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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The "Situation" in Colorado

By Anna Von Reitz

More information about the situation in Colorado is surfacing---slowly, I think, because those responsible for it are grappling with some hard issues of culpability of their own.
It's one of those odd situations where nobody is right.
The Colorado State Judges and Grand Jury Administrators followed the directives they received from the Grand Juries they serve, and under Common Law, that is what they were obligated to do.
Accordingly, its the members of the actual Grand Jury that should be arrested --- if anyone should be arrested at all.
This conclusion begs the question of whether or not the Judges and Grand Jury Administrators properly advised the juries of the jurisdictional issues involved---- but as my experience with them proves, they didn't know that part of it themselves.
Here's the Blow by Blow as I understand it to date:
The Colorado Grand Juries conducted an investigation and found that the judges in all the State of Colorado and STATE OF COLORADO courts lacked the credentials required by Colorado Session Law.
This is information that has been corroborated on a national level.
Out of literally thousands of judges whose credentials have been pulled in all fifty states, exactly one, a guy in Wisconsin, had all the proper credentials and bonds and public oath required to be a judge on file.
So how can you have people functioning as judges, who don't obey the published requirements to hold the office?
The answer is simple though disturbing.
These judges aren't functioning in any public office at all.
They only appear to be holding the public offices, which are in fact vacated.
The irony is that the Colorado State Grand Juries were simply holding the State of Colorado and STATE OF COLORADO Judges to the standard that Colorado Public Law requires.
The Colorado Grand Juries concluded that in the absence of meeting the requirements of public office, all these State of Colorado and STATE OF COLORADO "judges" were apparently engaged in constructive fraud.
And the argument can certainly be made that they were and are.
There has been no necessary disclosure to the general public that the State of Colorado and STATE OF COLORADO are operating foreign admiralty and administrative courts on our soil under the auspices of the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States, respectively.
There has been no disclosure that they are operating in-house corporate and military tribunals on our shores.
The people have been led to believe by circumstance if nothing else, that these foreign admiralty and private corporate courts are in fact their own public courts. They had the reasonable expectation that the judges holding court in their courthouses and ostensibly operating courts under the name of their state, Colorado, had the obligation to conform to the requirements of the public offices they appear to hold.
Now, it is true that I told them that the "State of Colorado" and the "STATE OF COLORADO" are not the same as the Colorado State. It is true that I warned the Colorado State Judges and Grand Jury Administrators that these foreign "federated state" courts were operating in a private capacity and in an entirely different jurisdiction and that the judges in these courts were not obligated to meet the requirements of Colorado State public office.
I told them and they didn't listen and they got arrested for crossing into "federated state" jurisdiction and indicting undeclared foreign agents operating under the 1947 Bar Association Treaty--- but the further fact is that these Colorado State Judges and Grand Jury Administrators are not subject to federal jurisdiction and have sovereign immunity of their own.
They are not operating as Territorial or Municipal citizens, and in fact, they had reasonable cause to suspect constructive fraud because neither the State of Colorado nor the STATE OF COLORADO have ever openly and honestly admitted that they are not public courts, their officers have failed to declare their status as Foreign Agents which is required under federal law---and as long as they are operating as employees of "federal franchise states" they are required to follow federal law.
So who stinketh the most?
The people of Colorado who have a right to expect that the courts operating in their state follow the public law, or the Bar Members operating private Territorial and Municipal courts "as if" they were public courts when in fact they are not?
It is also the fact that the courts that have charged and which are attempting to try the Colorado State Judges and Grand Jury Administrators can't possibly come up with a Grand Jury of their "peers" to charge them or a Trial Jury competent to try them.

It's a total faux pas on both sides. Stay tuned.

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  1. What a figgen mess! Wonder if this is the situation in all states....

  2. Turn the lights on the cockroaches so WE all can see these vermin clearly...

  3. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This article is so.... revealing. It is time to write a letter to my local "courts" and inform them that unless they disclose their true international origins and stop posing as public courts, they are committing constructive fraud. Am I getting this right?

  4. Turn the lights on the cockroaches so WE all can see these vermin clearly...

  5. In military parlance the ones with the most fire power win in the absence of justice.

  6. Trump appears to not have the stomach to take the system down , judges are have vested intrest,main street is kept in the dark by the cabal. The D.C. switchbord is so been tampered with by design making all those bought traders
    Only viable option is same king George faced we all become law experts (hard targets).

  7. the problem is the people and their desire to run/shirk from the truth and responsibilites. once they decide to self govern, non of this will be a problem. right now it is the problem. it is not "they" the problem is "us" collectively and until we stop being so slothful and uncaring this will be and should be the end result. the only way people change it seems is through pain, so keep educating and keep the sheeple waking up anna, it is our only hope...(said like princess lea to obi one) eventually the waking giant will arise...

  8. These Quasi-Judicial courts are designed to look like real courts and judges while being solely under the Executive branch as Municipalities and they are Magistrates playing their role as gatekeepers of the fraud.
    Every Municipality is a political subdivision under the DC Municipality and the Executive not Judicial , dealing with matters of public policy NOT public law.
    These courts are basically franchisees of the Federal Reserve having one sole purpose of creating bonds that counter the national debt this is the flip side of the coin you have IRS taxing on one side and Courts Taxing on the other side.

    Very good video on the CRIS system if no-body is familiar.

