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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Answer to Ralph Kermit Winterrowd and Anyone Else Who THINKS I Am Not a Judge:

by Anna Von Reitz

Below you will find (to use his word) "bullshit" that Ralph Kermit Winterrowd and certain others have been spreading around the internet and my answer to this post below and other accusations that I have been involved in shootings and murders is posted immediately below.  I have had about enough "bullshit" from ALL SOURCES thereof, have filed my teeth, and am ready when they are:

Ralph Kermit Winterrowd wrote:

Enough of this Patriot BS Nonsense that is floating on posts all over the Internet as is Anna Von Reitz [Judge]  is TOTAL FRAUD folks; and she is NO JUDGE; and, she sure isn’t a Constitutional Judge arising under the constitution of any the several States of the Union in Alaska.  Here are just some of the documents (facts) from the crooks in Alaska.  I have researched this out in great depth.  This is just the tip of the iceberg in this Post.  The Alaska Judicial Counsel has been given these documents and more; and, they find no “ethical” errors or problems.  Ask Lucifer if his demons are bad and what do you expect.  I will be taking them on but there is just one of me.  I have all of the research done that is required to take them to federal court for quo warranto or whatever.  Alaska Courts are a TOTAL waste of you time.

There are NO constitutional JUDGES/JUSTICES in Alaska or any Court arising under the constitution of any of the several States in Alaska.  There are no Civil Commissions issued to appoint judges or Justices to a “public Officer” signed by the Governor of Alaska.  (A real Civil Commission attached that we found that they overlooked in purging the archives).  This is mandated by the Constitution of the STATE OF Alaska (should be “Constitution of Alaska”) Article IV Section 5 [ I have all of the constitution of the several States up though 1878 - government book but requires Skype as the files are too large for e-mail] and AS 39.05.035. (Both included) There are no “Oaths of office as a public officer,” (Module attached on what it takes to be a “public officer”) as I have all of the oaths of the current folks called appointment letters ONLY and some are not even signed or even have letterheads.  The Alaska Bar Association  by a BAR RULE changed the name of the courts in 1974, changed the venue and changed the seals of the courts.  They had the legislature  repeal the Seal of the "Superior Court of Alaska” in the “Third District" of which the Anchorage Court still has it in the drawer of the HEAD Clerk’s Office.” (included)  Now the Court is called “In the Superior Court FOR the State of Alaska” using the “Trial Courts of Alaska” Seal with the “Third Judicial District" and the venue changed by the Ak Bar Assoc. from “Third District” in the statue to “Third Judicial District” and on and on.  These Courts of Alaska are only private Courts presided over by a mere Alaska Bar Member with ye ole black robe.  Enjoy, as I sure have.  I have put Judge Wolf under citizens arrest in open court for DL issue of trying to help Chickaloon Natives.  Pissed ye ole sob off and I was sentenced to 6 months jail (suspended 5 months), fined $5,000 (suspended $4,000) and 5 years probation.  They don’t even do this for DUI folks but I really pissed him and his cohorts off.  I will not bow to any of them - ever.  I never STAND and they don’t even attempt to address that as I can shove it right up their tush in a about 2 minutes tops in open court.
Lesson Learned - never attempt to help those that will not fight for their own freedom and liberty.  It was a federal sting and I bit, but Chickaloon got MORE Grants and the sobs even told me so.

In Dave Gladden’s case on this Fee Simple Absolute Title filed in the public record, Superior Court Judge White (sic) states  in an ORDER signed by her that she is merely an “Unsigned Jurist.” She was being challenged to recuse herself as   she was NOT a bona fide “public Officer” as there was No “Oath of Office as a Public Officer” on file of any judges or justices, no “Civil Commission” on file (Alaska states in a letter attached) as they don’t even use them any more in violation of  AS 39.05.035 (included) and Article IV Section 5  (included)  but they  do have “Employee Affidavit” - a flunky.  She signs documents at the bottom and has a law degree as a “undersigned jurist”  ( Order included).  Whoo-Haa!
The Appointment letter are “accepting” the appointment not the Appointment by a Governor Of Alaska by a valid Civil Commission (included) - found one that the didn’t Purge.  The sign “employee affidavits’ and get the 41 words correct but the  “Oaths” for “Public Officer" are all incorrect as they are RUSE.  They usually state “Constitution of the United States of America” versus the “Constitution of the United States’ and other irregularities. 
FORGET this Anna Von Reitz as she is fraud wasting valuable time that could used to learn the truth on issues.

