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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Donations needed for communications at Operation Big Sky - White Hope Mine

Please forward far and wide. 

See the latest video interview of a friend of the miners at this link:
Look in the upper right corner of the page and click on the picture.


We are in need here at Operation Big Sky of logistical support for the communications end of this operation.

If you can't come here and help there is a link to donate in this email.

I will be here as long as it takes to get these miners their day in court
or until I can't afford to stay.

So far we have set up and have in operation solid communications links with the mine and in town to run the whole operation including LED lights for the crew at the mine, which is entirely off grid, 
and both local and long range comm for the teams.

My cell number is 406 253 4257 if you have any questions before you decide how you want to help out. I will not reveal any operational information, but will give you a general idea of what we would like to do in the way of equipment.

These two miners have their ducks in a row and are absolutely right with
their paper work and the rights that are being violated. Their interests in this mine have been in place for many years, just as were Cliven Bundy's and the rights of the miners in Grants Pass.

This is for all of us. This is just another in a long fight to keep our
country free and in good order.

This donation link is for my equipment, motel, gas, and food and keeping the bills paid back in Eureka so I can continue to stay here in Lincoln.  Whatever you can do 
will help ease the burden on Oathkeepers, and will allow me to improve comm security and training. Just the continuous training and the trips back and forth from town to the mine are a challenge.

Click this link to donate through PayPal to the communications end of this operation.

We need licensed hams to run comm out of the mine. We have a good basic system but not enough people who have ham licenses to have shifts. These guys are staying up for days to make sure we have comm 24/7 for security, and I haven't gotten a lot of sleep in the last several days either.

Call for more info.

406 253 4257

Paul Stramer
Operation Big Sky
Lincoln Montana

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