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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Anna Goes Queen for a Day.....

By Anna Von Reitz

Someone got down on me for exposing all the fraud and crappola without appearing to have any answers or Go Forward Plan.  Hmmmm....  well, let's see..... I thought I had one somewhere around here, maybe not written down as so many talking points, but liberally scattered throughout all my writings.... sigh.

There is always one in the crowd....

So pretend that Anna is Queen for a Day..... what would I do with this country and its moribund economy, failing institutions, and ancient infrastructure?

1. Repudiate fraudulent and odious debt, so the people of this country don't get socked with it AGAIN.

2. Go back to the history and repudiate similar actions that have been ongoing since the Civil War and which have been used to fund wars for profit and illegal police actions throughout the world---- and put an end to these abuses. 

3. Draw a line so that people can finally understand that there is a difference between the United States of America and the United States--- two completely different and separate nations whose only connection is that the United States is under contract to provide nineteen enumerated services to the United States of America.

4. Restore the lawful land jurisdiction government of the United States of America by educating its people and engaging their participation in and support for their own government.  That includes restoring the Common Law Courts.
5. Use international awareness and censure of the United States to compel its compliance with reform.
6. To pay the lawful debts of the United States of America and remove any idea that we are bankrupt or dishonest.  

7. To reboot the American Silver Dollar, which is and has always been our lawful currency, as a transitional tool allowing us to move into a mixed currency market. I don't anticipate that legal tender will disappear or become valueless overnight, nor do I see us packing around bags of gold coins to conduct business.

8. I favor the creation of a Universal Currency without destroying or undermining national currencies.  The beauty of a Universal Currency based on all natural resources and all labor resources on Earth is that unlike our current situation, everyone has something of value to trade, and everyone is a producer in the asset-based currency market. That puts an end to hoarding, supply manipulations, and similar evils.

9. I favor development of ongoing bank-less transactional currencies like Bit Coin.
10. I support outlawing certain kinds of corporations.  They simply shouldn't exist, because they provide no redeeming value except to allow their shareholders and officers to avoid responsibility for their acts. 

11. I would like to see the use of B Corporations--- sometimes called "Beneficial Corporations".  Commercial corporations function for one motive--- profit at any cost.  That is not a sufficiently redeeming social value, but as bank CEO's will tell you, they currently have no choice in the matter.  Restructuring all banks as B Corporations would be one means of instant systemic bank reform.

12.  The complete restructuring of all world debt, so as to absorb and redefine and diffuse the ticking time bomb.  I believe that we now have the means to do this and that (1) it harms nobody now and nobody in the future and (2) it allows growth and abundance.  So why not do it?

13. Support the value of marriages and family relationships so that these are supported and rewarded and strengthened instead of being eroded by short-sighted and destructive social service and tax and insurance policies that penalize families and couples.

14.  Make education practical and affordable and accessible to all and on a continuing basis.  Education should be enjoyable and available to everyone throughout life.  Reforming it by radically changing its organizational assumptions and funding structures would be very profitable as well as productive and humane. Factory schools don't work.  Time to change the whole paradigm to one that focuses on community and self-development.

15. Busting big monopolies.  Including banks. These corporations know that they are doing things that are illegal and damaging.  The law is already clear. They are now controlling entire sectors of the economy. We are suffering monopoly conditions because the regulators aren't doing their jobs and are in fact self-interested through employee pension funds.  Time to reform both ends of that dilemma.

16. Outlawing foreign media cartels.  Paraphrasing Malcolm X--- only a fool lets enemies control their media. American media needs to be American media and it needs to be competitive.  We haven't had a free press in this country since before the Second World War, both because of illegal government sanctions and because our "presses" have been owned and operated by a few big foreign corporations.  Time for that to end and for the Fourth Estate to resurrect itself.

17. Prosecute destructive guild operations such as the AMA and American Bar Association, which set up closed shop unions under the guise of being professional associations.  An organization that does the recognized crime forbidden by many acts of legislation including Taft-Hartley and Smith Act, etc.-- needs to be prosecuted accordingly no matter how they structure their business operations or what excuses they make. 
18. Reform "representational" government so that people have a direct voice in the budget process and also have the ability to recall all elected officials including U.S. Senators.

19. Go through the CAFR and AFR's the various levels of government have been hiding from the public since 1946, audit all the so-called externally and internally managed (slush) funds and resume carriage accounting instead of double accrual accounting.  Use the overflow to end the need for taxation and create a giant infrastructure investment fund to repair roads, bridges, pipelines, railroads, schools, electrical facilities, water utilities, dams, sanitation plants, recycling centers.... and all the other things we need.  

