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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Proof in Their Own Words

By Anna Von Reitz

If anyone wants proof that Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton have overstepped their offices and are now attempting to lead an insurrection against our lawful government, they only need to go to Hamilton's website and see for yourselves.

On his website with very slightly veiled efforts to call me a Vatican spy, after I have just handed the debts of the whole world to the Vatican to pay, he goes on to display the "Judge's Oath" that he and Bruce have cobbled up and are making people take.

Here is news for all to hear and see:

Each land jurisdiction state already has oaths and other standards and definitions of what a State Justice is in its Session Laws. 

These men have been too ignorant and lazy to check the Session Laws for the land jurisdiction courts in their states, so they are not taking the lawful oaths required for their own state of the union and are off in LaLa Land, just as I said, with no lawful authority backing them at all.

Now, they may have crafted themselves a pretty, high-sounding oath compared to the plebian and plain-style oaths that American State Justices take, but what this means folks, is that these guys are renegades--- not just against the De Facto, but against the De Jure. 

They are operating outside the lawful Government of the United States of America and outside the corporate Government of the United States, too.  

Whatever "states" they are representing and claiming to hold office in, are just "states of mind".  Theirs.

Well, that's all very fine if you are leading an insurrection or rebellion of some kind, but as I have very clearly stated---- what the rest of us came together to do is something quite different. 

We want to restore our lawful government to full function and glory, not tear everything in site down to the ground and start over from scratch.

What these madmen need to learn also is something called "Chain of Title".  We are owed our lawful government and nobody can take it from us, so long as we claim it and operate it----- but those agreements go out the window when we do what these yahoos are doing. 

Suddenly, there is no connection back to the Revolution or The Constitution.  Our states are---without chain of title ---  just little squawling bits of land jurisdiction,  free for the taking, and we are nameless, stateless chattel. 

Maybe Bruce and Hamilton work for the men who would like to see America come to that?  If they are dumb enough to think that they are American State Justices without taking the oath for their actual state, they aren't playing with a very full deck----are they?  

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  1. Sorry to hear this, but it brings validity to my and others arguments from a year ago...We may not know exactly what's wrong.. bit something wasn't right... Still isn't.

  2. The real Judge Anna please stand up. The public knows the common natural law upon the land. The unwritten law right from wrong. A Dog even knows this law. A dog knows it is wrong when one takes his bone away. A republic land each has a vote that counts. Democracy will remain until the emergency vote is held and removing the private Kings and Queens BAR Association. We vote, the public's representing persons the hell off our inherited land.

  3. Who will bring the military around to this agreement?

  4. The reason the United States government does not work is because it is corporate and foreign owned.

    These corporations are already dissolved. America simply needs to recognize and support the dissolution.

    Here is another approach seeking the same results.
    Universal Martial Law—Public Order #18: Prosperity Initiation Orders

    Love to see Anna and Cindy unite forces. We really do need to come together. The opposition has us divided and weak. That's why they are still so strong.

    Stay divided and wait 20 years. Team up and win before we all die of old age.

  5. We must not make the mistake of discouraging good people, coming together in community to solve their problems. We must not lay on baggage from obsolete legal systems and crimp their style.

    Citizen groups will never be educated enough. We must persist and insist this improve.

    We cannot, however, become an obstacle to their honest efforts. We cannot defend them from all mistakes. You got a better way? Suggest it. Stand back. Hope for the best.

    Simply, do no harm to inspired community workers.

    1. Resolution . Nurture , praises and raises , not condemnation . That fans the flames.

  6. It would have been helpful if you had added a copy of their oaths and then a copy of what their oath should have been.

    1. become very familiar with your state's constitution. most people overlook that. especially close to the original circa 1800's

  7. hamelton and ducetts. Rebuttal bits and pieces I like these gentlemen never liked Haywood from day one bad experience with bully type bossy females
    have heard Anna has a bad temper brilliant but
    unstable. The oath they take is good enough can't say your irrelevant for that they are as sovereign men entitled to natural law ..

