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Friday, October 6, 2023

Our Position on "Indigenous Land Claims" Under Ecclesiastical Law: Pillar Three

 By Anna Von Reitz

As noted in Pillar One and Pillar Two of this brief rebuttal and objection to the land settlements proposed under the so-called Pactum de Singularis Caelum: under Ecclesiastical Law, there is no recognition of any "indigenous" versus "non-indigenous" people.  

The only distinction between people under Ecclesiastical Law is the distinction between the children of Satan and the children of Eve.  

All other labels applied by men seeking to create new or different groups by conceptualizing people in terms of race or religion or cultural background or any other basis of identity are merely legal fictions (lies). 

The contest between the two actual groups is established and fully delineated in the Book of Genesis, and is rooted in nature and genetic heritage.  

Despite endless attempts to create what appear to be other groups of people via a process of labeling and relabeling, there remain only these two groups -- the children of Eve and the children of Satan -- and the contest between them has already been decided, despite determined efforts by the losers to overturn and marginalize the decisive victory at Golgotha.  

Thus there are in fact no "indigenous people" separated from "non-indigenous people" and no valid land claims can be attached to fictions (lies). This remains true under Ecclesiastical Law, Natural Law, and Roman Civil Law. 

The resulting Pactum de Singularis Caelum is merely a self-interested attempt to usurp control of the land jurisdiction owed to all the children of Eve, while maintaining the benefits of a corrupt and vicious system of enslavement, partisanship, and colonialism promoted under a new brand name. 

The Perpetrators seek to serve themselves by enriching those who are already enslaved to them ---and already obligated to pay them tribute. 

Having demonstrated the true nature of the only actual difference between people --- being children of Satan or children of Eve --- and having observed the outcome of the contest for custodianship of this planet over three thousand years ago (not two thousand as the Liars would have it) we demand that the outcome at Golgotha must be honored and the Liars must be removed. 

Similar issues of Fraud (Lies) apply to the Doctrine of Discovery, conferring special arbitrary privileges on Christian Monarchs and tribes owing tribute to Rome, and more excuses for rebranding the Colonialism that results from these practices. 

The same issues apply to the fictional creation of "indigenous" people, the Pactum de Singularis Caelum predicated on this fiction, and the creation and misadministration of such legal fictions in the form of corporations throughout the world. 

A similar theme of continued colonialism and enslavement under a different brand name exists in the effort to form a "new' global government composed of legal fiction entities -- corporations and corporation franchises, which also function as slaves owned and controlled by the Perpetrators of these schemes. 

In this, our Pillar Three presentation, we review the fraud under Ecclesiastical Law promoted by the process of creating corporate and incorporated entities which are again, legal fictions, created for the purposes of trade and commerce. 

As all these things, like the concept of "indigenous people" are fictional and arbitrary in nature, the end result of invoking them is fraud; using them as an excuse to claim property, or coercive power over living people, or any other unlawful activity, is strictly forbidden under Ecclesiastical Law.  

In recent days an attempt has been fostered to again redefine the Roman tribute system and colonialism in terms of despotism enforced by corporations that are themselves the slaves and creatures of fictitious entities that are owned, ultimately, by the Roman Curia and the Pope.  

The same principle of enriching the Perpetrators by enriching those enslaved to the Perpetrators, has been followed, whether the slaves are tribes of people arbitrarily labeled "indigenous" or corporate entities given form out of thin air. 

At this time, the sacred government and hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church and the veiled Roman hierarchy of its secular administration are being rebranded as the United Nations and UN CORP respectively. 

A new form of Corporate Feudalism is being developed by the Perpetrators in the form of associations of corporations, most notably, those corporations that are members of the World Economic Forum.  

Under Ecclesiastical Law, all such organizations, either Corporate or Incorporated, are legal fictions and subject matter of the Air Jurisdiction -- required to perform in a lawful manner as a condition of their existence. 

A pernicious and quite purposeful and prolonged failure to prosecute these corporations for crimes committed against the Public -- particularly crimes resulting in unjust enrichment for the Perpetrators of these schemes and equally unjust coercive power -- has resulted in the creations attempting to overturn their creators in violation of Ecclesiastical Law, Natural Law, and Roman Civil Law.  