And here below is my answer about Ralph and the office I occupy and the situation in general:

I have known Ralph W. for many years, though I haven't seen him in pushing 20.  He has knocked around the patriot circles for years and had some success fighting various battles, but just could never get past his assumptions and "programming" after years of being told the same lies over and over and therefore coming to the wrong conclusions---- just as he has now.  Again.  Still.

Ralph ---like most patriots--- has never understood the jurisdictions of air, land, and sea, therefore is in no position to understand that the "courts" here in Alaska are not land-based courts and that that is the reason that the Law of the Land doesn't apply in those courts. 

All these years he has been wondering what that gold-fringed flag was in the courtrooms and could never figure it out.  He knows it is a military flag well enough, for example--- in fact, he is the one who pointed it out to me!  I had never thought about it or noticed it before he brought it to my attention.

That's why I  started investigating the military role in all this--- Lincoln and the Lieber Code--- and ultimately found out about the "Special Admiralty" courts that were created by the military district commanders after the Civil War and which were used by the Carpetbaggers in the South to plunder the "rebels"--- whether they were rebels or not after the war.

That's what the gold-fringe is.  Congress allowed the military to name civilians to run quasi-civilian military tribunals throughout the South.  They call it "Special Admiralty" or "Executive Admiralty"----another euphemism for martial common law.  That's what they have been inflicting on all of us all these years.

So let me finally settle that question for Ralph, before I launch into the "rest of the story"---- I am a Judge for the Alaska State Superior Court.   Not the "State of Alaska Superior Court".  

Notice the difference?  Alaska State Superior Court does not equal State of Alaska Superior Court.  It's another "deceptively similar names" gambit, where the rats named their admiralty court something so similar to the name of the land-based court we are owed that people "assumed" that the "State of Alaska Superior Court" must be right court.

Well, stop assuming.  Start looking.  Closely.

The Alaska State Superior Court is the land jurisdiction court owed to the Alaska State on the Land, the one referenced in the Alaska Statehood Compact.  It operates in the 3rd Postal District, not the Third United States District.

Ralph is absolutely right that I don't work for the Third "Judicial" District --that is, the Third United States District court system.  I wouldn't spit on the best part of the "Alaska Court System" if I could find it.  And he is also right that I am not a Bar Attorney--- but then, I could not be a Bar Attorney and occupy a Public Office of any kind representing the Republic.  That's because of another fact that Ralph knows but never understood and that is that both the original prohibitions in the actual Constitution against titles of nobility and the Titles of Nobility Amendment (TONA) forbid Bar Members from occupying any public office in the Republic.

There is another fact that Ralph knows but has never been able to explain.   He knows his Constitution backwards, forwards, and upside down.  He knows he is owed Common Law under Amendment VII. But why he can't "get there from here" when he goes into one of their courts remains a mystery.  That's another mystery I can clear up for him.  When you incorporate anything, like the rats incorporated our government--first at the federal level and then the state level and then the county level---you remove it from the jurisdiction of the land and send it straight out to sea and you place it under the international jurisdiction of the sea and the Law of the Sea. That's why the "federal" judges tell people that they "have no Constitutional rights"--- and that they will be held in contempt of court if they talk about the Constitution in their court.

Well, guess what, Ralph?  Those judges are right.  The Constitution is the Law of the Land.  Not the Law of the Sea.

It's as simple as that. All these years people have been struggling with these corrupt, crazy, senseless courts and it is as simple as the FACT that these were never your courts to begin with.  And those "judges" running those courts never held a public office.  Remember?  They are Bar Attorneys.  They COULD NOT hold a public office--- so what are they?  They are private corporate officers running private for-hire courts on our soil, and we have been stupid enough to let them drag us into their jurisdiction and apply their corporate "Public Policies" to us---- notice NOT "Public Laws"--- and their "statutory laws", too, and fleece us for all that we are worth.

