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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

This guy would put Trump to Shame as the President.

Found on YouTube here:


  1. Andrew Napolitano is a smart, educated, caring, articulate, considerate man who knows and loves the Constitution. He has my vote. Would Jesse Ventura be his running mate? That would be a team Americans could count on to bring our country back. They would also have the Evil Ones before a REAL Grand Jury.

  2. This site is where Anna's posts usually appear....DOESN'T ANYONE UNDERSTAND WHAT SHE IS SAYING??? None of us should vote for any of these scoundrels' and should get as far from them as we can...i.e. get out of their system entirely. They speak with forked tongue. This guy, and all the rest of them, didn't get where they are by being nice guys who put the people ahead of everything else...they're all caught up in this fraud is how they got this far at all. We'll never get out of this mess if people don't start to see through the ruse.


    1. I totally agree. People are so brain washed they believe everything these criminals say because it makes them feel better that the gov't cares for its people.

    2. If you vote then you are still in the system. Ones you denounce your US citizenship you are no longer eligible to vote because you are not part of the corporate system.

    3. only people with NO rights VOTE. Havent you figured that out yet? They (current Trump situation)told you it doesn't matter who VOTES only ELECTORS pick the corporate president...ONLY electors are FREE hence you need to Declare a Revocation of Election and Revoke ALL contracts that you entered into fraudulently, without full disclosure, as a minor of legal disability, and that is ALL of them.

    4. Thanks to this website and Judge Anna's heroic efforts, I am looking at elections from an entirely different point of view this round. I see a Tory run America. The Whig public offices are vacated.

      I require a stance and proper response from the red/blue Tory party. At this point, both red/blue are acting oblivious to it all.

      None of them, apparently read the letters from Judge Anna. Until something red/blue addresses the real issues, they are both Tory and must like paying taxes to the Crown in London.

      The complete "ignorance" of red/blue depth of LaVoy Finicum's assassination has left me speechless.

  3. Does he commit to immediately implement the
    NESARA Law ?!

  4. This article was posted by me, Paul Stramer, to stimulate comments to see if the readers of this blog are picking up on what Judge Anna has been writing about elections. I WILL NOT BE VOTING in any more corporate elections either, and I am really pleased at the responses to this article. I don't believe Andrew Napolitano understands the corporate yoke around his neck. If he did understand it I would give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that he would make the right moves and choices. JUDGE NOT LEST YOU BE JUDGED. People come to the realization of the truth at different speeds according to their God given abilities and talents. It's not up to us to condemn them if they don't get it all 100% right away.


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