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Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Great Fraud of Today - Part One: The Corruption of the Judicial Branch

By Anna Von Reitz

We've uncovered the Great Fraud of the so-called American Civil War, which was never a war but an illegal commercial mercenary action on our shores.  We've dissected the Great Fraud of the 1930's executed by FDR and his minions.  And now, we need to face the Great Fraud of Today even as it is taking place.

The past few days have been rocked by disclosure after disclosure.  Smoking guns abound.  The extent of the travesty is now becoming clear -- and along with it, the identities of those responsible and the nature of the current reality.

Out of Texas we have the Lufkin Case, where the subversion of our federal judicial system has been unearthed.  In 1991 the Congress entered a change in the Judicial Oath, altering the Oath required by the corporate Constitution in a subtle but devastating way which served to remove the judicial officers from the judicial branch of our government and place them solely under the control of the municipal legislative branch of government--- that is, under the rule of the members of Congress acting as the oligarchic municipal government of the District of Columbia.

The new Oath of Office they imposed on the judicial officers may be seen at Volume 104 United States Statutes-at-Large Page 5124, otherwise shown as 104 Stat. 5124. 

The new Oath of Office is very sly in that it appears to be a simple clean-up deletion of unnecessary verbiage in the old Oath of Office, but on closer examination it is clear that there are no "duties" assigned to members of the judiciary by the Constitution and as a result, this change in the Oath of Office releases the judicial officers from the obligation to "act agreeably" --that is, in conformance to the Constitution and leaves them subject only to the legislative acts of the Congress.  This in turn removed the judicial officers from the judicial branch of government and placed them squarely and only under the auspices of the legislative branch.

Read that--- since 1991, there has been no three-branched federal government. The judicial and legislative branches have been merged and the judicial has been made subservient to the legislative.  Moreover, the municipal government of the United States has been acting in open treason against the actual Constitution since 1991, and absolutely no decisions undertaken by these federal judicial officers since then have been in compliance with the actual Constitution. They are all null and void for cause. 

This has made the widespread personage committed against the American states and people possible and profitable.  The Congress has been running the entire federal judiciary, which includes the "federated" -- incorporated States of States and the STATES OF STATES courts -- as an unconstitutional  legislative enforcement racket.

Our agreement with the "federal" government, which is nothing more than a for-hire governmental services corporation, very clearly states what we are owed and also very clearly sets up the structure of the government and also very clearly limits the jurisdiction of the federal courts and also very clearly requires an Oath of Office in support of the Constitution and also very clearly limits the reach of the municipal United States government to the ten miles square of Washington, DC and which also limits the territorial United States controlled by Congress to actual federal properties, such as arsenals and military installations.

So how have they run rampant like this and pretended, as in the Lufkin case, to have jurisdiction never granted to them over people and property in places like Tyler County, Texas?

It's simple.  They unlawfully seized upon your copyright to your own name, registered it as properly belonging to their corporation, stole your identity as a living American, and pretended that you were either a Territorial Foreign Situs Trust or a Municipal ESTATE trust belonging to their corporations.  If you convert a man into a thing, you can do as you please to him---at least until he realizes what you have done.

In this way, they pretended to control you and own your assets, and therefore, also assumed the right to subject you to their in-house court system and their foreign statutory law.  

Make no mistake, the authors of the bill changing the judicial Oath of Office committed treason against the actual United States and our actual Constitution and the evidence of this is clear upon the public record.  What remains to be seen is if these snakes will self-correct or require a garden hoe to set things straight.  

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  1. Thanks for the serious analysis of our "pretend" government.

    1. No, the plan is for a constitutional convention to make the constitution conform to the mess they have made. You won't HAVE a constitution to fall back on. State legislators have voted, now there are 28 states advocating a convention of states with applications for same. They only need SIX more. I wrote to Anna about this, but never heard back. We are closer to losing our constitution than you might think.

