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Sunday, March 27, 2016

What is in a NAME? An Appeal for Pesach (Passover)

What is in a NAME?

Let's begin with the Bible, the source of the Law of the Land throughout the Western World, and let's begin with the most important name of all, the name of God.
God doesn't have a name. People have made up various excuses for this fact, but the scripture also quite clearly tells us the same. "I Am That I Am" is a four-letter description. There are 72 other three-letter descriptions known as "names of God" that each describe another defining characteristic of God, so that taken on the whole, we know far more about the nature and character of God than we could ever know from a name----but the fact remains that God does not have "a" name.
Neither do God's children. This is on purpose. In Revelation we are told that we will be given names, but as such, we have no names now --- at least no names known to mortal man.
What??? We have no names? That's right, we have no names. As children of God we are spirits inhabiting flesh, and like our Father, we have no names, only descriptions.
This is why for many hundreds of years in all the venues of Law of the Land, people are described: "Anne of Green Gables", "Henry of Warwick", "Elizabeth of Ardennes", "George by the Battlements", "Eleanora of Bailford, Bickford, and Main" ---- or, "Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger of (von) Reitzenstein of (von) Lettow before (Vor) Beck."
So if we have no names, what are these things we use day to day to call each other to breakfast?

They are the Mark of the Beast. Why are they the Mark of the Beast? Because only Beasts (animals) have names. Adam was not given the right nor the assignment to name people. He was tasked to name animals and things only. So when a man gives another man a name, he is implying that the man receiving the name is (a) an animal or (b) a thing--- like a corporation.
Well, clearly, in some sense, a man is an animal, a mammal, and recognizable as such and as an animal he can be named. If he acts as a corporation--- a thing ---- he can also be named.
So it is that under the Law of the Sea, men have been given names as animals and treated as such; until very recent times the Admiralty sections of the Public Law (notably Title 7) have freely admitted that men are considered "land assets" and "animals".
Hence, a name applied to a man is literally "the mark of the Beast".
For many centuries the convention of describing people instead of naming them kept confusion at a minimum, but toward the middle of the nineteenth century the age-old practice based on Biblical Law began to be undermined. Why?
Administrative convenience.
It was easier to standardize conventions and religious concerns were waived. The name John Brown is after all just an abbreviation of the lawful name "John of the House Brown" and John Henry Brown is just an abbreviation of the lawful name "John who has taken the name Henry of the House Brown". Why have to write all that out and explain what it means? Doesn't everyone know that already?
Apparently not.
Instead, the lawful description of living people became confused with the Trade Names they were accustomed to using in business transactions. "John Henry Brown" the foreshortened and standardized description of the living man was, at least visually, the same as John Henry Brown, the Trade Name of that same man.
So the "descriptive name" and the "Trade Name" became distinguishable only by context or explicit definition, such as, "for the purposes of this document "John Henry Brown" means the living man making his home at Old Brown House in Devonshire...."
In 1933 FDR took advantage of this confusion between the foreshortened descriptive name and the Trade Name and muddied the water still more----on purpose.
His administration created millions of foreign situs trusts which just happened to be named after living Americans and which just happened to use all the same letters and Upper and Lower case style conventions as their abbreviated descriptive names and Trade Names already used.
Thus the description of a living man was written as "John Henry Brown" and his Trade Name (unincorporated doing business name) was written "John Henry Brown" and now, without his knowledge or consent, the United States of America, Incorporated---- a for-profit governmental services corporation that was about to go bankrupt-- created a franchise for itself and named it "John Henry Brown", too.
Of course, with a little mail fraud thrown in, when the living man "John Henry Brown" received a "statement" in the mail that was apparently addressed to him and which had all the outward appearances of a bill, he assumed it was his bill to pay. What other conclusion would be reasonable?
And in this way we, our parents, and our grandparents have been tricked into "assuming" and paying for debts owed by others--- first by the United States of America, Incorporated, throughout its long bankruptcy reorganization from 1933 to 1999 when all its debts were finally discharged, and now, again, we are being dunned for payment of debts owed by other corporate entities merely named after us---- "JOHN HENRY BROWN" is a Cestui Que Vie Trust formed under the Municipal (independent foreign city state) Law of the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation operated out of Puerto Rico under Puerto Rican Commonwealth Law.
The Treasurer of the United States, Rosa Gumataotao Rios, is holding all your property including your name in a public trust named after you and the leeches benefiting from this are pretending that it is all "abandoned property" belonging to "no one" and that the UNITED STATES, INC. and its "STATE OF_______" franchises are the beneficiaries of your name and your property both public and private.
Doesn't that just warm the cockles of your heart?
You have been entrapped and defrauded and press-ganged into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea, all your assets including your name have been "seized upon" while you have been declared "legally dead" and had your ESTATE administered under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico......
In March of 2015 the UNITED STATES, INC. was declared insolvent by its creditors, with the result that its secondary creditors (we are obviously in line to be priority creditors of the whole shebang if we wake up) are now here claiming to own everything in sight.
