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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Fifth of July -- James Clinton Belcher

Two hundred and forty-one years ago, if the history books are to be believed about anything, the original organizers of the government of this country were hard at work in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was overcast and the dank, damp air rising from the squalid city streets combined with the heat of summer made John Adams describe the atmosphere as "fetid".  The unanimous vote of the men representing the original thirteen Colonies in favor of The Declaration of Independence had -- despite everything standing against it--- passed.  It was a shock, even to them. 

How had it happened?  Nobody was quite sure.  Everyone had, for one reason or another, bet against it.  The South would never agree to that, and the North would never agree to another bit; Massachusetts would fight to the bitter end and so would South Carolina.  Nobody expected The Declaration to be accepted, and especially not after John Dickinson of Pennsylvania, a Tory and one of the great orators of his day, succeeded in requiring that the vote on The Declaration be unanimous.  

Even its most avid supporters sucked in their breath and gave The Declaration of Independence a wink and a prayer. 

My ancestors, lawyers who were neighbors of John Adams from Braintree, Massachusetts, preachers and tradesmen from Boston, and gentlemen farmers from Connecticut, were already with George Washington's forces, fully engaged in fighting off the British Redcoats and their mercenaries.  Three hundred miles away, they wouldn't hear the news from Philadelphia for a week or more. 

As the shock waves of the unanimous vote died slowly away, the members of the Continental Congress began to wake up to the new realities of July 5th, 1776. There was no longer any grey uncertainty about it.  They were at war and fully committed to it, do or die. There had to be a certain amount of grim relief in it.  After ten years and more of wobbling back and forth, it was finally decided. 

One is reminded of that moment when, having struggled with a terrible disease for a long time, the doctor finally delivers a diagnosis. Suddenly, the problem solidifies, takes on a name, dimensions, and a known character.   

So it is, that we, too, have come awake and begun the process of dealing with the consequences of our decisions.  Like our Forefathers, we face the razor-edge of supporting The Declaration of Independence with "our lives, our fortunes, and or sacred honor" --- or not, in our own country.  

Throughout the world, people have looked to America as a beacon of hope, as the only nation to stand up for the Natural and Unalienable Rights of Mankind. Yet, progressively, for the past one hundred and fifty years of our history, we have been slowly undermined by those same foreign and mostly European powers that our ancestors fought for eight long years.  

Above and beyond any armies, we have had to contend with deceit and Breach of Trust from men and principalities formally committed to serve as our Trustees and as purveyors of "essential government services" working under commercial contract. These same proponents of Commercial Feudalism have sought to secretly undermine our lawful government since 1822, while pretending to be our friends and Allies.  

Just as secretively, they have used their pawns in the Bar Associations to enslave the living people of the world via the use of similar names deceits and a universal practice of the crimes of personage and barratry. 

They have kept us constantly embroiled in war after conflict after war throughout our history, never letting us rest or enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Always, England has served as the excuse for this, and the Papacy has stood by without the least regard for its Trustee responsibilities, and let it all happen.  

It comes as a great surprise to most Americans to know that they have a peacetime flag, the red-white-and-blue with vertical stripes; because they have been kept at constant war by these perpetrators, they only know the wartime flag, the "Stars and Stripes".  

It also comes as a great surprise to most Americans to realize that the actual government of this country is still centered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and that the "U.S. Government" in Washington, DC, is --- and has always been -- a foreign entity perched on our shores, tasked with providing nineteen enumerated services on a for-hire basis.

And no doubt, it comes as a great surprise that America has a hereditary Head of State, when in fact we had all hoped to leave such feudalistic practices behind in a distant and unpleasant past.  

Like my ancestors in the battles of the Potomac and Bunker Hill and White Plains and Ticonderoga, I am devoted to the principles of freedom and individual sovereignty.  Like them, I find it repugnant that any man should rule over another. 

