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Saturday, July 8, 2023

The Condition of the Damned

 By Anna Von Reitz

Let me tell you what I see when I am walking down the street in a small city, Anchorage, Alaska, with a population of about 250,000.  

About half the people smile, and half look away as if annoyed or look unhappy and worried.

Those who smile don't always have a genuine smile or seem to see me. It's more of a habit or reflex for about half of those who smile. And I can see that. 

So, only about a quarter of the people on the street in Anchorage meet my eyes for a second and smile back with any genuine recognition. 

Some of those take a second-take, or pause in stride, or turn to look after me.  It has been so long since they made actual energetic contact that they are involuntarily shocked, as if I actually physically touched them in passing. 

But, of course, it was just a smile exchanged.

Or was it?  

A smile is just an outward sign of feeling, but what feeling and what kind of smile was it?  Was it love and goodwill?  Or joy?  Or a mask hiding malevolence?  A smile can be enigmatic, as Leonardo da Vinci taught us. 

My smile isn't enigmatic.  It's genuine.  I am actually paying attention as I pass smiles around like free chocolate chip cookies, made of positive energy. That positive, intentional energy hits the energy field surrounding the person I am smiling at with the slightest amount of resistance.  

Like a calling card, my smile gets checked out and a split second judgment is made whether or not to let that little chocolate chip cookie of pure energy in, or, will the intended recipient bounce it off? 

It's always a question --- one waitress accepts my "cookie", another does not.  One bank teller out of six stops to take a second look and smile back.  That I am actually noticing all this and keeping track of the responses I get may seem a little odd, but then, I was born to be a mathematician or some kind of scientist. 

And life is an endless opportunity for observation. 

So I observe.   

As I got older, my scope of vision changed from being superficial, focused on things like what kind of jeans or tennis shoes a person wore, to much more personal and important attributes.  

I found that if I exerted myself a little, I could see the energy centers that the Hindu people call chakras, not in color like the drawings one sees at health food stores and spas, but coming through to my perception just the same.  

I began to look harder because so many people have damaged energy centers.  It was strangely fascinating. The Third Chakra is the most often destroyed chakra of them all, and when it is gone, it is like a gaping hole right in the middle of the person afflicted. 

No wonder they feel empty.  They are. 

In people afflicted with this unseen wound, the energy from the first and second energy centers can't flow upward, and all their animal-like, visceral and sexual energy from the first and second chakras pools up with nowhere to go.  

They can't help feeling alienated and empty, because they are. They can't help being over-sexed and crazed and perverted and confused, because there is no way for their sexual and survival energy to flow as it is meant to flow and be dispersed. 

And then, in the 1990's I noticed a sharp uptake in the number of people I was seeing with this Third Chakra wound --- and the numbers of them just kept increasing like a contagion.  

As I travelled to big cities I just naturally noticed and kept count.  There were great numbers of these walking wounded in San Francisco and Denver and even Minneapolis last time I visited there. Scads of them in Madison, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois.  

With the advent of more sophisticated color TVs armed with surveillance technology, I found that all this spy tech had a reverse benefit.  I no longer had to travel to keep track of Third Chakra Wounding --- I could observe the phenomenon straight off the TV!  

Granted, the people you see on TV aren't usually normal Americans, but as you are watching news reports and seeing arson fires in L.A. or chemical smog in New York or whatever Disaster of the Day the media whores are pushing, I am just sitting back, noticing and counting, running rough percentiles in my head. 

About two-thirds of the people I see on TV and on the street have their Third Chakra blown away, leaving a great big flapping hole in the middle of their energy system. Why? 

It's obviously purposeful, and the work of a disease or a parasite or a weapon of some kind, that is attacking people and leaving them no connection to their higher emotions, their intellect, and their higher functions like conscience.

So I began quietly "interviewing" people with this affliction.  To a man, they admitted feeling disoriented, anxious, empty, alienated. And if I probed deeper, they admitted that they were driven by primal urges they couldn't stop. Binging on burgers and fried chicken at three o'clock in the morning. Drinking and drugging and getting into wild multi-partner orgies.... being hungry and horny all the time. 

Pardon my French, it's easy to see why.  These people aren't perverts and they aren't natural gluttons.  They are victims of something that is largely unseen and insidious --- whatever it is that is destroying the Third Chakra energy center of millions of people. 

In the last five years, this phenomenon has even begun appearing in the equivalent chakra systems of domestic animals. 

So, something has to be done. Inquiries made. Solutions found. 

Until then, probably 50 million people are wandering around this country with this terrible unseen wound, unable to assess what is wrong, feeling like they are going nuts.  


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