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Monday, May 1, 2023

Follow Up on Texas vs Republic of Texas

 By Anna Von Reitz

Whether you live in a "Republic" or a "State of State" you are still living in an artificial man-made business construct that overlays the actual physical State.  

That's why there is a "Texan" -- a living man who takes his nationality from Texas, the physically-defined State, and there is a "Texian" trying to create a homegrown replacement for the current State of Texas entity that isn't even American, much less Texan.

This whole flap goes back to the American-based Federal Services Subcontractor we called "the Federal Republic", in operation from 1787 to 1860.   

In the years before the Civil War, the precise time frame that Houston and Austin and the others were forging Texas, the Federal Republic was trying to establish franchises in the States. 

This created what appeared to be a competition between the States of States operated by each State, and State Republics that would do the same work as the States of States, but do it as Federal franchise operations calling themselves "Republics"--- after the Federal Republic sponsoring them.   

This was basically an attempt by the Federal Republic to horn in on the "governmental services concessions" in the States.  

Remember that States of States are all business entities that provide routine governmental services for the States the same way that these Republic businesses would have done.  

If they had been successful, you would have had "Republic of Texas" Parking Permits instead of "State of Texas" Parking Permits --- and so what?  

The quality of the services might have been better or worse, there might have been more or less red tape and more or less government interference, but whether the services were provided by a franchise of the Federal Republic or by a franchise of the State, it still boils down the same way.  

Both the State of Texas and the Republic of Texas are/were businesses in the business of providing government services.  

Neither the State of Texas nor the Republic of Texas are the actual physical State we call Texas and neither one is the actual government of the State.  That role is vouchsafed to the living people who make up The State Assembly --- an entirely different kind of organization.  

Obviously, Houston, Austin, and the other Founders were, for whatever reasons, drawn to the idea of allowing the Federal Republic to boot up a franchise operation in Texas and run the government services concession in Texas, so they set up a Republic of Texas instead of a State of Texas. 

Perhaps, then as now, the people in Texas were searching for another way to do business and organize things, without really knowing the pros and cons. 

The Federal Republic effort to set up "Republic" franchises for itself in the States ultimately failed because: (1) most States viewed it as Federal encroachment; and (2) such a relationship would breach the intended separation between the States and the Federal Government; and (3) the Federal Republic was later rendered inoperable by the Civil War.  

We have no way of knowing whether the Federal Republic would have continued its efforts to establish "Republic" franchises in the States, and no way of knowing whether the services provided would have been better or worse than the services that the people of Texas could provide themselves, if they simply rebooted their own State of State contractor and politely told the current British Territorial State of State Government to move over and stand down. 

So that is what the "Republic of Texas" was all about and the reason that it ceased functioning when the Federal Republic shut down. 

There is nothing mysterious about this, and there was no Magic Kingdom with special separate powers created by doing business with an outsourced Federal Government services provider and calling it "the Republic of Texas".  

All the States of the Union remain--- in the words of King George III, "free, sovereign, and independent"--- to exactly the extent that it is in their own self-interest to be so.  

Each of the States are in fact separate countries. Texas is in no way unique in that.  

Here's the rub and the reason that our Forefathers chose the current system of shared mutual powers. 

They could see what happened to Europe. 

In Europe, a patchwork of countries were all constantly fighting and squabbling with each other over everything. Great burdens were imposed on the populations of these countries by the cost of supporting their own bureaucracies and currencies and tax systems and armies and  everything else.  

Not only that, Europe's economic and infrastructure growth was stymied because of the inability of these countries to work together to do the simplest things --- like construct a railroad service from France to Poland. 

Seeing this, our Forefathers almost immediately resolved to band together and agree upon certain "mutually agreeable and mutually beneficial" provisions which we see reflected in the Federal Constitutions. 

For example, despite the fact that each State could lawfully issue its own currency, it wasn't beneficial overall to do so.  Having one common currency promoted ease of doing business, both between the States and with other countries.   