I regard self-rule as the ultimate goal--- that we should each know and rule ourselves according to our own conscience, and choose such godly principles that any interference of government in our lives is rendered totally unnecessary. 

All that said, the corruption in Washington, DC, had reached such a fever-pitch and the personage and barratry being practiced in our courts was creating such destruction, that something had to be done.  I, despite my misgivings, had to exercise the hereditary office as American Head of State, to bring correction and restoration. 

Do not be deceived by any new corporation taking over the reins in Washington, DC., and proclaiming themselves some kind of "republic".  A corporation is incapable of being a republic by definition.  

Only you and your neighbors joining together and learning to operate your own government are capable of forming and preserving the republican state governments you are owed.  The actual states are named simply, like this:  Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas....   The unincorporated businesses charged with conducting the affairs of the actual states are named like this: Alabama State, Alaska State, Arizona State, Arkansas State..... 

All these organizations that you see operating as "States of States" like State of Washington and State of Louisiana are merely franchises of the Territorial federal government.  All the "STATES OF STATES" like the STATE OF WISCONSIN and STATE OF IDAHO are similarly franchises of the Municipal federal government, and strictly speaking, shouldn't even be on our soil.  

A great deal of self-interested pillaging and plundering has taken place in America as a result of the mismanagement and dishonesty of both the Territorial and Municipal Governments.  The Congress in presiding over both these foreign governments has proven both incompetent and disloyal to their true duty to the American states and people. 

Beginning in 2007 and continuing more or less unabated through 2015, a Master Plan was put in motion by corrupt mostly foreign banking interests to pull off a reprise of the Great Fraud practiced upon us by Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  

On that occasion, similar names deceits mis-characterizing the Trade Names of American landsmen as Foreign Situs Trusts belonging to the bankrupt United States of America, Incorporated, were used to set up a process of debt assumption, by which millions of innocent Americans and their assets were "presumed" to be franchises of the failed corporation and collateral for its debts. 

Three generations of Americans have toiled as debt slaves and given up large percentages of our private earnings to pay off the debts of this foreign, mostly privately owned governmental services corporation merely calling itself the "United States of America"----Incorporated.  It was finally released from bankruptcy November 7, 1999. 

This was the greatest hoax and con game in world history up until that time, and we, Americans, were the Fall Guys.  This was set up, administered, and executed by the British Government and British Crown, both obligated by solemn treaty to act as our Trustees on "the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways" ---which is precisely the jurisdiction where this travesty occurred--- and also obligated to act with "perpetual friendship and amity".  

The most recent plan to feed upon us was even worse.  The perpetrators -- the Municipal Government --- doing business as the "UNITED STATES", intended to spend itself into oblivion, declare bankruptcy, and saddle Americans with its debts for the next five hundred years.  Worse, they intended to foreclose on our ESTATES and make false claims on abandonment, allowing their own Secondary Creditors to come in and seize our lands and homes and conscript us to forced labor---- again, to pay their private debts. 

Think of it as FDR on methylethyl amphetamines, a juggernaut of planned deceits, secretive bankruptcy proceedings, and legalistic mumbo-jumbo designed to put a gloss --- literally, "an appearance" --- of judicial process on these flagrantly unlawful acts of international inland piracy.  

To put frosting on this cake of infamy and betrayal of trust, Barack Hussein Obama not only bankrupted the UNITED STATES, as planned, he also bankrupted the USA, INC., leaving no federal corporation in charge of providing the stipulated nineteen enumerated services due.  This, in effect, vacated the actual Constitution, as there was no longer a competent "federal partner" available to perform the duties.  

Instead, bankruptcy trustees named by the Secondary Creditors--- international banks--- would be appointed by default to administer things however they saw fit. 

Against this backdrop, in November of 2015, we took action to fill the gap and forestall this outcome.   Acting as Head of State for the unincorporated (actual) United States of America, I contracted with the Native nations of the Athabascans and Lakota Sioux, to become the new federal service providers.  

