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Monday, March 28, 2016

Comment on Arches of Ba-El Temple of Marduk Being Built in London and New York

by Anna Von Reitz

As announced in the New York Times, the same people who put a statue of the "Mother of All Whores" ---- Ashtoreth---- in the middle of New York Harbor and passed it off as "The Statue of Liberty"-----have been hard at work to invoke their ancient Babylonian "god", Marduk. 

They want the Lord of Libertines and Criminals to visit London and New York, and they are convinced that if they rebuild the Arches of the Temple of Marduk, he will come: Lucifer, himself, in the flesh. They want to worship him.

Picture a great big, glowing red Bull's Eye painted on New York and London, because that is what these deluded monsters are doing and which the rest of you are ignorantly allowing. 

How ingenious of the Great Gardener.  

You don't have to pull the weeds or struggle to identify them among the wheat.  Just stand aside and let them all gather together for a party.  Then bring out the Flame Thrower. 

When the Hebrews entered Canaan they were given a very odd directive.  They were told to kill everyone and everything--- even the domestic animals.  None were to be spared.  But the Hebrews looked around and hey, everything looked good.  The animals appeared healthy and the women were good looking.....what a waste!   It didn't make sense to them. 

So they ignored the instructions they were given by the One Holy One. 

As a result, the ancient evils of Sumeria survived and thrived and continued. The vampiric entities that fed upon the innocent in ancient Canaan infested the minds of new generations and led directly to what is going on today. 

Dust off your Bibles, people.  Read what it says about the King of Sidon and the weeping of the Merchants.  

On that basis alone, in view of what these idiots are doing in New York and London, I will get out my crystal ball and foretell the destruction of both New York and London.  It will either result as the natural outcome of hosting Lucifer and his minions, or, as a result of the One Holy One acting to get rid of these vermin once and for all--- but it will come, either way. 

Mark it on your calendars and don't blame the Muslims for it. 

People look at me and stare and say, but, but, but----- you are a scientist and judge, how can you believe in such drivel?  There's no "devil" and no "god" either.  It's all just overactive imaginations and snake oil salesmen. 

Those who know me will agree that I am a skeptic's skeptic, so, indeed, what gives? 

There are, at least by my count, 648 prophecies in the Bible. All but a handful have been fulfilled. 

I rest my case.
IF there's no God and no Devil, then there is, self-evidently, a very well-organized multi-generational stage crew of people devoted to the Bible as a playscript and they are determined to carry it off: Act One....Act Two....Act Three... 

As I am writing this at the end of March,  2016, the Lords of the Admiralty are still in operation.  The King of Sidon still sits on his throne.  The City of Westminster, also known as the Inner City of London, still exists and is chugging along, happily enslaving and defrauding the rest of the world. It's all business as usual, except.....

Well, for the last several weeks merchant shipping worldwide has been at a standstill.... the ships are standing afar off.....

Just as it says in the Bible. 

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  1. London and New York are clearly the cities of thievery on the planet.

    I heartily agree. Don't blame the Muslims.

  2. How anyone can believe in, much less serve a god who 'orders his people to kill' another race is beyond me.

    I mean think about it. There is no way THAT god can be an ineffable, glorious, beautiful beyond measure, forgiving, trustworthy god.

    In fact, that type of god acts more like the cabal than a pure and holy being full of mercy and grace.

    We're all entitled to our own belief system and I refuse to serve a tyrant god just because some book says he is the true god.

    A god like that would turn on his own people for cryin out loud.

    A whole lot of people need to rethink their concept of god.

    That type of god does not deserve a capital g.

    Furthermore, you simply cannot find out about the TRUE GOD by reading about it, only by experience within.

    My heart tells me a violent god cannot be the ONE TRUE CREATOR GOD, period. Like this god could be something different than he instructs 'his people'?

    If God is the same yesterday, today and forever as the scripture say, never changing, in whom is no variableness neither shadow of turning, as the scriptures say, many need to rethink their belief in the god of the bible.

    1. Most Christians fail to comprehend the implications of the belief system they embrace. Much of what they ‘ know’ about their religion is a highly sanitized version that is promoted by their priests and pastors. Few bother to read and understand what is written in the Bible or think critically about what Christian doctrine implies.

  3. That's just sad, Keith. You have obviously read at least some of the Bible. It's a shame you didn't receive a bit of understanding.

    Jer 17:9
    "The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?"

    Trusting your heart? I'd rather trust God.

