person going to put a dent in Thair. Corporate machine? Back up regroup in community protected by constitutional sheriff and a deputized. Militia .
    They have to take trump down spineless sessions is next using and statutes corperat/maritime law used on vessels our birthcitificate.

    1. bubba, Sessions is a turncoat, liar, fake xtian. He recuses himself from doing his job. Its becoming very obvious he has been bought off. He needs to be fired pronto. He has the backbone more suitable for gradeschool janitor.

  5. Every venture to be successful must have a MANUAL, a "how exactly" to do it. The Army manual is an example. Machinery has an operating manual so somebody OTHER THAN the inventor can operate it successfully. Without a guide, manual, templates, detailed explanations "WE" cannot do anything to turn our government around. Only NUMBERS will impress them with correctly executed documents. OTHERWISE, we will just see exciting generalities by those in the, and time will eventually eliminate even them. Sad, but true.

    1. Even MANUALS are of no use anymore, because no one really reads them or abides by them..!! This whole system is on automatic. Teachers in every field from medicine to the military are simply doing what the previous generation did before it, which was mistaught to them..until someone finally does some research on their own and discovers the truth which by that time no one believes or just dont care.....its the way of the world as they say..!!

    2. its worse than that. part of the theory of "the internet" (now tablets, cell phones, etc.) was that "the brain is for processing, not storage"...

      not so evil in and of itself, but they purposely don't teach "facts" can just look them up (of course, what student does anything they dont "have to" ?)

      see, free PDF, or she might have some unabridged remaining "american deception" has some good stuff too.

      "whole system" is literally at the "brainwashing" model of education at this point...children's TV shows are sound and music "conditioning" ... imagine if "education" was ran on the theory of "slot machines" ...a nice little "ding" sound when you get something "correct"...

      they purposely want a system of "automatic responses" so they can "program" people....not a joke, has gone on a long time. technology has simply made it more efficient, but long time coming. dewey and many others essentially had a "state socialism" the sense of "people are here to serve the state, which will mold them how we want them" . john taylor gatto believe has a book re: "education" too.

      much of these things can be traced to skull and bones, so-called "illuminists"...all the same thing basically. they like to "manage" people for their own ends. antony sutton skull and bones book talks a little about such things too.

    3. i should say, part of the theory of "education" was that "in the future" with "computers everywhere" ... noone would need to memorize any "facts" anymore.

      you can just look them up if you need to.

      it somewhat makes sense...but they went full-bore on "let's program people to be our servants!"

      they purposely "educated" people that way. it is no accident. it somewhat makes sense. but, they literally are at the "brainwash your own people" stage nowadays.

      not just propaganda/hyperbole. it is "mastery learning" (many other names too, like everything else they do, they change the name and just keep right on doing it).

      a video game is one thing...imagine that was the entire "education" system.

      bells and whistles and "great job!" when you do good, withhold the "reward" stimulus when you do "bad".

      they think we are their dogs to be broken and trained and "rewarded" when we comply.

    4. when you get into "neurolinguistic programming" (NLP)_ and such there is "verbal" programming too.

      it is not 100% evil perhaps...someone just wanting
      to learn a topic can listen to an audio cassette and there is no harm per se.

      but it is a different story "lets program chicks to take off their clothes"...when people start using techniques on other people, without their permission or knowledge, is where it gets into satanic territory

      modern technology just makes things worse.

      you wont believe me until you meet such a person. modern "management" techniques are of similar variety. see for example "total quality management"

      even "churches" do it nowadays. it is all the same basically "the government is god" is perhaps the unspoken assumption.

    5. they essentially program the "teachers" too, and weed people who don't "perform" properly out.

      any "teacher" who refuses to use such methods, is already gone.