    Another Good article I just found:

    1. and CAFR accounts.

      they are legislative and territorial courts. only the Persons give them their power. all crimes are through the person via interstate commercial crimes which Congress has plenary power. we are operating state agencies, as agents, in a federal trade union, think matrix, hence legislative statutes and codes, think of it as your franchise fees. you use their vessels in commerce, you pay the fees and follow their laws in the corp(se)orate system with Lucifer at the helm. which you have sold your soul out to mammon in every sense of the word, cause and effect, look at the end result. are we happy with whats happening right now? well tyler duden?

      until the people really know who they are only the supreme court has judicial, constitutional jurisdiction. but only private people not operating in the commercial world, true landowners that own you, the human resources and mineral deposits, are knowledgeable of the difference, understand this and are able to access this equitable realm.

      until then, as long as we keep sustaining Lucifer and his minions via the dead (debt) system, what else can be expected? who wants to give up their love of monopoloy money, BMW's, NFL games and white picket fences?

    2. i was just in the special court of apeals and it is entirely different, the judges were actually on my side riding the Appellant and advising him of his mistakes. the remedy is there for us, the problem is it takes diligence as equity does not aid the "volunteer" voluntary servitude, only the vigilant.

    3. the appellant, was an attorney, acting as agent for a major credit card company fyi. the 4 legs of jurisdiction are, an injured party, certified under penalty of perjury an accounting proving harm to the injured party, a wet ink signature of a contract or law that can be proven you signed and a competent witness to prove it. how often do you think persons know this before they rat on themselves and attorn themselves over to an an attorney that pleads the case out for you? all of this is the end result when we do not self govern ourselves...? which is really annas biggest message in all of this.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Surely the judges in my state, county, and city lack the credentials required by my State law.

    Surely my State of State and STATE OF STATE courts lack the credentials.

    Surely, also, no disclosures are made by my State of State and STATE OF STATE courts.

    Where does one go to document these facts? Where does one find State Session Law for their State?

    Shouldn't we present this information to local court administrators and confront them with these facts.

    1. Absolutely! We are ready to do it here in N. Calif.

    2. only persons give them legitimacy. just like the "government." what would happen if nobody showed up to their courts? what would happen if everyone stopped paying their taxes? hmmmm, sounds like schizophrenia to me tyler durden.

      the private people own land and trust in God. they are doing just fine and so is the county with all of the private money, they are not bankrupt only persons are bankrupt and depraved, see the play on words? private people have the CAFR accounts and believe and place their trust in God. persons are dead, zombies and frankensteins, using a bankrupt currency to be alive. (what happens when you put an "a" in front of live?) a_live? without life? born a_live? decedent?

  10. Ive been trying to tell everyone that the real problem we are facing is the uninformed and uncaring masses that hate us as much as the Corp. U. S. If you remove all private Corp. Employees and replace them all with public lawful ones, they will be worse, not better, than the ones we have now, because they have never studied law and think it is purfectly fair to create laws because people have an odd concept of "freedom", especially in California. Before we change anything, we first have to clearly define an "injury" and "mutual respect" for their neighbors, otherwise we are going to wind up with the same system we have now....and quick..!!!

  11. I guess my question then is; With Anna's knowledge of the situation and overall knowledge of the "unJustice System" in general, will she be working to assist them with their "Situation". After all, they were all working towards the same goals that most of the subscribers here are trying to achieve. I am afraid we are seeing far greater separation than integration lately. We need to pull together to make this work.

    1. From Anna:

      I can't assist in what I consider to be improper so I didn't take part in what they did to get in trouble in the first place. I instead tried to warn them and give them good advice as any regular reader can attest. They ignored that advice at their peril and they are now in jail, and as I understand it, were arraigned today --- I am waiting to hear in what court and under what Names/NAMES they are being addressed.

      That said, it isn't as if I am their "enemy" or as if I would withhold help or information beneficial to them. In fact, I have already provided plenty of grist for their mill. They are accused of felonies and can demand trial by jury. Where is the court going to find a jury of their peers?

      It can't be done if they are being tried as men and women.

      And if they are being tried as corporations, then the entire fraud becomes the subject of the trial with the "District of Columbia Municipal Corporation District Court" trying to prove that any of these people are "voluntary" federal territorial and/or municipal employees or dependents of any kind.

      As I said, our friends in Colorado made a mistake and stepped over the unseen line; but so has the District Court. And of the two, the District Court has far less excuse. See attached.

  12. It's the same in Texas however Texas is a captured foreign nation - Note there have been 5 flags over Texas.

  13. Listening to marshals call last night lorry Anderson who host RBN, radio the exchange with Micheal Hamelton was priceless exchanging what works in thair courts she recommended siting that codes they understand that . But in the end of they day they just might ignore everything and do what they want ..... back to enforcement . ..

  14. Your dealing with a rogue government capable of falce flags that are in your face falce . They need warm bodies preferably harmless white potsmokers. To fill thair prisons .

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. 1990 Dec 1 congress relived all judges of adherence to the Constitution by by striking a phrase and adding under the Constitution . ...Thair is no duties under the Constitution . ..

  17. This is why in the Lufkin case the state attorney went silence for 5 1/2 months they can't show they have a constitutional oath.

  18. So the Colorado round up could be a BIG mistake for the cabal.

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