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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Your Political Status and Your Oaths -- Bella Haywood's Case

By Anna Von Reitz

About Your Political Status:

1. Your political status is your own decision.  Nobody including the courts can dictate anything about it.  In fact, I have it on very good and agreeable authority of the United States Supreme Court that judges in their system can't even speak to the issue of your political status.  It's your call and nobody else's.

2. Being that your political status is your own business and nobody else's and that it is your choice, then you are held responsible for your choice. 

3. Millions of Americans have been arbitrarily identified as "United States Citizens" and/or "citizens of the United States" and assigned "births" as "commercial vessels" in the British Crown's Merchant Marine Service.  This results in the establishment of an ACCOUNT dba your FIRST MIDDLE LAST name and more recently your FIRST M.I. LAST name and the presumption that you, the living man or woman, are the Account Holder responsible for administering these ACCOUNTS as good and faithful Warrant Officers of Her Majesty.

4. These PERSONS are debtors and criminals by definition.  See the 14th Amendment of the Federal Constitution published as The Constitution of the United States of America, 1868. 

5. If it is not your intention to embrace this political status, you need to inform the Secretary of the Treasury, make him your Fiduciary, sign over the PERSON's BIRTH CERTIFICATE to the credit of the United States of America, U.S. Treasury, without recourse, by endorsing the back of the BC.  You also  issue an indemnity bond which is basically your agreement to operate under 100% commercial liability.

6. You need to take these actions as proof that you are loyal to the United States of America and also to settle the affairs of your separate estate--but this is a private matter between you, the Secretary of the Treasury, and God.

7. The employees of the Queen and the British Crown have no right to presume anything about your political status and may not even speak to you, if you deny them the consent to do so. Simply observing this fact may be sufficient to warn them off---but it is obviously better to not be bluffing and to have the paperwork proving your political status on file and your indemnity bond ready to present.

8. This is especially true for those asserting their natural born political status and occupying offices in the lawful government of the United States of America. Those claiming to be State Justices and Continental Marshals need to have their paperwork in order.  They also need to have proof of their lawful oath.

9. The office of the State Justices is a land jurisdiction office and it operates only in the state being served.  A State Justice for Alaska has no such authority in California. 

10. Each state has established the proper Oath for its justices and judges in its Public Session Laws.  If you are a State Justice for Nevada, you have to take the Nevada Oath as required by the Nevada Session Laws.  

11.  If you are occupying a land jurisdiction office, the oath of office is administered with your hand on the Bible, in token that you are agreeing to operate under the Law of Moses, which is known as "The Law of the Land", and obey the Ten Commandments.

12. For this same reason, all land jurisdiction Justices (that is, Justices of the Peace) carry a Bible with them into the courtroom.  This is also the reason that Court Clerks require people to "All rise!" when the justice walks in--- not out of respect for him or her, but out of respect for the Bible.

13. To be properly seated as a State Justice, you have to have renounced all forms of United States citizenship, have surrendered the US PERSONS associated with your given name, have established your bond with the Treasury, and taken the proper Oath required by your state of the United States of America.

14.  Now, strictly speaking, it isn't your employee's business, but they have a reasonable excuse for wanting to be sure that you are not a United States Citizen trying to occupy an office of the United States of America and if they catch a United States Citizen pretending to occupy an office in the United States of America they have every right to throw the book at them and they will. 

15. Continental Marshals are employees of the United States of America, not the United States.  They work for the states and the people, but they work in the international jurisdiction under the un-delegated powers retained by the states and people.  This causes a lot of confusion.

16. The United States of America delegated nineteen (19) specific powers to the United States to administer in its behalf.  All other powers in international jurisdiction are retained.  The job of the Continental Marshals is to exercise and enforce these retained powers in behalf of the states and people. 

17. As a practical matter, this means that Continental Marshals are engaged in international law enforcement and operate within the Postal Districts of the United States of America.  They are federal-level law enforcement officers, but they operate apart from the United States Marshals for obvious reasons.

18. Just in case it is not obvious to some--- United States Marshals work for the United States and exercise and enforce the delegated powers.  Continental Marshals work for the states and the people to exercise and enforce the un-delegated powers.

19. The jurisdiction of the Continental Marshals is therefore "whatever is NOT directly delegated" under the constitutional agreement to the United States and the United States Marshals. 

20. As employees of the United States of America, Continental Marshals need to be functioning as State Citizens, howbeit, in international jurisdiction.  As American State Citizens in international jurisdiction, they are protected under the actual Constitution, the national trust, and the Treaties of Westminster pertaining to Americans at sea.  

21.  Continental Marshals take their Oaths under the authority of the United States of America Post Master and work as part of the United States of America Postal District Courts. 

22. Continental Marshals are acting under the authority of the United States of America and are not under the authority of any one state and they are certainly not under the direction of any State Justices. 

23. Any other "interpretation" of these offices is incorrect and not borne out by the public records associated with them and won't be honored by the US Government, sometimes called the De Facto Government, nor by the United States of America, sometimes called the De Jure Government.   

24. As regards Chief Marshal Haywood's current dilemma: Thanks to Blue Blood Elitists known as Southern Democrats, all the freed plantation slaves were seized upon as public property following the illegal mercenary action known as the American Civil War. 

25. All people of color were surreptitiously claimed as property belonging the United States and a second class brand of "US citizenship" was presumed against them --- "citizen of the United States" as found in the Federal Constitution's 14th Amendment.  Most Americans have since suffered the same false presumptions and commercial claims.