  6. I have noted some statements from one of Anna's recent articles (deleted here for lack of allowable space). In the Constitution that I have access to (via the Cato Institute), it doesn't mention the British government at all. This Article I Section 8 Clause 17 is referring to the Legislative powers of the US Congress. Nor is the British government mentioned in Article IV, nor Amendment X. Please clarify the source of this info re the British government. I do notice that my copy of the Constitution is titled as the Constitution of the United States of America; and I have never seen a copy of a Constitution for the united States of America. The question comes to my mind, though; Who, after fighting a war for independence with an adversary, would then give that same entity control of the their Military?! If the founders of this nation were as intelligent as we have been led to believe, this is totally inconsistent for them to allow such policy. I can imagine how it could have gradually developed through the incorporation of the Federal Government and its Satellite States of States. I have also heard it and read that a Constitution is by definition a "debt instrument". I think that it is not automatically so, that it can be "Constituted" however its authors wish it to be, and does not have to be a debt instrument. My Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary has a fairly complete defining of the word which has no mention or implication of debt within it. I would like to know where that concept came from.
    Also, considering the Preamble to the US Constitution of 1789-'91, does this not establish the People as the Embodiment of the Sovereignty of this United States of America, de jure (Major),as well as that of their State of Domicile, and the inherent Authority to correct our problems if they would just come together with an agreeable plan to do it?
    The Declaration of Independence precedes the US Constitution and includes the right of the People to Secure our unalienable Rights that include (but are not limited to) Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness; -- "That whenever any Form of Government become destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them seem most likely to effect their Safety & Happiness".
    Why not use our Founding Documents as the base of action since it is most reasonable and since all of these usurpers are supposed to have taken Oaths to Protect and Defend the Constitution, etc. This Constitution has never been rescinded, has it? But Our Action must also be carried out in the Law of the Land Jurisdiction, the Common Law with its Simplicity and Principles of its Maxims. I realize that some are making that effort in Michigan and elsewhere, but many People in our area, (which includes Anna's Domicile as well), who are well aware of the Common Law, are hesitant to come together for such effort. If not now, When may I ask?? Since the Common Law Jurisdiction is a separate one from the Admiralty/Maritime, then, at least for now, let them never come together until We get our act back on track in Peace. Then from what I have heard from some of the People in Michigan, according to a document Titled "Corpus Juris Secundum", when the Common Law is in place to deal with public and governmental affairs, the De Facto must, so to speak, step aside.
    It seems to me that the more complex we make the recovery, the less likely that we will be successful. People tend to avoid unnecessary complexity, and the existing de facto has been taking full advantage of that fact; it is a part of their modus operandi.
    What think you, my Fellow Countrymen and Women? Thank you.

    1. Yes, keep it simple; so, the U.S. Constitution is hearsay; the witnesses are dead; maxim - The witnesses being dead, the truth of charters must of necessity be referred to the country, i. e., a jury.

      Draw up a new Declaration and Bill of Rights; get all jural assemblies to agree; hold a referendum; by, for and of the people;

      Let bygones be bygones; government is vacant; law of the land is vacant; so, fill it; nature abhors a vacuum; in peace

    2. Grand jury's were formed in all 50 states back in 09/10. A New Declaration was signed /sealed (thumbprint)and then allegedly delivered/presented to each STATE of STATE Governor, with the alleged promised direction, backing/support of high ranking military generals. This action was infiltrated by a defacto government actor "patriot" wearing a GODly mask to LEAD and instruct the newly formed jury's and Assembly's to do his and employers (exposed as UN Security Council) bidding. It didn't take long for those with pure hearts to see this usurpation that had occurred, and how quickly the original intent of action/agenda was twisted and used to benefit a nefarious evil agenda instead. The people were used once again via signatures and seals to who knows what nefarious ends. All signatures/seals intended for the new declaration were "submitted" via instructions of said nefarious character, to one central location, so that all 50 states Come together. Grand jury members trusted this instruction. Huge mistake! Once that end was completed by all 50 state grand jury's the energy and direction became extremely secretive, controlled and limited. It became very evident that the jury members were merely being used as guided puppets to execute a contrary agenda. many abdicated on the public record, unfortunately many more didn't SEE what they had been used for even when the evidence presented itself, and was placed directly in front of them! they were so attached to their original intentions, they simply could not/refused to believe they had been deceived, again. It took the alleged "arrest" of this "leader" to get the remaining jury's that were kept busy/distracted with "busy work" spinning their wheels and of course, accomplish nothing, as intended by their new/old masters. Very sad. But many learned a very valuable lesson in discernment and trust and are much wiser today because of the experience. The past doesn't equal our future if we continue to learn and grow from the mistakes of our past and not repeat them.

