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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Littlest Billy Goat Gruff -- Puerto Rico

By Anna Von Reitz

Why would I order the DOD Financial Services Division and the U.S. Treasury to pay off the $70 billion dollar debt of Puerto Rico?

The shortest answer is---- because most of you are still (wrongly) mis-identified as Territorial United States Citizens. If that debt isn't paid off, Mr. Obama has it already set up to apportion that Puerto Rican debt onto YOU ---or to be exact, onto a public transmitting utility named after you --- "JOHN T. DOE"---  and the Territorial States of States such as the State of Washington, State of Ohio, and State of Montana.

The sudden addition of a billion and a half debt to those State of State organizations would bankrupt virtually all of them, and then YOU would have no choice but to go bankrupt or find a means to pay your share of that Puerto Rican debt.  This debt would appear as a very large and unexpected additional "tax bill" in your mail box, addressed to your name written like this: "MARY T. FURCTWANGLER".  In many states, it would come with a thirty (30) day eviction notice.  

All the public property managed by those bankrupted States of States would pass into the hands of foreign international bankruptcy trustees and your property would be part of the "public property" because unknown to you, the vermin consider you -- a Territorial Citizen----just a "resident" tenant occupying abandoned property.   

The how and why lies in the fraud committed during and after the Civil War and is too complex to get into right now, but suffice it to say that this morning we are dealing with the results of it 150 years later. 

It's true that we placed international claims on the board to position the actual states as the Principal Parties of Interest in all debts related to the "State of State" organizations, and so nosed out the rest of the piggies at the trough who are all Secondary Creditors, but we couldn't do that with Puerto Rico.  


Because Puerto Rico is and has always been an "Insular State" and an actual Territory of the United States.  Technically, we, the actual states, have nothing to say about Puerto Rico.  If it goes bankrupt and forces all the other Territorial "State of State" organizations into bankruptcy, that's a "private domestic matter" of the Territorial United States and the Congress and its bondholders.  

So the short answer for why I have ordered the pay off of Puerto Rico's debts is--- to avoid an administrative meltdown of the Territorial United States and an even worse nightmare of fraudulent commercial claims coming to bear against innocent Americans and their actual property assets.  

The vermin in DC had it all planned out.   They would make it look like "we" abandoned poor Puerto Rico to its fate, after they used it as a base of operations for international commercial terrorism for 150 years, sucked it dry, left the people impoverished and unemployed.....  Sound familiar? 

Instead, the actual states stepped in last night and paid off the Puerto Rican debt. We didn't borrow money or credit.  We paid it outright---so much for the rumors that we are broke--- and you won't be getting that extra tax bill in the mail.  

The States of States won't be going bankrupt.  

You are free to divest yourself of any "Territorial Citizenship" and come home to your actual land jurisdiction state whenever you make sense of this Mess and join the Exodus.   

Remember: you are not naturally a native of the Territorial or Municipal United States.  That is merely a self-interested presumption on their part.  

You are free to revert to your birthright status and can operate as a Virginian, Wisconsinite, alia, and nobody can deny you that option. 

As for Puerto Rico, where are your accusers?  Who will say you owe any debt? 

Puerto Rico is free to "cross the bridge" this morning, because Great Big Billy Goat Gruff showed up last night and head-butted the Ogre all the way to Costa Rica.  And as for the vermin in DC, what are they going to say?  

Anybody can pay off anyone else's debt.  It's not a hostile act.  Especially when you don't require any payback or interest or other strings attached, it's just a free gift to the people of Puerto Rico---- their freedom on a half-shell.  At last. 

God bless you, Puerto Rico. Make good decisions from now on.  Live long and prosper and cherish your sons and daughters. They are the true wealth of any nation.