Each State could, in theory, have their own standing army, but that, too, involved greatly increased defense expenses and would have opened up the door to endless wars and border fights and bickering, by which the larger States would be tempted to encroach on their smaller neighbors.  So, instead, our States mutually support one army, which is devoted to defending all the member States equally.  

There have always been hotheads ready to throw the benefits of such cooperation away, short-sighted people who would be willing to throw these and similar benefits away without thinking about the consequences for themselves or anyone else.  

So let's think for a moment what would happen if Texas "seceded" -- that is, removed itself from the Union. 

Our country's Southern Border would now run along the northern border of Texas and Texas would form a large buffer state between the rest of us and Mexico.  

Everyone would have to take on the burden of closing that border and maintaining it.  There would be border crossing checkpoints on every road going into and out of Texas. 

Texas would have to issue its own currency and maintain it against international counterfeiting.  It would have to establish its own exchange rates against all other world currencies. 

It would have to bear the total cost of these and a great many other services and responsibilities and build all its own infrastructure without Federal assistance --- and Texans would have to foot the bill for all this.

Next Texas would have to form its own treaties with at least all the neighboring States and Mexico regarding everything from water rights to maintenance of Texas's air space.  

Because Texas has an extensive sea coast on the Gulf of Mexico, it would also have to maintain a navy and coast guard and bear those costs all by itself, as well as maintaining an air force and satellite systems.  

Separate trade agreements would have to be formed between Texas and all the other States and all these agreements would have to be enforced at a cost to Texas and the other States, as well as between Texas and any other country.  

Everyone doing business in Texas would have to exchange whatever currency they were using into Texas Goldbacks or whatever their new State currency would be called, and depending on international markets, that would make it easier or harder to do business in Texas than say, Oklahoma.  

Texas would also have to provide its own separate insurance and underwriting for liability and international trade purposes, which would cost Texas a great deal more than it currently does -- and that would have to be passed on to Texans in the form of taxes.

If Texas angered or imposed upon its neighbors, those neighbors could retaliate by increasing tariffs on goods and services originating in Texas. 

We could all be facing dozens of mini-trade wars on a continuous basis, with Florida levying a special exorbitant export tax on orange juice going to Texas, or even banning export of orange juice to Texas altogether. 

Then Texas could retaliate by banning export of Texas beef to Florida.

We would have international tariff enforcement stations at all the roads going into and out of each State, as well as every port and airport, checking for import-export contraband. 

I experienced a little bit of this in Wisconsin during The Great Margarine War, when Wisconsin, the Dairy State, refused to allow the sale of margarine in Wisconsin.  People were smuggling it in.  Later, the ban was relaxed, but the margarine sold in Wisconsin couldn't be colored yellow so as to confuse it with butter; it had to be sold in its natural white color, and then, after you bought the margarine, you could add a little dollop of special yellow food coloring to it.  This food coloring was included in the box of margarine as a separate item. 

I can remember mashing that food coloring into softened margarine to this day. 

This was just one product and one State going off the deep end trying to protect its markets.  Imagine all fifty of them going at it?  

Our country would devolve into the same miserable condition that Europe has always endured, with all the same economic and trade disadvantages. 

The cost of maintaining all of this "extra" bureaucracy and the loss of beneficial shared expenses would easily quadruple the amount of taxes levied on Texans, and they'd be standing there with their mouths open wondering why?  

Our forefathers knew what they were doing and why they were doing it, which is a great deal more than we can claim today.  

The remedy that the people of Texas need is really no different than the remedy that everyone in every State of the Union needs --- and it's right in front of our faces.  

Support the actual State Government you are heir to -- not the State of Texas, folks, and not the Republic of Texas, either.  

Texas has its own government: The State Assembly.  

That's not to be confused with the State of Texas Legislature which acts as the in-house government for the British Territorial State of Texas that is currently running your lives and preying upon you. 

Here are the proper and peaceful steps to restore your own government in Texas: 

(1) Declare and publish your birthright political status and join your State Assembly. 
(2) Once you have restored your State Assembly, restore your own State of State services contractor, known as "The State of Texas", not "the State of Texas" -- which is the British imposter you are dealing with now. 