Ralph will be VERY interested to learn that for the first time in many years, a young man has acted as a Bounty Hunter under the 14th Amendment and won a $64,000,000.00 judgment in his favor, shut down four law firms, seized the bar cards of all those attorneys and now those attorneys are facing federal charges that we would all know and recognize like "fraud"----but also charges so exotic my head spins.  They are facing at least a hundred years in jail for what they tried to do to this young man and to our Republic.

That's because I am right and Ralph is wrong.  We both know that the attorneys are crooks---- but I know why and I know how they've pulled it off.  If Ralph bothered to read our affidavit, "You Know Something Is Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" he would be a lot farther along in understanding it, too.  I know why that young man and every other man in this country can act as a Bounty Hunter and go after these vermin and clear them off our shores and put them in jail and confiscate their property.  It's the same reason that I am a Judge and that I am lawfully occupying a Public Office in Alaska. 

Remember when the states and counties incorporated back in the 1950's and 60's?  In order to receive "Federal Revenue Sharing"----which is just another euphemism for kickbacks from successful "federal government" racketeering? One night you went to bed on the land jurisdiction of your native soil, and the next you woke up in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea. 

All because those units of government incorporated.

At the same time, all the Public Offices were converted to Private Corporate Offices instead.  The Sheriffs went from being peacekeeping officers tasked with enforcing the Organic and Public Law of the Land to being "law enforcement" officers tasked with enforcing corporate "Public Policies" and corporate "statutory law" and "codes" and "regulations". Read the Clearfield Doctrine.

The "United States Congress" which is NOT the same as "the United States in Congress Assembled" declared that all state offices were vacated as of 1976 and that all state laws were released to the United Nations in the same year. Don't believe it?  Read the Foreign Sovereigns Immunities Act and the related International Organizations Immunities Act.

These vermin have been running a "governmental services corporation" as if it was your lawful government.  They have been occupying what APPEAR to be Public Offices, but which are in fact Private Corporate Offices instead. This has allowed them to abuse the power of Public Office without the accountability of Public Office and to use the power of Public Office for private gain.

THATis what has been going on here.  And that is why I DO occupy one of a FEW true Public Offices in the Alaska State.  NOT the "State of Alaska" and not the "STATE OF ALASKA" and not "ALASKA" which are all just corporations having no more granted authority or public office than the administrators at Wendy's or Walmart.

Which brings me to a point that I need to communicate to Ralph and the rest of the Party Hearties who have fought so long and so hard to restore this country and this rightful government----- there are Public Offices aplenty to be filled here in Alaska.  I am past retirement age myself and so is my husband.  We are just standing in office because we desperately need boots on the ground to fill all the vacated Public Offices that the Alaska State is owed---- which means, not to put too sharp a point on it--- where to Hell are you, Ralph?  And the Montana Freemen?  And the many, many patriots who have known that there was something wrong for 30, 40, 50, 60 years? 

We need organizers to spread the word in communities from Juneau to Bristol Bay to Barrow.  We need men to stand in every county--- yes, Ralph--- counties, we are owed counties, and this entire state HAS counties at least on paper---that need to be set up, where elections need to be held, where Public Offices need to be filled.  Go down to BLM or get in contact with me and I will give you a copy of the map showing all the counties in Alaska that need to be organized. We need more judges for the Common Law Courts, more sheriffs, more deputies to enforce the Organic Law.  We need Land Recorders and County Clerks and Public Notaries and Court Clerks.  We need Bailiffs. We need Grand Juries. We need Trial Jury pools.  We need Assemblymen and Assemblywomen to operate our unincorporated counties on the land jurisdiction of this country.

We know how to hold elections for vacated public offices, don't we?

Remember that in the Republic, the power flows from the people to the county to the state to the "federal" entity--- and at each step, the amount of power delegated narrows and lessens.  OUR government is exactly the opposite of THEIR government. 

