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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Read The Heckler's Veto from Andrew Napolitano then comment on how it might apply to the Oregon Patriots in jail.

From the Freedom Files

The Heckler's Veto

On Feb. 7, 1946, Arthur Terminiello, a Roman Catholic priest who was a fierce opponent of communism and believed that President Harry Truman was too comfortable with it, gave an incendiary speech in a Chicago hall that his sponsors had rented.
The hall held about 800 people, but nearly 2,400 showed up. Father Terminiello's opponents outnumbered his supporters by a 2-1 ratio. The atmosphere in the hall was electric, with almost everyone present taking sides for or against this priest -- all under the watchful eyes of Chicago police.

Read the rest here:


  1. After reading this article, I would presume that Trump and his supporters would be pleased if the police protected them all from hecklers who disagreed, but do they have a constitutionally secured right to this "free speech", or is it a privilege that can be revoked at any time?
    Answer: Trump and his supporters, for the most part, are U.S. citizens who have civil rights, and as such, are not in possession of Constitutionally secured rights, and should be happy to receive any protection at all if it is offered.


  2. good point M, they have benefits, opportunities and privileges. NO rights ultimately as US Citizens, Licensed Drivers and Socially Secured Roman Citizens. If you are NONE of those, then you have unalienable, self evident rights given to you by God, not the "other" Creator of the religious organization, society of jesus, illusory world, that you've given them away for...


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