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Monday, May 1, 2023

The Dis-Ease and Just-Us Frauds

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claims March 6th 2005January 19th 2023 in Seq:

In every area we can think of, from trade to diplomacy -- as we have seen in the example of China -- to food and environmental issues, as we have seen with the human-caused climate change tax hoax and the deliberate poisoning of our food, soil, and water, the rampage of the Municipal Corporations and their misuse as de facto governments has led to nothing but war, lies, and disasters.  

A great many of those wars and disasters have been deliberately caused by unscrupulous people seeking to profit themselves.  These ill-effects are only increased by allowing self-interested commercial corporations to function as governments under color of law. 

The fraud of money which we have already described perpetuates this evil, and what was once a useful tool and convenience, becomes a scourge and is indeed, the root of all evil, as people contort the world into a mockery of itself, chasing after little idols that other people have made.

Lawyers have become purveyors of injustice and doctors have become purveyors of disease in the name of profit, and both these professions as well as many other occupations of common right have been unlawfully converted into privileges by registration and licensing programs foisted off on them under color of law by the offending Municipal Corporation Subcontractors and their franchise operations. 

The practice of law and medicine are, as we say, both occupations of common right; but, the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors operating under color of law issued legislation mandating that medical and legal professionals had to be licensed and pass tests if they wanted to be able to provide service to Federal Employees; but by use of deliberately vague terminology and omissions, they made it sound like this licensing requirement applied to treatment of the General Populace, too.  

Having a license issued by the local Municipal Corporation franchise was promoted as a mark of excellence or guarantee of quality performance, so of course, physicians were coerced by self-interest if nothing more to become licensed as "Medical Doctors" and lawyers were similarly coerced to study the Law of the Sea and become Licensed Attorneys. 

These licenses were required of anyone practicing medicine in hospitals that received Federal funding and anyone practicing law in the Maritime and Admiralty Courts that had already been imposed on the General Public by the Military District Court System we've described. 

For many years the health professions in this country withstood the onslaught of the Municipal Corporations acting in tandem to gain coercive control and turn health care into another venue for profit-seeking, but during the Nixon Administration, our traditionally non-profit health care system was thrown open to commercial exploitation benefiting the same offending Municipal Corporation Subcontractors and their franchises. 

Both the coercive control provided by the licensing and the regulation then imposed as a condition of licensing, combined with the creation of speculative investment in health care, has had the same corrosive and corrupting effect on the health care system,  that giving attorneys and judges a cut of the profits from every conviction has had on the justice system. 

Finally, in an effort to break the stubborn resistance of the private physicians in this country, the criminal Municipal Corporation Subcontractors pretended that they had authority to regulate prescription drugs, and deprived the honorable private physicians of their right to access and prescribe drugs without a license issued by the Perpetrators of these crimes and fraud schemes.  

There is not a single word in any treaty or contractual agreement that we have ever had with any of these Municipal Corporation Service Providers allowing them to regulate anything beyond the interstate manufacture, sale, and transport of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.  

There is no provision for any part of the Federal Government, Territorial or Municipal, to interfere with any private physicians' ability to prescribe drugs as needed for any patient under their care.  Just like there is no provision for any of these Municipal Corporations to surveil us, poke their noses into our bank accounts, deny us service, or say one word about our health.

The worst of the medical malfeasance and overreaching Federal authority has been perpetuated in the wake of the Second World War, but it actually got started in the aftermath of World War I, when true to form, the Perpetrators couldn't resist a Last Hurrah as they left the field of armed conflict --- it was called Spanish Influenza.  

The Spanish Flu was worse than the War; total estimated deaths from WWI stand at 40 million, while the death toll caused by Spanish Flu and its flawed treatment protocol stands at 50 to a 100 million worldwide. 

The Perpetrators collaborated with Bayer, Mfg., which was then just introducing their famous Aspirin product to the world and with British Territorial germ warfare laboratories to create the Spanish Flu Epidemic. 

The first cases showed up in American Servicemen who had been inoculated during training, then sent to Europe, where the disease spread like a conflagration among the starved and demoralized civilian populations and military alike.  