  2. This is in sync with what I have learned . Not a word out of place.
    Just amazed the so called legal superstars like trey goudy not a peep now judge Napolitano has gotten himself fired but he'd didn't go this deep into the core he knew Lincoln broke every law in the book .but stops short of of calling the whole thing unconstitutional .

  3. it is Constitutional i.e, Organic Act of 1871 the difference is we have not called them on it and continue to let it ride. it is their trust indenture that we should enforce on them. the other ones are still there but as judge anna consistently talks about, until we get back to it and claim it on the unincorporated side, as well as our "person" this is the end result.

  4. No, its legal, but has never been lawful. They didnt need that case. They merged law and equity way back in 1938 with Erie Railroad v Thompkins. All we have had since then are administrative courts of bankruptcy. Its just getting worse everyday since then. And dont forget, congress is made up of nothing but BAR Attorneys. The ultimate Supreme court.

    1. no, the judicial courts are there, i.e, equity, you just have to know how to invoke them privately. they do exist, but court is paperwork between living souls, which should begin within three days and finalize within 30 days preferrably. most people do not do that properly.

      the courts that you speak of generally are banks, there to administrate the agency that you have been running when you were birthed within the U.S. at the foundling hospital that the county gifted to your person. but if you do not know who you are then you enter their "banks" and try to argue administratively/legislatively (you are subject to interstate commerce by use of the state agency/organization) which you cant do and therefore give them jurisdiction by creating a controversy..

      FRCP 12b 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 with parallel state annotated rules is how you stay out of those banks...

    2. that is IF you know who you are...Therefore it is only YOU that gives that court its jurisdiction.

      Man, Know Thyself In True Proportion

    3. How does one invoke this privately? Would love to learn more if you have time. Please email me at Thanks

    4. Thought I sent this if I'm sending again please excuse my techno skills. I was wondering how one invokes the Equity? Can you please email me at Thanks in advance

  5. Try this,
    2 Constitutions, 1 de jure 1 DC, 1871 Organic Act which is a commercial extension of the first one through Article 1, etc. The GOD that creates the Dog latin is the author and what we accept through that offer/mailing/statement/proclamation is acceptance, although false and corrupt. Keep in mind that DC declared an emergency which suspended their Constitution, not the first. They have evidence we are acting through a Roman citizen. God gave you one face, and you gave yourself another.

  6. "....We evidenced there are no real judges (they're attorneys practising law from the bench). There is only judicial immunity IF there is a JUDGE and hasn't been since 1789. Up until now, nobody could get evidence on the record due to attorneys work product doctrine and Stare Decisis under communistic courts and due to all these "rights" they've sold you, they'd sweep evidence right off the record! They did this because they didn't want insurance to know they were perpetrating war crimes (which is not covered by insurance) - a "complaint" that the prosecutor brings are insurance claims, each time law enforcement signed one, they used you as a witness...they used you as a fall guy."

  7. But the insurance co. do know now and have for awhile. Thats why no one will bond them. No legitamate bonding Co. would every bond these citys and counties committing outright fraud. But they can always get someone to insure them, but only under strict "limited liability" conditions and only under very limited payouts of only a max. of $250,000 for each case and only by being insured by spreading the liability through the "pooling"(at least 3 or 4 insurance co.) and having a "stop gap" policy in place by the county that forces everyone to go through the "risk mangement" dept. of the county where people are told if you want to sue anybody in govt. you first have to file a form explaining the entire incidence before a lawsuit can be legally brought to court. In other words, you have to ask perrmission to sue them, which thins out most of the cases by 99.9%, either out of frustration, or by being denied a case if you do file their petition, which you can bet will always be denied because of the "conflict of interest" between their "pooling carriers" and themselves. No one wants higher premiums or the possibility of losing all their insurance completely. In that case, the county couldnt even function at all legally or lawfully. We should have direct access to their insurers and charge them criminally for insuring fraud, which they are all aware of. But no one does it. Watch how uneasy they get when you ask who they are insured by. All of a sudden, its why do you want that, or why are you here, etc.Why, why, why. Its none of your fu@!king business. Isnt this public info or isnt it.


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