26.  The Southern Democrats representing the United States of America allowed and promoted this evil in our midst by denying the natural born state national status of black Americans and for many years they had no rights or protections at all, existing as stateless "federal citizens". 

27. It took a hundred years -- 1868 to 1968 -- for American Negroes and other people of color to secure "Equal Civil Rights".  Equal to what?  The natural and unalienable rights of the people of the United States of America.

28. Chief Marshal Haywood of the Continental Marshals Service is a woman of color and she has been arrested by federal franchise employees of the "State of Georgia" under the presumption that she is not owed any natural born state national status and cannot therefore serve as an American State Citizen. 

29. However, in November, 2015, new Sovereign Letters Patent were issued for the United States of America and a new Declaration of Joint Sovereignty, too,
too, which allows all people of color including American Indians and African Americans to reclaim their natural born political status.

30. This was done because The Emancipation Proclamation -- which is a public commercial contract of the United States -- was not honored by the United States of America as a result of fraud by Southern Democrats, resulting in unlawful conversion, press-ganging and enslavement of living people under the pretense of voluntary indentured servitude.  The new Sovereign Letters Patent  and the Declaration of Joint Sovereignty settles the issues resulting from failure to honor The Emancipation Proclamation.

31. As a result, Chief Marshal Tresa Haywood, is indeed an American state national of the Georgia State and is eligible to serve as a State Citizen and as a Continental Marshal.  Those unlucky State of Georgia employees who have assumed otherwise and who think they can bring charges of impersonating a public officer are in for a number of big surprises.

32. The first big surprise is that a woman of color can serve as head of the Continental Marshals Service.

33. The second big surprise is that she is operating under a universal indemnity bond.

34. The third big surprise is that the President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, issued The Emancipation Proclamation; there is absolutely no question that every United States Citizen and every employee of every federated State of Georgia franchise, every municipal STATE OF GEORGIA agency, and every federated County in Georgia is legally and commercially bound by it. 

35. The fourth big surprise is that they have been making profoundly wrong assumptions and presumptions that will cost them in precisely the same way that they have brought charges against others, committed false arrest, and accused Ms. Haywood of IM-PERSONATING a public officer. 

36. All the IM-PERSONATING has been done by the State of Georgia, the STATE OF GEORGIA and the federated, incorporated Counties of Georgia--- all federal corporate franchises that have violated their own commercial contracts and committed personage against the American states and people.

37. Those members of the Bar Associations responsible for this are about to get a great big boot up their butts. And its long overdue.

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  1. Do you all ever answer comments? How does one get in touch with the Continental Marshals? Can they enforce law that the locals refuse to implement? I need help and I'm NOT getting it!

    1. Have you read Judge Anna's publication on the Continental Marshalls? They have no jurisdiction because the jurisdiction is that of the Militias.

    2. Thats not true.. go back and read ALLof her papers...#2

    3. Carol... Try posting on fb or email me dadwithallthecoolstuff@hotmail...#2

  2. Strange events , how the term Continental marshal came about it was bruce ducetts idea and his creation but went rogue and would not fall under anyone's controld. All I know can't associate with it due to the leadership I'm sticking to people I like curry ,hamelton, ducett ,
    So this don't concern me .but I do like the clarification on state citizen vs federal .

    1. What????? Proof read your stuff before you submit. Sounds contradictory!!!!

    2. I think I know who you are.. drown in the sinking ship . I tried to help but your ignorance and ego killed you .#2

  3. Good point Freewill, and another reminder that the unwritten American Common Law is not only the American Jurisprudence used before the change to "Public Policy" in 1933 but it was based on the Holy Scriptures so it is actually the real "Royal law" and was intended to be the only law. We have to stop being referred to as "U.S...../United States" and go back to being 100% American and before we do that everyone needs to re-read the book of Ezra-Nehemiah. There is to be only ONE LAW in this country and the NWO knows that and that is why more than one jurisdiction is used(a house divided cannot stand). AND that is a NO-NO. Sorry but the CONstitution has to go and be permanently replaced with the Royal Law. Do the Math. ALL the issues are stupid and based on presumptions and fictions and the "knashing of teeth" is because this country has gone away from the ONE Law and won't admit it and that is also why it says "Consider your ways". Did you ever stop to think that Man and his traditions are the problem? Why did Yoda say "you must unlearn what you have learned" ohhhhh thats right, he was just a muppet and we don't have to listen to him.

    1. Oh everyone's the philosopher!!! And the expert!!!! Don't waste time and space here. We come here to learn the facts. Start your own forum somewhere else.

    2. Couldn't care less what you think space

    3. We're did you come from troll?? Trash talk everyone yet what is your agenda ?
      Sounds like the enemy .very suspect .

  4. Thank you Judge Anna! Facts without the condescending. Much appreciated. More respect felt toward you. Honestly.

  5. #218 fraud killing remedy, page 4 on your political status, What has been done here is nothing less than "SLAVERY BY PROXY". The registration of birth registers the baby as a "citizen of the United States", the baby is seized upon as surety backing the debts of the USA Inc. and US Inc debts, chattle belonging to the Federal Corp., District of Columbia. The Political Status was NEVER OUR CHOICE!! Anna even warned "before you read the remedy, make sure you don't have a gun close by, because when you read it, it will make you very angry." We are having to jump through hoops for criminals! Anna, with all due respect, you are a very intelligent woman, but you constantly contradict yourself.


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