Then, the returning Servicemen brought it home to America. 

Bayer Aspirin was the medication of choice, along with wearing masks in hopes of preventing the spread of the disease. 

Nobody was given straight information about the dosage of aspirin or the dangers of overdosing aspirin, which in higher concentrations causes irreversible damage that mimics hemorrhagic fever. Nobody was told about the dangers of mask-wearing, which provides a perfect environment for the development of bacterial pneumonia. 

As doctors and nurses unknowingly overdosed Spanish Flu patients with aspirin, their symptoms worsened as a result of the drug -- and so, the doctors ignorantly prescribed more aspirin.... with more and more deaths being the result.  Bayer made a huge profit off the horrific deaths of millions of people because of this, and everyone who knew the proper dosage kept quiet about it.  Afterward, they continued to suppress the truth for fear of liability. 

The same thing occurred with the information gleaned about the health risks of wearing masks.  Between the two World Wars numerous random sample populations of the Spanish Flu victims were carefully exhumed and examined. A  very large percentage of these cadavers yielded no sign of any Influenza virus, but did yield evidence of bacterial pneumonia infection --- a fact that Anthony Fauci was very much aware of when the purported experts were recommending that people wear masks during the much more recent genocide implementation, and he conveniently failed to issue appropriate warnings and recommendations against masks. 

We note that the name "Fauci" means "Scythe" in Sicilian -- the same implement carried by representations of The Grim Reaper; given everything else we know about Mr. Fauci and the involvement of the National Institutes of Health / NIH  in both the development of the recent pandemic genocide and the patenting of the contents of the hideous cocktail of poisons, parasites and genetic engineering products passed off as a vaccine, this appears to be a Code Name for a high level Corporate Operative working for the Municipal Subcontractors and the DOD, INC. franchise that also owns and operates the NIH, CDC, FDA, DOJ and FBI.  

This is how Rome has operated for the past 2700 years.  

The doctors and nurses who inflicted these protocols on patients during the Spanish Influenza pandemic, similar to those who have inflicted masks and ventilators and such poisonous drugs as Remdesivir, and who have provided the actual cause of the problem via PCR Tests and by the administration of the so-called vaccines --- are similarly silenced by fear of personal liability and the consequences of public backlash once the General Public realizes how much money the drug companies and hospitals and doctors and even nurses in many cases, were making off the death and misery of millions of people.  

Fear of exposure for their liability and fear of loss of their licenses if they speak out, coupled with thousands upon thousands of dollars of pure profit simply by going along with it, serves to keep many of the medical professionals on board and silent.  

Many of them are even motivated to bulwark the lies and cover-ups, just as they did following the Spanish Flu Epidemic.  Loss of life due to this gross medical malpractice and collusion of self-interested commercial corporations seeking to make money off of everything from the vaccines to the PCR tests to the hospitalizations has already out-performed the death toll from the Second World War and First World War combined. 

No doubt, those who profit themselves from war and death couldn't be more pleased, but the existence of organized commercial corporations posing as governments and indulging in criminal activities of this kind and on this scale poses a clear and present danger to life on this planet and endangers the future for more than just mankind.   

We can see what has happened, we know the gross self-interest which has motivated it, and the reasons for the code of silence enforcing it, but we are undeterred.  

We have seen this before and we have no reason to see it again.  Ever. 

Just as these corporations have deliberately and with malice aforethought destroyed the lives and maimed the futures of countless people for the sake of profit, we demand the destruction and death of these corporations --- all of them that are complicit in these insane and unlawful activities, on our shores and worldwide. 

These are the same Municipal Corporation Subcontractors that promoted the Big Lie concerning weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, then loaded more of their industrial waste poisons -- depleted Uranium from nuclear reactors -- into artillery shells and exploded them all over the Middle East, polluting the air and soil and causing deaths and birth defects for centuries afterward.  

