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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Please Prevent Wholesale Anti-Semitism

By Anna Von Reitz

Let's draw a line in the sand between "Jews" and the Tribe of Dan.  

Dan was one of the sons of Jacob, and if you read the Bible, you will learn that the Tribe of Dan has a peculiar banner and emblem: the Serpent.  Hence, they are rightfully called "Serpent Seed".  

You will also learn that according to Jacob's blessing, Dan will be a "stumbling block" to the "Rider"----that is, to our reason and good sense. 

Later in the story, the Tribe of Dan "disappears" along with the other "Lost Tribes of Israel".   These tribes weren't really lost in the physical sense.  They were lost in the spiritual sense and fell into worshiping foreign gods. 

The Tribe of Dan actually settled along the sea coast of Israel, with a headquarters in Sidon.  Remember the King of Sidon?   He's the leader of the Tribe of Dan.  

The Tribe of Dan is the only one of the Israelite tribes that became famous for sailing and for being sea-going merchants.  

Perhaps it is because of this vocation that they fell into worshiping the God of the Sea--- known as Satan, Poseidon, and The Father of All Lies--- and his consort, Semiramis, known as Astarte, Ashtoreth, Isis, Cybele, and Columbia----- as in "District of Columbia".  

This ancient Sumerian and Babylonian religion of the sea was known to Jesus and his Disciples as the Great Abomination.  

Those who were ethnically Israelites---mainly the Tribe of Dan and some of the Levites (lawyers)--- who followed this foreign religion are the same that Jesus called "the Synagogue of Satan", and for obvious reasons that He stated.  

They appeared to be Jews, but weren't Jews.  

Then as now. 

They created the hateful portions of the Talmud, the Kol Nidre that absolves them of telling lies before they tell them, and much of the imprecise, crooked, constantly slithering descriptive language that causes so much conflict and heartbreak in commercial courts of law. 

The Tribe of Dan has prospered throughout the ages as merchants and sailors. Their path of migration from the Levant to Eurasia and North Africa is well-known. They settled and built the great port of Carthage, then went north to Rome and west to Britain, where they traded in Cornwall and Ireland from 600 BC onward. 

They were known as the Dannai, and later, as the Phoenicians.  That's where the word "Phony" comes from-----which denotes their constant habit of telling lies and stealing by deceit and fraud what they cannot take by force. 

So now we come to the Stone of Scone, the "Stumbling Block" of the Tribe of Dan.  Oh, they tell a nice story about the Stone of Scone being brought to Ireland by King Zechariah"s daughter and the Prophet Jeremiah.  They've always got a story for everything.  

The fact is that the Stone of Scone is their Stumbling Block, the symbol of their power to deceive and cause conflict and throw a twisted monkey wrench into everything so as to profit from the chaos they create. 

And that is what the British Kings sit on during their coronation ceremonies.  

They pretend to be British, but they aren't.  Then they tell you that they are Germans, but they aren't.  The House of Windsor is the Tribe of Dan in drag. They have over time pretended to be Jews, pretended to be Christians, and no doubt have pretended to be Muslims, too. 

Their modus operandi is always the same---- pretend to be whomever you hate the most, do terrible things "in their name", and leave them to take the blame for it ---while you ride off into the sunset with all the loot and plunder you've gained. 

Because they worship the Father of All Lies, every Lie is a prayer.  

They regularly pretend to be Jews, and because they are ethnically Jewish they often "look like" the stereotypical Jew ---but they don't follow the religion of Judaism at all.  

No, their religion is the religion of Ancient Summer and Babylon, what we call Satanism, which they practice with all its hideous attributes of orgies and drugs and infanticide and child molestation and cannibalism and blood-drinking -- and then blame it on the actual Jews, who are trying to have a quiet Sabbath meal with their families, thank you very much. 

So, again, folks, put your Shinola Sensors on "High" and look sharp.  There are many voices raised and saying, "It's the Jews!  It's the Jews!  It's the Jews doing all these bad things!  They are the problem!  Kill the Jews!  Get rid of them and you solve the problem!"  

We've heard that rant before in Russia and Germany and Italy and France and England, too.  Always, there is this hatred of the Jews, always these outlandish accusations against them. 

But it isn't "the Jews".  It's the Satan-worshiping Tribe of Dan, and we've been too clueless to know the difference even though Jesus told us.

The Queen of England doesn't appear to be a Jew, does she? She appears to be a great Christian lady, head of the Church of England.  Who would ever suspect that she is of the Tribe of Dan?  And that she squats atop their Stumbling Block?  

And now, doesn't that just explain a whole lot about the world and what has been done here in America by the British for the last 150 years?  

Deceit upon fraud upon false claim upon identity theft upon unlawful conversion.... all stock and trade for the Tribe of Dan, the Phoenicians, the Knights Templar, the Dutch East India Company, and so many other groups down through history that have bilked the world blind and then just "disappeared" the same way the rats are trying to disappear now into China. 

So next time someone gives you some story about "Benevolent Chinese Elders" just wink and ask, "Oh, really?  Where were they during the Chinese Revolution? Pass the Kim-Chee, please?"  

