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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Our mission is to restore the lawful government that is owed to us.

By Anna Von Reitz

Our lawful government, sometimes called the "de jure" government, is called the United States of America.  The United States of America has been undermined from within by a commercial corporation calling itself the United States, which is under contract to our states to provide "essential government services".  (See the Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783 and Article IV.) 

The United States is controlled by the Pope and the British Monarch and operated by a Board of Trustees calling itself the United States Congress. 

The United States went rogue during and after the so-called American Civil War and just neglected to tell anyone. 

Ever since, the United States has been in one kind of "war" after another--- the war on poverty and the war on drugs and the war on terrorism--- as well as endless nasty political and police actions for profit. 

Yet the Civil War wasn't really a war at all.  It was an illegal commercial mercenary action carried out on our shores.  It was never declared by the Congress.  It was never ended by a peace treaty. 

President Andrew Johnson declared peace in public three times, and created a contract for peace, but that's not the same thing as a peace treaty. 

Obviously, the Popes and the British Monarchs and the people we so trustingly sent to Congress to represent us have failed to do the job. They have acted in Breach of Trust and commercial contract for 150 years right under our noses. 

They have used us as "muscle" to carry on endless wars for profit and illegal police actions throughout the world.  They've neglected our country's needs and stolen it blind while at the same time killing millions of innocent people and they have blamed us for it all. 

Now they are targeting the people of China to take our place as the Bully Boys of the world.  They have sent their bankers and lawyers and tons of our gold to China, intending to set up shop again and pull the same old crap over there. 

We've been stupid, folks, for a very long time. 

None of us remember a legitimate and fully functioning American government. All we know is the slow parasitic rot imposed on us by the British Monarchs and the Pope and the politicians in control of the United States. 

It's no wonder that millions of Americans detest what they think of as their government, but what everyone worldwide needs to understand is that that thing in Washington, DC, isn't our government.  

The United States, Inc., is a foreign corporation in the business of providing governmental services---hence the reason it is called a "de facto" government.  

It is really just an adjunct to our lawful government, like a catering service or housekeeping service, that our ancestors subscribed to. 

Given all this, it is apparent that America has been tragically deceived and defrauded and off track for a very long time. 

People around the world have grown to hate Americans and we have been blamed for the actions of the United States, which is nothing but a gigantic multi-national commercial corporation gone wild. 

It should surprise no one that the United States has used crooked bookkeeping to embezzle trillions of dollars out of our economy, and then, on top of it, has claimed that we didn't pay them and that they are trillions of dollars in debt, and are seeking bankruptcy protection because of it. 

This is the complete and utter mess that Donald J. Trump has inherited, and it is all directly attributable to the Popes, the British Monarchs, the treasonous members of Congress and the puppet Presidents who have run this country into the ground and worked to enslave the American people for the last 150 years. 

The "frog" is now well and truly boiled, but still alive.  And the "frog" is angry. That's understood.  It is painful and scary to wake up and realize that the men and institutions you placed your faith in all your life have grossly betrayed you. 

Bear in mind that the men and institutions guilty of these horrific crimes against us and against the entire rest of the world, have no friends left.  

They are trapped with the Americans on one side and the rest of the world on the other.  The British people have been just as shamelessly abused as we have, quite possibly more. 

From both within and without, then, these hateful monsters have carried out their war against Mankind and have used the churches and what appeared to be lawful governments as storefronts for their parasitic activities.  

At the end of the day, who is responsible? 

As a short list-- the Popes, the British Monarchs, the Lord Mayors of London, the Lords of the Admiralty, the British Parliament, the US Congress, the government corporations of the European nations, Japan, Canada, Australia----are all in the frying pan. 

The entire Earth is overdue for a political housecleaning, and Donald J. Trump has landed himself in one helluva position to be in. 

We, Americans, like the rest of the world have every reason to despise the renegade United States.  We have every reason to rise up and murder the members of Congress and desecrate Washington, DC, yes, every reason to raze it to the ground and piss on the graves of those who would defend it.  

We have cause to do that, but we would be supremely stupid to do that. 

Instead, we need to keep calm and get even.