    3. rrebel, I agree. This has all become way too complex, when, if we look at it from a simplified standpoint, it seems to me that all of this tyranny has been a Great Fraud. That is an understood fact, by now.
      So what baffles me is why then can this defacto gov. not be set aside entirely, and the new rightful gov. be put in place, thereby declaring all fraudulent things, null and void due to fraud. Why should any individual need to file a bunch of papers when the facts are already established?

      For example, when the Berlin Wall came down after many years, the people immediately became free to simply move east to west and west to east. They did not have to file any papers to do so. It was just a ''given'.
      So yes, rebel, I have concluded the same things; this is all growing way too many legs and making things complicated, rather than made Simple. The Great Fraud has now been exposed world wide, everyone knows it, everyone knows Fraud makes all this tyranny null and void and not worth the paper they are all written on.
      Seems to me a big paper shredder would solve the problem along with an Official Declaration of Freedom. And what seems to be lacking is a Uniformed Official Enforcement Authority to bring it about, in one fell swoop for everyone.
      It ought to be just this simple, instead of sparring back and forth with all these who are trying to play games with us, stretch this all out into eternity, throw obstacles in our path.
      Anna has proven this Great Fraud and it is irrefutable. Now it is time for Enforcement of it, and quit playing around with this. Keep it simple, get right to the point, aim for the jugular. Fraud and Treason are involved here, and many arrests are in order.

    4. From Anna:

      This is so common among Americans who think that "the Constitution" is the foundation of our government, when in fact, it is the "foundation" insomuch as one exists, of the foreign federal government. Our government pre-dates the "federal government" scheme created by the Constitution by fifteen years, and prior to that, the Common Law Government stretches back 200 years prior---- see the Mayflower Compact. Read it. Grasp what it says. You've been so brain-washed to keep your attention focused on "the Constitution" that you are missing the entire "forest" for that one "tree". The reason the British Government isn't mentioned in the Constitution is that at the sovereign level the British Government had already cut its deal using the treaty process and all the Constitution was designed to do was settle the nuts and bolts part of how the treaties were to be implemented.

      At the very top and at the very bottom of every process things are very, very simple indeed. Unfortunately, as the poet lamented, oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive----- and the middle ground where you and most other people are, is currently a miasma of criminality and deceit and "rules" being misapplied and values gone horribly astray.

    5. rational rebel: yes, but i would emphasize "we are running our peaceful land government" not "we are abolishing and destroying your imposter government"

      they will just shoot people who are at "war" with them.

      breach of trust == contract severed.

      contract with "feds" severed == "we the people" are free to run actual government, or choose something else.

      rational rebel: see "king george prince of the united states in 1783" -- that might give you a starting point re: at least one form of "united states" that was "british-managed"

      i believe "the pope" is "king" there, above the "prince". a king has a kingdom, an emperor (such as supreme roman pontiff) has kings and kingdoms.

      that is not the most "authoritative" website for sure, but original scans, you can track down further, you will at least have one document in the set you can find surrounding things.

    6. rational rebel: i could be way off...but just to back up my theory (which is completely true in general, just may be a different story for that particular document)

      but see also "last knights" clive owen movie, or perhaps any robin hood movie/book etc. perhaps even star wars.

      "the excellence of the common law" book.

      see those sites for how "pope" is "above" "king of england":

      an emperor (supreme pontiff) has kings. emperor > kings.

      that explains how "king george" can be "prince of the united states" ...there is an "emperor" above him. read the document referenced. his most holy etc. etc.

      i could be way off, but makes sense to me. king george is only "king" in that document with the "supreme pontiff's" permission.

      what i say is completely true, but whether that is reason for "prince of the united states" in that document is a different story. just saying it matches. emperor is clearly > king.

    7. point being, to say "vatican-mismanaged" and "british are to blame" are essentially the same thing, at least from the "vatican" side of things...the "king" is only there because the "pope" lets him be there...

      common lawyers of course, stated the surrender of "The king" to "the pope" was fraud/coerced. "the pope" stated "the king's" surrender to magna carta was fraud/coerced.

      so this has really gone on for 800 or so years...both sides claim the other side made "the king" surrender.