Thus the land grabs in Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and elsewhere.
Thus the credit default swaps disguised as loans and "mortgages".
Thus the false arrests and claims against JOHN HENRY BROWN, which is by DEFINITION is a foreigner, a debtor, and an "Enemy" of the State.
Now you know well in advance why the charges against AMMON BUNDY and CLIVEN BUNDY and other American heroes will stick and why they will be found guilty and why nothing that they or their attorneys say about the Law or the Facts will matter: they are already guilty BY DEFINITION. All that is left to argue is--- does the COURT really have jurisdiction? And how much will they be charged in terms of money and years of life lost?
And you also know why the perverts responsible for these crimes of fraud and personage will be desperate to throw the book at them and make an example of them for standing up for their property and their rights. Their only hope of getting all of us to pay off their debts for them is by legal chicanery and preventing us from making our valid claims known.
If Ammon and Cliven Bundy realize what has been done to them and go to the district Court of the United States and sue to change their name back from AMMON BUNDY and CLIVEN BUNDY to Ammon Bundy and Cliven Bundy respectively and reclaim also their actual nationality as natives of Nevada, the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT will have to let go of their prey like an exploding hot potato and all those responsible for this gargantuan fraud will have to search for rocks to crawl under to hide their public shame.
And that, Dear Reader, is what is in a NAME.
If you read House Joint Resolution 192 very closely you will see that while it offers apparent remedy for all this identity theft and credit fraud, it also imposes a gag order on those responsible for administering it. It's all supposed to be hush-hush, private, confidential. Only those "in the know" who are "competent" to bring claims---- and who know the secret handshake and the secret steps to take--- can reclaim their rightful estate and property stolen from them and their parents and grandparents by mostly foreign banks using "governmental services corporations" as storefronts to operate under color of law and perpetuate all these oppressions and acts of fraud.
At the end of the day, what it amounts to is that these banks have pretended to be the lawful government, and via that illusion, have enjoyed our trust and obedience while they have stolen us blind.
And now they want to talk about "depopulation" --- a euphemism for killing your creditors to avoid paying them and to profit from the estates they leave behind and to bilk the life insurance policies these vermin have placed on each one of us.
Law enforcement? Sheriffs? Pentagon? Members of Congress? Are you listening?
This is what is in a NAME.
Well, we Americans are awake. By the millions now. And so are the people in Brazil and Kuwait and Great Britain and Canada and Australia and Japan and Russia and China and India and all over this planet. We know and we are asking---- "Oh, so this is the "service" we've been paying you for all these years? To mischaracterize and enslave and defraud us?"
And we are thinking---- if you are worth your salt, you've got one job now. Clean up this mess and clean out these banks and arrest these bankers and clear out their nests on Wall Street and Fleet Street and Paris and Rome and Tokyo. Nobody who has heard this news is in the mood for learning any secret handshakes. We don't believe that 390 million Americans are duty bound to go to court and change their names back, when their names should never have been infringed upon in the first place.
We don't think we should have to pay for anything but the nineteen clearly enumerated services we agreed to pay for. And we think we have something to say about the quality of those services.
We want our good names restored to us and to our unique control, no questions asked. We want our property--both public and private--- restored to us, free and clear of all taxes, tithes, fees, encumbrances, liens, and indebtedness. We want all the credit and actual assets that have been extracted from us via "federal" racketeering, identity theft, and credit fraud returned to us, plus interest.
We want the banks responsible placed under new management and then liquidated to pay their priority and secondary creditors. In those cases where it can be proven that bankers and lawyers knew full-well what was going on, we want the corporate veil pierced and all their ill-gotten gains seized and sold for the benefit of the victims of foreclosure fraud and other atrocities.
The bankers and lawyers and the politicians who issued the gag orders and who have kept the people from obtaining remedy are guilty of the most heinous and venal felonies imaginable, including the theft and exploitation of children, the destruction of families, and the enslavement of entire nations.
That is what is in a NAME.
And now, let's return to where we began, and reflect with Solomon that there is nothing new under the sun. We have been here before. Read Jeremiah 34: 8-22. King Zedekiah and his ministers and the rich men of Jerusalem decided to do the right thing (mostly because they were under siege by the Babylonians) and agreed to follow God's rule and release the Hebrew slaves, both men and women. But then, they changed their minds and re-enslaved them, which sealed their own fate and destruction.
Here are the names of the banks that make up the so-called "Federal Reserve"---
Rothschild Bank of London
Rothschild Bank of Berlin
Warburg Bank of Hamburg
Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
Lazard Brothers of Paris
Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
Goldman, Sachs of New York
Lehman Brothers of New York
Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
These are Jewish banks and Jewish bankers, no getting around it. And they are principally responsible for this entire situation, though they have been helped (mightily) by the British Crown, the British Monarch, the various Bar Associations and their Members, and politicians both the corrupt and the clueless alike, to create this gigantic fraud and perpetuate this criminality.
Jacob Rothschild stands in the shoes of King Zedekiah. God requires the slaves to be set free. And if they aren't, you all know the rest of the story.

