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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Just the Facts, Ma'am

By Anna Von Reitz

I am tired of arguing with ill-informed, well-intentioned Americans who have been lied to and deliberately confused for so many years they don’t know which end is up and can’t even read well. So I have boiled the Big Picture down to little couplets and sound bites.
Each one of these is critical to grasping both who we are and where we are in the current time.
So let’s begin:
The United States is a paid foreign subcontractor of the United States of America and always has been. 
The United States provides nineteen enumerated “essential government services” for the United States of America.
United States Citizens and citizens of the United States are your employees and they are foreign employees.
The word “people” means “militia”.
The only “people” being referenced as “We, the People” in the Preamble of the Constitution are members of the victorious state militias that won the Revolutionary War. _________________________________________________________________________
You are born as a State National --- a Virginian, Wisconsinite, New Yorker, etc. – with the option to serve as a State Citizen by accepting your duty to serve and support the county and state jural assemblies and the state militia or to serve in a public land jurisdiction office.
We, the People---State Citizens--- are citizens of the United States of America.   Notice the “of America” part of the name?
“We, the People” are NOT and have never been “United States Citizens” nor “citizens of the United States”.
United States Citizens are citizens of the United States, not the United States of America.     

United States Citizens are not owed any of the guarantees of the Constitution.  They are foreigners on our shores merely “residing” among us to provide “essential government services”, so they are not heirs of our land or our resources.  

Only United States Citizens or citizens of the United States may vote in US elections. 

You have been fooled into thinking that their elections are all your elections.  They aren’t. 

All the offices being filled and occupied ---apart from those vacant public offices that are now being filled by returning American State Citizens--- are private corporate offices, not public offices at all.

Your natural birthright standing as a State National was unlawfully converted when you were just a baby via a process of undisclosed and fraudulent contract with your Mother.
She was confused and induced to agree that you were a “United States Citizen”.

This created a legal presumption was then used to create a false claim against your name and estate.

To overcome this presumption you have to rebut and repudiate it in the public record via an Act of Expatriation and other appropriate paperwork extricating yourself from the clutches of the United States. 
Most importantly, you must “surrender” the US PERSON by signing over an authenticated Birth Certificate to the Secretary of the Treasury, appointing him your Fiduciary using an IRS Form 56, and directing him to convert the US ACCOUNT to the United States of America U.S. Treasury, without recourse. 
That action proves beyond any doubt that you are not consenting and not desiring to act as a United States Citizen nor as a citizen of the United States.  At the same time, you must establish a Private Registered Indemnity Bond, which you issue to cover your rump from any claims--- past, present, or future--- related to this ACCOUNT. 
Recent reaction against this crime and fraud against the people of the United States of America has resulted in rallying international outrage against the United States, and much effort in the international jurisdiction to bring an end to the practices that have been used by the United States to press-gang and enslave Americans via undisclosed and purposefully deceitful adhesion contracts.

These are international crimes being carried out by employees against their employers. 
The perpetrators of these crimes have been at it since 1860.
They have tried to claim that they are engaged in a perpetual war against the United States of America and therefore justified in practicing genocide on paper.

Recent research has revealed that the American Civil War was not a war, but an illegal mercenary action carried out on our shores.  There is no Declaration of War by a land jurisdiction Congress. There is no actual Peace Treaty ending any such “war”.

Additional research has shown that the United States has attempted to overthrow the United States of America via the deliberate use of fraudulent grammar, deceptively similar names, and purposefully deceptive bookkeeping practices.
By literally using two sets of books and not disclosing large income streams by segregating them as “non-budgeted funds” and other improper bookkeeping conventions, the United States has amassed huge fortunes in public employee pension funds which are then used to invest in and control major sectors of the economy.
They have also accumulated a bogus “National Debt” of over $20 trillion dollars.
They have accumulated this debt in preparation for declaring the United States bankrupt. 
They have named their United States Citizens and citizens of the United States and their State of State franchises as the sureties for the parent corporation’s debts---- intending to saddle the mischaracterized and misidentified American people with their own odious debts now, just as they did in the 1930’s.
Only this time, we caught them and have openly repudiated the odious debt.
This past week the US State Department and Department of Commerce were informed of certain mathematically inescapable facts.  They and other departments and agency subcontractors have to account for the National Credit that is “missing” and which has not been applied to the so-called National Debt. 
 Oddly enough, and counter-intuitively, the Internal Revenue Service is our best friend. 
The vermin responsible for this circumstance, primarily members of the American Bar Association, have sucked up trillions of dollars-worth of our National Credit and assets owed to Americans and have not paid a dime in income tax.
Everyone who has lost a home through foreclosure, everyone who has been victimized by court cases brought against US PERSONS, needs to claim the mortgage accounts and the case numbers via issuance of an IRS Form 1099A and report the courts, the judges, and the attorneys involved to the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigations Division.