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  1. Hear Hear Anna! :)

  2. I am confused... who paid? Anna? Where may we find details about this correspondence and transaction?

    1. I, too, am confused and would appreciate details.

    2. None of this is making any sense. I got this vision in my head about 50 states sitting in a room and someone delivers the news about Puerto Rico and they all chip in some monopoly money and say... "Done, you're good to go Puerto Rico." Say what? Late at night? How's that even work? How about some names and a realistic scenario, where'd the funds come from? How did the funds get to Puerto Rico, who is actually making the claims and what's with the capital M in Mess and what Exodus? Who or what is going to be able to pay a billion in debt outright and why?

      Now i admit, i am somewhat new to this... i have only followed Anna's work sporadically... and maybe littlest and big Billy Goat Gruffs makes sense to everyone else here, but it has a definite ring of a fairy tale to me. Is it too much to ask for a simple and logical explanation?

  3. Sounds good to me. our freedom was not free, many like Anna and Cookie gave and gave. Thank you.

  4. Great Job Anna, Help Me With My Birthright, Or Show A Good Book To Read!

  5. Caribbean has all was been a British strong hold Jamaica , Bliez , bannana republics,camion islands off shore banking Porto Rico . Pirates

  6. When I was young enough to still appreciate it, my father told me the story of the Billy Goats Gruff. I have a big brother. I love that story.

  7. Anna, c'mon!
    Is this shinola???
    I love to believe people when they bring me new information, but I don't just blindly accept what they are saying...
    You have given us quite an array of new "information"....
    But now you are going to have to "put up" or "shut up"!
    Some of us are getting real tired of hearing these great news trinkets without ANY backup information!!!
    I personally would like to believe that you are NOT insane and what you have to say is right on.
    But if you refuse to answer this inquiry them I must consider you a fraud, because without evidence anyone can spew out anything to the vulnerable masses!
    You have made some incredible statements over the last couple of years and very few ever came with ANY valid proof or facts!
    Please don't be like the monsters you purport to be against!
    You being in cahoots with the Pope puts up a HUGE red flag for me....I have been looking at you much closer since you say you pledged your allegiance to the Pope in blood! And that you are a private attorney for the Pope!
    Please, start answering our request for more information about the humungous deals you are privy to...or I personally will come at you with disdain and contempt and will seek to discredit you to the rest of the world as the fake that you are...because I won't let a bully lie...mostly I have put bullies to sleep!
    You do understand our concerns...right?
    I am not here to harm...I am here to help. To help the blind see, to help the innocent prosper! Are you?
    If so...splain yourself and your article today about Puerto Rico...Thank you!
    And...many, many apologies if I am wrong about you...
    What happens next will be vey telling to all that read this....

    1. and/or the other process that anna is speaking of in reference to secured party creditor process where people are sending authenticated BC's endoresed to the United States with indemnity bonds to the treasury etc, etc, etc...

      I still only hear crickets chirping. would like to hear of a handful of people by now that can evidence something.

    2. In all her writings she Paul and others explain. I am so sorry that you must resort to rude statements as "put up or shut up" because you are having difficulty understanding it. It is a journey because everything you, we, have been told has been a lie, a reverse of reality.
      I suggest Anna's book You know Something is Wrong When...
      It's a process and it is difficult for all of us because we have been taught the opposite for so long.
      Isn't our monetary system based on the full faith and CREDIT of the American people? Doesn't that make us the Creditors?
      I could be wrong, but that is

    3. It is about time, this is where rubber meets the road!

    4. From Anna:

      We aren't going to allow the bankruptcy to proceed. There is no need for it and it simply represents another example of fraud and unlawful conversion.

      So the "debt" is going away. And those responsible for the whole situation are going to jail.

      Simple enough.