When it was finally discovered that there weren't any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq after all, was there any apology to Iraq? Much less any official admission or apology made at the United Nations Organization meetings?  Any offer to clean up the mess and assist the victims of this crime?  Not a word.  Nothing.  Just a smug club of old bastards sitting in leather club chairs swilling gin and congratulating themselves about how they had captured the Iraqi Dinar and Iraq's metal and oil reserves and precious antiquities and artifacts.   

Strange how we never saw them put on a uniform or risk their lives --  or anything else --  in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere else.  These loathsome war-mongers and the banks supporting them used our money and our resources and our blood for all of it, and they lied through their teeth and they created self-serving False Flag Events to press-gang us into their service.  

We paid all the costs, took all the risks, and they collected all the profits until they are like bloated ticks, full of blood, criminals not worth spitting on, purportedly representing us.  

It was the same basic thing in Libya.  Qaddafi's African Union and gold-standard currency was a threat to the Municipal Corporations and their Territorial Government cronies, so Qaddafi had to die and Libya had to be overrun and destroyed under False Pretenses, using our sons and daughters as the gun fodder, and all at our expense, too --- literal expense and destruction of our Good Name in the world community, too.

These lawless Municipal Corporations and their Territorial Government foreign Principals that have been causing all this trouble all over the world for decades must be stopped. 

Unlike the victims of this most recent genocide, all these Municipal and commercial corporations in general, have no natural right to exist.  We call upon those responsible for the creation of these paper monsters to do their duty under Ecclesiastical Law: liquidate them, or in a few cases necessary to maintain national defenses and social order, forfeit them and their administration to the lawful national governments. 

We wish for the return of all health-related businesses and services to Non-Profit status. 

We wish for widespread publication of the facts concerning mask-wearing and its terrible health effects, including development of bacterial pneumonia.

We wish for the liquidation of Bayer and its subsidiaries, including Monsanto, which have been at the bottom of many horrific products that have been used to poison people, livestock, the soil that grows our food, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.  We wish for both these companies, now merged together, to be permanently out of business by next Christmas. We wish for any beneficial patents or products that they possess to be independently evaluated and handed on to socially responsible companies that agree to provide full-disclosure to customers.

These same corporations along with Dow Chemical Corporation have been involved in development of horrifying chemical concoctions including the infamous Agent Orange.  Although the biological harm and effects of Agent Orange were known before it was even deployed, it took from 1967 to 1987 before the Municipal Corporations admitted the so-called side-effects, including but not limited to nerve damage, lung damage, kidney failure, dementia, and especially, an otherwise rare form of penile cancer. 

These same players also produced neurotoxic water soluble blossom pesticides that not only polluted the fruit but the water.  Unsurprisingly, as soon as these pesticides were withdrawn from the market, cases of Polio also disappeared.  The evidence strongly suggests that Polio was not caused by any actual virus, but that virus-like exosomes were produced as a result of pesticide poisoning -- and the whole Polio Vaccine and the huge news coverage given to it, was just another smokescreen cover-up designed to shield these same complicit Defense Industry Municipal Corporation franchises from liability. 

We wish for the liquidation of the parent corporations and the franchise operations making up the whole complex of businesses affiliated with the United States of America Corporation and its DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Subcontractors including their Municipal Corporation franchises and subsidiaries and agencies known as the NIH, CDC, FDA, FEMA, DOJ, FBI, etc., that are under its umbrella.  

We wish for complete public disclosure and exposure of those individuals and groups and organizations responsible for these massive biological warfare attacks that have been staged after World War I and again, today, in violation of all international codes and laws outlawing biological warfare.  That includes but is not limited to the participation in this present genocide promoted by commercial interests that are members of the World Economic Forum, the UN CORP and its present iterations and WHO, two more Municipal Corporations that are up to their necks in this most recent genocide, and even the World Bank, which profited itself from so-called Pandemic Bonds.  

We wish for all of these Municipal Corporations and British Crown offenders to be liquidated, together with their parent corporations, and those incorporated organizations responsible for their misdirection and malfeasance. 