As a precaution, I also issued new Sovereign Letters Patent, and we also issued a Joint Declaration of Sovereignty with our new federal partners, upholding The Declaration of Independence and expanding it to include all Americans.  

We are set upon a path to correct the errors of the past and clean up the disgusting mess in Washington, DC.  Please spread the word to all Americans everywhere on Earth.  

We waited until the last minute, hoping that the Queen and the British Crown and the Pope and all those others responsible for this Mess would do the right thing and take corrective action, but on June 29, 2017, we entered our claim to restore all land and land assets to the American states and people they naturally belong to.  We gave the rats three days Notice, which is all we owed them, in consideration of the extensive efforts made to give sufficient International Notice for the past ten years. 

When they bankrupted the UNITED STATES, they also bankrupted all its franchises--- including the UNITED KINGDOM, ELIZABETH II, FRANCISCUS, FRANCE, STATE OF UTAH, and JOHN QUINCY DOE.   All the land assets and monetary assets attached to these Cestui Que Vie Trusts were supposed to be a giant worldwide Slush Fund.  The perpetrators would simply change their doing business names, make claims on abandonment, and inherit it all.  

All the "little people" thus defrauded would be reduced to a condition of eternal slavery and statelessness, adrift forever, and eternally press-ganged into the service of Her Majesty's Royal Navy and British Crown Merchant Marine Service. 

What they couldn't take by force, they fully intended to take by fraud and deceit, bogus bankruptcy actions and equally bogus probate processes.  There was just one thing standing in the way of this multi-generational fraud: the American people. 

The Americans are the actual Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of the UNITED STATES and all its various franchises.  

The plot to take over the entire world and enter it into a new era of enslavement and Commercial Feudalism---- a New Dark Ages---- could only succeed as long as the Americans failed to come forward and claim their due.  And how could they come forward?  They had all been carefully stripped of standing, insurance, equitable title....  

We overcame all that and on June 29, 2017--- we claimed our rights as the Paramount Security Interest Holders of the UNITED STATES.  That makes us the Paramount Security Interest Holders in all the various franchises and rolls over the title to FRANCE, the UNITED KINGDOM, and so much else to our control. 

Today, the Fourth of July, it is my great pleasure to declare that the forces of darkness, deceit, and evil in our midst have been defeated.  A new day of freedom and abundance for all Mankind is dawning.  

We will not turn back from the Great Work that our hands are set to.  Washington, DC will be cleaned up and cleaned out.  Restoration of the government that the people are owed will sweep across this country from one end to the other, with your help.  Here and throughout the world, there will be peace and kindness and plenty for all.  

This Fourth of July is the true beginning of a new world.  I invite you all to do your best to understand these changes, why they are happening, and to thank Almighty God, the Creator of Our Blessings, for His kindness to us and His steadfast care and wisdom, which has allowed the meek to triumph and literally inherit the Earth. 

Tomorrow, is the Fifth of July --- the first day forward for us all.  I invite you all to search your souls and join us in flying the Peacetime Flag, known as the U.S. Civil Flag --- from now on.  This version of the red-white-and-blue has vertical stripes and a white corner panel with blue stars.  It is your flag every bit as much as the Stars and Stripes.  Fly it proudly and happily as your sign and symbol that peace has finally come, not only to our nation, but to the world.  These flags are available, together with their history at:

Veterans--- I want you to know that I am a Son of the Revolution.  My family has been here and fought in every skirmish since 1609.  I am a United States Air Force veteran, honorably discharged, and a Lifetime member of the AmVets.  Just because I declare the peace does not mean that I fail to understand war. I am 100% behind our veterans, guaranteeing their pensions, benefits owed, and even expanding those services that have not been provided before.  

This is a new America, an America at peace--- but that peace has only been made possible by men of war and the grace of God.  