      "the king" is caught in the middle, "the pope" on one side, "the people" (or at least nobles) on the other.

      "as above, so below" in "mason"-talk.

      PRESIDENCY, n.
      The greased pig in the field game of American politics.

      Deny, v.t. See Hurl Back the Allegation.
      from "excellence of the common law" i learned part of "right to a speedy trial" includes "the king should not take the court with him and only stop in town every so often" ...

      point being, if "the feds" fail to run actual courts or provide funding, they are essentially behaving like a roaming "king" who travels the countryside, and you only get "court" for the one week his wagon is in town...

      part of "right to a speedy trial" includes "the court does not constantly move around" :)

    8. Abby: re:
      For example, when the Berlin Wall came down after many years, the people immediately became free to simply move east to west and west to east. They did not have to file any papers to do so. It was just a ''given'.
      see "perestroika deception" for a "that was deliberate" side of that story :)

      also, "red symphony" transcript, should be mandatory for anyone of any persuasions/political/economic beliefs.

      should be mandatory material for "capitalists" "socialists" "communists" or anyone to read and understand.

      i am no expert, too young...just saying...if there was no "opposition" that day, perhaps that was on purpose (whoever let it happen, and whatever the goals where)

    9. rational rebel: try "constitution"

      bouvier's law dictionary 1856 is very good for common law stuff, particularly "maxim"

      "the constitution of a contract, is the making of the contract" "as, the written constitution of a debt"

      that seems to be simply saying a "constitution" is "evidence" of a debt...hence, a "contract" is a "debt agreement" ... more accurately, of course, both sides should get something out of the arrangement...there must be "consideration" by both parties, both sides receive something in the exchange.

      so, it is a "debt" the "feds" owe us too. "bill of rights" is property of "we the people" -- the property we are owed (rights are property).

      "bill" of course has many meanings, but "list of things party A owes party B" should be well-known definition. a "bill of rights" .

    10. rational rebel: in other words, a "constitution" is like a "physical evidence" of a "contract" -- which naturally must include "debt" in the form of "consideration" that both sides give something and both sides receive something.

      (or, however many parties there are).

      so really, i would say "constitution" is just like a "physical manifestation" of a contract, and any contract naturally implies "debt" as well as "Credit" to both sides...both sides must give and receive something...

      apologies to rail on...but it seems very simple to me. a "constitution" is just physical manifestation/evidence of prior agreement.

      people must "agree" first, then they write up the "contract" and sign it to finalize it...

      "constitution" is generic "evidence of contract" other words, a written contract, not merely an unwritten implied/orally-expressed contract...

      a written constituttion of course is likely proof of a prior unwritten/implied/oral contract...

      "to ourselves and our posterity" of course just means successors inherit the "bill of rights" -- like any other property one might inherit. "rights" are property. see "maxim"

      it is said england has/had an "unwritten constitution" -- i.e. an unwritten agreement/contract. unspoken rules that everyone is supposed to "know" to follow.

    11. rational rebel: sorry to rail so hard on this, but simple to me.

      in reality, there is probably much arguing, perhaps months of mailing "revisions" back and forth, as "agreement" is reached.

      but i believe what bouviers "constitution" is hinting at is "physical manifestation" of a prior agreement...

      such a thing is perhaps more solid at law than "unwritten agreement"

      to "constitute" is "to give form to" ...

      in "masonic" new/old-agey terms, one might say, thought precedes all "forms" it is with "contracts" ...

      thus, the term "unwritten constitution" might seem backwards...thought comes first, then form.