They will gladly extract the taxes from the criminals and boot them off the bench. 

The states that are members of the United States of America union are all land jurisdiction states with actual land and actual borders.  They operate under names like this: Wisconsin State, California State, and Nebraska State.
The “States of States”, such as the State of Wisconsin and State of California and State of Nebraska are all run by the United States as “Territorial States” that are franchises of the United States of America (Minor)—a union of 57 inchoate “states” including the fifty franchises, the insular states, and the State of New Columbia--- aka, District of Columbia. 


The State and State of States Legislatures typically wear two hats.  
When these elected bodies enact legislation pertaining to the actual land jurisdiction states, the results are Session Laws.  These are Public Laws.  They are not copyrighted. They appear with names like, “Louisiana State Session Laws”. 
When these bodies switch hats, they enact legislation pertaining to the inchoate “State of State” and its employees, and the results are State Statutes. These are Private Laws. They are copyrighted and appear with names like “State of Alaska Statutes”.
This is possible because the United States allows for Dual Citizenship and lets its citizens hold both United States Citizenship and their native State Citizenship at the same time.
However, the actual States do not allow Dual Citizenship.   You must choose and clearly declare your political status as a State Citizen in order to claim any valid granted authority related to the actual states and the United States of America.  
This leads to the fact that there are a few actual State Citizens elected to serve in the various State of State Legislatures and in the Congress, too, who are the only ones able to elect, vote, enact, enroll, or appropriate funds in behalf of the actual states and the United States of America----but they have been elected by United States Citizens. 
No members of the Bar can participate in this elite mini-State Legislature and mini-Congress, whose members are often only a dozen or so in the House of Representatives, and less than that in the United States Senate.
It is upon the votes and honor of these very few men and women that the validity of the Session Laws and the Enrolled Acts of the States in Congress Assembled depend.
Because there are so few of them, it is impossible to conduct business that requires a majority of the states to participate.
They cannot even establish the quorum necessary to recall and reseat a land jurisdiction Continental Congress.   Thus the actual Congress we are owed remains adjourned.
The character of the “laws” being passed, either public or private, and the outcome of all the legislation depends on the undisclosed political status of those being elected to office.
If you elect “United States Citizens” the bulk of what gets done favors the United States and results in statutory law.
If you elect State Citizens, the bulk of what gets done favors the United States of America and results in Public Law.
Since we are kept studiously ignorant and the political status of the candidates is not advertised, we cannot make a valid choice. 
This silence is self-interested on both sides. 
The United States is benefited by having United States Citizens elected to office, because they then appropriate funds and take other actions beneficial for the United States. 
The United States of America consolidates power in just a few individuals and is therefore enabled to more readily control them.

Since United States Citizens can only produce statutory law and State Citizens can only produce Public Law, both activities go on in tandem within the halls of what appears to be one “State” Legislature and one “United States” Congress.
By presuming that all Americans are Dual Citizens the United States ups its portion of the legislatures and the Congress, because this legal presumption requires determined action and rebuttal by individuals who know who they are and know what their proper political status is.
You have to actively reclaim your birth right political status.  You have to knowingly choose to create and participate in your county and state jural assemblies and to join your state militia.
This leads to only the “cream of the crop” of knowledgeable and studious Americans wielding the real power of the United States of America and enjoying the wealth of our nation.
It also leads to the situation so aptly described by the Prophet Amos, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

Between the Blue-Blood Elitists who have betrayed the overall Public Good to feather their own nests and increase their own power, and the Renegade Employees on the other, the American people have been driven pillar to post, rightfully confused, dimly aware that something awful is going on and not able to account for it, not able to identify rank and file American State Citizens to elect to office and not even aware that there is a need to do so.
The land jurisdiction states still exist.  The American People still exist.  But our state offices are largely standing vacant because of the ignorance that pervades every corner of our nation.  Our state militias have been stupidly given over to the control of State of State franchise Governors who are employees of the foreign United States, and who are predominately United States Citizens instead of State Citizens.
This ignorance and apathy and lack of open declaration of political status must end.

Though considered a private matter, political status is the ultimate determining factor in our elections, the quality of our representation, the honoring of our contracts, the protection of our rights, and the recognition of our standing in our own courts. 
If you want to take America back, you have to start by reclaiming your own political status as an American State National----firmly rebutting and expatriating from and surrendering the US PERSON(S) that identify you as a “United States Citizen”.  
Then you have to take the next step, and become an American State Citizen by serving as a member of your county and state jural assemblies and either creating or joining the actual state militia operated by American State Citizens---- the People at last.
In this way, or by serving in an elected or appointed public State office, you can finally restore your political status and become one of “We, the People”.