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  1. AWESOME! I've been trying to tell the Bundys et al to do this but it seems to be upon deaf ears. I'm working on mine. Thank you very much for all the information. For this old gal it takes a few to get it straight!

  2. Thank God it's Sunday, and for Judge Anna! Bless you for continuing to Grace us with these wise jewels. You had mentioned in a previous post that R4V is a means of remedy for the birth certificate fraud. Would you care to elaborate for those of us stumbling around looking for more Easter Treats? Hugs Hale

  3. That the bastardized version of our appellations is the Mark of the Beast is an interesting concept to ponder, and the way it is presented here makes it appear feasible. The article makes many points worth following up on. As for the bankers that make up the federal reserve, they are Jews only because they say they are. They really aren't though. Being a Jew denotes a religion the Hebrews believed in which is the basis for Christianity. A Jew has a Holy Book like the Bible called the Torah and believes almost everything the Christian does, except that Yesua is the Christ, as the Jew believes the Christ is yet to come. These evil bankers on the other hand are known to be Satan worshipers and their "holy book" is the Talmud which is the antithesis of the Bible. For them we should pray, as if they continue to follow the path they are on...woe be unto them.


  4. Anna,
    I'm going to have to disagree with you that God does not have "a" name. He does have "a" name, that name is YHWH or YeHoWaH. If you study the scriptures it is revealed in his word. The Son of God also has a name: YeHoshua or Yeshu'a for short. The Father's name is in the Son's name. It is actually an easier study to study out the Son's name. I understand the analogy you are trying to make, but it is not a good one. The scriptures are inspired by God's Holy Spirit (which does not have a name), as our spirits do not have a name until God gives us a "new" name, which implies we had an "old" name, the one our parent(s) gave us. Many of the given names in the bible reflected the characters of God. Of course, the name I reference above is Hebrew.
    Also, the bankers aren't "Jews" as those spoken of as God's children, the banker jews are the Khazarians who have pretty much been chased out of many countries as they caused havick on those regions. And, as Margy Serre commented, they hold to the Talmud, which is not of God (YeHoWaH) at all but of the Father of lies, Satan.
    I'm sorry, but you went too far by trying to make a point using the Word of God and His name in such a way that is not correct. Our God is only the "no name" God to the pagans. His children know His name.
    Good day Anna.

