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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Vetting. Think About It.

By Anna Von Reitz

Bruce Doucette has been running around all over creation, handing out Marshals Oaths and credentials in states where he has no office as a Justice or a Judge. 
He has been promising people badges who never went through the vetting process to become a Continental Marshal OR to serve in the state militia, either one. 
Is it safe or sane to do this?
It's not. 
You would think that we were kids playing a game and everyone gets a Marshal's star and a little plastic holster. 
What if that man who suddenly has a badge and who is claiming to be a Marshal--- is seriously unhinged? Has a criminal record longer than his arm? An IQ of 50? Isn't an American state national? Is motivated by vengeance? Isn't who he says he is? Is so ignorant he stinks?

Marshals and Judges, both, need to know their jobs and their history and their law. And they also have to obey the law they purport to uphold.

You can't just stand on a street corner and hand out badges and think that's okay. You can't put people in positions of public trust without vetting and training them.

So there's another reason why Bruce and I are parting ways and why I don't approve of Michael R. Hamilton's equally reckless recruiting ideas, either. If he had his way, we'd all just pay him $50 and he'd make up credentials identifying us as the President of the United States. 
Why would he care? He made $25 a pop selling you meaningless credentials you didn't earn. 
Do you want men you can trust in positions of authority over you, or do you think it's okay to put a stamp of approval on just anybody who wants to play "Marshal" or "Justice" for a day?
And can any of you tell me how these practices by Doucette and Hamilton are going to do anything but endanger good people? Both those who are willing to serve, but don't have the training for it, and the public, too?

I have come too long and too far to stand here silent, knowing that what these two men are doing will serve to discredit the effort and endanger everyone involved. 

I have to object. Loudly.

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  1. I stand with you on that Anna, this isn't a game we're playing.

  2. Anna,why do you allow your perception of those not qualified to be given so much weight in your public notices such as these?
    Lets stay on point and replace the bank and create a holistic paradigm in which serves all globally.Where can the people inspect your proposel to lead believers to support this undertaking?how many are there so far Anna?
    I cannot see any dejure or lawful community ever being on same page,same day.Who could be informed enough to actualize this plan other than those most capable of citical thinking.
    If there were mobilization Anna,it will serve those willing to blockade those goverment offices and litterally shut it down so that physical adverse possesion is eventually established for the change over,like Iceland.
    How do you proposea the fraud money mechanics be avoided in your view?I believe you cannot make a right out of fraud.
    And most of all,The world structure,banking,bonds,insurance,law cannot function if a just goverment were to be possible the US is the head of the global banking and military complex ever to rule the world,what Anna do you propose deals with this fundamental fact of inderpendency with all the 1000s of trade agreements in place with major short term and long term projections that countries have signed into based on financial aid.How will all these accounts be wound up without forcing the elite to systematicly force are hand in compliance under the pre existing uniformity that does allow for effeciencies.
    I dont see a past goverment in history that I want for my child.
    I have not heard of your comprehensive plans?
    I believe a global trade bank,and uniform passport if implemented would have far reaching affects as one stage of global change.

    1. Our two biggest issues to have liberty are a means of exchange and defense. I would like to affiliate with the bank conceived by Anna. I would like to see the indictment of American Hero, Bernard Von Not Haus overturned and the liberty Dollar and his entire concept returned to the people. I would like to see the Lawful state militias and Sheriffs defending Lawful money. I would like to see the production of hemp for concrete, plastic, paper and fabric reduce polutants, increase manufacturing and reduce importing oil based products. I would like to see educational classes to instruct/enable individuals to jointly apply class action suits to restore our food, the Liberty Dollar, stop false flag events and the murder of Levoy Finicum comes to mind.

  3. One question who authorized a vetting process,and to who's standerds? You keep attacking the leader just like a hen pecking woman I'm done the major problem is a zionest government that pervasive engaged in white genoside that's an emergency look at the frigging world.

  4. Everything (the mess) Anna von Reitz has recently discovered about Bruce Doucette activities have been obvious from the beginning when Doucette started his career as the know it all for restoring the republic, using citizen grand juries and Marshalls.

    Now it is time , high time, for Anna von Reitz to clean up the mess she has made with her own interpretation of the Constitution involving citizenship.

    The citizen/s of the United States that the Constitution defines, being "We the people", are the owners and the base of the government of the United States.

    Anna von Reitz directs us (we the people) in an unconstitutional direction of expatriation and tossing our constitutionally established citizenship. Expatriation that Anna recommends and promotes does not solve anything, it makes matters worse.

    Freedom from plunder will only come by restoring our constitutional republic, by altering or abolishing all corrupt government,... by we the people working together, upholding and defending the Constitution against all enemies, as Citizens of the Republic, Citizens of the United States.

    1. Posted for Anna by Paul:

      Don, you are the living proof --- and in your own words--- of a man who doesn't know squat about the very topic he is attempting to address.

      The word "people" means "militia" and the only militias in existence at the time those famous words, "We, the People..." were penned were colonial state militias----the civilian fighting forces of this country which beat the British.