    5. The jails are going to fill up fast!!! Awesome progress but once again nothing news worthy? They cant seriously keep milking this fraud train. I post info and people are dumb founded and don't believe it cause its not news... crazy ... wish canadians were so lucky, love to see all corrupt judges jailed ... none if them use real names...all fake and people believe it... shake my head. Your kicking asses ... thats what counts. Thanks

  8. I think this system and its representatives are so corrupt that its even taking a toll on Trump. He said in an interview recently that he didnt think it would be this hard to change things. He said its not the work. Hes used to work and puts long hours in and enjoys it, but....and thats a big but, je just said that it was harder than he thought. You could tell he was holding back. He really wanted to vent his frustrations, and the immense corruption he is trying to fix. Is it me or doed he already look older. And its only been 100 days in office. He just recently said he is reinstituting the "Glass-Steagall Act to break up the banks again which Bill Clinton nullified so the banks and wall street could go wild...He makes an Executive Order, and Judges just flip their nose at him. He has no control which is what it takes to clear up any other normal CORPORATION. This one is different...."defiant". I think he is starting to realize he doesnt have the power he thought he had as President of the U. S. So how much less do you think we have. Unless we march together, like everyone else, and get media attention, things arent going to change that quick, or ever...

    1. Glass Steagall would be a firewall and good start, but Trump doesn't run this circus. I do not envy the position he is in.

    2. he is a burner president like a battering ram and is serving his purpose until what comes next.

  9. Greg if it's shinola.ain't shit you can do about it any way . Just feel privileged to at least get a taste of the inner workings of international deal makeing. I have followed all this from every disclosure and turn in the road do your own research and call your congressman who hides under his desk till its time to go home .good luck.

    1. bubbapatric...
      I have been well aware and have been studying this mess since 1998!
      So I have been around for awhile...
      It is not the lack of informational theories from Anna that bother us. It is the lack of ANY substantial evidence of any kind proving what she says, what she says she has done, and what she says she is doing that give some of us a sinking feeling that she is not who and what she says she is!
      If someone consistently tells me new and life changing strategies without ever showing evidence for such...eventually I am going to question the legitimacy and sanity of those strategies and the legitimacy and sanity of that speaker! Aren't you going to do the same??? Or are just fine with following blindly because it feels good and it is the easiest thing to do!
      Let your external authority do all of your thinking and speaking and doing for you... Well NOT ME!
      That kind of stinking thinking has gotten us exactly right here!!!

  10. Still no response from Anna or Paul...
    Quite telling indeed....
    Or maybe they just forgot to read their own blog???

    1. I would appreciate more information.....
      why did this happen 20 minutes ago if the debt was paid Monday night?

  11. Greg, I hope you have read all of Anna's writings and her book. Do you really expect her to show proof that her letters were received ? Do you really think she does this work to fool people ? Please, If you do not believe what you read then just sign off, we don't need your negativity. Times are a changing.

    1. i dont think he negates that she has sent letters, rather that it is not having a provable effect. i have similar concerns with her process that she is telling people to follow with regard to handling their authenticated titles over to the U.S. Treasury with a revamped secure creditor process that has been proven not to work for years; so far, still has no recent evidentiary proof, of her benefit/living law firm successes, for the people which could be harmful if you understand its ramifications.

      Nobody is doubting her motivational capacity and its beneficial effects on the people which is necessary, to waken the sleeping Giant.

    2. think of it this way, if you received your car "title" would you endorse and send it to the U.S. Treasury or would you hold on as holder in due course of that title? what would the U.S. do with that title? how would that benefit you? does the IMF now legally and equitably possess your title now unequivocally subsequent to your endorsement over to them?

    3. Sally, thanks for your concern...
      I taught all of my kids when they were able to understand, that...if a 1 year old baby steps off a 1000 foot cliff, even though that baby is not responsible for it's still must pay the price of those actions! And so must we all...
      Even though you are not willing to be too must pay the price of your actions or inactions!
      Something to think about anyways.

  12. Greg.Scott been in the command tents with commanders since 1992 I know what goes on on secret levels .planning attacks elbo to elbo with full bird colonels intelligence briefings . I talk on the phone on talk shows with presidential candidates Rick santurim,top advisors equaling 4 star rateing presidents sons I have talked with weekly read thair books ...
    I talk with Anna via Emails occasionally when she wants to argue ..just sent 40 bucks for cookie..I hold a security clearance I can haul hazardous materials into sea ports un excorted. I watch everything !and take action when need be.I know now the use of law is the most powerful tool if you don't own a newspaper .