The point of this story is that we have been "had" and "had" and "had".  We have proven to be so unobservant and trusting and gullible that we have earned the name of sheep and cows.  We have been driven--- very efficiently--- between two goads:good and evil, Republican and Democrat, Jew and Gentile, black and white, rich and poor--- until we've forgotten all the in-betweens and other choices and possibilities. 

It is crucial now that we all remember and take nothing for granted.  We must make the effort to discern the real truth, and in the end, Jesus gave the best, most stalwart advice of all: know them by their fruits.  

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  1. You fail to mention a very important fact; while I agree there are many Jews who do not worship Satan, these same Jews almost NEVER stand against anyone portraying themselves as a Jew, good or bad! This is easily proven by the huge band wagon that claims "anti-Semitisim" if anyone speaks against "Jews" or Israel and their concerted effort to make dissent and questioning of a historical event (the Holohoax) a crime. These "Jews" are not even Semites as has been proven genetically through DNA studies by members of their own tribe so, they have all the Goyim believing their lies and it's NO DIFFERENT today than it has been for 1,000 years! Their miserable, lying, genocidal and tribal behavior which condones anything and everything bad against non-"Jews" for centuries is the reason they're so disliked and why they were banished from more than 100 locales! Call a spade a spade, Anna! I do pity any Jews who are so blind and clueless that they support the evil, Satanic worshipers among them.

    1. Jesus made the distinction between Hebrews that are with the Father, like Jesus, called Jews. He also said that another group, the seed of Satan, called themselves Jews. Same word, deceptive double meaning. Sound familiar? There's nothing new under the sun.

    2. Jack Hamilton is getting the government he deserves! He is filled with ignorance in calling Jews genocidal. I'm Hebrew descendent, a levite descendent, true Hebrew. And ..the Jews I grew up with are very peaceful people. You are getting your info from some Neo Nazi mind control on the internet. The Queen has her minions spreading disinfo on the internet and you are so filled with evil that you jump at the chance to hate others.

      I believe I'm here to help the planet and make a difference in the world. I know there are many Jewish activists. There was the woman who had her arm blown off at the Native American reservation a month ago when defending the water. You don't hear people screaming that a Jew got hurt. Instead it's just ignored. You don't mention the Jewish actors like Marc Ruffalo that showed up to speak out to defend the Native Americans at the protest. You don't mention Jews when talking about the high percent of jews who are surgeons doing life saving surgery. Or the scientists like Carl Sagan or Einstein. Or the holistic healers who are speaking out against vaccines and risking their lives, like Dr. Len Horowitz. Instead you define all Jews like the 1% illuminati.

      The regular jews are just working and taking care of family. Most don't know anything about the illuminati or the New World Order. They were like most people, unaware of what was going on and just trying to make a living.

    3. We are all individual souls living on this planet. It doesn't matter what race, country religion we are born into. We are all just individual souls. I believe they took reincarnation out of the bible, and many Jews do believe in reincarnation. Parahansa Yogananda who studied under the lineage of spiritual teachers who were involved with Jesus. And the teaching is that we have all incarnated into many different religions and races in our past lives. So the person you hate, may have been part of your bloodline in a past incarnation. I know they took this out of the bible, what better way to keep us all hating one another based on race. If everyone knew they reincarnated into different races, then they would not be able to turn us all against one another. How clever of them. Also, we all have junk DNA which is not junk, but different DNA from many other races. You yourself could have Turkish or Hebrew DNA and be turning against your own genetics.

      The people with last name Cohen or Levi derivative last names (levin, levinstein, levine) are mostly descendents of the Hebrew tribes of Cohen and Levi. Have you heard of those last names??? And you say there are no real Jews? Well, how ignorant are you! Believing all the planted Neo Nazi hate propoganda on the internet. Who cares if they are Jew or not, we are all Human beings!! That is not human to talk about people in terms of race, that is low level thinking, like a primitive barbaric monkey. That is why no God ever comes to save us from ourselves. Who would want to save a planet with 80% primitive barbaric people who hate hate hate.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. It is specifically mentioned in the bible that Jesus came here for the children of Israel. He said he came here because God heard their cries for help due to being wrongly persecuted. The persecution is coming from manipulation of the satanic forces who want the population to wipe off anyone that has Hebrew DNA from this planet. There are spiritual reasons for that. And it is because there are codes in our DNA and genes may be turning on right now to help the planet in this phase. They do not want people that have certain codes that will not be compliant slaves to their New World Order satanic agenda. So they want to wipe Hebrews off the planet b/c most Hebrews would not follow in line as a slave. Hebrews are competitive in business and the Queen and her satanic crew do not want that type on this planet, she wants slaves. Even with all the genocides and torture Jews have been through due to manipulation by the Royal bloodlines, you will still never find bands of middle or low income Jews running around trying to stone women, or wanting to chop heads off. What the illuminati do, should not be blamed on 15 million regular family oriented Jews who do not know the secrets we discovered. They do not know they had been lied to, most have no idea. And to call them names is ignorant and evil. These are mostly innocent people.

