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Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Un-Vacation Phenomenon

By Anna Von Reitz

Generally speaking, I don't like negative nouns or verbs, but to get the full impact of what I am going through across in a way everyone can understand--- "un-vacation" seems to work pretty well. 

It's what happens when you go on a vacation and then come home and face all the work that piled up while you were gone.  

And if it was a working vacation in the first place, the whole setup is a double whammy.

Welcome to my life.  

This is just a quick note to let everyone know I am fine and chugging along, as are the members of the Living Law Firm, except that one of our best and brightest has been accosted at gunpoint and subjected to false arrest related to an expired warrant and this was used to claim that he lost "possession" of his house.  

Nice, huh?  

This is what we get for trillions of dollars spent on a government that is failing its most basic directive--- to protect the lives, persons, and property assets of the people who live in this country.  

I feel betrayed.  Do you?  

The man affected by these devious, criminal "court proceedings" which amount to nothing but false pretenses and armed banditry needs extra help this month.  I have done what I can using your donations to make sure he has a roof over his head and a way to store his possessions, but this whole situation puts a strain on him, his family, and yes, his workmates.  

If you find yourself feeling thankful this Thanksgiving and have some blessing to share with one of those in the front lines of this national cleanup effort, please remember him and his family.  Their dining room table will be in a storage unit this Thanksgiving as they regroup from these despicable assaults.  

I will be writing more useful things in the near future. 

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  1. Kelli, read this one and welcome to the real world of skunkism. They will dig in grave yards if they have to, to find retaliatory excuses.

  2. Have you heard that people are using their SS# as a routing # using their all capital fiction name and the federal reserve checking account # to set off any debts. The checking # is 051736158.

  3. Have you heard that people are using their SS# as a routing # using their all capital fiction name and the federal reserve checking account # to set off any debts. The checking # is 051736158.

  4. Can you give some examples or sites that confirm this...!!

  5. Maybe the man should file a common law lien against his land and shelter, nunc pro tunc to the last day that he had full possession of the property. That may throw some sand into the machinery of oppression.


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