That's why we have the power to get together and hold public elections and elect whomever we want to elect and do whatever we please so long as it is in accordance with our national Organic Law--- The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation (1781), The Constitution for the united States of America, The Northwest Ordinance and Equal Footing Doctrine, and the Land Law Act of 1785.   We are the heirs of the Republic.  It's ours. We own it, just like inheriting a house or a farm or any other property.  It is now ours to repair, remodel, rebuild, and improve as we see fit.

Also time that we trained up and unleashed a whole new generation of Bounty Hunters.  Unlike our forefathers most of these Bounty Hunters won't need a six-gun strapped to their hips.  They will need some very specific legal training and then just step back and let our boys go for it.  There won't be a dishonest law firm left in six months.  And you are going to see a LOT of Bar Attorneys ripping up their Bar Cards and coming to work for us in the American Common Law Court System.

It's time for Ralph to wake up.  He'd make a fine Federal Marshal (land)--- not a "US Marshal" (sea). Or maybe he'd like to be a Justice?  Or an Assemblyman?  Or Land Recorder?  Lord knows, there's plenty of vacant Public Offices to be filled and a world of justice to be brought home to our shores. 

And as you say, Marje--- far too much work to do for anyone to stand around carping and misunderstanding and causing division in the ranks.

The only "shooting" associated in any way with me was shooting done by the Wasilla Police of a friend of the family in my driveway in 2008.  It was what some people call a "police assisted suicide".  Jay Rivera was a very troubled man plagued by formally and officially diagnosed Severe Character Fault--- a mental illness like Borderline Syndrome or Manic-Depression---but not as constant.  He also suffered from alcoholism which he fought every day of his life. In a kinder world, he should have been institutionalized.

By the time he got to us he was on his last legs.  Although he was a fantastic gymnast and gymnastics instructor, his addiction and personality disorder problems caused him misery.  He couldn't keep a job, couldn't keep a girlfriend, couldn't keep a home.  We took him in because he was-- in spite of everything-- a wonderful man in many ways and being a lot younger, he helped us out with work around the homestead. It was easier for us to put up with his binges and bad times, because we didn't have to depend on him.  So, after he broke up with his last girlfriend, he came back "home" to us and we tried to cheer him up and encourage him to go on.

Jay's complete, abject hopelessness and resignation that day was understandable. He had fought his illnesses and fought and fought until there was no more to give.  I tried to talk to him for an hour before the police arrived.  He had a gun--- that's why they shot him--- on the false pretext that he was a threat to others.  His biological Father had called the police and told them that his son was depressed and had a gun--- so they showed up, trespassed on private property and shot him. That was the Wasilla police's idea of "help".

It's the same way all over this country. The "law enforcement agencies" get a nice kickback every time one of us is killed by them, but that's another story.

Jay Rivera gave me one of the greatest lessons and miracles of my life.  He came to me the night before he died and wanted to talk.  It was late and I was tired, but I said okay.  He was stone cold sober.  He put on some of his favorite music and talked about his life--- how he had a fine wife whom he loved and lost, how he had a son that he missed and could never benefit because of his "condition", how he had loved being a paratrooper, how he loved this country, how many times he had had good jobs lost many good relationships he had blown, how he owed everything to his adopted Father and loved him and his little sisters so very much. 

It was strange, like an exit interview, though of course I couldn't know that's what it was at the time. As he was talking I was listening but a part of me was thinking about all the craziness and inconvenience he had brought into our lives and yet, all the good times, too.  As I was thinking all this and listening to him, I suddenly realized that I loved Jay in a very special way.  I loved him with no conditions whatsoever.  And I suddenly knew and felt and connected to the fact that that is the way God loves each and every one of us. No selfishness. No need.  No strings.  No matter what. No limits.  No matter how we fail  No matter how much we cost. No matter how many times we screw up.  And a great and abiding peace settled on my heart that has never left me to this day.