      ('life is but a dream' would be new/old agey or "masonic". we are living inside "the creator's" dream you see :) he is dreaming us :) we are the stuff his dreams are made of :) )

      better term might be a "constitution" is "solidified thoughts" ...and "unwritten thoughts" we can just call "thoughts" which it is implied are "unwritten"

      i have said it before, i will say it again..."think like a mason" helps at least to understand how they do things :) thought precedes form.

      a "constitution" is just a generic term for "the physical manifestation of prior thoughts". in this case, it represents a contract.

      the subtle distinction would be, a "constitution" is not necessarily "the contract" but rather, "the making of the contract" ... when "the contract" leaves the realm of "unwritten oral agreement" and "meeting of the minds" and now enters into the "physical realm" ...

      apologies if i sound "rosicrucianist" -- in reality, such "philosophies" are only confusing because they are so simplistic. people think there is something more to it, wonder what "the catch" is. thought precedes form. very simple. so it is with "contracts".

    12. more generically "constitution" just means "when the contract happens" ...when it becomes "real"...

      (so that can happen unwritten/implied/orally too, there may never be "written evidence" but perhaps other evidence)

      but we are speaking of a "written constitution" here ... so to "become real" is when it is "ratified"/"signed" etc.

      "the people" had our debates, then we submitted our "final revision" for "constitution" ...

      so "constitution" is really "when it becomes real" ...with us, this was written ...

      apologies if i sound like i repeat myself, just "the truth" involves many subtleties. but one can ferret things out from the context, and compare to other kinds of "constitutions" ...

      i do not mean to lean into "moral relativism" but i always tend towards "holistic" view of things as "the truth" depends on context when we are speaking "legal terms" .... e.g. "money" can mean many things...

      so, the attempt is to be accurate, not bore people to death :)

      if i ramble, it is because i try to outline "The whole truth" of "constitution" from all angles :) and then the reader can put it all together, with context, to have some idea of what it is in the case of "the us constitution" :)

      if one had a kid, the "constitution" of this kid, would be when you "can see their head" ... for the wife, the "constitution" might be when she gets the first kick :) that is "when things are for real" :)

      to a scientist, the "constitution" might be when sperm meets egg.

      so, generically, it just means "when things become real...solid in form...from thoughts to substance"

      (with "masons", thoughts are reality, substance is the mirage/after effects of prior thoughts) i hesitate to use the term "becomes real" because "masons" would say "becomes unreal" ...thoughts are real to them, not solid become "solid" means loss of reality, degradation into "flesh" so to speak...a loss of truth...

      the problem with "Truth" is it never ends...

  7. Well there is in fact two separate Constitutions which are a few years apart... But honesty, the original would have worked just fine for them to achieve their goals(without the original 13 amendment added), because they only rely on two things from that document..."that no can prevent people from contracting with each other", and that Washington DC is its own territory(country)..But even then it doesnt meet the requirements of a lawful contract anyway...No true contract is written without penality clauses written all over and within the contract itself.. Its a "Manual" for moral and ethical people to abide by and that govt should always protect the rights of those who refuse to be moral or ethical..!! I thought we already had that manual...its called the "BIBLE"!! Did man really think he could do better than God when it comes to a contract..!! The whole theory or concept of a "Constitution" was based on the flawed theory that a few people would be "trustworthy and honest" enough to actually run a country with "integrity" rock solid and uncorruptable...!! Will someone point out who these people are, because i havent seen one since i was born, 64 years ago..!! We can edit the constitution to only the first 10 amendments, and toss the rest of it in the trash...!! You can tell by the way it is written that it was conceived by "Attorneys"..!! But no matter how good a contract is written at the time of conception, that there will always be loopholes that someone can exploit...especially as time and technology progress, eventually making every contract obsolite...!! Real Estate paperwork went from a one page contract 50 years ago to over 30 pages of legalese nonsense, in an attempt to cover every conceivable "liability" to the banks and "sellers" of Real Estate and other high priced nessessities like a car..!! From now on when you are asked to sign one of these contracts, the only thing you are looking for is the waiver of "Power of Attorney" and "Power of Sale clauses in the framework and put lines through them...Never waive those two things again, because first of all it is not a two party contract and second where is the "consideration" for you..!! It doesnt exsist..!!

