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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Why We Need Funds

By Anna Von Reitz

I have had some people asking-- well, if you have control of the actual government of this country, why do you need us to contribute anything? Why don't you have offices everywhere to help us? Why don't you have hundreds of secretaries at your beck and call? 

Because like everything else, until quite recently, your lawful government was stolen, unlawfully converted, inoperative--- and worse than that, there was nobody with standing to change any of that. 
We have by dint of hard effort and research regained our standing on the land jurisdiction and we have used our knowledge of the past to crack open the fraud and we have used our knowledge of the law and the government to place the claims of the lawful government on the public record. 
All that has been accomplished and made possible by volunteers --- not paid staff. Those volunteers have given up untold thousands of hours, paid their costs out of their own pockets except for the donations that people have sent.

It doesn't get any more "grassroots" than this operation. 
And yes, until more Americans wake up and more action is taken, there is still a need to deal with the obstacles and the rackets they have constructed. 
Bogus light bills still have to be paid, gasoline still has to be put into cars, printers still have to be filled with ink cartridges and paper, people who are volunteering a hundred percent of their time to this still have to eat and feed their families.

The present attempt to permanently demean you to "thing" status and to steal all your assets would have succeeded. You wouldn't have known it was happening and you wouldn't have been able to overcome the legal presumptions against you and even if you got that far, you still wouldn't have known what to do or where to place the claim. 
Thanks to The Living Law Firm, you are still "alive" and still able to bring forward your lawful government. You can recoup your own assets out of the bankruptcies. You can create a world that does not run on debt and fear. You can be free again.

And why is that? Because a bunch of grandparents got their tails in a knot and decided to get to the bottom of all this crappola. 
My paralegal needs medical help and a new used car. My top systems analyst needs a new furnace and fuel oil to heat his home. My top bank adviser is destitute after being ravaged for changing sides and coming to our aid. He needs a place to live and office set up costs. 
Three more former judges who opposed all this corruption have come forward to aid us. They are all unemployed now, all need help with various monthly bills, all suffering the worst kind of emotional hurt and disillusionment after realizing the Truth---- but all still brave and honest enough to own it. 
I have to send people all over the globe to recoup American assets, and once they are recouped it doesn't mean that I get to spend them. That money belongs to you, to all of us. I am a Fiduciary. I don't have Carte blanche to just spend your money, even after its recovered.

Do I and my husband have power? Yes, we do. So do you.

That doesn't mean we have large pots of money to draw on for all these private organizational expenses. We have to support The Living Law Firm, the American Asset Recovery Team, and the American States and Nations Bank.

If by some miracle of God everyone getting this message sent me a dollar, we'd have $55 million by the end of next week, but instead, we cobble along and believe me, though we are truly grateful for the cookie jar money that has kept the boat afloat thus far, there are needs going unmet in the midst of this overwhelming effort. 
Both the major corporations that were providing you with "governmental services" are in bankruptcy. The UNITED STATES is being liquidated and the USA is in Chapter 11.
The Vichy French UN-SWISSINDO Joint Venture is here on our shores pretending to be "the new Republic". I will leave it to you what kind of "republic" is being proposed.

Thus far, real worldwide disaster has been narrowly averted, but it is a narrow margin that we are skating on and despite the best efforts of all these volunteers at the end of the day, it all comes down to each one of you helping each one of us keep the lights on and home fires burning. 

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  1. Judge Anna, did you travel to Dallas Texas in 2016 & become INDEXED under the authority of the Universal World Court & Dr Hendo I L Henderson?

  2. Judge Anna, did you travel to Dallas Texas in 2016 & become INDEXED under the authority of the Universal World Court & Dr Hendo I L Henderson?

    1. I think peeps first need to get their rights back , the official courts are all companies under economy law ! But real state courts depends on state law which is above at economy law .

      Example EU : EU isnt a state just only based on economy law (Lissabon contract) , which can be refused for sure (brexit). So my Country based on state law (if its really in case!) = higher worth than economy contracts. ....our politics took our rights and gave it to the EU (regulations) which is illegal, cause it violates our state law ( Artikel 23 GG "new" is illegal in our basement law , and the old Artikel 23 GG got illegal erased too fake the "Reunion" which never juristical happened ) . So to free us we need our rights back : ground ownings , money supply , free decisions etc. as basement to start with . I know the "elite " wouldnt be happy about this lol

  3. Wow your work is pretty impressive! ! Looks like all Western "states" ar Companies (UPIK-Registry) and punished to accept the US Dollar (which is private too ---->Executive order 1110 of Kennedy! !) As leading Currency .

    I studied a lot of Documents and finally reached to this : till 1990 we were runned under occupation law, After 1990 we are runned as US Holding Corporation ("Germany" registry at UN, instead of Federal Republic of Germany which shows our "Passport" slave card. ) . Problem is the occupation law is still active too. ...we have 0 " state" courts (law got erased in 1950 --> §15 GVG ) so they are runned under UCC or admiralty law . Problem is our state belongs (Staatsangehörigkeit) got erased by Hitler in 1934 , but the following Administration kept it .....So we have no rights for real and our Politics are marionettes, but how to fix it ?

    I'm Not surprised the System in USA is similar, US Corp. And USA is huge different which the normal peeps at the street even doesnt know .

    Well i realized more and more peeps are wakeing up and have enough of all the lies and betrays.

    Problem is the truth teller are talking very often against Walls, or legit points against the Administration getting ignored without facts of the Administration which are proveable.

    Greetings from Germany and please excuse my bad english! Your work is pretty awesome! And it was another Puzzle piece for me how the World is runned for real !! The german question is also important too. (Civil Dead without real nationality and jur. Persons).

    I wish you all the Power you need to free the humans in your Country! !

  4. Question : if i understood it right US Corporation is represented with stars and stripes with golden Rand which goes back at admiralty law ?


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