(3) Tell the British Territorial Subcontractor that your State Government is in Session and you have restored your own State of State services contractor, so it's time for them to go home to Puerto Rico. 

Remember what we are teaching you about your own history and government --- pass it on and never forget.  

Go to: and get started. 

Texans and everyone else can make contact with their own State Assembly and get on the right track toward a peaceful and lawful settlement of the issues. 


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  1. Blah blah blah, why hasn't the state assembly of texas taken the state gov of texas to task then, or are we all just sitting here fiddling while the titanic sinks?

    Nothing but info to keep one at the Teet. No need for more info if all the info given so far can't cause any Accountability to be had. All the info is doing now is rubbing everyones nose in the "shit" pretending they'll get to accountability eventually. aka Never.

    Time to Stop listening to they who will talk forever and NEVER produce an iota of Accountability.

    Go blow a dragon Fiducker Reitz.

    1. just go away, no value to your being here. just go enjoy your! day.

    2. Many a book I have read. Not a one gave accountability. Try going out on a street corner, and give your reportage to the people. That is where your frustration may matter?

      As it is now you flibbertigibbet (a frivolous, flighty, or excessively talkative person) at an electronic book. (Or maybe you are aping about your' room and pulling your hair out?)

    3. Jamies gotta gunMay 1, 2023 at 1:54 PM

      I Am telling you the one running this site may look like Anna Von Reitz----Indeed knows the truth about the road back to being free but she aint running the program, she made a mistake in" THEIR JURISDICTIN" years back, and rather than fight she took a deal, like ,many others out there have also done. She is an absolute Rat- sell out and informant, testified against the Colorado nine for starters, in order to stay in her cozy little house under house arrest to serve her time and write all this shit you read here. All under Seal., Indictment and case, as part of the deal. . Why there is no substance or remedy or movement into the right direction to form the government of by and for the people. All you see here is slaves lining up to contract thinking they will be free but are just entering into yet another Black Pope-Vatican psy ops slave system worse than before, All so they can keep from being held accountable for stealing and harvesting your Estate your entire life. You dont believe me, then your as dumb as a rock and a useless thinker that is best re enslaved.

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  2. awww c'mon man... hows about we can all support the first group that actually produces a measure of accountability?

    And since nobody has produced anything but info they pretend can let them hold some other accountable with and induced OTHERS to go play at doing so with that info, theres nothing left to do!

  3. No not just State of state the complete state free of Zionist control who do yo think instigated the attack on southern Christians?
    The Edomites who set up camp in northeast.
    They were getting fat on selling slaves and.soaking the southerners in tariffs.
    We just wanted our freedom but they hired Russian divisions and ships to the tune of 5.5 million dollars for butchering the south.
    50 yankee generals were Marxist coming from failed communist take over in Europe in 1848.

    1. bubba!
      this is astounding!!!
      keep posting!!!! keep posting!!

      thats right!!
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      where to find info on 50 Marxist Generals? TY.

      and wasnt it here that ANNATHELIVINGLAWFIRM was citing around 1858 as being a time when "We" had some sort of "Treaty" sort of thing going on with Russia to "Protect Us???"....?????... that I CANNOT EVEN FIND, ANYWHERE, because apparently it didnt exist.
      so maybe it is 18FORTY8, not 18FIFTY8??? when "Russia" helped this so-Named "We" being referred to in ATLLF's Article???? or maybe im not recalling the year right right now.
      to what though?? to slaughter the Southern Americans?? for wanting to be free?.:.... under pretense of "Freeing the Slaves"??... when all that was done was make Public Slaves???
      it cannot be denied... because the Secret Treaty of Verona 1822, shows was the "High Contracting Powers' s" who formed the "Holy Alliance" under authority of the Vatican, whose agreed upon intent is: to wipe all Self-Governments out??????
      if true, then there has BEEN SO MUCH MURDER GOING IT IT BOGGLES THE MIND.


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