The next day, the Wasilla Police murdered a sweet, exhausted, mentally ill man in my front driveway.  They came onto my land and they killed him and then they brought dogs and teams of men and they swarmed through my house like they were on a drug bust. No warrant. No reason. They just snoop because that is what they are paid to do. And of course, they didn't find anything, though they swaggered around in a menacing fashion for hours afterward.

It's the height of ignorance and stupidity for anyone including Ralph W. to think that I would ever shoot anyone, except in fear for my life. I was never in fear for my life with Jay and I most certainly did not shoot him.  Anyone who wants the straight story can read all they want in the archives of the Anchorage Daily News online for March 28-April 4, 2008.  There were numerous news reports and tributes because Jay was a popular and much-loved teacher and coach. He just couldn't love himself.  My son, who was one of his students, still talks about him. Still misses him. So do we all.

I am tired of people trying to make something up to discredit me.  I am a Great-Grandma from Big Lake, Alaska.  That is actually and factually who and what I am. I have no criminal record, not as much as a DUI.  I have a good education and a good mind and I have put in hundreds of thousands of hours of work and research.  I have shared that learning with the rest of you and told you where you can look to discover the facts in the public records for yourselves.

It is not about me. It never was.  It never will be.  If a Great-Grandma sitting in Big Lake, Alaska, can figure this out and document it, you have to figure that there are a LOT of people out there who are capable of doing the same if they make the effort, right?  So stop the he-said-she-said "bullshit" to use Ralph's word for the day---and start cracking open the books and citations in the law and the Congressional Records and thinking about the history you learn in the process. 

Go to and read.  Go to  Go to Lawfully Yours. 
Go to ScannedRetina.  Go to Maine Republic.  Go to  Go to Listen to Rod Class.  Listen to Bruce Doucette.  Listen and learn for your own sakes, for your childrens' sakes, and for your country's sake.  There are now literally hundreds of wonderful websites and news sources.  And I have published two books with all the references needed, too. 

Daylight in the swamps!  You, too, Ralph!

You see what you see and you learn what you learn and at the end of the day, you may disagree with me about one or two minor things---- but the Truth is going to stare you in the face and you are going to know that what I have told you is true.  And you will know that you have to stand up and get on the move.

Judge Anna

See this article and over 100 others on Anna's website


  1. Mahalo Judge Anna....may the Father Bless you and yours continually.... Your info and guidance forward is a gleaming spot of hope for this lost and forlorn country....Maxine RN

  2. your honor you don't owe any explanation to anyone , if people would only go out there and did their duty as a citizen they would know what is going on ... in my book you are doing great , I congratulate you for what you are doing an the information you are bringing to humanity ...

  3. judge anna expound on what and how the young man got the lawyers. It is time for them to STOP ruining the lives of others NOW so people can start acting

  4. Thank you, Judge Anna. I admit I was suspicious to begin with when I found your site, but I am beginning to read your documents and have ordered your book "You Know Something's Wrong When..." I am going to make myself read and reread all of this information because I want to free myself from this hoax and be a true citizen of the united States of America. I would like to do this for myself and my entire family right now, but I just don't know enough yet to do it right. That seems very important - to do this right. I also feel time is running out for us unless we all start fighting to get our country and our true citizenship back. I have been tied up in knots reading how our "government" is planning in so many ways to invade our privacy and deny every right God granted us. Indeed, they are well down this road as I write. I don't expect anyone to do this work for me, however if anyone out there can point me to the pertinent information on how I can file the correct papers in my county and anywhere else necessary to claim my freedom back, I would appreciate it so very much.

    I apologize for some previous comments I made on this blog. I feel you are doing a very heroic work and I will always keep you in my prayers. Thank you again for helping to open my eyes and get me on track. I have felt the need for a greater purpose than just punching a clock and making some corporation rich while my life goes by.

  5. Joani is referring to real documents here:

  6. I saw his post and wondered about it.

  7. I am of the opinion this individual doesn't know what he is talking about.


    Someone needs to ask this individual how his comments defend OUR REPUBLIC.


  8. What has Anna ever done that only Judges can do? Has she ever exercised the power of a Judge? Who appointed her or was she elected?

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