The entire world now knows what has gone on here.  They know who the guilty parties are.  They are looking to us for leadership to find the way forward and they won't be disappointed. 

We've looked back to our roots to find ourselves again.  All across the country county and state jural assemblies are gathering.  Day by day, Americans are waking up and returning the false gift of "US PERSONS" that have been foisted off on us.  

Those who have defrauded and abused us are being recognized as international criminals.  Their foreign duplicitous Satanic religion is being recognized for what it is--- a reprise of Ancient Babylon brought forward like a cancer concealed in the Roman Catholic Church.  

Even the members of the US Congress are beginning to wake up.  Trey Gowdy and Rand Paul aren't the only ones speaking our language anymore.  

Quietly, with great resolve, America --- the real America----is on the move. 

Our goal isn't to destroy the United States, but to take back our rightful control of it and get to the bottom of the criminality infesting it.  As we go, we are learning our own history and filling the vacated offices that our lawful government is owed. 

We are going to completely restore our lawful Common Law court system, which is owed to the people of this country.  We are going to sort out the crooked government bookkeeping and dispose of the "National Debt".  We are going to bust the foreign media cartels.  We are going to secure our borders, mind our business, and let the chips fall as they may. 

In the midst of this humongous endeavor, it is imperative for everyone to stay grounded and think things through.  None of this is rocket science, but it took 150 years for this situation to develop. We can expect the clean up to last more than a decade.  Meantime, the sky is not falling.  We are not broke.  We have the power to change things peacefully using Due Process and our own Public Law.

What could go wrong? 

We could trust the wrong people again.  

That is the chief danger we face. There are among us paid provocateurs and an equally common breed of opportunists eager to seize power for power's sake. 

These Bad Actors always show their colors eventually, so pay close attention to both words and deeds.  

We now have among us men who are preaching a False Gospel.  They are saying, "Hey, we are the people!  We can do anything we want!" 

The same thing can be said of any gang of outlaws--- until the rest of us catch up with them. 

Men who have been oppressed by a commercial corporation masquerading as their own government have a right to be angry, but our power and our just cause lies in restoring our rightful and lawful government, complete with its system of checks and balances intact, so that nobody and nothing can oppress any of us again.  Otherwise, we merely jump from one oppression to another. 

Our very greatest danger is that some demagogue like Hitler will arise from our disillusionment and discontent and like the Pied Piper, lead the world down the road to senseless war again. 

We've heard that tune and followed it too many times before. 

The greatness of America does not lie in our force of arms, but in our generosity of heart.  Our future does not lie in the mind of any one man, but in the hopes and dreams of us all. 

I have done my level best to clue you in and teach you right from wrong. I have been a faithful guide and defender of the innocent, a proponent of peaceful and orderly and lawful change.  

God willing, I will be here a while longer to help guide the work, but in the meantime it is imperative for every American to study their own history, learn the structure of their own government, and stop being gullible. 

Turn your Shinola Sensors on "High". 

And like the song says, "Don't get fooled again!" 

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  1. Will this change get us back to the Restored Republic? And, being back on the Original Constitution allow all of to achieve true 'Ownership' of our homes, land, cars, and other tangible assets including our own companies and corporations?

  2. Looks to me like it is all in the works. I run in to a lot of people who are waking up. Telling me things that a few years ago when I told people they thought I was nuts. While it is a process once it gets going it can really take off. I found when traveling that most people get along quite well. It the above mentioned trusted servants, that people themselves being mostly good honest folks did not suspect were up to anything other than helping us all live a better life. I too wish no harm on anyone. Just if they are not going to do the jobs then someone else who will can. This time people best no forget to keep an eye on it.

  3. First you talk about Catholic Church: let's remind ourselves that the Roman government crucified Christians hundreds of thousands? No Holocaust ! importance is that Rome sunk with bodies, and Roman soldiers spend most of their time burying the dead not plundering.

    They came to the attention that they should not be fighting the Christian but embracing them and then after embracing the Christians they control the Christian by saying there one of us and we are one of them!

    Now, you say that the Vatican churches into making profit against God's law! Didn't Jesus turn over the money changers table: I say the church cannot make profit by means of death and destruction over God's creation.

