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Saturday, July 8, 2023

On Sovereignty

 By Anna Von Reitz

I recently brought attention to many excerpts from the United States Supreme Court concerning the topic of sovereignty ---which we published more than eight years ago in "You Know Something's Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause".  

These quotes about sovereignty from the United States Supreme Court were selected to provide you with the definition of sovereignty, key cases that demonstrated the exercise of sovereignty, and what you are owed in terms of sovereignty as an American. 

This is a horse's mouth testimony from expert witnesses about the meaning, nature, and operation of sovereignty in this country, but if you would rather believe uneducated pundits, that's up to you. 

Besides drawing your attention to the Supreme Court definitions and prior decisions, we wish to clear up some additional rife misconceptions about the topic of sovereignty.  

Your sovereignty does not depend upon nor issue from any Constitution or institution. It is a gift to you from Nature and Nature's God, part of your unalienable character.   

We have noted elsewhere, however, that the World created by Mankind is a separate and lesser creation than the Earth.  

It should not surprise anyone that the sovereignty that is built into you by Nature, is a different kind of sovereignty than the quagmire of Sovereigns -- Kings and Queens and Potentates --  created by Mankind

Yet, even in this lesser and undesirable worldly creation, we nonetheless have our Sovereignty intact.  This form of Sovereignty that is created by men, derives its power from institutions that are also created by men.  

This worldly version of Sovereignty related to this country was won by the Force of Arms when we won The War of Independence, and it was settled upon this nation by William Belcher, a Colonel in the Continental Army. 

William Belcher was The Belle Cher of his generation, the Clan Chief, born and raised in this country. He inherited Sovereignty in his own right in England as a result of the Norman Settlement, which granted each of the Norman Barons sovereignty in their own right and their own kingdom in England. 

The Norman Barons and their progeny were and are the rightful rulers of England and the Donors to the 1689 Trust; if King John's progeny mess things up, the progeny of the Norman Barons are enabled (and required) to dissolve the Trust creating Great Britain.

The Hereditary Lord High Steward, Lord Talbot, has declared a Regency which is a first step toward that eventuality. 

When the time came for the same circumstance to present itself in America, William Belcher stepped forward and bequeathed sovereignty in their own right to every American who fought in The War of Independence, and to every American who would be born on our land and soil forever after.  

As in England nearly 700 years before, the Victory by Force of Arms here had the same effect as the Settlement of the Norman Conquest, only here,  every man was made a king and every plot of land a kingdom, not just a fistful of Barons. 

It was the same exact circumstance as the Norman Conquest, and William Belcher quickly ascertained that he was in Possession of the Victory, and like his own ancestral Benefactor, he was enabled to "share sovereignty".  So he did. 

George III's Sovereignty was forever alienated and displaced by the Sovereignty of William of Normandy and his Heirs in England, the Belle Chers.  The only scrap left for George III was a Territorial trusteeship on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, and a ten percent tribute interest in any gold that was mined.  

Imagine my amazement when someone suggested that my husband, James Belcher, "granted sovereignty" to anyone?  

How would that be?  

Every Continental Army Soldier and  Navy Sailor, and everyone born in this country ever since the War of Independence ended, already has their sovereignty, first from Nature and Nature's God, and second, ultimately, from William of Normandy. 

There has also been a pernicious misunderstanding mistaking the name "Belcher" as an English Surname.  It is not used as such.  Belcher is merely the English transliteration of Belle Cher, the name of our Clan. My husband does not use a Surname as such,  and if he did, it wouldn't be Belcher.  

Just as the Clan MacGregor has a Clan Chieftain known as "The MacGregor", the Belchers aka Belle Chers have a Clan Chieftain known as The Belle Cher.  Unlike the Scots Clans, however, that submitted to the rule of King John and his Heirs, the French Clan Belle Cher never did any such thing.   

King John was one of theirs. 

So we always had our equal or better standing than King John and his Heirs in England. That's why the Magna Carta still stands. 

That's why the British Monarch and the denizens of Westminster and the Holy See are all being called to account.  It's the reason for The Declaration of the Flag. 

It's the reason Lord Talbot is owed the Regency for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  

Just because we haven't spoken for a long time, doesn't mean that we are dead, or that our contracts have lost their teeth. 

Every single President from George Washington to Joe Biden, except for Donald Trump, have been related to King John, the same Overseer of the Church's Commonwealth lands, still attached to the service of Pope Innocent III and his Successors, 

All the "Presidents" are Plantagenets in violation of the Conventions, Treaties, and Constitutions owed to this country, all acting in hidden conflict of interest. 

My husband's role is not to grant sovereignty to anyone, much less Sovereignty that Americans have already earned and which they received over 200 years ago. 

His role is to enforce the Sovereignty of this country and hold everyone, including the Plantagenets, accountable for their bad faith.  
Just as your rights are not created by nor granted to you by any Constitution, but are instead guaranteed by the Federal Constitutions -- a different concept entirely --- your Sovereignty is not granted, it's shared. 

Ironically, for all the grandstanding the Brits make about liberty and freedom and constitutional government, you can thank William the Conqueror for sharing his Sovereignty with his Barons, and you can thank his Barons for sharing their Sovereignty with you.  


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