We wish for the defunding and dismemberment and liquidation of the Municipal Corporation known as NATO, and the dissolution of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Inc., also.  These entities and their personnel have been a constant seedbed for commodity rigging, war for profit schemes, monetary control schemes, illegal invasions, attacks like those carried out against the Nordstream pipelines, False Flag attacks, and most recently, the outlawed and illegal proliferation of biological warfare research and production facilities in China and the Ukraine.  These activities are even more dangerous than nuclear bombs or scalar weaponry and must be stopped at any cost. The organizations and corporations and franchises, subsidiaries, and agencies responsible need to be dissolved permanently without recourse or protection of the corporate veil.  Their assets need to be evaluated by Third Parties, with any beneficial assets being disclosed and managed for the benefit of the victims of these corporations, and all other non-beneficial assets need to be responsibly and safely destroyed.  

We wish for the destruction of these guilty corporations, both British Crown and Municipal Corporation affiliates, to stand as a lasting reminder and preventative measure demonstrating that corporate privileges are limited to lawful activities for good reasons, and trespass against these reasonable limitations requires immediate dissolution of the offending corporations, removal of their managers, and seizure of their accounts for the benefit of their victims. 

We wish for the lawful national governments and the living people of each nation to be the beneficiaries of the  liquidations and forfeitures described above. 

We wish for the colluding banks to be dismantled and for all the assets in their bank systems to be returned to the depositors and to the national treasuries that the physical assets have been purloined from, and we wish for all the misappropriated credit to be made available as prepaid credit made available for the needs of the lawful national governments and people worldwide who have suffered because of the existence of these Municipal Corporations and criminal undisclosed Territorial Interests. 

The misuse and the destruction caused by profit-based medicine and health care systems is not limited to the spectacular destructive potential and at the same time,  unjust enrichment potential, of the two world-scale genocide events we have suffered through and herein described. 

The corruption of healthcare for profit has become deeply institutionalized in only a few decades. 

It's hospital administrations and Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses acting as Undisclosed Foreign Agents and Uniformed Officers that have been used to implement both the False Registration scams resulting in the infant decedent estates used to coerce and pillage, and also both pandemics. 

These institutions and the professionals staffing them ---all purportedly existing to promote health and well-being--- have been perverted and used to cause more death and destruction than all the World Wars and other Mercenary Conflicts and political purges of the past century combined. 

As many documents, facts, and direct testimonies prove, these institutions and the professionals staffing them,  have been misdirected and goaded into this by the offending Municipal Corporation Subcontractors and their affiliates, franchises, subsidiaries, and agencies, seeking profit at the expense of the Public Good. 

The Municipal Corporation Subcontractors housed in the District of Columbia have used a carrot and stick approach and various means of non-disclosure, omission, and fraud to attain their ends.  We are not surprised to hear representatives of the Pfizer Corporation pleading in court that they only did what "the government" told them to do. 

We repeat in the strongest terms possible that neither of these Municipal Subcontractors are the actual government of this country. Their constant abuses and transgressions under color of law, their own mindless profit-seeking, their administrative incompetence, and their total lack of moral compass, has resulted in all this death, pollution, and misery.  

Throughout our experience, these commercial corporations have deployed the deceitful Hegelian Dialectic to promote their own ascendancy over the living people they are supposed to protect and serve.  They have been running around like mad dogs creating problems to solve, and then charging us to solve the problems they created. 

This endless cycle of creating problems so that they can charge us for solving them, seems to be the main occupation of the Municipal Subcontractors and their State-of-State franchises ---yet none of the actual pressing needs of this country are addressed. 

Our substantive concerns such as replacement of aging public infrastructure like the 19th century electrical grid, improved public transportation options and availability, better solid waste management technologies,  what to do about new forms of pollution impacting our water supplies, a responsible and consistent national energy plan, a rational Federal Budget --- absolutely nothing that is of real concern and value to this country, or any other country impacted by this corruption, is  even discussed. 

Instead, we are left with the spectacle of actors dressing themselves up in a mockery of what they imagine homosexual people look like, naked men tattooed in full body tattoos, pink hair tufted up like horse manes, purportedly representing "gay pride" and all the rest of this carnival trying to distract us while the Perpetrators scheme and try to pretend that this Roman Circus is important.  