How do you start?

  1. Get your own affairs in order and repudiate any claim that you are a “United States Citizen”.  Record your objection in public forums and records.
  2. Next, join the National Assembly Training Call, Thursday Evenings, at nine p.m. Eastern Standard Time, 1-712-770-4170, Access Code 226823#.
  3. Set up your own county jural assembly.
  4. Establish a protocol for people to renounce “United States Citizen” status and a County Recorder’s Office to record their Acts of Expatriation and surrender of US PERSONS.
  5. Conduct and run your own elections to fill the vacant public offices including the members of your unincorporated Common Law County Court: land jurisdiction Sheriff, Justices of the Peace, Clerks, Bailiff, Coroners, Recorders.
  6. Set up means to identify the State Citizens.
  7. Organize your states.
  8. Organize your state militias.
  9. Give Notice to the United States --- and to the rest of the world.  Let everyone know that the Americans are home again.   
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  1. Snarky sarcasm aside, one of the most concise articles I have read by Anna. I especially appreciated the notification regarding the weekly National Assembly Training call and wonder why I haven't come across this before. I may not be the brightest kid on the block, but I have been aware that there was something very wrong for a very long time and have tried my best to sort it out. The trouble is that I rely too heavily on the internet, rather than finding the actual documents and reading them. I think this is what catches most people up, as any google search will reveal, the majority of sites are firmly planted contrary to these ideas and theories and do a fair job of convincing others that those of us who are trying to get to the bottom of this are somehow off our rockers. It doesn't help that many of us have been abused and/or mistreated to such a degree that our manners of speaking to them often sound rather brash and even rude. It is hard not to become frustrated after spending 20 minutes trying to explain the story to someone and at the end they still don't seem to grasp it. I had one person say, "Well, if we are all in the same boat, then what difference does it make anyway?" and I just stared back in amazement. What the hell has happened to the minds of my countrymen? We must clear the cobwebs of generational apathy and ignorance, but I have no real notion as to how this is best done, and I fear that until 51% of the country has roused from their apathy, stirred into action, and inspired to a greatness most have come to believe belongs only to fable and lore, the rest of us will be peddling like hell to get this thing to the top of the hill, all the while being subverted by globalist patsies.

  2. Oh, for God's sake, like with busy survival lives, we have time to do this. Just hang it up now and resign to the fact that the evil and corrupt will always rule. Come on Anna, get a realistic plan together. You are gifted enough to have mined the heck out of the farce, you are gifted and obligated to make it deciferable to the ignorant every day slave to shame the participants and perpetrators who knowingly continue to deceive us while looking "official". Better plan, Anna, God is calling, as there is only you to complete this. Your condescending whiplashing is only punishing the victim. How the hell is the average overworked, overstressed American to deal with this? People can't come together on anything they comprehend, much less don't comprehend. Thanks, but of what real use is all this painful new awareness without some interpersonal skill and compassion for those you are waking out of the sleep we've been bamboozled into. Start with published articles on alternative news utube sites that shame our representatives into sharing this isoteric reality!!!!!!

    1. From Anna:

      If you are poor, over stressed, taxed to death and suffering chances are that you are an American who has been deliberately mischaracterized as a United States Citizen.

      If I told you that you were heir to a fortune worth millions of dollars, would you get off your pity potty and do the work necessary to reclaim it?

      Well, okay, you are heir to a fortune worth more than you can imagine.

      Are you now motivated to learn and act instead of trying to shirk your duty off onto me or someone else?

    2. You are still missing the point. Why haven't we heard about the shaming of lawmakers/enforcers from day one of your knowledge of this. It should have been on alternative news media as ass whipping to the government officials who keep this secret, Paul Ryan included. Are you afraid to offend your peers but not the debased public?

    3. For me it sounds so complicated. I would not mind assisting in this process but I would not want to lead the charge. I do not have the knowledge base to do this.

      I would suggest that you organize a list of people who would be willing to do this who could lead others. The list needs to be a state by state list so that I can look up the state I am living in and find the person who is leading the charge here. It takes a village to do this but that village needs a leader who knows what they are doing and can lead people in a step by step process.

      Anna I would suggest that you do videos. I do not like to read that much, I am way to right brained. I need to see and hear a good idea that I can later read about.

      Have you thought of training these leaders yourself Anna?


