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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What is in a Name? You might be surprised.

07.19.2015 by James White NorthWest Liberty News
What is in a Name?
For the first time in my relatively short writing career, I am going to present an article and video that should pertain to 100% of the audience. How is that possible? Because everyone has a name, or has had a name at some point in their life. We are, of course, excluding any artists “formerly know as” and the respective symbol that replaced their name. But, I digress.
A person’s name is basically broken down into 2 parts. Your first name essentially represents you, while your last name essentially represents your family, or your family line. This point contains no revelation, but is merely used to establish a foundation. The real significance in a name is not necessarily who you are, or what family line you descended from. No, the real significant part of your name is how it is spelled; more specifically, is it in ALL CAPS signifying your bondage, or have you already, like the “Living Man” in the video below, unplugged from the system?
It may be difficult for the average reader of this article to believe that the whole capitol letter – small letter issue has any real significance. I feel you. I initially thought the same way. However, I am a person who, when presented with a theory, tries to follow it logically; while doing my best to shed opinion and hyperbole in the process.
Subsequently, I was introduced to The Mental Militia, and to a man named ernie; ter telgte (his spelling). Shortly thereafter, any misgivings about the spelling of our name, and the significance of its capitalization, quickly perished.
In the video below, ernie lays out the 3 ways in which our names are commonly represented, and what the significance is of each representation. Is the information here intended to be a “silver bullet” that cures all our woes? C’mon, we’re all smarter than that. No, it is presented to further educate you about who you really are, and to help you recognize the open fraud that we all voluntarily participate in every day. What is in a name? Quite a lot, it seems.

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