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Friday, October 6, 2023

Our Position on "Indigenous Land Claims" Under Ecclesiastical Law: Pillar One.

 By Anna Von Reitz

We love people of all kinds, creeds, faiths, sizes, ages, and colors.  We love the diversity and creativity of mankind. We love the power of each individual to become kinder, wiser, and more spiritually aware. And this is why we believe that humanity has a chance of fulfilling its destiny in spite of being deceived and dumbed down and distracted by Evil. 

We were each blessed with the ability to discern Evil, so let us discern Evil now. 

The Bible, the ultimate source of Ecclesiastical Law in the western world, tells us at the very beginning, in the Book of Genesis, that there are really only two kinds of people and two groups contending for the ownership of the Earth: the sons and daughters of Satan and the sons and daughters of Eve.  

What happened to Adam?  When faced with his sin, he refused to admit it and take his punishment.  He blamed his wife, instead.  So he was bypassed as irrelevant.  He lost his job.  He was too weak to stand the most basic test.

By confessing and accepting her punishment, which included taking care of Adam like a handicap burden on her back, Eve stayed in the running to regain the ownership and possession of planet Earth, through her children.  

The essence of this contest and the nature of the enmity between the children of Eve and the children of Satan is spelled out in the Book of Genesis for all to see, handed down through innumerable generations, freely stated to all mankind.  

By my count, this is the eighth time that we have stood on the precipice of self-destruction.  Each time the result is the same:  

In a flash of fear and bad-temper, people choose to destroy each other instead of loving each other.  They destroy the civilizations they have labored to build, they destroy the Earth, and they destroy each other, both good and evil alike. 

And then the "remnant" is left to rebuild. And the story begins all over again.  

It doesn't matter if the result is brought about by war or by the hand of God, the slate is wiped -- pretty much -- clean, and we begin again, similar to what happens when we are reincarnated and given another life to live.  

It may have not been pointed out to you, but yes, the Bible affirms reincarnation and it is an official tenet of the Roman Catholic Church, even if they never mention it to Joe Q. Parishioner. 

We have been "here" before, and the Bible affirms that this is true, so there is no point in going through all the pain and destruction and rebuilding again--- especially when all possible questions have been answered and the contest between Satan's spawn and Eve's children has been decided.   

Eve's children won. 

This was decided at Golgotha more than three thousand (not two thousand) years ago.  Of course, being the Liars that they are, Satan's children have pretended that this definitive throw down never happened.  They've even claimed that they made it all up, but their lies don't change anything. 

Eve's children won the bet, and as a result, the custodianship -- that is, the ownership of the planet, belongs to them.  

Since then, Satan's progeny have struggled desperately to overturn this decisive victory by Yeshuah (that's Joshua in English) and tried every possible narrative to do it. 

They have even infiltrated the Church and ascended the hierarchy of its leadership, all in an attempt to win back control of the Earth.  They've redefined and relabeled and omitted and obfuscated and created all sorts of narratives, and at the end of the day, the fact remains that they lost the contest.  

Their Father bet the farm against Joshua and lost. 

So, the situation and issue we actually face now is the expulsion of Satan and his brood.  

They don't want to go, and are kicking and screaming and scheming to avoid that fate---- and the Bible is conveniently silent on the details of how and when, exactly, their deportation is to take place. 

The Revelation of John of Patmos describes all sorts of unrest and various degrees of destruction, as indeed, Joshua himself described: earthquakes, famines, floods, wars, interference by the Great Abomination standing in a place where it ought not to be (like New York Harbor), and tribulations of all kinds, as the children of Satan try to lie their way out of this situation and resist being removed from the Earth.  

Thus we set the framework in Ecclesiastical Law and establish the context.  There are no "indigenous" versus "non-indigenous" people here in this country or anywhere else. That's just another divisive lie and false distinction being promoted by the Liars. The only contest and only two groups are the children of Satan versus the children of Eve.  

And that contest has already been decided.  

Eve's children won. Satan's children lost. 

End of story and here comes the mop up.  


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