      Hitler did not ask my family if they had Jewish DNA before he murdered most of my dad and mom's families in Europe. He killed them all. And to even mention this as a "hoax" is really evil. There are millions of people who had family members murdered by Hitler. The fact you have no compassion, shows that you have a satanic influence effecting you. I see alot of people like you spreading this insensitivity and it shows me Why the world is what it is. It's because a large portion of the population is bringing in satanic energy. And you are feeding the illuminati more and more power. If you and millions like you were feeding compassion and higher spiritual thoughts, then this world would be getting better and better.

      Jack -Don't blame the illuminati or Jews for this world. You are spreading hatred, that feeds the satanic forces, you are your own enemy. I'm sure your life is filled with suffering and by the way you act, I can tell you are bringing more negative karma into your life. Jesus said, "As your sow, you shall Reap'. Jesus was a Jewish rabbi, and a great spiritual teacher. His disciples were Jewish and he incarnated into a Jewish faith to help them escape from the hatred.If what you said is true, then Jesus would never have incarnated into the Jewish bloodlines.

  2. Joseph: (Hebrew means: he shall add)
    Abraham, walked out of the city which is family and began a journey which to this a day has not ended, this means all that came from Abraham's nomadic of the earth.

    Moses wandered, at the end of his life: Joseph was renamed and called Israel.
    Now, Israel, came from Joseph meeting he shall add, Joseph was a part of a nomadic tribe and a living soul: and as he wandered he added: people, beliefs, in other words he spread the wealth that had given man: these beliefs interfered with control of man's beliefs and people gravitated towards them. This cause the Jews to be imprisoned and enslaved at times for 400 years.

    Now is Judaism's a nation when your nomads or is it man to man spreading the word of God to all men.

    There are many people's saying that they are Jewish: I like to know were Jewish come from? Kczarsian, who were told that they didn't find religions by the King that he would kill them because they were robbing the ships he came into his port in groups and gang and attempted to rob his castle. And then there is a Zionist and so many others that are not even of Joseph (Israel).

    I personally believe, there are no Jews: simply because the Bible said that Joseph made shall add and then renamed Joseph: Israel, a nomad wandering the earth spreading God's good news. Therefore, Israel cannot be a nation nor can it be a people is simply the spreading of God's good.

  3. Romans 2:28-29

    28 For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh:

    29 But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.

  4. Antisemitism anything jews don't like.

  5. And now we are getting the same lies from Muslims. This is not a religion, its a movement or cult determined to destroy ever other religion on earth. Muslims living in this country quickly take advantage of laws that we fought and died for to be free, and expect us to believe they are good people and deserve "their" civil rights too. If the muslim community has been targeted as all being "radical" its their own fault for not dealing with the radical rebrobates within their own community who are smearing their own religion. Why arent they cleaning up their own house like we have been trying to do for the last 200 years. If they arent "Radical" muslims, then they are "cowardly" muslims who come here only to escape their duty to clean up their house instead of leaving up to us and then labeling us as the enemy. You can never solve a problem by constantly "running" away from it. Stand and deliver, then come over here, but dont try and say you didnt have anything to do with it. Doing nothing makes you just as capuble as being one of them , no matter what you say...!!!

  6. I think this one is way off . Ive done right much study on this subject and the most common mistake is the fact most dont know their Jew from Israelite. Jews are decendants from Israelite , Israelite is decendants of Hebrew . But not all Hebrews are Israelites and not all Israelites are Jews. Jews only came out of one or of the two tribes that were cut off from the blessing . The other 10 tribes one which was split in two were scattered throughout Europe mostly White European. some to Japan , some went south and mixed with Africans. King David was given an un conditional promise that the bloodline of king David would last forever. Who do you think sits on that throne now? The tribe of Dan went everywhere they left their mark in their name DN den, dan , dun etc. such as Sudan, Denmark , Danube, etc...The Stone of Scone had many names. this rock was the stone Jacob layed his pillow on and had his dream , the Israelites not Jews carried it everywhere they went and crowned all kings and queens Bloodline of David until now . Tribe of Ephriam were kings and queens , Tribe of Mannesah got all the wealth blessing . Who are the Israelites Gods Chosen People ? Europeans ! Of course there are Blackfricans on youtube who say all the Biblical characters from Adam to Jesus, Hebrews and real jews were all Black .Everybody wants to be a Jew. Could I be wrong , Maybe. My research is done at home . Sources: Bible , Assyrian Tablets , Raymond E. Capt. Secular History.

    1. One Key fact to know what each tribe would do where they would go and what they would get is look at each Blessing/prophecy Jacob gave each son and to each of Josephs sons, two sons were cut off. Apply that to today. I also recall hearing the Ethiopian Orthadox saying that they were from the tribe of Dan and were the real Jews and should go back to Israel. You cant really come from the tribe of Dan and be Jews at the same time. Because Jews didnt come from the tribe of Dan. I agree with what much of Anna writes about. but this one is very questionable to me .


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