      So, what does "We, the People" mean, Don? Obviously, not at all what you think it means.

      Obviously, too, you remain blissfully ignorant on the topic of "United States Citizenship".

      If "United States Citizenship" had anything to do with "We, the People" you could be forgiven for thinking that expatriation was neither desirable nor necessary---- but in fact, "We, the People" are State Citizens, members of the state militias, not "United States Citizens" at all----and never were.

      "We, the People" are State Citizens of the United States of America. Notice the "of America"????

      "United States Citizens" are --- guess what? Citizens of the United States.

      Are you finally getting it, Don?

      The United States of America owns it all and it delegated a portion of its international jurisdiction to the United States, a separate British-backed government entity charged with providing the subscribing states of the United States of America with nineteen enumerated services.

      The United States is a paid foreign subcontractor of the United States of America and always has been. I can't put it to you any more clearly than that.

      United States Citizens are all foreigners with respect to the United States of America. United States Citizens have no guarantees owed to them under The Constitution. United States Citizens own nothing.

      This country belongs to the progeny of "We, the People" and in order to be a "people" you have to agree to support your actual government---- your state and the union of states it belongs to, which is called the United States of America--- by repudiating any other political loyalty (expatriation) and other proper steps to reclaim your birth right political standing--- including serving your local county and state jural assemblies and your state militia.

      You are the one that has it all backwards, Don, and you, like Bruce and Hamilton, just won't learn any better or admit that you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

    2. PS posted for Anna by Paul:

      PS---- given the FACTS which I have explained to you, please tell me why you or anyone else would cherish and cling to the distinctly lesser and less beneficial political status of "US Citizen"?

      US Citizens are obligated to obey every federal code and regulation, pay every tax, take every order and they get nothing but their employment pay in return. They have no guaranteed rights---- only "civil rights" that are privileges granted by Congress. They have no property interest in the land or other resources of this country---- they merely "reside" here on a temporary basis as federal employees or dependents providing "essential government services".

      Why wouldn't anyone in their right mind run headlong and as fast as possible to expatriate from any such "presumed" status?

      We, the People, are among the richest people on Earth. We, the People, have guaranteed rights and treaties of protection going back hundreds of years. We, the People, are the true inheritors of America. Why would you give that up and encourage others to do the same by clinging senselessly to a foreign "citizenship" self-interestedly conferred on you under conditions of non-disclosure?

      Wake to Hell up!

    3. Paul, read your last phrase, "self-interestedly conferred on you under conditions of non-disclosure". Wow. That's fraud. Isn't there a legal remedy that makes us whole with no sacrifice on our part and total recompense on the the defrauders part. Something doesn't fit. Defies logic why you burn from the bottom, versus the top. Ever consider mass mailings to the public, with millions of signatures to submit for top down change.

    4. It's not my phrase. Look at the top of each comment to see who it's coming from. That paragraph came straight from Anna.

  5. What did I tell you....its coming down to a civil war. Thats what "THEY" want. Sure we want officers to be properly vetted.Is that what we have now?? No. There isnt one officer that knows law or the constitution. All they know is codes, statutes, and unlawful arrest without an injured party. And what about the people. You think they should get a "free pass" for being ignorant in law...??? People should be barred from even working if they cant pass a simple questions about law. Watch how fast everyone learns law...after 200 years of fraud, there is no easy answer.... Judge Anna, even you can see that now.

    1. WE DO NOT need war. Through education the many will achieve peaceful non-compliance and the evil will wither. Stored labor and liberty are the greatest commodities and others are always lurking to find them unguarded. The persistence required to preserve liberty is equal to what is required to restore it. The process to restore is identical to the process of preserving it. The fact is we have it if we know how to preserve it/restore it. It is the responsibility of the elders to direct the young but the elders must first know before they can teach. War kills the followers of bad leaders and ignorant elders, what does that achieve?

  6. When i saw uNiTed States Marshal on the paperwork i knew something was wrong

  7. We must not make the mistake of discouraging good people, coming together in community to solve their problems. We must not lay on baggage from obsolete legal systems and crimp their style.

    Citizen groups will never be educated enough. We must persist and insist this improve.

    We cannot, however, become an obstacle to their honest efforts. We cannot defend them from all mistakes. You got a better way? Suggest it. Stand back. Hope for the best.

    Simply, do no harm to inspired community workers.

    The reason the United States government does not work is because it is corporate and foreign owned.
    These corporations are already dissolved. America simply needs to recognize and support the dissolution.
    News flash!!!
    Do no harm. Support this and help with real change.
    Universal Martial Law—Public Order #18: Prosperity Initiation Orders

    1. I have a feeling the "Coach" is on drugs also. So sad!

  8. Lot of tretuary Lincoln 14 th ammendment , Roosevelt immediately helped bankers steal our gold and started the communist social security syatem. Bush unpatroit. Act, you can be executed in a secret prison no rights.try using the Constitution in court you get laughed at .they stripped our common law and have set up a admiralty court.


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