    1. You are just as crazy as the rest who need something outside themselves to determine your fate. It's all bs and sad people haven't figured it out yet. Keep going to church and learning nothing of actual importance. Keep brining past issues (that no longer exist) to the present day, for what? Where is this magnificent God that allows such criminal behaviour to exist? Wake up. All this stuff people hold on to does nothing for present day events. People still (no matter what God they believe in) still participate in immoral acts against others. The judgemental God thing has to go and people need to start judging themselves and their own behaviours. No one or nothing is going to save you. It's all up to you to do this act yourself.

  4. I agree with the above comment. since God created the world and everything in it, He's sovereign, and He commands that those who are His follow His Law, which, when they couldn't, He sent His Son to do it for them and through His Son, His people were/are saved. God doesn't want His people, which are a peculiar people, to mix with the heathen, and because He created all things, is justified in His desire, AND the way it is accomplished.
    As for this article, I've for years said these things, and like Anna laments, it falls on deaf ears. I sincerely believe these criminal minds ARE trying to stage the Biblical end times found in Revelation, and if they are, we know who wins. Since this is such a deep subject, best to stop here.


    1. A man having a baby? Where does that ever take place in creation? No one ever asks about Gods significant other. Why not? Probably because it's to much common sense for a dumb down individual to grasp. Keep hoping, keep praying, but if you are not willing to physically apply it then what good is it?

    2. They usually win. They have places to go and most others are stuck fending for themselves. These people are nothing and should be treated as such. If there was such a great God that everyone fights about, why hasn't he/it removed the evil from the world? It's a fake and everyone keeps playing into it. Stop already

  5. Well actually, when you investigate how well entrenched the Free Mason Illuminati who worship a God called SET,or Satan, from which this satanic church and religious pagan cult hold rituals in the Bohemian Grove for the last 100 years, we see these are people who represent the largest financial arm of the Crown Templar arm of the Vatican, and their global trust estate, from which all corporations are enshrined.

    Thus the Masonic lodges in their attempt to run and manage the entire planets human population as a human sacrifice to their God they believe demands it, represent people who are capable of pulling it all off, because they are woven into all of the institutional powers in every global governance, by using murder, extortion and their intelligence assets, like the CIA, Mossad Pentagon and KGB, and those governments who do not comply, are simply put out no different than they did to Allende in Chile.They have this place pretty locked down, and have had it locked down for at least 400 years by my count, although when you go into the House in Congress, you see the Roman iconography of the gold mantles behind the speakers podium.
    We have over a million children missing every year, and its no secret why this is when you look at the expose the BBC Discovery Channel did a documentary back in the early 1980's, of what came out of an investigation that led to the book, "The Franklin Coverup" that was a child sex and pedophilia ring, and also a rat line of children being fed to the Satanic free masons to be used for their ritual human sacrifices, that was banned from being aired in the USA. We also had the former and now deceased director of the FBI's offices in Dallas and LA, who investigated this same connection to the highest levers of power to the White House, Congress and the US Supreme Court, UN, and the monarchies of western europe, who are engaged in part of this same Masonic rituals of human sacrifice. Simply ask yourself why we have been on a permanent war footing of genocide ever since the turn of the 20th century, and what actors of the Masons and NAZI Zionist connections that have been orchestrating world events that deliberately try and break the human heart and sacrifice millions of human hearts to endless pain and suffering and loss of life. We have Masonic lodges in all large cities and even towns as small as 1500.They are an infestation of the worst vile and vermin on planet earth and why I have long said, it needs to be decapitated from the top of those beyond 33 degree, and from the bottom up in every community to be purged from planet earth.

    1. It's sickening the more and more I learn about these parasites. I live in New York City, and something has been pulling me...telling me to leave. I am working on it. I absolutely loathe it here. I do not identify with these people AT ALL. I am here for a reason at this moment, however.

  6. I think we all know that New York City and Washington are New City Babylon etc., that will be destroyed soon. New York City has the highest number of Jews in the world living there. Washington is run by the AshkeNAZI Zionists. These cities have long been the target of prophetic destruction to come. "Oh what a wicked web you weave when you practice to deceive."

    1. Obviously the prophecies do not effect them one bit. Why should they when in fact they know it to be bull crap? It is most of the dumb people out there that think something is coming to save you. Nothing will. More then likely they will end up participating in everything those elite tards say and destruction will be imminent and people will say it was an act of God. You are being played like a flute, all of you.

    2. Yeah I kind of always thought it might be a set up. I mean didn't Jesus say he was coming soon? Wasn't that like 2500 years a go? Uh...that is not soon. That's being stood up!

  7. Well you must understand the enemy .
    It's more tribal everything it does is for Thair race/tribe.

  8. SRA is what holds the 3D illusion together here, they require the life-force they harness to survive, its the very core of atrocities against humanity, been ocurring way to long, exposed now. Stop SRA network & all else will align with goodness~Lila


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