    Man has been brainwashed by religion, I used to be a Catholic but when I was young just entering high school I told my parents I didn't believe in the Catholic Church and suffered for that!

    All religions are man-made they have a man-made name their man-made! My beliefs are my religions: even in the Bible God is good and evil so you receive instructions either or the good God or the evil God! And or are more one God and that's with the Jewish people believe!

    I also believe there is more then one God, There is a God of alcoholic God of smoke a God of abuse God of pedophilia: the each of us in the Bible our God is in Genesis made in the image of God. And when Lucifer was expelled from heaven he took one third of the angels with him. This one third of angels are also God upon this earth I like to say demons: born on this earth we are born in the powers and principalities.

    God knew us before we were in our mother's where he placed us in her mother's womb to give her jurisdiction to bring us set up in the admonition of the Lord God, and our duty is to subdue the year in the name of Jesus Christ

    1. leak sources,
      They absolutely make money off of death. When a fiat currency is either printed or digitally recognized in excess of the Gross National Product, killing the equivalent amount of actual Priority Creditors keeps the currency "flowing". Not to mention they have an insurance policy on all persons, so at death, they cash that, plus plunder the wealth of his trust under a false claim of abandonment in the given name of the man that unknowingly had a person annexed to him.
      So if you want a successful racket, say you're going to create an internal currency system in exchange for the actual material values. Tell them you can supply more currency than they have in material wealth. Then say you'll pay for everything as Trustee. What you won't mention is that you'll copyright and own a grammatically different style of their name, and a similar style for address, and if the beneficiary of your system opens an article(mail) that should have been sent to your headquarters, then he has agreed to act as trustee in your place and you can claim the benefit.

  4. Too bad, you threw the baby out with the bathwater. What year was that?
    Take a look at this link. It might explain what happened.

    And the breakdown of what is now known as the new Novus Ordo religion that masquerades as the "Catholic" Church.

  5. Historians look back at history and it shows grand scheme by ppl of huge wealth Jacob schiff funded the over throw of russia 300 jews left america led by Leon trotsky the led the bolshivic revolution . The Balfour agreement jews wanted Palestine and used monopoly over media to deliver america in ww1. Ww2 Hitler repeatedly begged for peace meanwhile the fire bombing of German cities killing 40 thousand civilians in on night. But when you controld propaganda you controld the ppl.

  6. Its sad that it only took one pope to convert the true universal catholic church into the holy roman church it is today simply because he wasnt just satisfied with just honoring the truth and spreading the "good news". No, he was tempted by greed and power. And now 100's of years later, he has set himself up as "Vicar of Christ" on earth, all because of pope paul 2. But that said, like any other hugh Corporation, the problem is always at the top. Most of the priest i know are good people and love what they were called too do. Last time i heard from a utube of a little girl, about 12, who either had a near death experiance, or visited by angles, was actually shown what happens to people who instead of keeping their vows and promisses and charged with always being the last vestiage of "truth" and "decentcy" for gods people who often find themselves surrounded by secular lies, have actually betrayed that promise and actually become the worse liers of all. The ultimate price for that was shown to the little girl when jesus or his angle took the girl and showed her pope pauls 2 fate......burning in flames, but never dying. And begging to be foregiven....please. Whereapon, jesus rebuked him immediately....shut up!! You knew what you were doing when you lead my children away as my holy annointed to bring the truth as i gave it too you and instead corrupted it and my sheep. And then they left. But this place was meant only for those that have been charged with ultimate positions of trust, like the popes and judges of the world. But just about everyone else from many other near death experiances, show how merciful and foregiving he will be even to those that never believed in religion but still lived decent lives . Now shrial law(muslims,), thats a different story. A muslim woman who was raised one from childhood, recently had a near death experiance and as soon as she crossed over, jesus was waiting for her and said to her...."I NEVER KNEW YOU!! But jesus sent her back because she begged foregivness as she was never taught any other religion or exposed to it, but only on the condition that she lets her people know that they have been deceived. And she is doing exactly that today.

    1. You don't know what you are talking about James.


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