    4. We are wise to not want to lead the charge. We citizens are aware we can't trust the government in any way shape or form. We know of the massive illegal spying on all of us. We know the left hand doesn't communicate with the right in any of the alphabet agencies as far as policy, except in getting well compensated for suppressing others.

  3. What is the difference between "American State National" and "American state National" or "American state national" ?

    1. OK, earthdweller,go back to sleep. I think I got this. We are American Nationals. We are State Citizens. We are not citizens of the United States, nor United States Citizens, because the latter two are private corporation offshore foreign government, falsely recognized as what we really are, and are expressive of Washington D.C. only. We are the United States of America. The bullshit we need to do to reclaim our correct personage in legal terms is insanity. We each need to file the correct forms, turn in our birth certificates, and hold public office, are you kidding me, just to get back to what it should be all along. No. No. No. You morons screwed it up, FIX it. Stop coveting for each other, face the nation, apologize, and fix it. Then spend the next 20 in prison for fraud.

  4. That's my point, Anna. You are feeding cat food to birds. We don't apologize that it is way over our heads. Shame the ones in the know who deceive. Shame them publicly. Not us. We will absorb it as comes out, in bits and pieces, and then in full scope. But you should have started with shaming the public figures who either didn't do their homework, but worm into their empty suits everyday, or intentially and deliberately deceive all, and chuckle amongst themselves. Whores and pimps who belong in prison, they are. Start with public admonishment of them. You are more gifted, so use it wisely.

  5. You are right on the spot, Galactic journeywoman. I've wasted my life having to correct public records and sending out notices using CASH (FIAT debt notes) from MY LABOR. Now, I have to send the PERSON to the Treasury along with an IRS form 56 (I've NEVER filled out before) AND I get to notify the CID Internal Revenue Service, who, btw, treated me horribly Anna when I went to the local branch, but they are our friends?? For cryin out loud, we are doing all this for what? The criminal syndicate Federal Reserve BORROWED our labor and assets remember?? They OWE us and WE are being forced to SLAVE LABOR and make all the corrections, too???? I have yet to see anyone suffer the consequences of all the crimes being committed against the American people except the American people STILL. and EVIL and CORRUPTION rule. Anna, you have now convinced me, we will NEVER get back our assets and what we are owed. The years keep passing by and we are barely surviving. This is how we get to spend our precious lives on the planet.

    1. My God, GT and IAT, this woman, Anna has enlightened us all on what is and has been going on and has given us the tools to free ourselves from this long-running tyranny - and you diss her. Please focus your mind, learn, and get on board. We need you badly. Please!

    2. What WE can do! Why should we have to do anything. If this is all on the up and up, MAKE our government officials fix it. They let it happen. What, did they all sleep through law school, or ate they ALL corrupt and evil empty suits. Can't you find enough good ones to stand up and support you to undo the wrong paperwork/logistics. We all have jobs to do as slaves of this society. Make them do theirs. Call out their morality impropriety in full public scope.

    3. Florida State Citizen. Some of us have been 'chasing' the criminals for years. I have a filing cabinet full of paperwork and notices I've sent out to public officials for Breach of Trust, Crimes against humanity, Mortgage fraud, human slavery, the list of crimes is quite long. I have suffered sleep deprivation, cancer, other very painful illnesses from all the chemicals, toxins, vaccines, fluoride in our water supply, etc. PLEASE provide a list of what YOU HAVE DONE to stop all the crimes being committed against us. Yes, absolutely, Anna has enlightened all of us and it is EVERYONE'S responsibility to get involved. Those of us who have been hitting the pavement screaming FRAUD and actually taking action? We are exhausted.

    4. One more thing. The Pope. All corporations on earth, including the banks and the so-called "national governments" that are functioning as corporations, are at the end of the day CREATED AND OWNED BY THE POPE. The Vatican holds the charters of all the corporations responsible for this mess. That's why when Pope Francis ordered the various perpetrators to come into compliance with their charters, their response should have been, "Yes, Sir!" So, to stop all the suffering of the people for this mess they didn't create, why doesn't Pope Francis just make a world announcement to the Public??

    5. Because the one you think of as the "Pope" is not the Pope of the Catholic Church. He is an imposter.

  6. A message to Anna, if possible: My wife and I are secured creditors, we were both drug into court and had to pay. The courts were notified of who we are, they ignore us and said we had to pay. Then they stole our money out of my business account. If we turned them in to the CID can they come after us for doing that, if the courts won't acknowledge who we are why would the CID do so? We have done all the paperwork that can be done.