Whether we are discussing the fiction of "indigenous people" and the Pactum resulting from it, or the fiction of "Australia, Incorporated" and the imaginary association of these legal fictions in the equally fictional World Economic Forum, we are dealing with lies.  

And lies have no standing in the factual world. 

The only people now having any right, standing, provenance, or interest in the Earth and the resources thereof, are the children of Eve; it follows that there are no rights, standing, provenance, or interests available to the children of Satan, to which we add all of Satan's legal fictions and other lies.   

These "thought children" are progeny of Satan in a different sense than the physical progeny of Satan and Eve, and are lesser manifestations; as we have seen, the victors in the primordial contest are the children of Eve, so it doesn't matter that Satan has conceived all these thought "children" of a different and lesser substance; they are all his progeny by creation and nature, and all disqualified. 

They cannot inherit, they cannot dispose of, they cannot reclaim, and they cannot dictate the fate of anything on this planet. It's not theirs, and this has already been decided.   They cannot give our assets to their slaves as payment for their debts, whether those slaves are tribal nations or corporations.  

The true and living God has maintained his promises throughout all eternity.  He has promised that we are not the ones responsible for this removal of the Evil Ones. He has pledged himself to do this work and decreed its outcomes.  

We are not, therefore, investing our time and energy focusing on these Evil Ones or plotting their demise. We are not interested in their lies and attempts to defraud, nor are we seeking any vengeance. Our Father will attend to all of that for us, and do a much better job of it than we can imagine. 

We are therefore minding our own business and peaceably going about our business armed with the knowledge of who we are and what we are owed, secure in our position as the caretakers and therefore, owners of this planet.  

We are putting our faith in the living God, in his competence, and his will to bring these issues to their fulfillment.  We are assembling together, the living children of Eve, united in our goodwill toward the Earth and each other.  We will not be bullied, fooled, or deterred by any nonsense.  

The time for Satan to be removed from the Earth, together with his progeny, has come. We have been told and prepared as best as we can for this; we are busy doing our appointed work, repairing the planet, promoting health, truth, and compassion, and undermining the reasons and motives for war.    

We do not pay attention to nor honor any false identities or labels seeking to create unnatural fabricated divisions between people, such as calling them "indigenous" and "non-indigenous", "Palestinian" and "Israeli", "black" or "white".     

We recognize that the only true division exists in the physical form and nature of the children of Eve and the children of Satan, and we know that this contest is already won and decided in favor of the children of 

The land belongs to the children of Eve along with all other assets; the children of Satan must be removed and we have been promised that this will be done for us.  

So let it be done as the Ecclesiastical Law demands and as common sense demands, recognizing that the children of Eve come in all kinds, colors, and creeds and that their identity among the tares and weeds is shone by their fruits and their intentions and their deeds--- not by the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, their culture, their nationality or their mission statements --- but sheerly according to their hearts and minds and works upon the Earth. 

No artificial category such as "indigenous" or "non-indigenous" can be used to deny the nature and inheritance of all Eve's children. 

We conclude our three-part presentation of the Pillars denying the so-called "Indigenous Land Claims" and the resulting Pactum de Singularis Caelum that seeks unjust enrichment for Satan's kind via manipulation of pre-defined slave populations, and similar schemes seeking to impose a system of Corporate Feudalism in favor of these insubstantial thought-form "children" of Satan over living men and women. 

We will briefly observe that no Southern States were involved in the Civil War and that the Parties engaged in that illegal Mercenary conflict were self-admittedly all "Confederate States", that is, states-of-states, within the meaning and definitions still found today in the Uniform Commercial Code. 

Such so-called "States" had no ability to form land treaties or contracts, and therefore, no means to invoke and enforce promises and gifts embodied as part of the Pactum de Singularis Caelum.  It's just another example of people trying to give away something that doesn't belong to them.

More fiction brought to us by Satan's children. 

Enough of this craziness and delay.  

It's time.  Indeed, in our view, it's past time for all of this to be resolved and for peace to reign--- and not the "peace" of death, but the peace that comes from living life as it should be lived, with self-knowledge, honesty, love, abundance, humility, and goodwill. 

So said, so signed, so sealed in the name of Anna Maria, Grandmother and Mother, descended from Eve, beloved by the true and living God.   

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

October 6th 2023