The media smokescreen which attempts to hide the criminality and self-interest is beyond wearing thin and has entered upon the Theater of the Absurd.  It cannot hide the fact that the same old bankruptcy fraud has been allowed during the Obama Administration and is again being played during the Biden Administration, as they all rush to make us pay their bills for their criminality and incompetence, greed, stupidity, and malfeasance, breach of trust, transgressions, and trespasses. 

We stand here in the Vatican Chancery Court saying, no, no, no, and no again, as many times as it takes to bring an end to this criminality and nonsense. 

In the healthcare industry, this process of "creating problems to solve" not only includes the purposeful creation of new diseases and maladies as exemplified by the contents of the so-called vaccines deployed during this most recent genocide, but the purported discovery of new diseases, mostly created out of thin air and misapplied definitions.  A succinct explanation of this secondary process as it applies to Statin drugs can be found here: 

The trademarked and patented drug is unleashed on the trusting public, causing multiple and often horrendous "side effects" which in turn generate their own entire secondary market for palliative drugs to counteract the side effects of the drugs already administered.  

To cover this up, the guilty parties define newly discovered diseases to describe the known side effects, which obscures the fact that these are side effects of the patented drugs and not any disease in-and-of themselves. 

This whole cycle of foisting off dangerous or useless drug products on the public and then trying to pass off liability for the damage this causes, continues, and continues, and continues. It's time for this to stop and for these corporations to pay with their "lives" and profits for it.  

We wish for an entire overhaul of the healthcare system and a redesign of its economic base to promote actual health, a complete refocusing of the goals for this economic sector, a rethinking of professional roles, standards, and requirements, and a purging of all legislation that promotes and supports medical profiteering and lack of accountability, 

Those who don't die immediately from the Covid 19 "vaccines" are impregnated with a wide array of poisons, parasites, and GMO-based genetic alterations that have our cells producing poisons ---  the so-called spike proteins are neurotransmitter poisons virtually identical to snake venom.  As a result of all these factors, an entire four generation spread of the population is maimed, diseased, and sterilized. 

The permanent ill-health "benefits"-- that is, as seen from the viewpoint of the profiteers benefiting from chronic diseases and insurance fraud --  of the harmful genetic alteration will transfer on to future generations if we don't find a way to remove or completely suppress it. 

This crime, of polluting the human genome, is aimed at not only causing death, disease, and disability for profit.  It is also an enslavement scheme that does away with any vestige of rights owed to Mankind, or Human Rights or Civil Rights owed to persons.   

This entire progression of corporation-sponsored crime is aimed at a calculated deprivation of all rights under color of law, even the right to live, which the Living God has ordained. 

First, the combined registration scams leading to the Dead Baby Estates reduces the living people to being incorporated  "persons" --- man is reduced to being a human, that is, a hue-man or "color of man" akin to the same color of law frauds that are promoting this situation.  

Next, the living man presumed to be a hue-man is reduced to the level of a GMO, a patented Genetically Modified Organism, owned by the patent-holders and having no natural and unalienable rights and no human or civil rights, either.  

How very handy to promote unlimited enslavement and abuse of the victims of this undisclosed fraud scheme.  

As mentioned above and previously, the lawyers have been used and misdirected and tempted in the same manner as the physicians.  Just as our physicians have been coerced into accepting licensure as "Medical Doctors" and franchises of the Municipal Corporations, our Counselors of Law have been coerced into accepting licensure and enfranchisement as "Licensed Bar Attorneys" under color of law. 

In recent years, the Perpetrators have dropped the actual language admitting that they are licensing attorneys, and started calling the license a "Bar Card" instead, but it is a license just the same.  The individuals can't practice their profession in the Municipal or Military District Courts without this Bar Card, so it is a license by any other name, as demonstrated by the history and function of this particular professional credential.  

The offending Municipal Corporations have also planned for a bonanza of later term benefits and profits for themselves, all rolling off the primary multi-generational genocide they have created.  