    1. i wouldnt say anna has a bad temper, actually quite the contrary, considering the amount of ignorant, lazy hand me everything on a silver platter while i moan and groan that i actually have to read and attempt to learn for myself attitudes she deals with day in and day out. and all the ego's on the other side of the spectrum backstabbing each other and acting like they have it all figured out. nobody has all the answers as only YHWH would hold that title, but anna sure tries as hard as any grandma could to get the word out and try to get people to change their sleepwalking status...

      sovereign, the only sovereignty is the People as a whole, divided they are only sove.... get it, split into little bits and pieces, completely irrelevent

    2. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding on what's for dinner .that's why we have natural law all are equal sovereign . Judge ducett blazed a trail you don't back seat drive like a boss , hamelton is applying bill thourtons. Common law court of record and we agree on common law courts taking orders from common law jury.

    3. never heard of them. you have to b very careful of the ease to throw one into the "sovereign citizen" movement whether true or false...too easy now a days to get people hurt and arrested. better if we all could find a transitional system en mass to protect ourselves instead of continually divide and conquer us. devils in the details. nobody can agree. natural law might be great in theory but it aint going from where we are today to that realistically. we really all need to grow up and figure out how to best get us out of this mess in the short term and then set short, middle and long term goals. we are really infants and minorities of unsound mind unable to govern ourselves...they have a point.

    October 27-30, 2011 Boston, Massachusetts
    The American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law is accredited
by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to sponsor continuing medical education for physicians.
    The American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law designates this live activity for a maximum of 31.75 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

    George Parker, MD, Indianapolis, IN
    Participantswillgainanunderstandingofthebeliefsystemofthesovereigncitizenmovement; appreciatehow these beliefs could cause consternation in the courts; and learn how sovereign citizens might or might not meet the Dusky standard.
    Introduction: Sovereign citizens are adherents to a fringe political group which believes the US legal system is invalid. Asaresult,theytypicallycausegreatdifficultywhentheyappearincourt. Methods:Competenceevalu- ationsonseveralsovereigncitizenswerereviewed. Informationontheirbeliefsystemwasobtainedfromseveral websites. Results:AdherentstothesovereigncitizenmovementtypicallyassertthattheUniformCommercialCode is the primary law of the land, which allows the use of sight drafts to settle all transactions and reduces all court participants to either debtors or secured parties. They believe civil and criminal courts are actually admiralty courts. Theyoftenrefusetopaytaxesortopaylicenseorregistrationfeesofanykind. Theytypicallyrepresentthemselves incourt. Onevaluation,sovereigncitizensfirmlyheldtheirbeliefsbutrarelyshowedevidenceofseriousmentalill- ness. Discussion:Adherentstothesovereigncitizenmovementweregenerallyfoundtohavethecapacitytounder- stand the proceedings and assist an attorney. Judges and attorneys appreciated receiving guidance on appropriate management of sovereign citizens during court proceedings.
    MacNabJJ: SovereignCitizenKane;andTheSovereigns:ADictionaryofthePeculiar.SouthernPovertyLawCenter Intelligence Report 139, 2010
U.S. v. Frank Svoboda, 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, No. 10-3794, 2011; available at : pdf/2011/02/03/USA_v._Frank_Svoboda.pdf. Accessed February 28, 2011
    1. Which of the following questions about the sovereign citizen’s movement is not correct?
    a. Adherents believe all domestic courts are admiralty courts. 

    b. Adherents believe they can convert government actions into commercial transactions by writing accepted for 
value on a document. 

    c. Adherents believe they can file a UCC form to reclaim their identity from the government. 

    d. Adherents believe they can issue their own licenses and registration documents. 

    e. Adherents believe they must respect the legal authority of the sheriff. ANSWER: e
    2. Assessment of competence to stand trial in adherents to the sovereign citizen movement can be challenging because:
    a. Their beliefs can appear to be of delusional intensity, with grandiose and paranoid elements. 

    b. They may have submitted a large volume of documents to the courts written with unusual grammar and unusu- 
al claims. 

    c. They may be uncooperative with the psychiatric evaluation, rejecting any suggestion of mental illness. 

    d. They typically insist on representing themselves but make repeated inappropriate verbal motions and objections. 

    e. All of the above. ANSWER: e

    1. I would like to know who said that Frank Svoboda believe he sees things and where did they get their information. All courts and police officers run on assumption and presumption! That's the only way you can get someone to be guilty. All the talking heads they really don't help you they just bring you out in the open! To help you they would provide you with the remedy and help you achieve the remedy: but they don't! Like all attorneys they create more trouble so there's more mess to clean up and they get paid for the cleanup. However, the only deal with the corporation and a living soul is not a corporation! I do not have a birth certificate but the corporation does certificate is a warrant to go before a judge or an official. Don't let everybody pull your ear and tell you something and you go to jail, because that's what they do they clean out the ranks they bring you out of your home and onto the street where they can molest you and your family. When I went to answer the door: they opened the door without announcing himself or telling me who they were and pulled me out without a warrant and then he told me the warrant was the closed indictment: all grand juries are scams

    2. not all on presumption and assumption. also by your actions and contracts that you have entered into i.e, licenses, voter registrations etc., they also operate on if it is not raised it is waived as per kw. gentlemen always give Notice. bottom line unless you have a standing army you are in no way sovereign in today's military world; at least yet, good luck.

