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Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Great Fraud of Today - Part Two: Corporations Are Not Governments

By Anna Von Reitz

During the 1990s alert financial analysts working for the Department of Defense discovered an odd thing.  Numbers weren't adding up.  A vast amount of public money was being embezzled. As the members of what came to be known as "The Paradigm Project" dug deeper, something even more astonishing appeared.  Almost all of the governments on Earth were being run as private, for-profit governmental services corporations chartered under the auspices of the UNITED STATES, INC. 

All these franchises named things like: FRANCE, ITALY, UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRALIA, GERMANY, JAPAN, etc., were in turn being controlled by the UNITED STATES, INC. municipal government, an oligarchy run by members of Congress and originally limited to the "plenary" governance of the Washington, DC Municipality.  

So first shock-- almost all the governments on Earth aren't governments.  They are merely for-profit corporations in the business of providing government services. 

Second shock --  these governmental services corporations are operated as franchises of the UNITED STATES, INC.

Third shock -- the US Congress has been running all these governmental services corporations as if they were franchises owned and operated by the Washington DC Municipality, and under their "plenary" control as an oligarchy.

Now, stripping the onion another layer, the Paradigm Project discovered that not only had nearly all the traditional governments on earth been reduced to mere governmental services corporations owned and operated by the UNITED STATES, INC., but the states and people being served by these new corporations had been similarly unlawfully converted into corporate franchises. For example, Wisconsin had been reduced to a State of Wisconsin and then to a STATE OF WISCONSIN belonging to the UNITED STATES, INC.  

Worst of all, living people had been reduced down to corporate entities. An innocent American man operating under the Trade Name: Joseph Allen Smith, was reduced to a Foreign Situs Trust also named Joseph Allen Smith belonging to the State of Wisconsin: after that, Joseph Allen Smith (the Territorial Foreign Situs Trust)  was declared "missing, presumed lost at sea" and a Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trust doing business as "JOSEPH ALLEN SMITH" was created "in his name" as a franchise of the UNITED STATES, INC. 

So, when the UNITED STATES, INC. goes bankrupt, what happens? 

Why, all its franchises are "subsumed" into the bankruptcy.  The supposed governments of FRANCE and ITALY and GERMANY and so on, are sucked into the bankruptcy as franchises of the UNITED STATES, and so are the STATES OF STATES, like STATE OF WASHINGTON, but here's where the Big Game lies --- so are all the ESTATE trusts of the living people like JOSEPH ALLEN SMITH sucked into the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, INC. and considered chattel liable for its debts.

So when you hear that the UNITED STATES is "insolvent" you need to perk up your ears and pick up your pitchforks and move your butts to recoup your property out of the giant Slush Pile that the vermin have created for themselves via deceit and identity theft. 

Fourth Shock: your entire earthly ESTATE is up for grabs as chattel backing the debts of the UNITED STATES, a for-profit governmental services corporation operated under the authority of the Washington DC Municipal Government run by the members of Congress.

Fifth Shock: you don't know anything about this, because if you did, you would naturally object and that would spoil all their plans to steal your portion of everything and hand it over to their Secondary Creditors. 

You are the Paramount Security Interest Holder in your name and estate. You are the Priority Creditor of the UNITED STATES and all its franchises, but they have purposefully misidentified you as a "missing person" and "ward" dependent on the UNITED STATES, so as to lay claim to your property as collateral backing their own debts. 

According to their plan, YOU will be bankrupted along with all the other franchises of the UNITED STATES and your assets will be given to their Secondary Creditors, international banks that will make a "claim on abandonment" saying that the actual owners of the property are "unknown" and that the "property has been abandoned". 

Meanwhile, the Paradigm Project did the obvious thing, and foreclosed on these illegal entities masquerading as governments.  They also traced them back to the Vatican acting as Property Manager and to the Holy See, which together with our lawful government (not the corporation) and a handful of other governments on Earth, remains unincorporated.

Sixth Shock: corporations cannot and do not function as sovereign governments.  If you are not operating your lawful unincorporated government, you have no government and no "state" to speak for you or save your bacon in international jurisdiction. 

From all the foregoing, it is apparent that after the Second World War, the world governments colluded and/or were forced into agreements to operate in this fashion.  It is also obvious that most of the people on Earth are in fact "stateless" until and unless they act to restore their own lawful government on the land jurisdiction, most of which have been inactive since the 1930's.

