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Saturday, July 8, 2023

Response to the Assemblies and Public International Notice to Everyone Else

 By Anna Von Reitz

Mr. Edward Kennedy is a known Vexatious Litigant.  That means he has made so many groundless claims that the courts won't bother listening to him anymore. You can look him up on the internet.  

And this is no different.  Everything he raises (and lies about) has been answered repeatedly and in public as part of my website.  Just hit the search engine at: and hit search words. 

But he does point out a problem that many Assemblies have to navigate.  Let's just call them "Displaced Persons" who are trying to join our Assemblies under the misbegotten assumption that our Assemblies have to be THEIR Assemblies, when they are not. 

I know, I know, what a pain in the butt!  Why can't SOME people just find their right place and go there?  It should be as simple as realizing that you are in the wrong line at the grocery store or the wrong pew in church. 
Is it so hard to recognize the fact that if you are a Catholic and if you want to live in a theocracy, go join the nearest Municipal Assembly?  

And if you are a Tory and want to subject yourself to the King, go join the nearest District Assembly?  

Just get out of our State Assemblies and stop trying to commandeer them and make them into something they are not?  And not meant to be? 

Mr. Kennedy obviously wants his government to be a theocracy and which we just as obviously are not. He also wants the British King involved in some way that isn't clear, and no American in their right mind wants that outcome. 

That's why we fought the Revolution for eight long years.  To say good-bye to George III. 

If Mr. Kennedy wants Charles III, he is welcome to go hike over to the District Assembly and fit right in with what they are about and what they want to do.  

But that isn't us.  That is not what the State Assemblies do and that's not what we are here for. 

Instead of going gracefully and finding his right group and his right seat, this idiot has continued to spew venom and disruption and lies and gossip and every kind of crap you can think of for weeks and weeks and weeks. 

He still doesn't appear to grasp the fact that he has been given remedy if he really thinks he has been wronged in some way, and he hasn't pursued it. 

He still hasn't bothered to check out the Municipal and District Assemblies, either one.  He is set on the idea that our assembly has to be his assembly, when it's not, not, not. 

He continues to trespass like a Moose in love with a horse, trying to force us off track and to answer to his commands and assumptions about what we are doing, while doing nothing whatsoever to get himself and his wrong assumptions straightened out. 

This is the problem I warned the Assemblies about --- all these disoriented people coming in who actually belong in Municipal or District Assemblies, needing to get sorted out and redirected. 

Most will go happily and willingly.  Some befuddled and spiteful individuals will not.  

Please inform Mr. Kennedy and any others like him and send him (them) on his (their) way.  


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