    3. Rent a shrink this is the courts new attempt kinda like conspiracy theories . Competent you can hire a rent a shrink to declare someone unstable put them on meds and lock them away be careful don't talk to cops don't joke they look for a mistake .

    4. Posted by Paul for Anna Von Reitz:

      As usual, the Devil is in the details. Most of the things cited in your article as delusional beliefs of "Sovereign Citizens" ( which is itself an oxymoron) are in fact true IF you are properly recognized and acting as a State Citizen under the auspices of the United States of America, but not true for any citizen of the United States.

      Until you recognize the difference between the United States of America and the United States and the delegated and undelegated powers it is not possible to make sense of who is owed what in terms of rights and responsibilities.

      What we are discussing here is a group of people who are attempting to act outside either the United States of America and the undelegated powers or the United States and its delegated powers. They are just "out there" doing their own thing without reference to any existing government.

      That is where they are out of line.

      You can be a State Citizen of the United States of America or you can be a United States Citizen of the United States, but you have to abide by the rules of the political status you choose and can't be crossing the lines or operating a rogue operation outside either one---- which is what Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton are doing.

      You can operate lawfully or you can operate legally but not both at the same time. And there is no Third Option.

      You cannot serve two masters and exercise the powers of a State Citizen while operating as a US Citizen.

  9. Being that is know n that at least these two are working in criminal activity against the country don't they have to be reported to the proper authority? For they not only hurt the country but all your hard work as well.. if they are not reported, are you just as liable?

    1. What are you doing ? Looking at Web sites like this ? I think you need to be investigated
      throwing derogatory comments around .
      we are being over run by feds .like the feds that set up lavoy

  10. Years ago a tribe controld effectively all media them days are gone the acts of war , falce flags , are coming to a close .
    ppl are pissed and moments are gaining stregenth this cult following Anna is now asses what's the fruits were are we at?we don't need her indeed if you belive Edward Johnson Anna is Anna von wonder she Braggs she and Rothschild get along so well. And Haywood is a big Israel sycophant we exchanged remarks I schooled her on the history of terror committed aginst palastinians . I smelled a rat from day one. Anna is screwed but let's her associations slip. Judge curry
    Is an informant he admits to that and likes Obama that makes me want to puke.but I think he's been wronged and wants revenge .

  11. Psychiatrists are basically expert witnesses. They cannot see in to your mind. Do you even have a photograph, manual or rule book explaining the details of your mind? How wide is it for instance. So called disorders are voted in or out by panels or theses so called experts who were laughed out of the courts in the 1950s generally. Supreme Court Judge Sanders, Washington State said in a video on this drugging, assuming, inferring, might, maybe, could be likely or might (or might not happen) bunch that the day would come when you would be punished not for what you have done but what you might do. The business is mostly drug mules taking big bribes, and one can be hired to rebut or come up with another opinion saying the have assumed, using experience, training and knowledge ( def of expert witness not an eye witness) that in their opinion you are not "disordered". Go to one and do not take any previous records and see what they come up with. It is always different. 15 minute exam and out the door to the pharmacy with a new demon that is causing you to be irresponsible....Check it out. I speak the truth here. Anna references facts, that can be looked up by anyone who can read or write. Read the school teachers manual from 1875 that trained people in how to self govern, and not silly stuff like maybe you are a girl if you are a guy or some disorder is making you do something against your will so you are not responsible and a pill will solve it all or some new made up stuff that might ( or might not) even exist) Simple man simple, throw off the cobwebs and see with the eyes you have.

  12. My oh my, Anna! You've most certainly struck a nerve!
    The wackos have stood up to be counted!
    Bear with us please. Facts have a tendency to flush out & blow-up the confusions. By the time they dissipate, the facts settle in & become the reality once again. It demonstrates that what you are doing is working.
    Stay calm & remember to keep smiling!
    All The Best,


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