    1. James, isn't this all just a hell of a way to spend our retirement years? The longer we live, the worst things get; they have played us to death with twisting of words, and tyrannical laws. We even have one suburb creating a law against those electronic smoking devices, now calling vaping, smoking. So now we have vapor being called smoke.
      Right now in the Time frame of this World, God is exposing every wicked deed, throwing the covers off, to show mankind just why He has to do the upcoming Great Tribulation, which WILL happen whether anyone likes it or not. God is simply
      showing NOW why it is well deserved.
      And once He exposes everything, then it is armageddon time.
      Those who are wide awake and watching can already make sense
      of it; the only way to rid this world of this overwhelming stench, is to kill it all. Only those who are on the right side of God, will survive.
      When we face up to where the world really is, its true condition, and the direction it is going in, then any sane person can see it is nearly at the point where it is impossible to live in.
      I can't find it right now, but there is scripture that says
      ''if my people who are called by my name, will turn from their wicked ways, then I will heal their land'. Surely, we do not see anyone turning from their wicked ways, but instead getting more wicked every day. Even those who do not do these things, but approve of them, are just as guilty.
      The handwriting is on the wall.

    2. And thankfully many have through their suffering (allowing) have accepted and acknowledged that this IS a spiritual battle both within and without and have been completely blessed with this awareness and clarity. The shift has been and IS happening NOW and has grown significantly and is occurring NOW at an accelerated rate. So many have NOW been blessed with this spiritual awakening/awareness and are fully conscious of who they truly are, and now understand that every thought, action, choice they've made in their life has all been in preparation for hearing their calling and to carry it out confidently and with the courage, internal wisdom in complete faith, and in trust with eyes to SEE the wolves in their midst. Old fear based conditioning, programming has been cleared for many, replaced with courage, understanding with crystal clear awareness and with a spirit led guidance for support. The numbers are multiplying every minute. Yes, the scales have finally been tipped in favor of the right side of the great divine kingdom of god within us. Yes

    3. I agree with Abby. This is a hell of a way to spend our retirement.
      It will cause nothing but extreme anxiety, frustration and a lot of money and jail time trying to fight the court system. That is the worst place possible to wage war against the system. Many have tried and are still sitting in jail or a psychiatric ward. Its time to let God clean this mess up and look to him for guidance and hope. Its not worth losing your soul over. As long as Satan rules this world with greed and power, there will always be evil people who want to rule this planet and make the rest of us slaves.

    4. Awakend, I'm glad to see somebody is still living in reality ! It is just not pretty, and way too many prefer to live with their head in the clouds, and have no idea we are at the End of the history of this planet. It's just a fact. And actually God's Plan is perfect; he knows what he is doing.
      I have said before, we are right back where this planet was in Genesis 6 but people just don't want to face that. They also don't realize the depth of wickedness of mankind in general; they would rather 'think positive' and say that man is getting better. No, they are Not!
      Its amazing to me, the biggest event in the history of Earth is creeping upon us, and even pastors are so ignorant they don't know anything about it. The result is an ignorant population who falsely believe this burned down house can be rehabbed and don't want to face the fact that its in dire need of demolition.
      Nobody in their right mind would even want to live in the nightmare 'they' are designing for the human race; run by cold hearted evil people who will only offer them slavery..just as you have said.
      So, Anna, disperse the goods now, so we can at least bear the short time we have left.

    5. Yea, and you should see some of the things they want to come up with for our legal system....."VIRTUAL COURTS".....Its courtroom with no people in it...everything will be a hologram....the judge, court officers , the jury, and of course probably the plantiff and defendant..can you say..."No Liability"....!! It doesnt get anymore impersonal than that..!! Damn it, cant we all call some kind of truce for at least one year so we can all take a badly needed vacation from all this.. This is not how i envisioned "retirement"...!!!

  8. It's all being control money lobbyists controls congressman ,senator's .the is the ultimate dirty weapon .they can slime Donald Trump anybody .sure if we could break through that impenetrable wall.maybe we can achieve something.
    I belive they need hot shot talking get heads to capture everyone's attention. However a popularists.passionate speaker can steal the show.ppl.recognized truth but a lie told a hundred times becomes truth.
    Trick is they recognize truth.deliver ed do with passion . You get a Ron Paul on steroids .

  9. bubba, two things that really need to happen is.....some arrests made of some big media names, and (2) some of their licenses being revoked and put out of business; the liar business.
    Trying to 'out-shout them' doesn't work well.


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