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Saturday, July 8, 2023

Land Grants Within the Global Trust

 By Anna Von Reitz

By now, all my students have learned the difference between land and soil. 

(Soil, as defined by British Land Law, is the top six inches of the land. We inherited that definition and distinction from the Brits and the Brits inherited it from the Romans.)

Please notice that the concept of "Soil" is an arbitrary one, but having made such a distinction, "Land" becomes what we think of as the Subsoil.

Also notice that "Soil" is the National Jurisdiction and the borders and boundaries of the "Soil" establish each country, whereas the Land underlying the soil is somewhat borderless and amorphous, and is completely contiguous worldwide, so that Land is an International Jurisdiction.

My students also know that the Roman Catholic Church assumed the existence of a Global Trust since 1302, and divided this Trust up into three General Jurisdictions --- Air, Land, and Sea.  

The Pope was assumed to be the Trustee over The Trust. 

So, the Pope turned to his most able and trusted assistants, and delegated administrative work to them.  

To the Spanish King, he gave responsibility for making Land Grants all over the world. 

To the British King, he gave responsibility for the flow of business and activities at Sea. 

To the rest of the Kings, he gave the administration of the Soil.  

And the Air Jurisdiction he kept for himself. 

As a practical matter, once the Spanish King made his Land Grants, they were "permanent", and the local Kings and Potentates in control of the Soil also gained control of the Land beneath it. 

The only way a grant could be changed or transferred was if the people to whom it was gifted (Note: land is sacred and can't be sold, only granted and gifted.) died out, voluntarily vacated, or were overcome in war.  

That's why the edjits took such pains to remove all of us to the Jurisdiction of the Sea, so as to leave our Land and Soil Jurisdictions vacated and subject to being claimed by them. 

Notice another thing about "land and soil" --- they are "inseparable" and have to exist together.  Regardless of where the land is, or whatever you do to it, it is by definition covered with "soil".  This is true at the bottom of the sea or the top of the mountain, whatever and wherever the top six inches is, the soil comes with the land and the land with the soil. 

When the Spanish King made his Land Grants and established the Cadastral Survey to locate and describe land in terms of its spot on the globe and its physical parameters, the already-existing nations inherited the land beneath their soil. 

So far, so good.  How did all this sort out with respect to our land and soil in America?  

In 1777, the Spanish King made a Grant of the Soil of this country on behalf of The Trust to the States of America. 

As my students have learned, "States of America" was a doing-business-as name of the Original Union of States formed in 1776.  So the original Union of States was given the Soil Jurisdiction. 

In 1778, the Spanish King made a Grant of the Land of this country on behalf of The Trust to The United States of America, which is the doing-business-as-name of our States operating in international venues.  

Thus by two separate Grants, one of Soil, one of Land, our country acquired its land and soil, with the Soil being held by the Original Union of States doing business as the States of America, and the Land being held by our Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.  

As long as there are Americans left to claim it, it's ours. 

The Brits and their Roman co-conspirators just hoped they could traffic us all off the Land and Soil Jurisdiction, one by one, by registering American babies as British Territorial U.S. Citizens, and eventually claim it was "abandoned"----- and secure it for themselves. 

Or sell it off to their Chinese Creditors. 

We woke up, their fraud was discovered, the Chinese got cold feet.  That's what is happening right now.  And that is why it's going on. 

So, now we come to another confusion about land and soil. 

The States of America, meaning the Original Union, also created a "Confederation" of business organizations from each State of the Union via The Articles of Confederation. 

That is, the same Original Union that received our Soil Jurisdiction Grants operated a business, the Confederation, that in turn operated what we know today as the Federal Republic, to provide "essential government services" to the individual States of the Union. 

And here's where things turn into a hairy ball of wax. 

The Original Union of States which holds the Soil Jurisdiction, operates under the name "States of America". 

Their Confederation of States-of-States operated under the description  "the united States of America" and "The Confederate States of America" and it was shut down --- and is still awaiting "reconstruction" after the Civil War.  

So which of these entities owns the Soil Grants? 

The Original Union of States.  

How can we be sure of that, given the extremely similar names?  

The Grants were made in 1777, and the Confederation wasn't ratified and didn't begin operations until 1781.  

The Original Union of States still holds the Soil Patents and The United States of America still holds the Land Patents. 

In practical terms, each County holds the Soil Patents and each State holds the Land Patents of those original Grants made by the Spanish King so many years ago.  

When we re-issued our Sovereign Letters Patent on November 4, 2015, we served Notice on the world that we, the actual Americans, are stil here, still claiming our Land and Soil. 

The great effort to defraud and disinherit us by guile and by trafficking us out into the Jurisdiction of the Sea via registering American babies as British Territorial U.S. Citizens did not succeed. 


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