Along with the long-term effects of what they have done resulting in vastly increased demand for medical care, drugs, and hospitalizations, they are counting on playing both ends against the middle and deriving more profits as the victims line up and try to seek relief by filing lawsuits against the pharmaceutical companies and hospitals and doctors responsible for their own individual maladies.  

Once again, the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors and their franchises plan to exploit their victims both coming and going, first with the medical murder scam and then the surreptitious genetic alteration leaving the victims with absolutely no standing in any court made available to them and no constitutional or contractual protections.  

The attorneys complicit in this overall scheme are betting on a field day of personal injury and class action suits of unimaginable duration, year after year and decade after decade, and like the Fourteenth Amendment scam, all these cases will be pre-judged.  There are already prices attached to the compensation and the first cases have already been delivered -- the worse-than-useless pharmaceutical corporations and their Vaccine Injury Fund are "voluntarily"  paying about $1500.00 per incidence of permanent damage to the heart muscle caused by myocarditis -- one of the most common side effects of the Covid-19 vaccinations. 

The desperately poor or unwary will accept this token settlement and be further cheated out of any just compensation. 

The offending Municipal Corporation Subcontractors housed in the District of Columbia and their constant frauds, omissions, and repetitious, willful, and premeditated crimes speak for themselves from the pages of history and in our own daily experience. These Legal Fiction Entities do not deserve to exist.  

Like the Naval Agency and Dispositions Act of 1864, the pre-passage of legislation holding pharmaceutical manufacturers harmless no matter what they put in their vaccines and no matter what harm they cause, is a Smoking Gun demonstrating premeditation for these crimes, as are the provisions of the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act in which the Perpetrators attempt to hold themselves harmless for wanton disregard of constitutionally protected guarantees, including but not limited to the right to privacy, and freedom from bills of attainder.  

In these and other instances, the Perpetrators have attempted to limit or erase the liability for their own crimes via acts of self-serving legislation and have supported specific fraud schemes using legislation to administer, ameliorate, or advance agendas that are criminal in nature.

We have seen it all before and don't need to see it again.  

We wish for everyone on this planet, man or beast, to be set free and have this system revealed for what it is: an ancient,  tawdry, diabolical, and distinctly criminal enslavement racket operated in violation of Divine Law and in violation of the Universal Law of freewill. 

When people are purposefully and with malice aforethought entrapped, coerced, and deceived under color of law into doing things that are contrary to logic and their own self-interest, it cannot be interpreted as an act freely and knowingly undertaken and it cannot be misinterpreted as voluntary action, either. 

We have already heard the pleadings of some of the Perpetrators, claiming that the victims of the recent genocide volunteered to take the fatal injections, and so, the victims must be blamed for their own demise. 

No act is ever voluntary when enforced under color of law and the deceitful appearance of public trust interest. 

No act is undertaken by private contract when the consequences are purposefully hidden and the victim is entrapped by non-disclosure and omission, misrepresented by deliberate constructive fraud and deceit promoted under color of law and non-existent government authority.   

The people who lined up and took these injections and who continue to seek medical services from these same providers did so because they trusted what they thought was their government, when in fact they were responding to criminal demands from unidentified foreign Municipal Corporations and their Undeclared Foreign Agents -- commercial entities operating in a profoundly criminal and secretive fashion and far outside the limitations of any contract they ever had with us or could claim as Successors. 

All of this goes back to misadministration of the British Crown Corporation/CROWN  and the City of Rome, Incorporated/ROMA, followed by more criminal misadministration down through all the ranks of the corporate hierarchy until we wind up in Bumcrack, Missouri, with a clueless Regulation Enforcer asking us for our License to Breathe. 

We have seen it before in Egypt and Nazi Germany, and we don't need to see it again.  

Be advised that come what may, we are never going to see that again. We will live or we will die, but we are never going through anything like that again.   