So, time to rise and shine!  Daylight in the swamps!

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  1. All great and well I am with you on all fronts except for one small catch for me in this instant My daughter has been judicially kidnapped and trafficked by the force adoption industry ,now how do I enforce removing my offspring (private property) from fraudulent parents to whom bribed the social worker to do this and change her citizenship from USA to south African to bypass protocols of adoption and cancellation of parental rights which cannot be done on a child to a foreigner ,so they fabricated that she was South African born by South African parents ,I have exposed all of it ,they are all on constructive notice by postal exchange for value per my good faith notice disclosing all my private laws and fee schedule ,terms and conditions ,oxford doctrine ,definitions of violations and the cost for violating any executive order encompassing my estate and or private property, copy right,with notices et al. Then there are the people on death row around the world who will die if a collective action is not mobilized there is deep need in many areas these people need to be considered a priority for those able to destroy any corrupt legal society with higher more refined knowledge that is so precise it renders all Bar members found wanting and weighed ,these examples need to be established at those hot spots for death row inmates ,I have a clergy that has proof of 6 death row inmates are falsely accused and convicted awaiting execution at a death row prison.All sentenced by one now dead corrupt prosecutor,they have uncovered the evidence but they all have no money for defense ,He is at the heart of this front ! Who will step up and into these lives? in our plight how can we dismiss the higher order to bring those facing executions in our voices world wide starting with us Anna your horns are far louder than ours individually,has this comment box become are informal compass in efforts to stay relevant and sober of what is most important when having the knowledge to which will be removing the fraud and reforming a world wide republic ?

    1. I feel these topics are relevant because we are not only working to change America we are actually changing the world, since the US inc owns all other countries like derivatives,and all crime upon people in all countries are on par and equally relevant as on our shores,in fact we should be removing borders ,natural migration for a better life should not be infringed upon anyones right of self determinations ,then we will be truly one people under God indivisible for justice and peace ,so help us God Right folks we are the human family entirely interdependent on the same source of food water and medicine .Our language should be reflecting this realization from the on start,best we do it right this first time ,we need proper visionaries for this, upheaval is eminent in uncertain terms for many different kinds of millions of cultures and sub cultures ,for this change is radical in all realms embedded with current paradigm enforcement measures that which has indoctrinated everyone into an unstable consumers always over indebted/endulging by lack of personal disciplines, these people will suffer the most to a greater degree opposed to those not so commercially dependent of artificial stimuli ,we are dealing with a very serious determined war machine built up for a long time .I am not fatalistic ,I am not going to assume anything less than bad until I see good by the greater measure being able to abate this beast. I am a realist not and idealist, please expand on this . we need to expand where ever possible we will attract great minds to overcome all differences but we must express our selves out loud and stimulate debate and create new confluences that have our new vibe in the game of change .Remember we are characters on the world stage with are individual acts ,lets just act the same and change the same and then become the same peaceful loving change that we want to see in the world . We should drop America and choose the one world ,

    2. contact akiem he is really good at CPS situations all the time better than anyone else i know of. good luck

  2. One thing I like about the unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America is that it is written for all the people of the world, that people everywhere are sovereign and perfectly capable of governing themselves and have a right to abolish any form of tyrannical, greedy, self serving powers that are have become abusive and of no good purpose to serve the people of the land. That it seems is the particular thing that bothered the rulers, that it would spread and no one would want rulers like Kings or Dictators ruling over anyone. It creates the basis for people to meet and decide for themselves on common ground what is best at the time with great respect for the Universe, life and each other.

    1. what you should like even more is your unalienable, god-given rights that trumps any man-made document or declaration.

  3. Lots think the Constitution is the primary document even the students at teteminen. square in China revolt carried a copy as a want to emulate paper.
    But merely pretend don't cut it in a court room..

    1. thats because you must enter their trust indenture, a certified copy, into evidence properly otherwise it is all hearsay; if you just quote it in general, that is where MOST people are going wrong. which you SHOULD MAKE THEM DO TOO, but we allow them to enter and quote hearsay;

      also the judge contends you cannot bring it and quote it in the court as you have not entered by special appearance, as the holder in due course, thus differentiating oneslef from their legal person entity/agency correctly that you have been operating. keep in mind your actions speak louder than words and if your actions prove that you are a 14th amendment and U.S. Citizen, then you are not capable of bringing and using their trust indenture (many people think it is for them and IT IS NOT) you have unalienable, god-given rights, substantive and are being double-minded; they will seek to have you looked at by a professional you see why they do that?