  13. i am assuming the PR debt payoff was a private matter.(??? No public disclosure)

    i read this morning that Puerto Rico PUERTO RICO (U.S. Territory/US TERRITORY) filed for 'bankruptcy'?

    Merely stating that i heard about a 'P.R.' 'bankruptcy'this morning.

    robert: carr
    The Pennsylvania common wealth

  14. Yes, i just heard the same thing today about Puerto Rico. Banrupt to the tune of $70 billion and no way to pay its creditors. They aslo said it will most likely wind up in the courts for years. People have been getting remedy in this fight for some 50 years. But only a few slip by, before the courts simply get together and bury anyone else trying to use it. Its impossible to cover all the possible remedies available to us when the courts arent even aware of the amount of "fraud" that has been committed, until they have to confrount a new remedy that exposes the fraud by one of our "patriot" brothers/sisters. Then the courts get together immediately and close the gap quickly so anyone else trying to use the same remedy is screwed. And then they cant wait to publisize the next person to use it in the fake media to scare anyone else from using it. Its the same thing that happens each time a loophold is uncovered by one of us. We are teaching them way more than they ever taught us, and they are quick learners, with an excellant chain of communication that allows them to bury any remedy we come up with that hasnt been addressed yet and closes it fast. Of course that gets the patriot community argueing against each other immidiately. The love adversity. It just fills their courts even more. If you want to find out the latest remedy being used and what they think of it and us, all you have to do is go to a "strickly" used website for the "Banking Community" so anyone from management all the way down to the tellers talk to each other about all the problems they face on a daily bases. They already know about the "lawful money" demand. But thats because some patriots , in their frustration or outward contempt of this system, just assume how to use a remedy without doing more research on the remedy to use it properly. And thats what causes the rest of us problems. The "lawful money" demand (at 12USC411) still works as a remedy, but not if you are actually demanding gold or silver from the know damn well they are never going to do that.

  15. But people try because they havent studied it enough. You should never have to deal with the bank or the IRS or FTB, or any Corp. entity at all. You only need to make that demand one time and file it at the county recorders office as a public notice to all Corp US owned and run by Corp US Citizens that you have chosen to use our remedy at 12USC411 to "pay" for your obligations instead of "discharging" you debts using private commercial elastic currency which actually brings down the US debt, instead of adding to it. In other words they can no longer use your "discharge" as a means to hypothentocate more debt. There is no need to put that on your signiture card at the bank or tell anyone what you are doing, especially if you are dealing with the bank, otherwise they will simply close your account and tell you good luck at the next bank you go to. We simply need to gather some evidence of our request to overcome the rules of evidence(i believe at 806 of the evidence code) so it cant be said that it is heresay evidence in court. How you say..!! By making the demand on every deposit or withdrawal slip , and get some copies and by putting that demand on the front of all your checks right below your name and address on the left upper hand left side of your check. And change your address to one spelling out your state completely and being zip code exempt, "without the US". Then, just draft up a "letter of understanding", using copies of your deposit/withdrawal slips, and things paid for with your checks(only a few is necessary) and file it at the county recorders office. Its important to mention on the letter that your demand is "transaction" based and therefore doesnt always have to be made literally, since most transactions now take place online, giving you no chance to mention your demand. It is simply presumed now after your filing. If you are ever called into court, just bring in your letter and evidence and tell the judge to read it into the "record". Dont be shouting out this demand like you god himself. We have to move in stealth, until we have no choice to present the evidence that we are not part of the "FORUM STATE" or "STATE OF THE FORUM"(where contracts are made). Get it...!!!

  16. I wonder how I can use this Puerto Rico paid in full to my advantage ? Both my mom and dad were born in Puerto Rico, and my birth cert has my name in Upper and Lower case letters. So I'm definitely from this Territory though I was born in NYC. If anyone has advice on this I'd be interested. Thank You Judge Anna for All you've done.


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