We call for the liquidation of all these criminal corporations, and/or their forfeiture as necessary to the lawful national governments and to the living people, all of whom have been injured to a greater or lesser extent by all of this criminality, deceit, and predation under color of law. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652
April 30th 2023


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  1. BULL SHIT. ! Easy for you to say we will never go through the genocidal fraud enslavement again-- Yet your not only promoting it, you are the Architect trying to build it. Piss on you and all your half truths, The Spirit of truth will take care of you and your evil designs disguised as good. Anyone stupid enough to latch on to this shit deserves to be a sinking vessel in your EVIL DEMISE.

    1. Where did this demon from Hell come from? Go away!

    2. WOW! Well said Anna. I'm impressed😄

    3. you/You/YOU/Go away!
      Thou didNOTreadAvR'sFullText!

    4. you/You/YOU/Go away!
      Thou didNOTreadAvR'sFullText!
      (McCulloch v. Maryland, 17 U.S. 316, 1819)

      FraudVitiatesNullsVoidsAll PrivateAndOrPublicContractsBonds
      (U.S. vs Throckmorton, 98 U.S. 61, 1878)

      HardTimesCreateStongMen StongManCreateGoodTimes GoodTimesCreateWeakMen

      aim4truthOrg patriots4truthOrg HappyHealthyProsperous2023

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  3. Finally somebody with some sense who knows what Hes saying. They wont be laughing for too much longer. Death by hanging would not be harsh enough punishment to equal their evil crimes. , they will be thrown in a incredibly hot execution tank of burning sulfur. Already in place at discrete locations around the globe. There will be none left to run their fake bank courts and Gitmo,. We have our courts and sulfur execution tanks, where at least they will be given due process and Judged by Righteous Judges who rule on fact and law.

  4. WOW! Well said. I'm impressed😃

  5. The Spanish flu was caused by a build up of electricity in the atmosphere. Strong solar storms and the installation of the electrical grid, radio frequencies, etc. That was the conclusion of the Surgeon General's report. They tried to infect a 100 volunteers and not one of them became sick. Even after ingesting snot from those who were sick. Strong EM radiation causes the flu/colds. The iron in your blood is more attracted to the EM field than oxygen molecule.

    1. She hasn't a clue what she is talking about regarding the Spanish flu. It doesn't work like that.

    2. yes it does work that way.

      A455 comment is interesting because so much is pouring out now about how the EMFs work with "the clotshot" to do many horrendous things, one of them being to cause flu-like sickness that acts similar to EMF poisoning and other harmful energetics: ....which's overload in living things' bodies can even cause heart attack and death, pain: No Touch-Torture. see: 500 page declassified CIA TORTURE REPORT for more info.
      its considered old "Technology" now, so i read.

    3. The virus/germ theory is completely false. No virus has ever been proven to exist. Anna's take on the Spanish flu is wrong on multiple levels.

    4. Anna is correct about Spanish flue.

      You two are wrong.

      But yes, various spectrum electromagnetic radiation may cause symptoms - sunburn, various other Burns, burning, burned, +, etc.

      Woman:janmaire (aka jumpsonevery:bandwagon) and "A455" have fallen for the medical-military fact (useful as camouflage) referable as "the great imitator" or "Great Masquerader."

      For instance we now have "sudden death" to be confused with everything except the causative agent the Clot Shot Inject (a rose is a rose is a rose, and by any other name would kill as complete.)

      Include other weapons: Lyme disease, and other poisons=virus.

      The great imitator
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      "The Great Imitator (also the Great Masquerader) is a phrase used for medical conditions that feature nonspecific symptoms and may be confused with a number of other diseases.[1] The term connotes especially difficult differential diagnosis (DDx), especial potential for misdiagnosis, and the protean nature of some diseases. Most great imitators are systemic in nature or have systemic sequelae, and an aspect of nonspecific symptoms is logically almost always involved. In some cases, an assumption that a particular sign or symptom, or a particular pattern of several thereof, is pathognomonic turns out to be false, as the reality is that it is only nearly so.