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  1. Unfortunate, a willingness to continue your keystone stance on theft and war will only beget more theft and war and surely not peace, kindness and plenty for all. 200 plus years of theft of all kinds and war to learn that your means are your end, yet still building on quick sand.

  2. 2017, July 4th shall only be a memory for all Americans. July 5, 2017 restored our human dignity, our Republic of America, our diversified miles of rich soil that was taken through deceit, our clean water rights restored, our parental rights of our children returned, and clean air free of chemicals.
    My grateful joy is expressed with heart energy toward
    other Souls experiencing this. I honor all whom provided us with a way to become Sovereign humans in the Republic of All States in America.

    I say, I
    honor all who have manifested this for all mankind.

  3. These are good tidings to read about. My concern is that this country is filled with people without the capacity to understand the real history of the country, and the significance of your actions, and they are joined by a lot of people who could care less about freedom, so long as they have their electronic toys like the iphone. These folks are being programmed as 'useful idiots' to disrupt and destroy everything in sight, with nary a care for the end results of their actions.

  4. Thank YOU James, Thank YOU Anna and all those who have sacrificed their time and life to bring this to today. It it truly a celebration of a lifetime.

  5. Jenny right judge Anna. There is way more work to be done, especially at the public school level. Children of this century have to be taught our true history, and like ive said so many times before, they have to be taught LAW mandatory. In fact, no one should graduate elementary or high school without passing LAW and MONEY/CURRENCY. They are the only ones capable of passing on the truth and keeping us free. All current Administrators of education have to be fired. They cant be changed. They have already been brainwashed into the current system and will not be able to adjust to a new paradigm. This is so important that it needs to be an amendment. And this time the amendment will come with a stiff "penal crime"(felony) , if breached. That way anyone recoginizing the breach can make an arrest. And what about these BAR ATTORNEYS. I wont spend one more dime on one since their whole oath is to the Corporate State, and the Courts. All we need are courts similar to Small Claims Court, where Attorneys are no longer needed....or wanted. If disputes arise, it will be mano e mano(one on one), without attorneys. That includes the IRS, FTB, Chief of police, judges, heads of major Corporations, etc. In fact, Corporations should be done away with altogether. Only direct taxes , if taxes have to exsist at all, will be allowed....No indirect taxes whatsoever. Go back to the TRIBE and smoke another peace pipe, until this is worked out completely. Set a date for it to happen, and release it all at once so they will not have time to regroup and try a "legal takeover". Andrew Jackson was the only President that realized the threat to our freedoms from ATTORNEYS. And he vowed to "route those VIPERS out of here if it was the last thing he did." They will always be a curse upon the earth and us. They need to go. But before they do, half their assets should be forefitted to the public good, and every last one should do a minimum of 3 months in jail, to wipe away any more pride that still exsist in their minds that all they ever were, were theives, working for a foreign principal, and never for us...!!! I know too many who have become filthy rich, owning 3 or 4 houses, and making at least a quarter of a million a year, while the rest of us actually work for a living. I want to see that arrogant smirk wiped off their face. Especially Leeann Smythe. And let them all be marked with a "RED SLASH" forever, so as to be recognized as traitors. That should make everyone think twice about getting into law, unless they actually protect our rights above all else. Even above themselves and their families...If you got us this far, than go the other mile so we finish it completely. Do you realize how many patriots are still in jail that helped us get this far. They sacrificed there lives and families to try and set us free. We need to get them out immediately. Its not fair that they sacrificed so much, and lost everything, like Roger Elvic, the father of "Acceptance"(A4V). Last i heard, he is doing life imprissionment.

  6. Could this be why a number of state government's shut down including Maine and New Jersey over this last weekend?
    David Snieckus

  7. So now where do we go from here? I'd like to connect with others from my state who are like minded and involved in helping us all to move forward.