  4. Precise,present, aware...Your on the right tract. We need a formadable defense to get rid of the major disease killing all if us since it first appeared here on this continent....BAR ATTORNEYS!!! We are like the medical professional...we keep treating the systems, but never the get rid of that group of people that think they have the right to rule over us. Its time to round them all up and send them all back to Great Brittian and the Queen. Its about time we exposed the Queen for the fraud she really is.....her whole coronation was a fraud and so was the oath she took. It was all done under a false "stone of destiny" and breach of her solumn oath, to never change or add anthing to Gods laws, protecting the people instead of enslaving them. When are we going to start a class action suit against her, and by association, all Bar Attorneys to. Im sick of trying to get around these idolized group of people. Its time to bring the Queen here on our soil, and indict her. We already have the case that proved it back in 2011....."JAH v REGINA" CASE# T20107746. Did anyone run with it...NO.!!! The Queen is not a Soverign, and never was. She blemished the crown of David forever which she was supposedly came from. We have basterdized the notion of a Godly King or monocracy, which the old testament showed was always a good thing for the people as long as the King was a Godly King, truely looking after the people. Instead, we have opted for a congress full of self serving, selfish, materialistic dictators(556 of them) instead of ONE. Real smart!!! If the Queen is a fraud, then all licenses under her crown are also fraudulent, which means that every attorney is committing fraud under licences having no certificate of authority. Its time to make this case known at the National and International level or stand judged guilty in the eyes of God for doing nothing. The Queen and all of us were warned by God, never to add or subtract one law from his design. So why are we still allowing judgement against us for being to timid or lazy to bring charges against the Queen in Gods name and his people..??? WHY!!!!!!!! They are nothing but socerers. Thats why we can never get remedy. God is still waiting for us to do something about this. We are still playing there games. When did God give them the keys to the kingdom...WHEN.!!! Just making the case public in the news will bring worldwide attention to light. Draft up a complaint judge Anna and even though im broke, i will contribute at least $100 to that end, and so will others. Lets get Trump on our side too. Its time for a showdown. We are being sidetracted by too many other issues. This is the main one...this is the cure, not just dealing with symptoms. I hate these arrorgant assholes who rot out our very substance. Lets see how powerful these Corp. and ultrarich deal with us once their protectors are out of the way...!!!

    1. true james but realize we are doing it to ourselves, think tyler durden fight club, we are using the state agency and legal person, registering property with the state in their organizations' behalf. so who is guilty here? we are. sure the state is doing it without full disclosure but we are running up credit, buying toys we cant afford, getting houses above income range etc etc.

      we have to take personal responsibility at some point for what weve done/are doing, until then, we are liable in their legislative banks for not following their rules using their monopoly piece right?! congress has plenary rule regarding all interstate commerce.

    2. Penny, your right about most people, but i never lived beyond my means. But all my friends and family were doing exactly that. Eben when my dad died and left my brother and i an inheritance over $1million, i never lived like one. I never bought a brand new car, or lots of man toys, like Harleys, and boats, etc. But my twin brother immediately went wild and moved out with my girlfriend, quit his job, and rented apts. costing $2000/month and neither one working. Plus buying brand new cars for her which she always wreaked within 6 months time, because she never worked a day in her life either. And he never had enough ambition to support even himself(always having an easy going retail job working for Macys and May Co.), let alone support a woman who expected to live like a millionaire. I stayed in our dads house whice was already paid for, which he had no right to leave if he wasnt going to work because the assets were never split up, it was in TRUST in both our names. Our dad made the mistake of believing he was the sensible one with money, when i knew he was simply lazy his entire life. He proved beyond a doubt that he was not only stupid, but lazy and entitled. He never made one attempt to increase the TRUST. Only take from it until it was totally depleted. And our friends were no better. They were the ones that wanted to be milliinaires and constantly asking for money....lots of it.I tell people all the time about the evils of money because ive been up close and experienced it first hand. Before we got that money, everyone was happy with what they had. If our dad knew what happened after he died, he would come back and kill my brother andveveryone else that took advantage of us. Now we are living the same way as we did before we got that windfall of money.....HAPPY. And no more friends....ever. Thats the secret of being happy in California, the home of every con artist in the world, starting with our governor, Jerry Brown.