      As recently as the 1950s, syphilis was widely considered by physicians to be "the great imitator", and in the next few decades after that, several other candidates, mainly tuberculosis[2] but occasionally others,[3] were asserted as being "the second great imitator". But because differential diagnosis is inherently subject to occasional difficulty and to false positives and false negatives, the idea that there are only one or two great imitators was more melodrama than objective description. In recent decades, more than a dozen diseases have been recognized in the medical literature as worthy of being considered great imitators, on the common theme of recurring misdiagnoses/missed diagnoses and protean manifestations. Nonetheless, not every DDx caveat (not every mimic) meets the threshold, because it is inherent to DDx generally that there are thousands of caveats (thousands of instances of the theme, "be careful to rule out X before diagnosing Y"); for example, ectopic pregnancy and ovarian neoplasia can mimic each other, as can MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION and PANIC ATTACK, but they are not established as great imitators per se (rather, merely DDx considerations). The list of great imitators here relies on references in the medical literature applying that label, or on other references documenting a condition's especially recurrent and poignant reputation for misdiagnoses."

      MY ADDITION - "Sudden Death?"

    5. "Spanish flu = "Influenza" = Influence

    6. No. Anna is wrong. 100% wrong.

    7. No virus has ever been isolated. It is a junk theory floated by Rockefeller.

    8. Show proof the virus was isolated and then explain how it survives oxidation and UV light to traipse around the globe making people sick. Explain simultaneous outbreaks world wide. Do you even know what ozone is? The Spanish flu was a build up of electricity in the atmosphere as the Surgeon General correctly declared. Why else would they remove his report from the Public domain? Why hide it? Over 100 service men did not get infected after ingesting and inhaling sputum from sick people. Not one of them. I'll side with the real doctors on this one. Tom Cowan, Mark and Samantha Bailey, etc. Anna also claimed we could catch AIDS IN the air. This is not her area of expertise. She is wrong on this one. Dead wrong.

    9. Virus is Latin - for "venom; poisonous emanation" - But you are low info lo buffa-ed. You don't know of duplicity.

      And how many hours have you spent in the lab? Or are you simply barfing what you have read ever so lightly? Misdirecting, you the blind leading the blind?

    10. Oh! Great source! "the Surgeon General declared."

    11. Cognitive dissonance Mr. lo buffa-ed. No fun being wrong. but you may desensitize.

    12. Here catch-up on your missing Lab work:

      Quit being stupid.


    13. lol - "...a build of electricity in the atmosphere..."
      And when discharged! That you would be "lightening," thank you Ben Franklin!

    14. Looks like ms. lo buffa-ed has sided with the scientists, aka fowchi?

    15. Solar flares dipshit. Northern lights.

    16. Anybody claiming isolation of any virus is either a liar or just taking the establishment hacks at their word. Virology is fraud. Go ahead a blame your invisible microbes you damn lazy fools.

    17. Still waiting for proof. All I see are bottom feeder comments from fanboys. Yawn.

    18. Well? How does the little microscopic germ survive UV light and ozone? How does it cause simultaneous outbreaks world wide? When you're done running your mouths and quoting flawed research from establishment hacks, go to some of the sources I already mentioned. Dr. Tom Cowan. Dr.'s Mark and Samantha Bailey. Go watch a Jim Stone video or read John Rappaport's work on the virology fraud. Go familiarize yourself with virology's process of isolation. Learn about ozone(oxygen based compounds like chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide. Did yon even know that's really how the body purified itself? There is far more evidence to back up what I'm saying than what you're all saying. And you can only patent What You create. So that is not proof either. Try to culture bacteria in the open air and sunlight.

    19. C'mon mouth runners. Still waiting for this iron clad proof you all claim to have. I don't know why you are bringing up mrna injections. That has nothing to do with my comment on the fake Rockefeller germ theory or the Flu. Idiots.

  6. woman:janmarie likes being wrong, it is her opportunity to continue her game of hoping to, one day, be right.

    1. Illness from the stars is what they called it before memory of the knowledge was erased, influenza.
      These may help.
      (Mask also killed a huge number via bacterial lung infection.)
      [Not relevant but catch Atlantis rising, very entertaining and interesting theories, especially the finale.]

      5G is a dual use weapon and communication device.

      The virus - vaccine confidence trick has to be ended or we are lost