  8. James Clinton Belcher, will the people be issued Letters of Patent to their private land?

  9. Given what James has just shared with us, will we still be required to clean up our Political Status Records given that: "We overcame all that and on June 29, 2017--- we claimed our rights as the Paramount Security Interest Holders of the UNITED STATES. That makes us the Paramount Security Interest Holders in all the various franchises and rolls over the title to FRANCE, the UNITED KINGDOM, and so much else to our control. "? Thank you in advance for the clarification.

  10. Our freedoms will be short lived if we dont get rid of the liberal agenda of BAR attorneys. Dont underestimate their resolve to "survive". They dont care what happens to America when it comes to their high and mighty positions of authority and high on the hog life styles. The funny thing is that there are a few honest(or as honest as they can be for their clients), who live very modest lifestyles because they actually do care about their clients. But even they get run over by their own system unless they are willing to lose it all by stopping the court action in its tracks by forcing the judge to answer a question he knows he cant answer in a public forum. Ill give you an example of a case i read a long time ago about an attorneys best friend who the court was about to throw the book at and ruining his life. He had been an attorney for years before this incidence. Now he was finally forced to face his conscious for a friend he had known for years. The judge was forcing his friend to plead "not guilty", for his friend who would not plead to the charges against him. So the judge plead for him..!! Whereupon, his attorney friend, knowing full well where this was heading against his friend, stood up and sternley "OBJECTED", saying "does a judge in a criminal case have the right to act as both an attorney and a judge for a defendant over the objection of the defendant??? Game over!! The judge dismissed the entire case and his friend was spared money, time, and frustration, not to mention relieving family tensions that were starting to mount because of this stressful situation. But when the dust cleared, his attorney friend received a letter in the mail saying he can no longer practice law. He wasnt happy, but he thought he would just go to another state and start over. But he soon found out that not only did he lose his license in his state, he permanently lost his lucense to practice law in every single state in America. Thats the kind of power they hold over that license. But the good news is, is that it finally forced him to follow his dream of starting a small cafe which he finally found his happiness, which he admits he would have never found if that incidence didnt occur. Most people who become attorneys, especially criminal ones, are very unhappy and would love to change careers but cant because of the money. My own attorney often talked about doing the same thing. He was already tired of the criminal justice system and wanted to start a small cafe or something. He was still young enough to do it. The problem with all our schools is that they may teach you law or medicine but it doesnt work that way in the real world with so many huge Corp. overseeing them, like insurance companies, and special interest. By then its to late to change careers. They are stuck and unhappy and eventually if they cant break away, they will lose their soul completely.

    1. It is my understanding there is no license to practice law, only an admittance to ABA membership. It is the STATE OF that issues a so called license. Do you know for sure one way or the other on this? Thanks

  11. Great statements James,,and as always Wonderful Message Paul..💪

  12. Thank-You James!
    Much obliged & humbly grateful!

  13. i am appealing to James or someone knowledgeable with questions about the native american people on the land and their status and protections from the perps asap please

  14. To native american....I can only say that your history is as rich as ours or greater and unfortunately distorted by time and the whiteman too. Chief Joseph was a courageous and honorable chieftain, only to be betrayed by our armies who breached their agreement with the tribes to live in peace in their homeland, which is now known as Idaho, had to leave the territory he was promised and tried to lead his whole tribe, in the middle of winter, over 1500 mi., to cross the border into Canada. He was a masterful and extremely cunning military-man. He made it within 50 mi. before he was caught by our military which gave rise to his famous statement..."I will fight no more forever". Tears always come to my eyes everytime i saw that. The only reason i know this is because i accidentally found it on tube looking for something else. A younger American indian(in his 30ies) , drunk and lost finally found his way and started to correct their history like we are doing. His name is Chief Joseph Riverwind and wrote a book called.."Thats what the old ones say". If you want to listen to it go to utube and punch in the search engine... #6-chief joseph-episode#6 If judge Anna is right about the indian nation backing our return to the land, then cheif joseph was right in saying that it will be through the original American indians that america will be is actually fullfilling indian prophetcy.


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