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Monday, March 28, 2016

Anu:hotep/anaroth - what does this mean.

by Anna Von Reitz

It means "Anu"--- God the Father
"Hotep" means "House of" 
"Anaroth" is the Title name of "Anathoth" the part of the land where the prophet Jeremiah's family came from, who were all of the Tribe of Benjamin.  I am slowly word by word and name by name revealing an inescapable truth in the language of those who have trespassed against us.  In this modern day they think they are immune and that they can get away with whatever they want and not be observed and held accountable for it.  I am telling them in their own ancient language that this is not so, that they have been observed all along, and they will be held accountable and by whom. 

Only those who know the history and who speak the language of the Nazoreans are able to read and understand the message that is being spelled out for them.  The hand that writes has written. Those that know the truth also know the Lie.  There is nothing--- absolutely NOTHING hidden. 

Think about that for a moment.  Why do people tell lies?  Because they childishly believe that they CAN lie.  They continue in the practice of deceit because they still believe that they can do such things and get away with it.  

But what happens when you know FOR SURE that your every word and move is known?  That every motivation, every dilemma, every concern---- the "all of it" is known in an absolute and inescapable way? 

It's not possible to lie.  It's not possible to cheat, to steal, to plot, to murder, or do any of these other vile things without it being known and without it coming straight back to you like a ball thrown against a wall.  

The perpetrators of these crimes actually know this truth--- they know, but they have "forgotten", grown dull and complacent and foolish and disrespectful of God.  They think that because they have gotten away with this scheme and predation for 150 years they can just go ahead and continue on another 150 years.  

It's not going to be that way. 

They have also forgotten the words of Jeremiah and the meaning of them, but I have not, and I stand here as a witness against them for making the SAME mistakes over and over and not taking the lessons of the past to heart.  

So they have followed the foreign "Lord" Ba-El again.  They have sacrificed millions upon millions of infants by declaring them legally and civilly dead. They have stolen the credit and the estates of the victims of this and fed upon our labor and substance like the vampires they serve. 

And once again the True God has stirred up the Chaldeans and the Babylonians against them and all their allies desert them--- and they don't know why! 

If they remember Jeremiah and the Freeing of the Slaves and the fate of Zedekiah they will not only know why they are in this mess they will know what they must do to get out of it. 

So I remind them and by addressing them in their own language I give proof that I know the Truth and that they are in fact being observed by the One Holy One and by Our Righteous Savior and none of their deceits or efforts to cover things up will help. 

The ONLY thing that can help is if they learn their lessons at last and stop doing what is heinous and evil and contemptible. 

They agreed to set the people of this world free and stop the use of Federal Reserve Notes and credit fraud.  That is, they agreed to set the slaves free and return them to their ancestral lands. 

And just like Zedekiah, having agreed to do the right thing, they turned right around and proposed to issue "United States Notes" instead--- that is, to re-enslave the slaves. 

If any of them have a brain left they must recognize this as making the same mistake twice. 

And it is a mistake with known and certain consequences.  You cannot cheat God. You cannot flaunt your disobedience in secret and think that it will not be shouted from the housetops--- because it is and it will be. 

It is beyond past time for these people to grow up and stop making the same mistakes over and over again. They must wake up and face facts and grow up. 

There ARE no secrets. 

There is no way to lie about anything. 

Their secret worship of idols, their selfishness, their cruelty, their usury, their communion with evil spirits, their crookedness, lack of faith and lack of honor, their endless "wagering" passed off as "insurance" when it is nothing but gambling, are all known.  Everything. All of it. 

The failure of Zedekiah and his elite to keep their word and free the slaves was the final straw, the thing that sealed their fate and that of Jerusalem. 

Here we are again. 

And here I am in the name of the One Holy One, appointed to destroy from the foundations of the world until now--- basically saying, how stupid are you?  

Will you fight the House of God?  Will you turn back from your word and right action again? Even when you KNOW the consequences?  That you will be utterly overthrown, destroyed, scattered like chaff, left barren as a wasteland and have no part in the New Jerusalem? 

The next part of the message is this:


Jeremiah is returning home to claim the land he bought so long ago and the woman he loved resurrected from the dust: but of those who were Zedekiah and his branches nothing will be remembered if they make the same mistakes now. 

They will be washed away from the Mind of God as if they never existed and with our sins they will dwell and not be remembered. 
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  1. I read this with my mouth open! Wow. I am completely dumbfounded at your knowledge and bravery. I salute you!

  2. Anna is one incredible woman, I must say. Not only does she have a good grasp on the evilness itself, that knowledge given to her from above, but she also has a good grasp on scripture which is even more important. This grasp can only be understood by the Christian, and those that are not of the Elect will never have a clue that the battle we are waging is spiritual.


  3. wow, I have often said there are no secrets, now I know why

  4. Anna, Thank you. Your writings are truly quite informative and empowering.

  5. Anna, I pray that more and more people read your writings. Your inspiration and truth give hope to those of us who have lost hope in the government of this great country. Thank you!

  6. I'm inspired by Judge Anna's offerings, but I've not heard the word "hotep" defined this way. I've been to Egypt (Kemet) & always seen that ancient Kemetic word defined like this:

    1. In this context, since it means to be at peace, it could be applied as the left hand of God at peace with His right hand. In other words the unfathomable mind of God who is at once all just and at the same time all merciful. The left hand being the justice part of that union. Just asking.

    Ethics is independent of religion. Secular law is based on ethics. Theocratic law is based on a religion.

    Some of the references to deities in the articles by Anna von Reitz are ambiguous even in context and therefore not meaningful, e.g., God, God the Father, True God, One Holy One and Our Righteous Savior (Jesus Christ versus Jesus of Nazareth). She evidently is a Christian of some type, and her God is YHWH who spoke to Moses and to Jeremiah as well as the god of the Nazoreans who is not the same as YHWH.

    A preliminary list of deities mentioned by Anna von Reitz follows.

    Anu – God the Father [ancestor of the Anunnaki (Epic of Gilgamesh)]

    Anunnaki = non-human, semi-physical Velon race from Velos (subraces: Jjundaa, Oa, Mila, Johnaan, Annunaki & Hathor).

    Anaroth & Anathoth (a place near Jerusalem)

    Left Hand of God [Gevurah in the Kabballah = Judgment]

    Jeremiah [Old Testament: Strong’s 3068 Yhwh = God of Israel & 3069 Yhvh = God]

    YHWH = Jehovah = Satan (New Testament: Pharisee = Synagogue of Satan and Pit of Vipers)

    Nazoreans [Gospel of the Nazoreans & Gnostic Mandaeans texts]

    Foreign "Lord" Ba-El

    True God

    One Holy One

    Our Righteous Savior

    Mosaic Law [Old Testament: Strong’s 3068 = Yhwh = God of Israel]

    Ten Commandments [Old Testament: Strong’s 3068 = Yhwh = God of Israel]

    In the articles read so far, no mention is made of Elohim ("gods" plural, male and female) and "Most High God" from Genesis Chapter 1, and no mention is made of "The Greatest Law" and the "Second Great Law" from the New Testament.

    1. From Anna:


      Some understand the meaning of scripture and some understand math. If it tells the same story does it matter if we tell it in English or French?


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