    1. Case in point. Why aren't the government representatives being reeducated? Why aren't YOU educating THEM?

    2. Why aren't you degrading them and calling them farces and idiots?!!!

    3. Did they kidnap you and actually drag you into the court or did you voluntarily show up based on the alleged authority of the paper they served you with? Was the summons an offer to contract? Did you decline/reject the offered contract within 72 hours of receipt? Silence is acquiescence.

    4. From Anna:
      You have to give the PERSON back to the Secretary of the Treasury. That then gives you standing on the land and you can then claim the bank account and the court case and all the rest.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Thank you Anna & Paul for the response! We did send our paperwork to the State Treasurer of Ohio, this is why it surprised us that it still happened. Thanks again!

  7. But, wait, maybe you are them, and as we each come forward, we get sent to the camp in Alaska that was built to house 20,000 prisoners (dissidents?). Maybe this is a farce from you to entice us to make that trip. Maybe its a test, and you are them. Why else would you not go publicly after 'them'?

    1. Space case galactic , switch the channel to coast to coast with George your being a nuance . We a engaged in a learning process that is on going and continuous . If you can't be constructive pleas don't be a nuisance .

    2. "Unknown" get yourself a name or shut up and be UNHEARD.

  8. One reason Judge Anna has not went publicly against them yet is ... Are you ready to die for the cause? Are you really ready to stand with her as an American, organic, not foreign? And for all that matters what about any of you? Are you ready to stand your square for yourself, your families, sons and daughters? Everybody knows the United States violated every constitution, treaty, UCC contract law there is with that BULL Sh*t Admiralty Maritime 1863 marshall law (Research date but I believe 1863, then allegedly 1933) bull sh*t fraud which is void ab initio (For example, in many jurisdictions where a person signs a contract under duress, that contract is treated as being void ab initio.) and really according to the moto proprio, all the ABC boys, police, and including home land security has been dis-armed (they are all operating rogue), by the GAR and general Ham for the American state citizen militia. The United State statutes only apply to their fictitious entities, federal employees and U.S. citizens in which they for the most part do not have a Delegation of Authority Order, Malfeasant bond to operate publicly or a foreign registration card. That’s treason, sedition, racketeering and conspiracy! Now something else to think about, “who is playing who?” The American people are considered the enemy of the state- see trading with the enemy act - we are the ones providing comfort to the enemy - Because everything leads back to “Vanity - the enemy's greatest sin” 1) Every Bank on this land, except for the United States Treasury is regarded as foreign. So out of our own ignorance we choose to be foreigners on our own land. 2) Title 31 tells us that bank checks, attorney checks, cashier checks, and federal reserve notes (FRN’s) to name a few to wit are a fraud! See title 31 for yourselves. 3) Everything for the Americans are pre-paid and through the United States Treasury windows and the IRS we suppose to Accept Everything for Value, sign the vouchers and the Treasury suppose to dis-charge the debt dollar for dollar, bill for bill (HJR 192 and public law 93-10), but instead we the “enemy of the state” keep turning back to the fiat - it’s called VANITY! So what we're doing is playing on their monopoly board (corporate territories), so we have to play by their rules. 4) Last but least for now see; Foreign Agent Registration Act: FARA Enforcement with penalties. The Pen is Mightier then sword! And to my fellow Americans face it “No body ain’t coming to save us until we first start standing for ourselves. Peace. Oh and they are men and woman at the end of the day just conducting what they call business and shall be dealt with on a private one on one basis (affidavit, notice non-response and notice of fault, etc.), and then some of us from our team need to prefect the equity court part and appointing the sherif to (serve) help liquidate their assets. Always remember the courts deal with controversy, so for now on we have NO controversy, so keep all of your affairs with them ( the ones who violate you) private while staying in honor ( your letters is the court).

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Now, now children!
      Has it occurred to any of you that there is something quite right about each of the rest of you? That's even true for the traitor.
      i won't try to reason with any of you, that just wouldn't make any sense. However, i will say, that any success any of you hope to achieve, including failure if that is your target, depends utterly upon excellent communication skills and impeccable manners. Might it not be a good idea to begin practicing here on the forum with each other?

      i would like to offer:

      An Old Poem

      There is so much bad in the best of us

      And so much good in the worst of us

      That it ill behooves any of us

      To talk about the rest of us.

      Author: Unknown

      ps. Not UNKNOWN above. A different Unknown.

      pss. UNKNOWN, your sister really is right. You should take a name. Anyone could be you & you could be anyone. Be proud to be you. The folks you're hiding from already know exactly who you are & where you are. Rest assured, you have nothing to fear... ;o)

      psss. Please excuse the typo already corrected.

  10. OOPS! i almost forgot to mention, Nice work, Anna! You seem to be improving with age!


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