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Friday, October 6, 2023

Our Position on "Indigenous Land Claims" Under Ecclesiastical Law: Pillar Two

 By Anna Von Reitz

As we noted in Pillar One, there is no such thing as "indigenous" versus "non-indigenous" people. There are only the children of Satan, versus the children of Eve.  

The children of Satan have been copiously described throughout the Bible -- liars, tricksters, idolaters, thieves, murderers, trespassers, oath-breakers, selfish, unfeeling, disrespectful, lacking natural conscience, controlled (and blackmailing others) by lust, avaricious, deceitful, ruthless, uncaring, war-mongering, poisonous, polluting, unnatural, cowardly, gluttonous, lazy, adulterers, faithless, cruel, cunning and the list goes on.  

Except that they put on a good front and pretend to be the exact opposite, this variety of people is not hard to identify, and if we have any doubt, Joshua told us how we were supposed to identify them: by their fruits.  

What is the end result of all their activity? 

Peace and plenty for all? Brotherhood, kindness, compassion, respect? A thriving healthy planet? Well-cared for animals? Happy children? Loving families? 

It's apparent which group has been cracking the whip, and for far too long, given that they lost the contest. 

They have only succeeded this long by deceit, treachery, and secrecy, disguising themselves as 
"angels of light" and using good people and good institutions as storefronts to hide their evil nature and evil activities. 

Thus, even though we have the Ecclesiastical Law and the Natural Law set before us, these Laws have not been followed by those in leadership capacities, with the result that the whole world is in constant turmoil, confusion, and decay. 

Indeed, everything is upside down as a result of the activities of these brigands.  Even such attempts as have been made to correct the situation, like overturning the "Doctrine of Discovery" have been twisted to serve corruption. 

The Doctrine of Discovery was founded on the idea that whichever Christian King's agents discovered a new land first, could claim it as new property belonging to his realm and subject to his laws and administration. 

The Doctrine of Discovery was the underpinning of Colonialism.  It was the excuse used to culturally and physically genocide non-Christians and the practical basis for such insanity as Ignatius Loyola's "killing for Jesus" and the gross land grabs and property thefts and acts of peonage and enslavement that quickly followed. 

Central to the Doctrine of Discovery was the fact that non-Christians and non-Christian countries didn't count.  They didn't have standing to bring claims or complaints against their new Christian rulers.  Only by converting to Christianity and paying tribute to the Bishop of Rome could they -- somewhat -- overcome their destitution and enslavement and denigration.  

As we are talking now about Doctrine espoused, implemented, and enforced by the Roman Catholic Church, it becomes necessary to observe that in the administration of its secular affairs, the Roman Catholic Church employed the exact processes, laws, and customs of ancient (and very pagan) Rome. 

The Christian rulers of Rome even hired the same foreign cult members -- Babylonian idolaters -- to act as their tax collectors and judges and bankers, that the Romans had employed.

So when we are talking about the Roman Catholic Church we are talking about a peculiar kind and brand of Christianity that was highly infused with traditions and practices and ideas carried forward from the ancient (and decidedly pagan) Roman Empire.  

Now that we understand that connection, we are prepared to consider the meaning and position of "tribes" and "tribute" and "tribulation" in the Roman Catholic scheme of things. 

A tribe is a subject nation or group of people obligated to pay tribute (taxes, slaves, food, etc.) to the Bishop of Rome, and the collection and accounting of such "tribute" is a "tribulation" as in "Great Tribulation".  

So when the Christian Monarchs claimed all these new colonial empires for themselves (and the Bishop of Rome) the people who suffered their incursions became designated as "tribes" and as "tribal members" and their "tribal governments" were made subject to the tribulation (taxation) and regulation owed to the government of Rome--- which was vested in the Bishop of Rome acting as the Roman Pontiff. 

This whole complex system of colonial and social and economic pecking orders and organized thievery was founded on the Doctrine of Discovery, so you might suppose that the overturning of the Doctrine of Discovery and the liquidation of the Pontifex Trust and the Office of Roman Pontiff, might imply the end of Colonialism and a new era of Christians acting more like Christians are supposed to act, at least according to their advertisements. 

Instead, the same Liars and Apologists of Liars, have attempted to use the overturning of the Doctrine of Discovery as the basis for new injustices and as a means to continue the old evils under new brand names--- and a system still firmly in the control of Satan's children. 

Under the new system established under the replacement for the Doctrine of Discovery, the Pactum De Singularis Caelum, the land claimed under the Doctrine of Discovery is placed in a trust for the benefit of the "indigenous" people who are members of recognized tribes.  

This has been affirmed by the Municipal United States Supreme Court --- which means that the perpetrators are once again standing in sole judgement of themselves in their own court, and are offering to give what belongs to others in settlement of their debts, while making their own tribes -- those obligated to pay them tribute -- the beneficiaries of this scheme.  

By astronomically enriching those still held under the tribute system, they hope to astronomically enrich their own power and influence, and come out of the whole debacle of the Doctrine of Discovery better off than when they went in.  

We couldn't make this up if we tried. 

Self-evidently, we are not deceived and object to any such settlement of land claims in favor of fictitious tribal entities and people merely being labeled as "indigenous", similar to the mind games involved in creating "Palestine" and then dubbing Arabs living in the area "Palestinians".   

As noted in Pillar One -- there are no indigenous versus non-indigenous people present.  There are only the children of Satan and the children of Eve, that is, those who propose to profit themselves by lies and predation, versus those who prosper by honesty and fairness.   


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