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Saturday, October 7, 2023

For Native Leaders About Sovereignty

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have ruffled many feathers this week and disturbed an incipient pecking order, which would defame my country and seek an unjust pre-eminence.  

We also upset the Old Babylonian Apple Cart by proving that under Ecclesiastical Law, no such thing as "indigenous" versus "non-indigenous" people exists. 

As we have the ability to discern evil, let us be unsparing in detecting it. 

Most native leaders simply want peace and justice and some modicum of restoration for their people to heal the damage that six generations of predation by the so-called "American Raj" --- the British Territorial U.S. Government --- has wrought.  

However, they don't generally understand the claims of "sovereignty" that they make and they don't know who the Blue Coats were, which makes for numerous lamentable misunderstandings. 

Sovereignty has become quite the buzzword, but few people realize that sovereignty arises as a natural consequence of self-determination and then, the process of self-governance that follows. 

Our individual natural sovereignty results from our gifts of unique character and conscience, and the common gifts of mobility, memory, reasoning, learning, and logic. 

Our group sovereignty results from people of like-mind coming together in agreement to form a nation of people asserting their sovereignty and their right to their practices, culture, language, beliefs, and laws. 

Our political sovereignty depends on the recognition of all the other sovereign nations respecting our right to self-govern. 

All this is simple enough, and rooted in common experience and themes, yet lately the buzzword mentality has crept into it, and the idea of "sovereignty" has acquired a mystique as well as a blivet load of propaganda narrative value. 

The same people who cheer "native sovereignty" decry and fear an oxymoron -- "sovereign citizens", and the degree of confusion about all of this is simply spinning out of control. 

I am arbitrarily going to use my neighbors when I was growing up, the Winnebago Ho-Chunka Nation,  as an example of how sovereignty works. 

A Winnebago is born as a member of an ancient people and culture with its own history, language, beliefs, and values.  Thus, they are part of a sovereign nation of people.  They are also born as members of the sovereign nation-state known as Wisconsin, and have an equal ownership interest in it.  They are Dual Nationals at birth. 

The nation-state, Wisconsin, protects all the people who live in Wisconsin and guarantees to them the blessings of self-determination, an equal share of public resources, abundant freedom, and guaranteed natural rights. People of all creeds, backgrounds, colors, religions and cultures benefit from the sovereignty of their nation-state.  

The nation-state thus embodies a larger, more inclusive, and generalized political sovereignty, upon which the native group sovereignty depends. 

This is why when we re-published our Sovereign Letters Patent, the sovereignty of the nation-states was declared first and the sovereignty of the dependent sovereign nations was declared second. 

One does not exist without the other. 

Read that: native nations are sovereign because their members are also members of nation-states that are sovereign. All native groups have a joint interest in preserving the nation-states as a result. 

Native leaders -- your butts are in the wringer, too.

There is also the fact that Natives have guaranteed individual ownership interests in the nation-states like all other Americans, and they would lose that if they  try to take over the land and soil jurisdictions held by the nation-states.

Finally, there is the practical issue that 12% of the population cannot claim to rule over 88% of the population and claim ownership of all the assets that are currently shared, without a huge war erupting and everyone suffering accordingly.  

Sharing joint sovereignty is by far the better --- and traditional --- answer. 

Please also be aware that to the degree that native people drift into and accept being members of a federally-recognized tribe, your sovereignty is surrendered on a one-by-one basis as your people become registered as "citizens of the (Municipal) United States" and receive welfare benefits from the Municipal Government. 

These "benefits" can be redefined as "gifts" --- as they should be, but otherwise, the Municipal Government will happily claim that Native Americans are receiving welfare benefits as dependents and that they are obligated to act as "citizens of the United States" as a result, with the single exception that they will not have to pay federal taxes on anything they receive. 

Lastly, the Blue Coats were Federal U.S. Government Mercenaries fresh out of the Civil War. They were working for the British Territorial Government Subcontractor, under their interpretation of the Northwest Ordinance.  

The vicious massacres, the blankets laced with smallpox (see the earlier Pontiac Rebellion), and the worthless sea treaties, were all brought to you by the British Territorial Government, which had already occupied this country illegally and trespassed and usurped against the American Federation of States. 

Please be aware that when you are talking to us, you are not talking to the "Federal Government".  You are talking to the Federation Government.  We have suffered the senseless attacks of the British Territorial Mercenary forces the same way you have.  

We are natural Allies and already have major alliances with large native communities.  

Whatever righteous anger you feel about the past, be aware that there are plenty of other Americans who were attacked, pillaged, plundered, murdered, and forced to flee at the hands of British Territorial Mercenaries who were being paid out of the victim's own pockets to perform this "service".  

There is no dearth of victims of the British-sponsored American Raj, so victimhood is not a card to play, and who wants to be a victim, anyway?  Let us all be victors, instead.  

Please also be aware that if you are standing as Americans you are not subject to Federal Code unless you are on land that has genuinely been set aside for Federal purposes by the State, or if you are voluntarily participating in a federally regulated activity, such as the interstate manufacture, sale, or transport of alcohol, tobacco, or firearms across state lines. 

You are owed the Guarantees of the Federal Constitutions.  You do not live under them.  Only Federal Employees and Federal Dependents live under the Constitutions. Everyone else stands under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence. 

You do not have to bear the obligations of any form of Federal citizenship. You are not under any presumption of war as far as the actual American Government is concerned.  You are free and you are owed your Natural and Unalienable Rights, not watered down and artificially conferred "civil rights" offered to government workers and dependents.  

You are Americans, owed all the guarantees, privileges, and prerogatives of Americans. You have fought and died for this country and in defense of both your nations. You have every right to be proud, but remember, the atoms of all our bones come from the same good soil of the same good country. Our blood has been spilled for it, too.  There can be no separation in the presence of such mutual sacrifice, so let there be brotherhood and understanding. 


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