    1. That's not a name, and if there is this much confusion something is definitely wrong. Too many people quote things out of the bible and other books which is sometimes cool, but really unessesarry because no one knows. No one knows for certain about anything so stop arguing and begin to do good works. Don't just say and think about good works, do them. That means switch your whole lifestyle around because no one follows natural law, the highest form of law. Everything we do is somewhat unnatural and out of sync with nature. If one can't get in sync then you have no business telling someone they are right or wrong or trying to prove your point. Just wake up already and see the bigger issues which are happening now, right in front of your faces.

    2. I disagree with what you said about natural law being the highest law. The one higher law form is God's positive Divine Law which are written in the heart of every living man or woman, and they are the 10 Commandments. There is no excuse for not following them.

  5. Yahweh is the name of the Heavenly Father. His name, which He says is "My memorial to all generations," (Exodus 3:15) carries the meaning of "He is," or "He causes to be."

    Because of tradition, the precious name of the Heavenly Father has been removed from His own book.

    Yahweh placed His name in the scriptures nearly 7,000 times. And 7,000 times bible translators substituted it with a generic title such as "LORD" or "GOD." In fact, "Yahweh" is the 7th most commonly used word in the Hebrew scriptures.

    There is no real justification for this tradition, for the scriptures tell us that we are not to add to or take away from His word.

    1. Was there ever a command by Him that we should use His proper Name...... Maybe we are not even worthy to pronounce it, because of our sins, and Maybe the best we can hope for is Redemption by Christ, the correct translation in English being Jesus

  6. Yahweh is the name of the Heavenly Father. His name, which He says is "My memorial to all generations," (Exodus 3:15) carries the meaning of "He is," or "He causes to be."

    Because of tradition, the precious name of the Heavenly Father has been removed from His own book.

    Yahweh placed His name in the scriptures nearly 7,000 times. And 7,000 times bible translators substituted it with a generic title such as "LORD" or "GOD." In fact, "Yahweh" is the 7th most commonly used word in the Hebrew scriptures.

    There is no real justification for this tradition, for the scriptures tell us that we are not to add to or take away from His word.

    1. Stanley Frank, New Testament is written in Greek and the Old Testament is written in Hebrew. Old Jehovah New Yahweh and both are correct. Trinity is not found anywhere in the scriptures Old and New. In my humble opinion I discern that the interpretation of John 1:1 is a snake bite because it deceives so many to make them think that Jesus spoke to himself when communicating with his Father in the heavens. The very definition of insanity when giving much thought to the concept. I do not use any edited version of the good book. Is the venom from the snake bite the reason the road to everlasting life is so narrow? Everlasting life would not be cheap would it? I also agree to disagree with Anna on that subject of names and trinity concept. At the same time Anna is spot on with the history of America and how they deceived us on that front.

  7. I have heard of this fraud perpetrated on citizens before in relation to our TAXES and the voluntary payment of them. This article clearly depicts it's origin's and application to the masses. We are all so "blind" and "lost". Thank you for the truly amazing work that you do. How to proceed in this future where we will all lose entire control of our cash our privacy our identity and be completely assimilated into the Matrix...

  8. YHWH or technically YHVH is more a sound like an exhale yahhhhhh sound is creation not man made words. and please do not bring zionists into this without the other ie jesuits and bavarian illuminati etc., it not ALL about the jew or more specifically hebrews totally different animals. Sorry you have to be specific as many people suffer over the ignrance contained or left out in the details....

  9. So please point me to the background which proves anything you are saying about jesuits or bavarian illuminati. No one has ever proved that at least to my satisfaction, nor is their any proof of any "black pope".


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