20. Once the actual government of the United States of America is restored and fully functioning as it ought to, and enough people are fully informed, hold a Continental Congress and seat Fiduciary Deputies of the states to close loopholes in The Constitution which have allowed the members of Congress to act as criminals and usurpers against the states and people and do it without fear of accountability, formally enroll all the states of the union, end federal proprietary interest in the western states' land, and restore the guarantees of freedom and state national political status to all Americans regardless of race or ethnicity.

If we can get through that list in the next twenty years, I'll come up with another.....

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  1. The next list needs to be exactly how we should accomplish each one of these points.

  2. Twenty years?? I dont think we have two more years left. In any case, ill be dead in twenty years. And so will most of us in this generation.

    1. good thing that you "don't think".
      Otherwise, we would all be in deep doo-doo...

  3. Take back we the owners of those houses quartered with soldiers of the BAR without out we the owners permission. They are producing by act private house bills, fake courthouse criminal bills, false claiming to be true bills. We paid for and own those houses.

    1. did you read the mortgage you signed, the drivers license you signed, the passport you signed, the voter registration you signed, the ssn card application and the birth record your mother signed. Then tell me you feel the same way.

  4. I am no expert,but I believe we the people are under holstered to bring this change.This is big business ,where do they get paid to leave?lol

  5. The reason the United States government does not work is because it is corporate and foreign owned.

    These corporations are already dissolved. America simply needs to recognize and support the dissolution.

    Here is another approach seeking the same results.
    Universal Martial Law—Public Order #18: Prosperity Initiation Orders

    Love to see Anna and Cindy unite forces. We really do need to come together. The opposition has us divided and weak. That's why they are still so strong.

    Stay divided and wait 20 years. Team up and win before we all die of old age.

    1. Speak for yourself, "Coach". Die if you must...

  6. The elites are already moving to a "universal currency" called SDR-Special Drawing Rights, which is based on all of that country's natural resources. Anna might want to check this out so that she no longer has to speculate about it. They intend to create economic chaos in order to get rid of the dollar's world currency position so that that they can bring in the SDR and look like the world's savior!!! Killing two birds with one stone and the sheeple will be no wiser for it!!! The fun is supposed to start next week, mid-March, when the Deep State starts the in the US to get rid of Trump and maybe bring in the SDR system. This chaos is supposed to last until mid-May. You can watch a you tube interview of Clif High who was a Microsoft contractor who was hired by them to troubleshoot Microsoft programs around the world. He developed a program that picked out key words and phrases and emotions in the web to track the economy and market. He has an 80% success ratio with his predictions so heads up folks. I suspect the elites will start on March 15th/ the "ides of March" the day Caesar was murdered as well as other nefarious happens in History on this date since the elites love numerology systems and magic dates and numbers. Get ready as it is coming. Have enough cash on hand to get you through the next 2 months as some of these 2 big to fail banks are going to crash!!!

    1. yea imf has had the sdr ruining people for years and years, why wouldnt they? they own the U.S. now right and your john j doe dont they?

      or maybe the debt ceiling date that expires 3/15 they put into place at the last debt ceiling debate?

    2. How does one get a subscription to your movie channel?

  7. I just love this woman - can I please visit her like a little child, sit Indian style on the floor and pick her brain? I have learned so much from her and have never found anything to dispute. People are drunk with ME, ME, ME and refuse to own up to the part they have played in allowing this country to get to this point. Just keep electing the same ole garbage into office - how can you expect any change if you continue using the same old tools? We are surrounded by idiots and they will end up taking us down with them.

  8. We have had an asset based economy since 1933, our land/body is the productive power of labor. Record of live birth is evidence of that event and the registration of that event by the State gives them full control over that asset which is NOT a baby, its the mothers property divided from the baby. That estate now holds the property in trust as a result of that division. That property is female, a maternal line without any father! A immaculate conception or perfect idea. A premise is an idea, so stay off the premises. Any product of mother is considered born alive and a human person. Look it up for yourself. This is why you need a license to transport any product held by another under protective custody. Now look what the alien property custodian does. Cmon people, this isn't just about the restoration of government/mind control.

  9. I asked a local sheriff who owned the county building where the sherrif's office county court house is. He said the are subject to the city while in the city. When they incorporated, legislators provided right in the proposal and it is there to read, a thirty day notice for the people. Where are these people? No one said a thing. I read the city CAFR report. The persons are deemed customers while "in" the city corporate proper. Status does matter, are you a state national, a people, a citizen, a foreigner, a sheriff following orders? Orders from who? See application, goes to supplication "a request or pleading to someone, usually God who can do something you cannot do for yourself" So you can't get married, get a car and learn how to use it, own land, manage name accounts someone else made up using the fact you exist? By what authority? Who's paying for it all? Papers cannot change reality but established practices and beliefs can. Blind order following without checking the facts.... well like my dad always said"Why don't you use your head, you got one don't you?"


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