    3. more thing. This was not just a brother, but an identical twin brother. A clone if you want. But his mind has always been weak, and mine has always been strong. And in the end, he wound up worse, not even having a vechicle to his name, or a bed, and a warrent for him(a civil one only) for being resposible for the last car he signed for which he couldnt afford, and his girlfriend wouldnt return. But he doesnt owe the court, he owes the Dealership. The court is only a third party collectir for the money, which no one seems to give a damn about because the money doesnt belong to the court. The police have pulled us over numerous times and checked our licences. And his warrent shows up all the time, but they never care because its civil. Thats his only saving grace.

  5. """Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Russia, China, Korea etc., you're all under Congress too!
    Anyone who has ever studied the bait and switch scenario in the advertising world will recognize this act for just that. So, why would this be important for you to you know if you don't live "in the United States" (which is NOT a land mass, it is a stile, chain of events, Congressional ACTS) as one might say? Remember, Congress was given world dominion under the Atlantic Charter in 1941 - the NWO IS HERE, NOW.
    So, your "country" (Canada, Australia, NZ, Russia, etc), which are registered to do business on the American exchange is now "commissioned" through Congress and you are also now subject matter for offsetting Congressional debt. It's all banking, and you're a special deposit! See the agreements the USofA has with each "country" - they are the same entity - THEM vs. US.
    All the world's a stage and we see every day the big media shows for the sheeple (they call us that, that's why we use the word) that present Russia and USofA as DIFFERENT governments, but they are not, they are the same corporation! It's just presented to you that way to garner consent and so you keep funding it. If they get you to buy into it, they've got your mind (and dollars); they do this with instilling fear of going to war, fear of sanctions, fear of economic woes, patriotism, on and on...
    This shouldn't be surprising when you remember the meaning of the word congress: "with transgression". Many of these things are overtly in our faces but we have never been taught how to see them.
    One could see the world stage like a game of Risk or a big mall with different "stores" and there is the Russian "store" of Congress, the Canada arm or "store" of Congress, the Australian arm, the UN arm...ALL of Congress (the King, this is just veiled in modern times). The FBI (the enforcement arm), CIA (the production arm, media hoaxes, etc), NSA (the spying arm), IRS (the dollar collecting arm), Obama (the microphone), Putin (the "bad cop"), etc, etc; all subdivisions of the same controls all UNTIL you stand. Then the sword of your wrath will be made known. Where have you heard that? Revelation. Breaking the seals refers to these realizations, one by one, in you, that this is being done to mankind. Who else is going to do it? Do you think "Jesus" is going to come via a bearded dude flying in from the sky? Or do you think that force will come through each of us waking up and banishing psychopathy from the world to facilitate the New Jerusalem?"""

  6. """World domination, the NWO is HERE, now!
    Government structure doesn't matter so much as the banking, because Treaties are agreements between banks, all of these "countries" (corporations) are commissioned by US Congress, which has had world dominion (the King) since 1941 Atlantic Charter. In Roman law, winner takes all (is the King) as per the rules of the Exchequer READ IT HERE.
    How Canada is commissioned by Congress: CANADA (XI) and Canada corp. commissioned by Congress listed on the US Securities & Exchange Commission
    US & COMMONWEALTH agreements
    China agreement agreement
    Yalta, Russia agreement
    United States Note to Japan
    Mutual Defense Treaty Between the United States and the Republic of Korea
    Charter of the United Nations
    They own all the land, all the banks, all the courts and your patented last names that you use thereby giving them consent, so they pretty much have WORLD DOMINATION, don't you think? It's called the New Word Order, which is printed right on their dollar bills in the Latin phrase "novus ordo seclorum", it is not a conspiracy, it's very real and everything is written, it's only a matter of putting it all together.

    There are many, over history who have known this scheme and have written it down in overt texts, but it is also hidden in codes to warn humanity against such practices (Ba'al - ism and language of Babylon (to babble on, legalese). One such text is the BIBLE. The Old Testament is a manifesto for their slavery system, Roman law government/Talmud. The New Testament instructs us on how to be free of it. Read some interpretations on the INTERPRETATIONS page. Jesus tells the way."""


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